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November 21st, 2011, 8:55 AM
Hey, and welcome to the Reborn! Fanclub, for the well-known manga and anime series "Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" If you don't know what this is, you should go read or watch it, because you're missing out on an awesome series, hey. It's about the mafia, but it's a cute and funny story that will definitely get you hooked, hey!


Written/drawn by Akira Amano, Katekyo Hitman Reborn is about Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, who is often called "No-Good Tsuna" because of how badly he does at everything. The only reason he goes to school at all is to see his crush, Kyouko. But one day, a baby dressed in a black suit and equipped with the skills of an expert hitman shows up to tell him that he's going to tutor Tsuna in the ways of the mafia because he's next in line to become the boss of the most powerful mafia family, the Vongola!
Sounds kind of overly dramatic, but it's an addicting series with lovable characters!


Keep it clean, because otherwise I'll bite you to death~
Respect the opinions of others. Don't be a troll.
No sending assassins out to kill other members of the club.
Use the spoiler tags; they're there for a reason! If you're commenting on a new manga chapter, some may not have read it yet! So don't spoil it for them!
All other PC forum rules apply, unless there's one for profanity. I really don't care much (this IS the mafia, ya know), but if you curse every other word like some people I know, then you should just not post.....
~The Bossu, MeltyShard378 (You can call me Melty!)

To join, post a comment with this form:
Preferred nickname/name to call you:
Favorite character(s):
Least favorite(s):
The phrase "Dying Will Bullet!" somewhere in the same post to show that you've read the rules and stuff...

Other information:
Tumblr pages of people role-playing as characters through their ask boxes:

~Belphegor: http://askprincetheripper.tumblr.com/
~Ryohei: http://ask-ryohei.tumblr.com/
~Mammon: http://askmammon.tumblr.com/
~Fong/Fon: http://askfong.tumblr.com/
~Reborn: http://ask-reborn.tumblr.com/
~Spanner: http://askspanner.tumblr.com/
~Tsuna: http://asktsuna.tumblr.com/
~Yamamoto: http://askyamamoto.tumblr.com/
~Squalo: http://asksqualo.tumblr.com/
~Hibari: http://askhibari.tumblr.com/
~Kyoko: http://askkyoko-chan.tumblr.com/
~Dino: http://askdino.tumblr.com/
~Gokudera: http://askgokudera.tumblr.com/
There are so many more, but you'll have to find them yourselves... Sorry!

Fan art is welcomed and encouraged! I don't exactly love fanfics, but if you reeeeally want to, then go right ahead...

First topic of discussion:
(I'm really bad with conversation starters, so bear with me please...)
Uhm... let's see... how much of a KHR fan are you? How much merchandise (posters, games, manga volumes, random stuff) do you own?
(As for me, I only read the manga scanlations... I'm cheap, so I'll only get stuff if it's free. Plus I don't really have money of my own to buy stuff.)