View Full Version : el chupocabra(sp?) *baaaa*

November 28th, 2003, 05:56 PM
Part 1
There was one a man named....ummm......joey.he used to be a happy kid when he was small. but then something terible happened to him. while playing with the sheep on his farm, a goat gored him in the nuts.....he was then gored in the face,back,and the legs.he was then a criple. at the age of 80 he was able to crawl.he had a deformed face from that dredfull day and cry all night from his missery hating goats and sheep at the same time.

he died at the age of 81. then 10 years later, on the same farm Joey was attacked, an ugly, hary, short gremlin type thing arose from the ground. it walked up behinde the goats and sloughtered them and sucked up the insides of each goat and sheep. then he went into the house that the farm owner slept in and ate him. since that day he was called........El Chupocabra......

Goats and sheep cried (baaa) from hearing that name.... farmers then started to armour themselves with weapons. but that never stopped the El Chupocabra *baaaaa* from getting them all.