View Full Version : Petition: Okami HD for Wii U

November 21st, 2012, 12:44 PM
Why am I making a Petition for a game that not that many people in the US know about to be ported over to Wii U? Reasons below!

1: Touchpad could be used for the brush techniques by using a stylus and improved controls over the DS stylus controls in Okamiden. Making for a much better experiance than 'fake' drawing controlls like with the Wii controller or the PS3's Move.

2: Nintendo won't admit it, but they only ported the original to Wii for a quick buck.

3: The HD capabilities of Wii U will most likely never be used in a game except for enhancing colors and/or pre-rendered cutscenes.

4: The sales overseas would more than cover the lack of sales in the US.

5: Wii U exclusive content (exclusive carmic transformations, exclusive weapons etc) unlocked by meeting certain conditions in-game or with DLC. Could draw (pun not intended =_=) in new fans and old fans.

6: Fans want it, and the original was ported anyway as well so why the hell not?

If we can get enough fans to agree (500 - 1000 ?) maybe nintendo will listen, Nintendo does listen to fans and cooperate with them more politely (even if it's an automated email...) than others.

Captain Fabio
November 21st, 2012, 01:49 PM
I am afraid this isn't allowed on the board as you can't ask members to sign your petition. If I am honest, I doubt Nintendo are going to care all that much. :/

If the game is going to be made for the system, then it will be.