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January 19th, 2005, 2:00 PM
Well, I've been writing a series of stories in my spare time lately called "The Askan Chronicles," and I thought, "Why not make an RP out of it?" As for the plot, I'm sure you'll understand if you read the first section of the series. Although the plot after the part I will show you will be altered due to the fact its an RP.

"500 years ago, a power was sealed deep within the ground of Asengualda. Sephilith, Lord of Shadows, had betrayed his nation. He had summoned demons from the Underworld, and sent them upon the many villages and towns, hoping to destroy every single person, so the world could be his. However, he did not expect a man named Rewquil Siatne, equipped with a combination of white and black magic, to seal him in the depths of the Underworld, along with the many demons he had summoned. The world returned to its former glory once again. However, peace doesnt last forever.

What do you mean my daughter is missing!? A short, plump man with a long, grey beard yelled, pacing back in forth in front of a throne. This was all that could be heard from inside Castle Winigal, exactly 500 years after Sephilith was sealed away.
Yes, she has run away your majesty! Bobbidi exclaimed. Bobbidi was a short old man, his body almost always concealed by a pitch black robe. Im afraid she might have discovered our plans for the Gate to the Underworld!


Hahaha! This girl has got to be crazy! Askan, a boy only of the age of 14, heard in the distance. Askan was a tall, skinny boy, standing at the height of about 511. He had deep blue eyes, and hair a shade of red that it almost looked orange. He was dressed in the fashion of the time. Brown rags. Curious about what was going on, he left in search of the cause.

He didnt travel far until he found the man from earlier in an alleyway. He was a very glutinous man, and as bald as a babys bottom. Though he was dressed in more proper clothes then Askan. With King Canya maybe? The girl on the other hand, looked like a princess to Askan. She had long dark brown hair, that was tied in a ponytail, and she wore a beautiful baby blue coloured gown. When the man took his sword to the girls neck, Askan knew it was time to step in.

Hey, blubber butt! Askan called as he ran out from behind the wall into the alleyway, assuming a defensive position.
What did you say to me, kid? The man questioned as he removed the sword from the girls neck, sounding very cocky.
You heard me, porky!
Thats it kid, time to die! The man yelled as he ran at Askan, Askan just standing there.
You think a man YOUR size can catch me? Pfft...
The man leapt at Askan, the sword raised for attacking, though Askan didnt even budge. When the man had contact, the girl shrieked as he flew right through Askans body, the boy disappearing. The man left dazed, twitching in pain on the ground.
Askan Peerion, Master of Illusions! A voice called from the end of the alleyway."

Now, if you haven't caught onto the plot, I pity you.
Now here is the form (If you didnt recieve an invite, dont bother joining):

Class: (Sorceror, demon, ect.)
Personality: (Optional)
Abilities: (Magic, weapons, ect go here, but be specific!)
History: (Optional)

January 19th, 2005, 3:01 PM
Am I invited? I hope so. This looks really good.

January 19th, 2005, 8:02 PM
Name: Church
Age: 3,527
Class: Demon
Appearance: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/Nolofinwe/ayantreal.jpg
Personality: Makes Chaos look like a sweet, innocent little girl (Read The Authors). If you're too lazy to check that, think mean. Really mean. And cruel. And sadistic. And vicious. Basically liable to torture you to death for getting his clothing dirty.
Magic-Drain Life (insidious number that uses the target's life force to heal the caster), Chain Lightning, Assassin Rush (Speed boost that brings the caster around to the target's back)
Weapons-Terminus Est, greatsword. Carried over Cvhurch's back. No extraordinary magical properties.
History: N/A

January 20th, 2005, 5:06 PM
Okay, i made it so it isnt Invite only anymore, since nobody I invited is joining, XD But I can still boot you people, XD

January 20th, 2005, 7:38 PM
Name: Shargon
Age: 16
Class: Aspiring Priestess
Appearance: Shargon wears a thick veil of vibrant green, edged with gold. It falls over her pure silver dress, as well as her top. The sleeves sharply diverge into two seperate parts, so that they dangle freely from her elbow. Shargon has white blonde hair, and pale and vacant cobalt eyes tinted with a metallic silver. She wields a large golden staff, with the symbol of a cross at the top. Bits of ruby are visible if you see close enough at the designs. Her clothing is somewhat exotic, but simple enough. She ranges at about 5'6.
Personality: (Optional) blah. too lazy.
Abilities: Like I said, a golden staff that's a few inches taller than her. It as chains dangling from the edge of the circle, with a cross fitting perfectly in it. BIts of ruby cling onto the center, with a strange insignia at the middle.
History: (Optional) blah. lazy again.

January 21st, 2005, 3:05 PM
Name: Sera Jeanne Rei
Age: 12
Class: Swordsman/Mage [She doesn't quite know how to use magic yet]
Appearance: Sera has honey brown hair that cascades until her chin; longs bangs in the side and short one's in the front. Her eyes are a light shade of green, portraying an expression of melancholic, gentleness, and innocence. She is dressed in a short [exposes her most of her midriff], slightly loose white top that has intricate insignias embedded on it, it also has short maroon sleeves. She wears a fringe skirt, white and maroon in color, and gypsy-like pantaloons underneath the skirt.
Personality: Bubbly, benevolent, and rather nave. Often, she can be quite stubborn and a little too reckless, which frequently gets her into big trouble.
Abilities: A cerulean staff that has an emblem of two feathers; one white, one black marked in the handle and a star at the stop. She is also able to transform her staff into sword, which she often does.
History: Sera is a Princess, the only successor of their kingdom, should the present king die or after his reign in over. Both her parents had been long gone, and since she could not help save them, she blamed herself for their death, and ran away from her home, believing that she would only make her family's kingdom and their peoples' worse if she ever rules it.

January 23rd, 2005, 4:27 PM
Sounds interesting. =3

Name: Aniline
Age: 13
Class: Elf (Can I? =3)
Appearance: Tall and fragile looking, with golden blond hair swept up in a long braided ponytail. She has the traditional long, pointed ears and large silver eyes, swirled with gold. She wears a plain white tunic (Think Saria of LoZ - OoT.) with a silvery tulle scarf tied around her neck.
Personality: Is very trusting, nave, oblivious to anything bad going on the world outside her city. Is very outgoing, optimistic, but that could lead to her downfall
Abilities: Aniline is a master at the art of archery. She uses a bow that is slender, but she wields it with a strength of an adult with an amazing range. The bow is carved from a wood if whitish color, decorated with elfish engravings throughout. She also has a talent for the field of wind magic, able to produce sharp blades of wind to cut through something, also to produce strong gusts of wind that she uses to protect herself.
History: Aniline is nobility in the elf court, specially trained to protect the members of royalty. She saw something awful when she was really young, thus she erased her memory, refusing to remember. That is also why she is so nave today She came out of her kingdom to train for the future.

January 24th, 2005, 3:14 PM
Name: Arirua
Age: 1,675 (About 18)
Class: Elf
Appearance: http://www.z-files.org/haze/origin/fnm/elfblade01.jpg And since you can't see her clothes, A red sleeveless shirt, and black pants that stop at the middle of her shins. Dark brown, almost black hair and scarlet eyes.
Personality: A loner. Arirua almost never assosiates with others, and will kill for pleasure. Cast out by the other Elves, Arirua has been living alone ever since, and hates other people. But, some people still think she has a good side. Unfortunatly, they were never seen again. (Obviously, I'm feeling evil.)
Magic ~ Black Death, Tears of Blood
Weapons ~ As seen in the picture, that one sword.
History: Might be revealed later.