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Jesse GS the II
May 2nd, 2005, 1:19 PM
This is a spin-off series I designed for a more mature audience. This flopped horrendously last time I posted it on this board, but I'm gonna try it again...if you read this, please give your opinion. I want all the feedback I can get. Here's the first six episodes of the first season - I'll post the next seven only if it's apparent that people want me to.


“The Fall of the House of Ash”
Episode 1ACP01
Original Airdate: 1/2/04

It’s the year 2010, and Ash, now 22 years old, is still living with his mom. Having retired from Pokémon training after defeating the Hoenn League in 2004, he and Pikachu now spend all their time loafing around while Delia and Mimey tend to everything. After a while, Delia decides that Ash needs to move out and find his own place to live. Though Ash objects initially, he eventually relents, packing his things and moving away. When Pikachu points out that Ash has not actually picked out a home yet, Ash instead moves into the Cerulean City Gym with his girlfriend Misty. Though Misty’s older sisters balk at the decision, Ash agrees to pull his own weight, keeping his living area clean. When Delia learns that Ash has shacked up with Misty instead of taking the initiative to find a home of his own, she tells him off. Ash finally realizes that he can’t keep falling back on his friends whenever something looks difficult. He and Pikachu once again set out to find a house of their own. After several disappointing false starts, Ash begins to worry that he will never find a place to live. But he then receives a phone call from his friend May, who informs him of the vacant rooms at Goldenrod Arms Apartments in the Johto region. Ash and Pikachu drive to Goldenrod and take an empty room, and after fixing it up, they celebrate with a housewarming party, where Delia congratulates Ash on finding his own home.

“Take This Job and Love It”
Episode 1ACP02
Original Airdate: 1/9/04
Guest Voice: Sean Hayes as Julian

Ash and Pikachu are enjoying their lives as “single men”. They laze around and let things fall where they do, but when Misty comes over to visit she berates Ash for letting his apartment go to seed so quickly. Ash cleans up to appease her, but when she asks if he’s found a job, he claims that he can merely live off the small fortune he’s accumulated in the years he’s been training Pokémon. However, when Ash actually sits down and does the math, he realizes that he’ll run though his entire savings in a few years’ time. He takes advice from Leonard, his elderly landlord, and sets out to find work in Goldenrod. After sweeping every available business in the city for job applications, Ash devotes an entire weekend to filling them out and turning them back in. However, weeks pass and he does not hear back from anyone. Leonard mentions that he’s got to take it into his own hands to ask his possible employers whether or not they’d consider him. Ash first returns to the Goldenrod Department Store, where manager Julian Asakura gives him a job as a stockboy in the clothing department. He is grateful for the work, but he realizes that the job is not suited for him. He knows nothing about clothes and cannot help anyone who asks him about the merchandise. He instead decides to search for another job, but nothing works out to his expectations. Pikachu points out that Ash’s standards are just too high – if he demands a luxurious, high-paying job, his odds will slim. Ash instead decides to take what he can. Applying for work at the Goldenrod Bike Shop, the owner, a surly man named Al, agrees to hire him full time as a stockboy.

“Rocket Bye Baby”
Episode 1ACP03
Original Airdate: 1/16/04

Over the years, Team Rocket has moved beyond mere Pokémon theft and expanded into a worldwide Mafia-like organization. Jessie and James, once the worst agents in the business, have been constantly promoted as they improved their skills. At Class C, the third highest rank, they receive more advanced assignments. Their boss, Giovanni, sends them on a mission to the panoramic Celadon City to boost the department store’s latest shipment of Super Potions. Though James and their Pokémon sidekick Meowth are up to the mission, Jessie is ponderous of something else. Recently, she has been observant of the amount of working mothers in the Team Rocket organization. As she and James have been married for several years, she has always secretly wanted to start a family. On the way to Celadon City, Jessie and James disguise themselves as average citizens and check into a hotel for the night. Once in bed, James notices how eager Jessie is to get him going. She admits that she wants a child of her own. James is surprised by this and is unsure if Jessie would be up to the challenge of raising a baby while still maintaining the level of devotion her job requires. The next day, Jessie and James plan to sneak into the store but are accosted by a young trainer who demands a battle. Jessie sends out her Sneasel to trounce the foolish trainer, but the boy’s Arbok poisons her. Not having much time before Sneasel is fully poisoned, Jessie realizes that she is out of Potions. Turned away from the Pokémon Center, her only choice is to run across town to the department store and steal a Super Potion. She makes the arduous journey on foot and manages to cure Sneasel moments away from death. As James and Meowth steal the remainder of the Super Potions, James tells Jessie that maybe she does have the devotion to be a mother after all. But Jessie declines, insisting that motherhood would be too much trouble.

