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Fallen Angel
December 5th, 2003, 4:51 PM
It is the year 1887 and in China groups of Half Breed and Full breed dragons live together in tribes of the same elements. A young dragoness (Sara Onichii) is the rarest of them all she is a half breed of two elements, Fire and Ice. She flees China to Japan (the Dragon tribes' oringal settlement) to live in peace, untill the Dragon Hunters and the Evil Dragons/Half Dragons go after her for she holds the prophacy that will hold the key to the ruler of the Dragon world. Can Sara survive? Only you can help.


Race: Human (if human state if you are a dragon hunter), Dragon (state if you are an evil dragon), Human/Dragon (state if evil)
Element: only for Human/Dragon and Dragon
Coloring: only for dragon and Human/Dragon
Hair Color: For Humans and Human/Dragon
Eye Color:

My form:

Name: Sara Onichii
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Dragon
Element: Fire and Ice
Coloring: Left side is reddish orange with a evil looking wing and right side silvery light blue with an elegant wing.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Amber/Crimson
About: Sara is the rarest breed of human/dragon, she had the power of two elements, but also has a sceret only she knows about. Her parents (both Human/Dragon) were of Ice and Fire and lived in there tribes, the reason Sara left was because she had to choose what tribe to live in, but she didn't want to choose so she left for Japan, where everything went wrong........

Spike Razzor
December 5th, 2003, 7:12 PM
Gender:Looks male, could be genderless
Race:Dragon/Spirit of Fire
Coloring:Body itself is dirt brown, upper face is Red, bottom is orange, belly is orange, hands are yellow halfway and red to the end, arms are orange, legs are thge same as arms, back has mini valcano's growning on it.
Hair Color:No hair
Eye Color:Blue, goes all red when he starts erupting.
about_:Valcaragon lives inside mount Fugi, he often travels underground swiming in underground lava rivers that can move all over the world. His temper is very short, when angered his back starts erupting liek crazy. The skies will be blanketed with smoke, he then either shoots fire balls from his back or shoots out a combustion beam. When his eruption stops he will go cold and become inactive from about 20mins.