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April 22nd, 2005, 3:52 PM
Dear Whoever Finds This,
I'm writing from Ensnalier, to the people of the dimensions of Earth, Genar, Potroit, and Dalik. I'm writing to your people, because we need help. I speak for all my people, we are the Kari. We are under siege, surrounded by the Helum Tras, the elite of the elite. They have hated our people for ages, and that hatred has deepened, not lifted as time has worn away. They've finally done what they've wanted to do for centuries, which is plan a full fledged attack on our largest city, the city of Mal'stra, which holds 93% of our population. if this city were to be enslaved, or worse wiped out, our race would be no longer, 7% of our population scattered throughout the land, taking 10's of 1000's of years to come back. Without the Kari people, the only magical beings existent in this dimension, all hope would be lost, the world would fall apart, our people would begin dying from mysterious causes, and mass chaos would erupt. To top this all off our dimension would fall apart, our world fusing with your own, killing your people, and introducing alien concepts to your kind, a fate that would be utterly horrible for all who are involved.
We need your help, send your men, Humans of Earth, Dweneaves, and Kalich of Genar, Testrum of Potroit, and both the Marjac, and Felishnema, of Dalik. I can give you exact magical decodement words, but you will need your top Magic users to decipher them, and then you MUST send help, or all help is lost.
Jeril Juliem yusnalier herachier youthlum htetrea snuafur thero farthenies hunliket.
Sincerely, Sarineth, A Kari of Ensnalier.

What you'll need to know

Ensnalier: A dimension next to Earth, it holds four races of beings, the Kari, the Helum, the Trupantriacs, and the Funai .It is much like Earth, only much hotter, and very flat. It is almost entirely covered In desert-like land.

Genar: A dimension on the other side of Ensnalier. It is a wetland swamp, and there are even cities under water. There are lots of tree-like plants growing on the majority of available swampland.

Potroit: A dimension far from Earth, it is three dimensions south of Ensnalier, it is one of the only other dimensions that is aware of the existence of other dimensions. It Is similar to Ensnalier in this way. Its land is very strange, is either either very high, mountain land, or underground tunnels. There is but one city that does not rest either on top of a mountain or undergground, and it is a small trading village.

Dalik: A dimension that borders Earth, Earths few magic users were born through cross-breeding humans with Marjac, very magic beings. Earth is unaware of its close neighbor, but Dalik knows of Earths existence and has obviously ventured its people there before. Even though this fact is true, this dimension os ignorant to all others excluding Earth.

Kari: A race of beings, who are the second most magical race to ever exist. They are under siege by the Helum. They are beings who look like humands, except they have dark perple skin, and speak in high pitched voices, as if they had sucked helium.

Helum: A very powerful, and evil race of beings, who loath the Kari. No one quite knows why, but there are many theories. Thay are hunch bakced people, with light green skin, which is rough and bumpy. The tallest ever was recorded at 10' 5" when hunched. They are enormous, and have horrible tempers. They arent a very intelegent group, but they are the greatest race of fighters ever to exist.

Tras: A word in Helum tongue meaning The all powerful ones

Malstra: Not much to say, it is a city in the wide open of the desert, walls 25 feet high surround it, it contains 93% of the kari poulation, and 24% of the Funai. It is a strong military-base for Kari, so this will be an advantage, but who knows how it will turn out.

Dweneaves: A race of people, similar to those in ancient human folk-lore know as Dwarves. Theya re short stout people. Although humans think of dwarves as fighters, and bruthes, but the Dweneaves are an extrmely peaceful race, only involved in one war in the history of time.

Kalich: War people, they have webbed feet, and gills, although they can survive above water for months. They have swords of the finest make, second only to that of the elves of Teore, but they wont be mentioned in this RP. They have blue or green rubbery hair, each strand extremely thick.

Testrum: People who live high in mountains or underground, as mentioned. They appear to be manicure giants. They are covered in hair, have white chests, but stand only 4 feet tall. They are strong, and agile, but they are peace-lovers by nature. They usually stay neutral in all warfare.

Marjac: A race of people who, look exactly like humans, all with bald heads. They each, every all, have psychic powers, such as the ability to lift things with minds power, mind control, and the power to conjure things from their mind, but each has their limits, and must train to expand those limits all his life. There are no females, since babies can be created through a great deal of combination mind control.

Felishnema: Small beings, they would look like a very small, bald dog to you or I, but at closer inspection you will find that they have no tail, and do you hang their tongues below their motuhs. They are as intelegent as you or I, and speak through their minds. They do not have the same powers as Marjac, but they do have their own. Although we know that they have these powers, We know not what they are.

Decodement Words: Words that when decoded and spoken will take you to a certain place, they are spoken in a universal language that very few races still hold, and know. They have very strong powers if used in the right way.

The Sign up Form:

Race: (May be from any Dimension that was mentioned, excluding Teore)
Origin: (The Dimension you are from)
Personality: (Stay true to this throughout the RP!)
Rping Example: (If you know youre good enough then dont do this, if youre unsure do this, and I'll tell you if you pass.)

