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February 22nd, 2012, 6:31 PM
I don't know if this has been asked yet, but, on the wiki in Dual Screen under tips it says:

"This can display the player's party when idle, and message boxes when they are required."

How do I make it display my party down there. I don't want it to be selectable, I just want it to display my party, their health, exp, level, names, and icon. How do I do this properly?

Rai Rai
February 22nd, 2012, 6:40 PM
I'm just going to provide some of the information needed to script your own window for that. Health and Exp I'm not really use to yet to call it properly.

Pokemon Icon displaying:
@pkmn#=AnimatedSprite.new(sprintf("Graphics/Icons/icon%03d",$Trainer.party .species),2,128/2,64,2)
#Can pretty much just be any number.
* Has to be from 0-5, 0 being team number 1, 5 being team number 6.

@pkmn1.x= X co-ordinates
@pkmn1.y= Y co-ordinates
@pkmn1.z= Layer of which the sprite is on, (common number of 9999)
If you want them to be animated add in @pkmn1.update. Remember this just updates that one sprite, needs to be done for all 6 calls.

This is just some of the functions to get you started off.

Text display with names and level.



February 27th, 2012, 8:27 PM
I tried and I guess I'm just no good at doing this...
please, any more help?