View Full Version : Research: Pokewalker, Hacking and General Info

February 12th, 2012, 12:04 AM
So, I hacked the pokewalker.... I dumped RAM when I was on the transfer screen, and looked through it with a GameBoy tile editor. I found something interesting... The graphics for the Pokewalker are stored on HG/SS. I've discovered the following:

Menu and Icon sprites are transferred when syncing the walker to a new game.
In the US HG, address 021FFAD0 points to some data that is transferred to the walker, but this is only when the DS is looking for the walker. The graphics from the pointer are about x28C0 bytes, and contain:
The icon of your route
Name of your route (sprite text)
Your pokemon small sprites
Your pokemon big sprites
Name of your pokemon/nickname (sprite text)
group A pokemon small sprites
group B pokemon small sprites
group C pokemon small sprites
group C pokemon big sprites (for if they join you with an empty walker)
Name of group A pokemon (sprite text)
Name of group B pokemon (sprite text)
Name of group C pokemon (sprite text)
Name of the 10 items (sprite text)

This is all decompressed, and can be viewed in something like TileEd.
The sprites in the rom however are compressed. I believe it may be similar to the compression red and blue used, but I've yet to check.
After using some heavy action replay coding, I was able to have Victini sprites on my pokewalker. (can't link the picture directly for being new here)