April 22nd, 2005, 4:05 PM
This SO reminds me of Pendragon. XD

Name: Ami
Race: Human
Origin: Earth
Looks: Like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v629/Master_Becca/SummerAvie.png except no cat ears or tail (she still has the plushie) and she carries two blue-hilted katanas strapped on her back
Personality: She's nice to you if you're nice to her, but she'll be VERY nasty to you if she doesn't like you. She is usually shy but is learning to be more open.
Rping Example: You know I'm good enough bro. ;)

April 22nd, 2005, 4:06 PM
OOC: Oh ya, you don't need one, and I'm gettin off for the night, so Peace Out!

April 23rd, 2005, 10:24 AM
Name: Astroara Vannoi
Race: Kari
Orgin: Ensnalier
Looks: Astroara Vannoi is somewhat short, but don't tell her that unless you have a death wish. She wears a silver tunic and a black cape, normally with the hood up. Around her neck is a silver chain, that she never removes. Her eyes are a grey-blue color.
Personality: Astroara is very outgoing and hyperactive. She won't hesitate to tell ypu anything that's on her mind. She is very open, and sometimes a bit ditsy. But, when it comes to fighting, Astroara seems to be a different person. She becomes very serious, and doesn't hold back. Astroara is very skilled with magic, but she is still learning.
Rping Example: *sweet face* Jar-head, do I really need one?

April 23rd, 2005, 11:01 AM
Neato, I'd love to join!

Name: Kristina (Kristi for short)
Race: Half Marjac (father) and Half Human (mother)
Origin: Earth
Looks: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/digitaldude/lovehina_1_800.jpg (except she has red hair and blue eyes)
Personality: Extremely outgoing, loves to have a good time, but be aware of her serious side, as she expresses without warning.
Rping Example: I awoke with a slight start. It seemed only a few minutes had gone by, so I looked at the clock. It read midnight, only five hours had gone by since Tristian and I had fought. I decided that I wasn't going to think about it, I was wrong, the more I told myself I wasn't, the more I did. Thankfully I don't remember what all we fought about, something about him thinking about us, wondering if we were really meant to be. I was astounded. Tristian had broken my heart once before, but nothing like this. I got up and went to the kitchen. I needed something to put me to sleep or I'd be awake all night and that was a very bad thing, finals were tomorrow and I needed my beauty sleep. I took a half of a sleeping pill with a glass of milk and went off to bed. As soon as my head hit that pillow I was out, good thing that pill was only a half or I don't know when I'd wake up. The next thing I remember is wondering around this infinite void, with only this crazy old lady around. She was cooking up something because I could smell it and see the smoke. Suddenly it started glowing a bright white and the smoke engulfed me and swirled around me faster and faster. The next thing I knew I too was glowing the bright white.

Suddenly I was awoken by the alarm clock. I reached over and turned it off quickly, hoping for just five more minutes. I noticed my arm was well defined and covered in hair. I glanced at my armpit and nearly screamed. I had hairy armpits! I shook my head around and looked at the room, it was covered in super m0del posters! I bolted upright in bed and noticed I no longer had my pj's on. I no longer had brests for that matter either! My chest was well defined and I had my first six pack. I slowly lifted up the bedsheets and screamed! I had a... thing... down there... I heard a voice holler at me what was the matter. I yelled back that it was nothing. I jumped in front of a mirror and studied my face. Oh my god, I was Tristian! I immediately started feeling my face, making sure it was what I was looking at. I decided I must be crazy and went ahead and got dressed, fixed Tristian's hair like I've always wanted to, then decided against it, seeing that he was right and it did look better the way he fixed it, and went to go eat breakfast. Today was going to be the weirdest day of my life.

April 23rd, 2005, 2:22 PM
OOC: No Saphi-Chan you don't need one, and Nightingale there is only one problem with yours, Human's never venture into Dalik, only Marjac, venturing into Earth, threrefore if the mother is human the baby would have to have been born on
Earth, threrefore making your origin Earth, other than that you're accepted.

Race: Kalich
Orgin: Genar
Looks: His hair is dark green, a forest green known to humans, his eyes follow that same color, forest green. His face is slender, and a smile hangs loosly on his lips. He normally wears a green skin-tight suit, but he sometimes varries the color depending on his mood. The suit has breathable sides, with slits made for gils to breath through.His sword is nothing special, just your ordinary make, make of average steel, or at least that's what it may appear to be, actually the steel used to craft is is almost identicle in appearance to normal steel, but it has the strength of a sword three times it's own size.
Personality: He is open, and speaks his m ind, when he is angry, you'll know it. He isn't what you'd call shy, by any stretch of the imagination. No, far from it, he is usually happy, and cheerful, and his blue lips are are always limp with a smile.He loves meeting new poeple, and isn't afraid to say when he likes someone. He is a genreous person, to those he see's worth of his generosity, ot those he doesn't he does not kill, only tortures.
Rping Example: I find myself adequate.

April 23rd, 2005, 2:48 PM
Oops.. Sorry, I changed it though.. XD Silly me!

April 23rd, 2005, 4:00 PM
Yeah! Lets start soon! Fweeeee! *is hyper*

April 24th, 2005, 9:40 AM
OOC: We need more people before we start, we only have four participants, if any of you could get some more people to join, that'd be greatly appreciated!

April 25th, 2005, 6:48 AM
Saphi-Chan shall see what she can do... *forces random people to join*

April 25th, 2005, 12:10 PM
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April 26th, 2005, 12:38 PM
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