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November 13th, 2012, 9:11 AM
Tech. Specs:

Developer: Polectron.
Language: Spanish, English is still in process.
Compatibility: Global, you only need an internet connection

The pokéutility is a tool designed to organize in a database all your project’s information, even if it’s a Hack or a RPG there are different databases for your data:

Trainers: Stores data like name, sprite, localization, pokémons, objects, ect.
Pokémons: It contains information about evolution levels, attacks, name, type, ect.
Routes: Saves pokémons, trainers and objects of routes.
Function to add the story of the game.
System to add news of the games.
Search engine, for data about your hack.
Totally on-line platform.

Other characteristics are:

Modification of data tha has been already generated an saved. (Working on it)
Storage system, 2.5GB per user.
Users system, it prevents to unregistered users to add or to modify data, but no to read it.

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Developed for everyone by Gwengardia Chronicles