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May 3rd, 2005, 4:54 PM
This may be a little confusing, so ask me if you need any clarification.

"Jusenkyo Spring Water." A new beverage in the works, and you volunteered to taste it, for a large sum of money in return of course. However, this water comes from the Ancient Springs, Jusenkyo, which contains waters that carry a curse. Depending on the spring the water was taken from/ was in, if you fall in/drink it, you will become whatever drowned there last. Of course, you don't know this, and drink it anyways.

You drink it in the weird room that you are directed to, with sprinklers on the roof, and a strange iron door on the right side. After drinking the water, the sprinklers go off, and you change, depending on what spring the water was from. Usually, this effect can be reversed by warm water, and can happen again when splashed by cold water. However, a chemical in the sprinkler water placed there by the company producing the water, keeps it so that there is no way of changing back from your cursed form. After this occurance, that strange door opens and sucks you into an alternate realm, filled with demons, and mages and stuff! This must be the companies way of testing the water, and getting rid of the evidence!

Upon arriving in this new world, you come across a strange old women, who grants the people trapped in the animal bodies the ability to communicate through thought. Now, with the threats of this new world, and the need to reach your own world in order to get the effects reversed, and to stop the company from selling the water, what will you do?

Cursed Form: (Could be anything from a fly, to an elephant, as long as it has the ability to drown, XD)
Normal Appearance:
Curse Appearance:
RP Sample:

May 3rd, 2005, 6:02 PM
Haven't joined RPs recently. xD

Name: Nozomi Fuyakawa
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Cursed Form: A small white hamster
Personality: Nozomi is rather cautious and suspicious of those who she don't know or those who she's just getting to know. She is also quite realistic, unbelieveing in 'magic'. Nozomi is also fiercly compassionate toward her friends, beliefs, and loved ones. She's also pretty openminded.
Normal Appearance: The best way to describe Nozomi would be to compare her from Inuyasha's Kanna. Like Kanna, Nozomi has the same white hair and hair length; she also has the same black eyes. However, unlike Kanna, Nozomi doesn't have those white flowers on her hair, and she also always wears a kind smile on her face. Nozomi is short and petite, fragile-looking.
Curse Appearance: Think Hamtaro, but all white. =3
Other: Nothing... xD
RP Sample: Must I? ;-;

May 4th, 2005, 3:03 AM
Okay Miyu, accepted. So far it doesn't look like I'll get much of a turnout for this one.

Name: David
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Cursed Form: Female (No, I'm not doing it by choice this time. XD It's related to the plot >>)
Personality: N/A (I have my reasons >>)
Normal Appearance: 5'11" w/ short red hair and blue eyes. David wears his grey and white school uniform, where the uniform as a whole is grey, while the shirt underneath is white. He also wears black dress shoes.
Curse Appearance: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/misc_0103.jpg & http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/normal_me.jpg (obviously not the little one, XD)

Trainer Ben
May 4th, 2005, 5:50 AM
Sounds fun. I love Ranma 1/2. :D

Name: Davis
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Cursed Form: A Griffin with a scorpion tail.
Personality: Calm, quiet, can sometimes be ignorant, tries to think before doing something.
Normal Appearance: Short smooth Black hair, gray eyes. Wears a silver shirt with a black coat (think Matrix), wears dark blue pants and black boots.
Curse Appearance: A large orange beak, upper body has large black fur and fierce claws. Lower body has lion fur and feet, with a large scorpion tail.
Other: Practices Martial Arts and tries magic.
RP Sample: IC: Well, I certainly didn't ask for any of this! I was just testing their stupid drink for some cash, after all. When I first transformed, my insides felt like they were churning, and they probably were. Next thing I know, my whole body becomes huge! And there's some kind of Scorpion tail attatched to me!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, i'm thrown into some alternate dimension place.
Well, the old lady was kind enough, despite whatever I had changed into. What I needed to do was find a way out of here and sue those bastards for doing this to me! I will find a way...

May 4th, 2005, 6:08 AM
Name: Kiara

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Cursed Form: Cheetah

Personality: Kiara is a rather sarcastic individual with all tendencies to enjoy her life as much as possible no matter what the future holds in store for her. She is friendly, but has an edge of trouble to her character and chooses to let it flow which normally leads to a treacherous outcome, not that she cares much about it anyway. But when danger is afoot her troublesome behavior seems to disappear and is replaced with a serious and calm demeanor, though this doesnt stop her from pulling the odd joke now and again.

Normal Appearance: Kiara has long flowing Raven like hair with silver streaks and dark emerald orbs for eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned and is not normally seen without a pair of sunglasses perched upon her head no matter what the weather. Splashes of freckles cover the bridge of her nose and her cheeks and she tends to always wear a black bandana around her neck.

Curse Appearance: Kiara looks like any normal cheetah, but with a few details which separate her from the average. Her left year is completely black and a large black smudge covers her right eye which is an abnormal color of emerald. Tufts of yellow ginger hair poke out atop her head, symbolizing the unruly bangs of hair her human self once had, and of course, around her neck is the trademark black bandana.

Other: Nope, nothing XP

RP Sample: *Pokes Dai* Do I have to.*Pokes Dai* Do I have to *Pokes Dai* Do I have to*Gets glared at*eheheh *Runs*

May 4th, 2005, 5:48 PM
OOC: Okay, I editted my first post, and there should be enough of us to start rolling. I'll allow a few late sign ups, but not too many.

IC: "The money from this water testing should be enough to start my savings for her surgery..." I thought to myself as I entered a large building in the middle of Tokyo. From the outside, it looked like it had 100 floors, though I doubted it was really that high. The only reason I was doing this in the first place was because of my little sis. She was only 10, yet she had developed a tomber in her throat. Since my parents went missing a year ago, I had nowhere near the amount of money needed for the surgery, so I needed to save up, for her sake...