“Little Bike Shop of Horrors”
Episode 1ACP04
Original Airdate: 1/23/04

Ash’s job at the bike shop isn’t all he had expected it to be. Each day, he must get up at 8:25 AM in order to make it to work on time. Once there, Al puts undue pressure on him to work harder than he needs to and constantly berates him for the tiniest thing done wrong. Eventually, Ash cannot take it any longer and vents his problems to Misty over the phone. Misty can’t see how bad the job can really be, and Ash tells her to try it sometime. Later in the week, Ash develops a nasty bout of flu. He again calls Misty and informs her of his problem – he can’t go into work the next morning, but if he misses a day Al will fire him. Seeing Ash’s problem, Misty decides to go to work at the bike shop in his place. The next morning, Misty gets up early and makes the long commute to Goldenrod. Al is initially against Misty filling in for Ash, but she convinces him to give her a chance. As it turns out, Misty is actually better at stocking bike parts than Ash is. Nonetheless, Al still shouts at her in order to get her to work faster. Misty sees through Al’s motivations. He only yells to get the best out of his workers. At the end of the day, Misty stops by Ash’s apartment to help him and tell him how the day went. Though Ash is feeling better, he doesn’t believe Misty’s analysis of Al and is sure that he’s just a louse who is always angry for no good reason. But Misty points out that even though Ash has no experience in stocking bike parts, he still does it well thanks to Al’s “encouragement”. Ash sees Misty’s point and returns to work the next day with a more positive attitude, resulting in Al’s perplexment.

“’Zard for Life”
Episode 1ACP05
Original Airdate: 1/30/04
Guest Voice: Jeff Davis as Charizard

Ash uncovers his old, outdated PokéDex from the early days of the Indigo League. Though he initially considers throwing it away, he recalls the memories of his first months of training and decides to look through the entries for the heck of it. He and Pikachu laugh it up at the outdated entries and the ridiculous automated voice it has, but the laughter ceases when Ash finds the entry for Charizard. Ash is forcibly reminded of what happened to his Charizard – disobedient for much of the time he owned it, it eventually matured and became a valuable fighter, only to leave and strengthen itself in the Charicific Valley. Ash decides it is high time to go back and retrieve Charizard, feeling it must be stronger by now. He, Pikachu, and Misty set off to the Charicific Valley by car, carefully trekking over the rocky terrain and locating the volcanic training grounds. However, once inside the valley, Ash finds hundreds of Charizard and is unable to determine which one is his. Pikachu, however, recognizes the tallest and strongest as Ash’s own. Amazed at how much his former Pokémon has grown, Ash’s hopes fade when he learns that Charizard has become the valley’s leader and will not leave without a fight. Ash reluctantly sends his Feraligatr in to grapple with Charizard. Recalling the training skills he hasn’t used in years, Ash manages to beat Charizard, though he still feels bad about having to pummel one of his own. Ready to claim Charizard, Ash is shocked again when the lizard does not even remember who his trainer is. Ash shows Charizard the Volcano and Zephyr badges he won with his help. Memories return, and Charizard goes back to Ash.

“I Think, Therefore I Ache”
Episode 1ACP06
Original Airdate: 2/6/04

Ash is excited to have his Charizard back on his team. He feels that it’s a worthy feat, as he’s never gotten one of his lost Pokémon back for good before, and he decides to tell his mom about it. While driving back from the Charicific Valley, he and Misty take a detour into Pallet Town, where they say hello to Delia. While there, Ash also wants to say hi to Professor Oak, whom he has not seen recently. Delia tells Ash that Oak is much older these days and could use a visitor, as he spends all his time in the laboratory with only his assistant Tracey for company. Up at the lab, Ash is shocked to see Professor Oak, who is now so weak that he can’t get around without a wheelchair. Nonetheless, Oak stays cordial, showing Ash what’s changed since the last time he was at the lab. Ash is impressed that Oak is able to keep up his research even at the age of 72, but he notices that Oak doesn’t seem too pleased about it. Oak admits to Ash that he has been considering retiring, as he doesn’t have much time left and has already made many impacts on the world of Pokémon research. Ash begs him not to, but before long, Oak’s mind is made up and he officially announces his retirement, passing the torch to his colleague Professor Elm in New Bark Town. Dejected, Ash returns to Goldenrod City, upset that his longtime mentor has finally given up his research, but tries to put it out of his mind. Several days later, Ash gets a visitor at the apartment. It’s Tracey, who has resigned from being Elm’s new assistant on the grounds that Elm can’t do anything right. Tracey begs Ash to come back and talk some sense into Oak. Ash finds Professor Oak at the Viridian City Retirement Center and tells him what has become of his lab under Elm’s supervision. Outraged that Elm is destroying the one thing he ever knew backwards and forwards, Oak comes out of retirement and resumes his position.

