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March 31st, 2005, 3:33 PM
Now, you see this mansion? Yes, yes. Of course you do! Five; I repeat, five people, creatures, mages alike were specifically chosen to step foot into this odd setting. By whom? Take a guess, but it isn't a man who's full of exact 'sanity.' He goes by the name of Sir Edward, the so-called legendary mage. Since we don't know his exact name, let us call him that, shall we?

Oh he's a typical retired person, likes having tea and crumpets like the rest of the elderly men. Fine threads of silk embroider his cloak and hat, with silver lined hair. You see, Sir Edward is rich. In fact, he's so rich he wants to make you throw up on all the wealth. The good man lives by a tired old village during the medieval, where citizens pass by nonchalantly without ever stopping for a visit. So, naturally Sir Edward got lonely in his huge mansion and send out five beautiful invitations to five random people around the globe to visit the obscured Town.

Now, these people were children, mages, spellcasters, part werewolves, etc etc...Sir Edward did a very nice job onto evening out the age and type groups of the people, so he wouldn't expect all five people to be of the same age or the same job. He encouraged them heartily in the letter to bring in their suitcases for a visit in his glorious mansion...and no one wants to refuse on the infamous Sir Edward's stay in the mansion, right?

Ah...Happy endings are such a foreign concept. You see, when you come over, you expect your stay to be a pleasant one. But no, you are surely misguided! After ten minutes, the butler inform you Sir Edward was murdered. And now, with five people, the murderer is in the house. Of course, he left a will. To state the will clearly, it would read this:

"Status # 1 ~ To all whom ever gets told by this letter, I am most likely dead by now, killed obviously by the murderer. And now my friends, I have a small proposal. I died a lonely man, but with a fortune at my cost. One of you will be the next heir, but only if you figure out the murderer. This mansion will hold nothing but the butler, and to the murderer; you will not find the fortune lest you cooperate and play the game. Kill the butler- be my guest. He only has the whereabouts of the money. And so, good luck!"

Get it? For sign ups- I expect a lil bit of variation. I do not request all the people being the same person. I am the butler, I will guide you. And, I will send ONE RANDOM PM to the person who will be the murderer. It would probably be the one I trust, because that person isn't allowed to open their MOUTH. EVER. o.o!

Age- Please, you know what's too young.
Occupation/Reputation- Differed! Original! Unique! o.o!~
History so far-

Please note this is in medieval timing- but all things do not need to be totally revolved around the era. You don't have to replace 'it is' with 'tis,' for example. xD

Remember, I am sending one PM to the person who will be the murderer, right after five people have signed up. XD And I have every right to reject you too, if I feel your sign up just doesn't come up to its standards. If I don't get the sign ups I expect here, then I'm just going to have to request an RPG mod to close it? >>;

So um...sign up! =)

March 31st, 2005, 7:19 PM
Name- Sariah Stumi
Age - 15
Gender- Female
Occupation/Reputation- Elven Princess/Spellcaster
Description- Sariah is petite, short yet fair in complexion. Her hair has the color of the golden sun weaved into it. The hair is wavy and mid length, reaching to the middle of her back. Around her head is a simple band of gold. She has silver eyes that seem sometimes seem catlike, filled with cunning. She wears a simple white dress, which flows to the ground.
Personality- No one really knows what she's thinking. Sometimes she seems happy while she is really mad, and vice versa. She hates to be treated as royalty, and often sneaks outside, pretending to be a peasant. She also practices the dark arts in secret, while she is supposed to be a white spellcaster. She is very persuading and often gets her own way.
Items- Her staff, which she uses to cast spells. The staff is mid-length, slightly longer than a wand. It is carved from white wood, with anchant runes engraved on the side. However, when Sariah is using black magic, the white turns to a deep cherry wood.
History so far- Sariah was born into the royal family of Elves, since she was born; her family negleted her, thinking that princesses were better left alone. Angry at this thought, Sariah rebeled against her parents, and refused to have any ties with her family.

((OOC - Is being an Elf okay? =x))

June 28th, 2005, 7:23 PM
Name- Alyce

Age- 13

Gender- Male

Occupation/Reputation- Shop-keepers assistant

Description- Alyce stands about four feet tall, rather short for his age, eh? He is a part feline, part human, cat-man. His fur is tan, with black spots, scattered over his body. His ears are pointed, and have black tips. His eyes, oh, his eyes. They are a light blue, with diamond shaped pupils, of course. He is thin, and his tail is long, with a black tip. From his hands and oddly shaped feet are his fingers and toes, with claws. He doesn't wear shoes, and only wears short-pants, of the colour black. His teeth are pointed and sharp, typical canines.

Personality- Generally happy, he can be a goof and serious. It can take quite a bit of annoyances to get him angry, and he can be greedy at times. He loves to be around people, though that's odd for a feline.

Items- He doesn't carry anything, only a flask of water, tied to the waist of his short-pants. His only weapons are his teeth and claws.

History so far- Abandoned as a small boy, Alyce grew up in a dirty area of town, having to work as an assistant to a shop keeper for food. He doesn't like to steal his food, is why he works so hard to earn it.

((Is this ok...?))

August 12th, 2005, 7:46 AM
(Sorry for the double post though...: I would LOVE for people to join this thread, it looks like fun. But look... I posted on June 28th, and what day is it today? AUGUST TWELTH! August! The twelth! How sad is that? Not only has this post been the only one in this thread, but in this forum. This forum of roleplay, I mean. COME ON. How sad is that? You people need to get more people posting in here... so, like, people can actually enjoy themselves and, omg, what an idea (!), maybe ROLEPLAY?)