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December 22nd, 2004, 4:53 PM
Here is an RP that I made up last night before I went to bed. ^^; Its not very good though. I have warned you. xD



You are laying in bed, eyes red from crying. You had failed a math test, and your parents didnt take it all to well. You cant sleep. All night you have been tossing and turning. Everything is going wrong in your life; you just want things to change.
From your bed you can see a single star that shines brighter then the rest.
You make a wish for everything to be different...although you think it wont work.
Its just a stupid star... you thought. But you thought wrong...

The next morning you wake up to the delicious smell of pancakes. You wonder whats going on. You sit up, and rub your eyes. Mom never made pancakes before. You crawl out of bed, and your mom greets you in the kitchen.
"Good morning, honey" she begins. "Its a snow day today. I decided to stay home and spend some good ol' quality time with you!"
You raise your eyebrows. Something wasnt right. Mom was always crazed about her work, and she never missed a day.
From that day everything was different. You got top marks on ever test, and for some reason everyone was being nice. Even the bullies in the school stopped picking on you and other kids.
Although there is a twist...this only happens every other day, and without knowing, other kids whose lives are going terribley wrong are going through the exact same situation. The one and only thing is...you're not really there.

You are being zapped continueally back and forth between reality and imagination. In reality, everything is as it was before, in your case terrible...but in imagination everything is exactly how you want it to be. You finally discover whats going on. Ever since you and the other children made the wish on that star, and glitch was prodused in time. Its up to you and your new found friends to fix this glitch and make everything right again, and if you dont, some terrible things will happen.



1~ You must post about 1 a day, more if possible. Please give me a reason if you cannot post for a while. ^^; I will understand.

2~ No powerplaying/god modding

3~ Please be as descriptive as possible. >.> If your posts arent accurate, maybe you should suggest getting a RP tutor...?

4~ Have fun! ^^



In order to be accepted into this RP you must have a accurate profile. ^^ Gather your creativity!

Age~ (14+)
Description~ (Make note that this is in the present. Casual clothing please. ^^)
Personality~ (Opitional...)
History~ (From good history to bad history. Doesnt matter to me! ^^)
Items/other~ (Accesories, other details, .etc.)


Well, that pretty much covers everything. ^o^ If you have an questions feel free to contact me.

I will post my profile once I see at least 4 people joining. ^^


January 3rd, 2005, 9:16 PM
Description~Likes to wear formal or dark colored clothing, cares for her appearance and is usually very neat. Has long dark brown hair and eyes.
History~In her past, she spends the majority of her time dealing with her lovelife. Tired and in frustration, she gave up and tried her best to make life the way it was a few years ago.
Items/other~There isnt any other details..

(unable to post on most weekends)

January 7th, 2005, 7:22 PM
Name~ Celeste
Age~ 16
Gender~ Female
Description~ Has black hair streaked with blond. She dresses in the typical girl next door style, causal clothing, tennis shoes, etc. Has light brown eyes and wears contacts.
Personality~ Very outgoing, hyper, optimistic. Shes the kind of girl that would say hi to everyone and looks happy the whole day. She is very forgetful though.
History~ Her mother left her when she was 13, due to an affair. The pain is still strong in her heart, and wishes more than anything for her mother to be back. It doesnt help that her father is suffering from depression either. She wants to be truly happy
Items/other~ N/A <will edit later?>

((Ri-chan (can I call you that? =3) I have finals next week, so I might be unable to post as much. n_n; ))

January 9th, 2005, 5:46 PM
Name~ Ryoko Seychelles
Age~ 17
Gender~ Male
Description~ Ryoko is 6'2" with long silver hair that reaches the middle of his back. His hair is completely flat, except for his long bangs which seem to like to push off to the sides. His eyes are a bright, flaming red color oddly enough and his skin is a pale caucasian color. He always wears a blue hoodie with a picture of a flaming yin-yang on the back with a tiger and a draogn looking like they're about to fight on it. He also wears black jeans with japanese writing running down the right leg on the outside of his leg. He also has solid black shoes, no other color on them whatsoever.

Personality~ Kind hearted and always willing to help, though he mostly stays silent and keeps to himself in many settings. He'll only interact when around friends or in other comfortable settings, but not when in settings such as a classroom or something like that. Due to anger issues, however, he snaps at anyone who pushes him too far, friend or stranger.

History~ Ryoko lost his parents jsut two years ago, one just 4 months after the first one died. Now, he lives with his brother who is a horrible guardian, barely understanding him and what he's truly going through. Ryoko also has anger issues due to holding in his anger all his life and playing calm instead of releasing it.

Items/other~ A small silver pentagram that hangs around his neck and his CD player