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September 1st, 2013, 5:13 PM
Greetings i found this forum in a google search because i wanted a community of pokemon i actually just ordered a 3DS XL and Pokemon Black 2 i havent played pokemon since emerald but i had played all of them up to that point thought id drop in and say hi and get ready for a long time thing to get used to all the new pokemon

Starry Windy
September 1st, 2013, 5:24 PM
Oh hi there PhantomTheOrphan, and welcome to PC! I think you'll fit in this forum in no time! X and Y games sure are amusing. I wonder what's the starter Pokemon you plan to use when you get one?

Anyway, we're ready to talk to you, so feel free to VM us, and if you need some help, mods like Cirno will be there. I hope you're staying, and have a nice day!

September 1st, 2013, 8:17 PM
Hello there Phantom and welcome!

Like my good buddy Wind said, you'll fit in really well given how friendly and cool everyone here is. I'm excited for the Pokemon X & Y games as well, and I already settled on choosing Froakie as my starter because who doesn't love that badass frog? He's got some great potential, but Fennekin and Chespin aren't terrible either. And nice to see you're playing Black 2, if you're interested in discussing and getting help related to the games you can check out the Fifth Generation Gaming (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=200) section.

We also have a section for Pokemon X & Y (http://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=256) which is located right under The Welcome Lounge if you're interested in discussing and speculating the new games. Only a month now until the games come out, so there's still that mad rush of last-minute speculation and the type matchups for the new Fairy-type, along with more stuff are coming later this month so the speculation has only been getting more fun. But yes, I'm sure you'll love PC so much you'll want to stick around and make some new friends and if you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask a staff member like Cirno, but there's even plain old non-staff who love helping you out as well.

Have fun here at PC okay? I'll be seeing you!

- Hikari10

September 2nd, 2013, 8:39 AM
I'm sure you'll love catching up to all the wonderful Pokemon games. n~n Getting the 3DS is a great choice, I'm super happy with my own XL and it was definitely one of the best investments I've made. I mean.. like Hikari said, who isn't excited for X and Y?! Welcome to the forum!

You'll love this community as it's full of lovely people who are all into Pokemon as much as you are, so definitely stick around for as long as you can. Hope you've already looked around a bit - make sure to read the rules of a board before making too many posts there so you'll know the gist of how that area works. The rules are very newbie-friendly and you can always ask our moderators if you have questions. :) Black/White 2 are some of my favorite main series Pokemon games so I'm crossing my fingers you enjoy them too, hehe.

So yeah, have fun and all of that good stuff! ♥ Hopefully this community will be a great place for you and you'll stick around. There's always room for more members and certainly room for big Pokemon fans like yourself. Let me know if you need anything; I'm always here to assist! <3

September 2nd, 2013, 8:42 AM
Welcome PTO!

I haven't played Black 2 as yet but I plan on getting it someday! I also said the same about Platinum and still haven't played that to date...

Have fun!