Jesse GS the II
May 4th, 2005, 1:10 PM
Well, it's been about 48 hours, 14 views, and nobody's said anything. Therefore, I'll never bother any of you again with fanfictions that you don't want to read.

I get the sense that I'm not wanted on this board...

Asura Nirosuki
May 4th, 2005, 9:35 PM
This is very interisting indeed.I love the short humor in your sig and i look forward towards reading more of it.Please don't leave just keep writing 10/10^^.*huggs*

Jesse GS the II
May 5th, 2005, 9:59 AM
Well, I suppose if somebody's reading them...(this tends to happen a lot - I only get readers after I decide to stop posting installments.)


“Evil Is as Evil Does”
Episode 1ACP08
Original Airdate: 2/13/04
Guest Voice: Andy Serkis as Larvitar

As one of the few husband and wife teams on the Team Rocket roster, Jessie and James enjoy working together in their crimes, but James secretly feels that Jessie is getting more praise than him. Soon, Giovanni gives an assignment to his Class C agents concerning their Pokémon teams. Each C Class agent must go out and capture at least one Pokémon that will serve them in their attempted achievement of a promotion. Jessie and James take Mt. Silver as their capturing grounds. On the way there, James tells Meowth that this is a golden opportunity – he vows to prove to Giovanni that he is just as capable as Jessie is in the field. Upon reaching the mountain, Jessie and James agree to take two separate caverns and meet back at the entrance. Meowth tags along with James and tries to help him find the most powerful potential additions to his team, but they constantly come up dry. James thinks that Jessie must be doing way better than him. In truth, Jessie’s team is too strong for her own good – every Pokémon she comes across is immediately knocked out by the combined efforts of her Seviper, Dustox, and Sneasel. Jessie decides to take a different approach and use defense instead of offense, having her team members cast protective attacks while the wild Pokémon wear themselves out. But when she sees how quickly her potential team additions exhaust themselves, she gives up on them. Meanwhile, James decides to throw in the towel, admitting that his complex is getting the better of him. Meowth storms off to Jessie’s part of the cave and tracks her down, telling her what her progress is doing to her husband. Unnerved that James feels a desire to be on the same level as her, Jessie agrees to head back, but she is ambushed by a wild Larvitar. She sics her whole team on it, but the Larvitar easily knocks them all out. As it lunges, James arrives and subdues it with his Cacturne and Houndoom, then captures it. Back at base, Giovanni expresses his concern that Jessie didn’t catch a new team member, but Jessie doesn’t care – as long as James is over his inferiority complex.

“Misty Mornings”
Episode 1ACP07
Original Airdate: 2/20/04

Misty begins to tire of the excessive abuse her sisters give her at the gym. They don’t let her participate in any challenger battles, and they start holding early morning training sessions just so Misty can’t use the pool for her 7 AM swims. She vents her anger to her Pokémon, and wants to leave the gym, but can’t think of anywhere she would go. Finally, when Violet, Lily, and Daisy make plans to renovate Misty’s room into a storage closet, Misty snaps. She packs up her Pokémon and her belongings and leaves the gym for good. Out on the Cerulean city streets with nowhere to turn, Misty first takes up temporary residence in a hotel, from which she calls Ash and tells him of her predicament. Ash suggests that she just move in with him, and Misty is overjoyed. The next day, she makes the trip to Goldenrod City and shows up at Ash’s apartment. After clearing everything with Leonard, Ash tells Misty that she is officially his roommate. At first, Ash thinks that living with his girlfriend will be the best time he’s ever had. But when their first weekend together arrives, Ash finds Misty already up at 7 AM doing an early morning workout. He tries to sleep despite Misty’s exercising music, but he can’t do it. Later, Misty notes that the apartment is again becoming dirty and encourages Ash to take better care of it. Ash agrees to it in order to satisfy her, but Misty has Ash get up much earlier than normal to keep the apartment in shape. Pikachu complains when Misty has him get in on the act too, and Ash finally tells Misty that her way of living clashes with his. Misty worries that their conflicting views will put a strain on their relationship and decides that it would be better if they didn’t live under the same roof. She reluctantly packs up and moves back to Cerulean. But when Ash drops her off at the gym, he sees how cruel her sisters are and severely tells them off. He insists that he can’t let Misty live in such a hostile environment and invites her back to the apartment as long as she respects Ash’s way of living. Misty agrees to continue shacking up with Ash.

