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Alchemist Alphonse
January 30th, 2005, 10:14 PM
Darkness Falls

Chapter 1 - A Shadow Over Pallet

I am Adam Fisher and I am 16 years old. The world of Pokemon was once a great place to live in. It was full of life and compeititon. As the years went on more and more species of Pokemon began to be discoverd. But one, one type should never have existed: Dark. This species seemed to be a great asset to a Pokemon trainers team, but we were wrong.

My story starts when I was 15 years old and living in Pallet town with my family. In the recent year the local proffesor, Gary, began to study differnt dark types. Then one day a solar eclipse hit the sky like a black cover over the world. Then the dark types started to go crazy. They all broke out of thier cages and rampaged Pallet. I then immediatly called Prof. Oak. "Prof. Gary, what is going on? All of the dark pokemon are attacking the people of Pallt."

"It is the eclipse of the sun, but this was not an eclipse of nature. Someone made this eclipse but I am not exactly sure how."

"Well I have to do something and I know that Team Shadow is behind this. I knew when they took out Team Rocket a year ago that something was bound to happen. I am going to thier base with Growlith and take them on."

"I know you think you can beat them on your own Adam but you cant. Bring Mina along with you! She and Poliwhirl can help you defeat them, but just be careful. I will send her over right now."

Mina is my childhood friend and the Daughter of Gary Oak. She started training Pokemon the same time that I did. As I made my way to meet her and 2 Murkrows showed up to fight. I took them head on! "Growlithe use your fire spin to trap them."

"Growl" he barked. He doused them with his flame just long enough for us to make our getaway. As Mina came into sight we saw her battling an Umbron and Poliwhirl wasnt doing so good. "Ok Growlithe, we need to help Mina. Use your Bite attack to subdue the Umbreon." Gowlithe listend and did as I commanded. The Umbreon fainted and I ran over to her. "Are you OK Mina?"

"Yes I am fine and you didn't have to do that I had everything under control!" Mina was always one to want to fight to the finish without any help.

"Sorry but it looked like you werent doing so good. Anyway are you ready to go?"

"Yeah I am ready...I was born ready!"

"You better calm down cause these Team Shadow guys are gonna be really tough and thier main Pokemon are all Umbreons and they are much stronger than that one your just fought. Also we will have to be careful on our way to Veridian because the Dark Pokemon are everywhere. We will need to stock up on supplies when we get there."

"Good idea! So lets go!" That is how our journey began to stop Team Shadow.