View Full Version : [Essentials Tutorial] Set Pokemon Differing from Player to Player

Ho-oh 112
January 12th, 2012, 4:10 PM
Ok, this is similar to version differences but with 1 game and for set pokemon (legendaries, FRLG Snorlaxes, ect.), really easy to do....

At the map where the intro is Do this:

Control Variables: [0010: Differing Pokemon] = Random No.(1...10)
Then the rest of the event where there are differing pokemon put this down on the Event Page

Variable: 0010: Differing Pokemon
[i] or above

i is what the variable needs to be in order to activate (do this for all events like that making a new event page with the different pokemon/settings)
Well, it's not much but it works (no scripting needed), is simple (really simple), but isn't that "amazing" because it doesn't affect wild pokemon in grass only set pokemon......