“The Last Action Zero”
Episode 1ACP09
Original Airdate: 3/5/04

Misty sees an ad in one of her magazines for a new diet plan. She tries to ignore it, but the overpowering impact of the ad’s description of fatty foods begins to get to her. She asks Ash if she should go on the diet, but Ash insists that she’s fine. Pikachu takes the opportunity to point out that Ash isn’t in the best of shape himself. It isn’t the first time Pikachu has made a crack about Ash’s weight, and determined to shut him up once and for all, Ash decides to start working out. Wondering who would be the best person to turn to for advice on bodybuilding, Misty suggests that he ask Brock about it. Ash hasn’t seen Brock in a while, not since he returned to Pewter City to take up gym training again, and recalls that Brock does know about keeping his Pokémon in shape at least. Ash and Misty take the trip to Pewter, where they meet up with Brock at the gym. Brock tells them about how he has now added a section of the gym for people to work out in as well, and agrees to set up a series of classes for Ash. After the first class, Ash realizes that Brock has changed drastically since the last time they met – he is now a much more rigorous instructor who does not hold back on Ash or anyone else. Several more classes go by, and Misty notices a change in Ash’s physique, but Ash is no happier with himself. He claims that Brock’s style of training makes him feel miserable and inferior, and that he no longer sees him as a friend. Misty convinces Ash to tell Brock this, which he does upon their next session together. Brock realizes what a jerk he’s been to his friend and agrees to go easier on him. Ash does one better and cancels his membership with Brock’s gym, announcing that he doesn’t care how he looks anymore.

“The ***** is Back”
Episode 1ACP11
Original Airdate: 3/19/04

In the Mirage Kingdom of the Togepi, a trial is underway. The kingdom’s ruler, the Togetic that once belonged to Misty Waterflower, is on trial for knowingly holding a corrupted regime. Togetic denies everything, insisting that she has never thought of anything but her subjects’ well-being. But the evidence of embezzling goods is stacked against her, and Togetic is banished from the kingdom. Incredibly irate, Togetic is left with only one option – she must return to her former owner. She tracks her down at Ash’s apartment in Goldenrod. Misty is pleased with her recaptured Pokémon, but Togetic acts strangely. She keeps to herself, and if anyone approaches her, she’ll lash out at them. Ash theorizes that since Togepi was a baby, Togetic is now more like a teenager, and with her hormones clashing, her personality becomes apathetic and rebellious. He notes that his Charizard went through a similar stage when it evolved from Charmander to Charmeleon. Misty consults Charizard about how Togetic’s mind is working now. Charizard explains that the main reason he acted rebellious as a teenage Charmeleon was because he felt that he could manage fine without a trainer. Misty uses this information to her advantage and tries reverse psychology, telling Togetic that she can do whatever she wants. Togetic sees through Misty’s scheme, however, and complains about how Misty has no idea how she feels. Eventually, Togetic takes matters into her own hands and runs away from the apartment. Ash and Misty set off after her, searching all over Goldenrod for her. Meanwhile, Togetic finds refuge at the Goldenrod Abused Pokémon Shelter, where she is taken in by Bill, the Pokémon researcher and shelter owner. Bill introduces her to the other battered Pokémon who were rescued from the streets or abusive trainers. But when Togetic admits that she’s just trying to show up her owner, Bill takes her back to the apartment against her will. Misty sees that caring for Togetic will not be easy anymore, but tries to force herself to live with it.

“Silencers of the Lambs”
Episode 1ACP10
Original Airdate: 4/2/04

After successfully stealing a Pokémon Mart’s entire shipment of Stardust and Nuggets, Jessie and James gripe about their missions. As Class C agents, they are restricted to only robbing Pokémon marts. Since they’ve been at the rank so long, they agree to resign upon returning to base, but before they can announce their resignation, Giovanni promotes Jessie and James to Class B Rocket Agents. With this new rank, Jessie and James are finally allowed to carry guns. After filling out licenses, waiting five days, and going through target practice, Jessie and James are very skilled with their guns. Meowth, however, feels left out. Giovanni appeases him and lets him carry a hunting rifle. Jessie and James now have more serious assignments. During a jewelry heist, they wield their guns with precision. Unfortunately, Meowth can’t work his gun very well, and winds up shooting James in the leg during the getaway. Giovanni revokes Meowth of his rifle and demotes him back to Class C. Jessie and James are left without a sidekick, while Meowth is stuck with a pair of bumbling idiots, William and Bonnie. During one of William and Bonnie’s Pokémon Mart robberies, Meowth outperforms them and singlehandedly steals an entire shipment of Full Heals. Giovanni is convinced that Meowth is a better agent than he gave him credit for. He returns his rifle and lets him rejoin Jessie and James – but only after extensive target practice.

