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Crash Into Me
March 10th, 2011, 4:54 PM
Well, by request of the new member guidey thingy, here I am. You can call me Crash if you wish. I'm brand new to PokeCommunity. My favorite generations of Pokemon are the first and second, and I am not yet a proud owner of Black/White but I'm hoping to be soon.

I wish I had something interesting to say D: Currently, I'm listening to the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog - anyone else like that? Oh, wait. That wasn't interesting. Hm.

Miz en Scène
March 10th, 2011, 4:59 PM
Oh hello there, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I/ve been here almost three years and it's been a pleasant experience. I hope your stay will be a grand one. Also, why does no one like the third gen?

I have to admit, though, one of the main reasons I'm posting this welcome is that your first post was in my RP, and I was wondering if Google led you there or something.

So anyways, welcome and have a pleasant stay. ;D

March 10th, 2011, 5:03 PM
Hello there, Crash! Welcome to Pokecommunity! Glad to see you joined. :) The first & second generations are also my favorite, since I grew up with those generations. It's okay if you don't have Black & White just yet. I bought mine but haven't started playing it yet. :| So you're not alone on there!

Anyways, enjoy yourself here, and read the rules! Have fun and I'll see ya around! :)

Crash Into Me
March 10th, 2011, 5:14 PM
Mizan: Thanks :) And I like the third gen, but just not as much as the first two. I think third gen games are my favorite because of the game play and the whole "Magma v. Aqua" thing. It was cool in my book. :D

Haha, that's totally fine. I'd do the same. Your RP is actually the reason I signed up here. Eliminator Jr., the guy who first signed up and is the scientist, is a good friend of mine, and he referred your RP to me a while ago. I was the moron who waited forever to speak up about wanting in. But yeah, thanks~

Meganium: Hey, thanks! I'm glad I joined. And I honestly think that's why I like first and second so much, since that was my childhood in a nutshell. I will admit to falling off the Pokemon boat a little bit after the third gen - but that's because I was cheap and didn't want to buy a DS. |D; But that's good! I'm not that far behind! Haha. I probably won't get it until towards the end of the month, see if I can't get it as a birthday present or get enough money from said birthday to buy it. Still cheap, haha. But thanks much for the warm welcome!