“The War of the Losers”
Episode 1ACP12
Original Airdate: 4/23/04

Ash finds out that his building has a new tenant, but does not get the opportunity to talk to him in the time before he goes to work. All he knows about his mystery neighbor from his other tenants is that he owns a motorcycle and has quite a reputation in Kanto as a ladies’ man. Wondering who it could be throughout his workday, Ash finally returns home at five to discover the man’s identity – it his old rival, Gary Oak. Gary has abandoned his original dreams of becoming a Pokémon researcher, opened a small-town gym, and spends most of his time on his motorcycle. He has also become slightly more of a jerk since the last time he and Ash met. Comparing his life to Gary’s, Ash finds that Gary seems to have it better off than him. At first, Ash takes this in stride, but when Gary starts inviting friends over for a party, Ash feels that Gary is rubbing it in. It gets worse when the party finally commences and Ash does not receive an invitation. Ash approaches Gary the next day and asks why he wasn’t invited, and Gary explains that he didn’t want anyone at his party who isn’t doing anything with their life. Ash is outraged that Gary hasn’t changed since his days of Pokémon trianing. When Gary comes to the bike shop while Ash is working there, he teases Ash about his job as a stockboy. Ash finally tells Gary what he really thinks, that Gary’s been bugging him about his better life since he arrived. He insists that his life is just as good as Gary’s is, even if he’s not as skilled. Gary still refuses to realize what a jerk he's been. Finally, Ash’s neighbor and friend May takes it into her own hands to talk to Gary and make him see the error of his ways. She puts him in Ash's shoes, and Gary realizes that he and Ash have known each other too long to revert back to the foolish rivalry they once had. Gary approaches Ash and apologizes for how he's mistreated him recently. Though reluctant at first, Ash eventually accepts his apology.

“The Way We Were (Unfortunately)”
Episode 1ACP13
Original Airdate: 5/6/04
Guest Voices: Ikue Ohtani as Young Pikachu; Kathy Kinney as Wigglytuff

Ash finds two old rolls of film in his backpack which date back to seven years ago, when he was still a Pokémon trainer. For kicks, he has the photos developed and spends time looking through them with Misty, Pikachu, and Togetic. They reminisce about the end of the Johto League finals, where the fifteen-year-old Ash was embarrassingly beaten by champion Harrison’s Blaziken. Upset that he had failed at both the Kanto and Johto Leagues, Ash was even more horrified to learn that the one tournament he had won, the Orange League, was exposed as an illegal branch of the Pokémon League when all four gym leaders were discovered to be operating their gyms without a license. Stripped of his Orange League trophy, Ash had exploded into a violent rage about how he never won anything on his own, but Brock, Delia, Gary, and Professor Oak had helped him see that he was a decent trainer, encouraging him to go on to the Hoenn League. Meanwhile, Jessie and James had been trying to determine why they always lost in their battles with Ash. Jessie theorized that their Pokémon were not strong enough and instigated a new training routine, one in which Meowth would now be included. In Hoenn, Ash and Brock first met May and her brother Max. May proved herself a competent trainer with one of her earliest captured – bagging the annoying Jigglypuff that had followed Ash around for four years. As Ash progressed, Jessie and James found that their problem was not with their Pokémon but with them; their plots involving giant robots, crossdressing, and a lengthy motto never succeeded due to their own ineptitude. Vowing to right these flaws, Jessie and James subsequently realized how attracted they were to each other and began their relationship. A year later, Ash was ready for the Hoenn League finals. In the final battle against the league’s toughest trainer, Ash was overjoyed to see that Misty, who had left the group, had come back to see him in the finals. With renewed confidence, Ash had used all the skills he’d learned over the years to finally win his way into the Pokémon League. Proud of Ash, Misty finally started going out with him after he achieved this honor. Back in 2010, Ash says that he can’t think of any better way to spend his post training days than by living with Misty. Togetic is so disgusted that she recalls herself into a Poké Ball on her own.

Asura Nirosuki
May 6th, 2005, 10:29 AM
Usually people post in them to make it so they never give up on there storys^.~.
The Ash having bad luck was funny aslo Togetic.Hopefully pikachu will be in more roles.