I was directed to the 15th floor, into a room that was pitch black. The lady directing me said the lights would come on, but I didn't remain concious long enough to make sure. Before passing out, there was a strange odour in the air, which I assumed at the time was a plant or something, but I guess it was a gas of some sort.

I woke up who knows how long later in an extremely bright room, a large iron door on one end, like a zillion sprinklers on the roof, and a single steel door on the other side. The odd thing was, I was wearing some messed up girl clothes! Purple... and a vest... and those shorts were so short... The hell was going on?

"Those are neccessary for your specific water testing." A lady who enetered shortly after said. "You'll understand why shortly. Before you recieve your drink, you must wait for the others to arrive."

OOC: Just get your characters to that room. You don't need to knock em out, since mine was only for the clothes change, but you can if you want.

Trainer Ben
May 4th, 2005, 6:23 PM
Davis entered a dark room. Up until now, he had been escorted by one of the guards. He walked in and saw one other person (David). Davis looked at him and smiled.

"I didn't know they were letting cross-dressers do this too," Davis laughed. He took a seat in one of the chairs.

May 4th, 2005, 6:37 PM
"I'm not a cross-dresser!" I exclaimed after listening to his rude comment. "They put me in these clother for some reason... Either way, I'd do even t is for her sake..."

"If the others don't arrive soon, you can test it first, then they can come in after." The women stated.

Trainer Ben
May 4th, 2005, 6:53 PM
Davis looked around.

"So, we're testing for some kind of new soda or something?" he asked. The guard said nothing.

May 4th, 2005, 6:57 PM
"Some new spring water or something like that..." I responded, after realizing nobody else would respond. "I don't understand why water needs testing though."

"Would you like your samples now?" The lady asked.

Trainer Ben
May 4th, 2005, 7:27 PM
"Well, I don't think I feel like waiting anyway. Let me have some," Davis said.

May 4th, 2005, 8:31 PM
Can Mari still join~? :3

Name: Lime
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Cursed Form: Inu-onna~! [Half doggy, half girl. Just think that a girl and her puppy unfortunately drowned in the same spring together. ||Is that allowed?|| X3;]

Personality: Lime is very stubborn. If she deems something as correct, she'll persistently stand up for what she believes. She tends to act tough around others, as well, especially if one thinks of her a frail, little girl. She, in addition, is very playful and rather childish; despite her age, she acts like she's much, much younger. She finds it quite hard to be serious, even in the midst of a very dangerous battle, and can be considered as someone audaciousactually, reckless would be more appropriate. She can be hot-tempered too, but only if someone calls her short.

Normal Appearance: Lime has chin length dark blue, sort of purplish, ruffled hair that is almost always tied up in a ribbon, just to make it appear neat. Her eyes are a piercing emerald and smalls fangs can be seen whenever she opens her mouth; to talk, smile, anything. She has slender frame and is kind of short for her age, being that her height is four foot eleven.

Curse Appearance: Her hair altered, color-wise, as did her eyes. She retained her form though, just add two dog ears and a tail. [Clicky~] (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/normal_puchi2.jpg)

Other: Since she became half a dog, she gained slightly heightened senses.

RP Sample: Uh, muu~? X3; I don't have to, ne?

May 5th, 2005, 2:52 AM
OOC: Yesh, that's fine Mari.

IC: " Yeah, lets just get this done with." I stated firmly in reply to the lady's question. Following this, she tossed us each a bottle of water, our name's written on them. I held the beverage up to look at it, and sighed. "Bottom's up..." I then gulped down the entire bottle. I had to admit, it tasted very good, though it made my body tingle all over.

"Hey, when do we get pai-" I said as I swung around, but noticed the guard and lady had disappeared. Not even two seconds after, the sprinklers turned on, and those clothes suddenly didn't feel so tight on me. I didn't have a chance to look, as that large iron door opened, and I blacked out.

I woke up who knows how long later, in the middle of a dense forest, and I felt like I had been run over by a couple hundred trucks.

Trainer Ben
May 5th, 2005, 5:31 AM
Davis drank all of his soda.

"Well, it does taste good, but..." he started, but found that he could no longer understand his own voice. It sound more like the cry of a creature. He wanted to cover his mouth, but found he couldn't, for his hands had turned into claws. Looking around, he did not spot the guard. Suddenly, sprinklers came on, splashing him with some kind of weird water. Next thing he knew, there was only black.

Davis woke up later to find himself in some kind of forest. He turned around...and saw a pack of wolves eyeing him.

May 5th, 2005, 5:04 PM
When my vision cleared a little, I could see what looked similar to a gryphon of some sort in front of me a ways, and a bunch of wolves even farther away then that. "What's... going on..." I mumbled as I sat up. Why was my voice so high, and so pure sounding? It made my head hurt to even think about it then.

May 5th, 2005, 6:58 PM
Nozomi glanced suspiciously around the bright building.

"Water testing..." she said alound, now wondering why in the name of all that is holy would 'water' need to be tested. Of course, unless it was was contaminated with poison toxics that makes people all mutated...

"Would you like your samples now?" a lady asked.

"Sure." Nozomi replied, shrugging. After all, the money would go in her life insurence if she dropped dead.

The lady handled her a clear glass, which Nozomi took grugingly. As she wrinkled her nose and took it in one glup,

The world fell black.

May 6th, 2005, 12:24 PM
Water testing, I never thought I would stoop this low in trying to get money Kiara mumbled to herself, looking up at the tall Japanese building But still, it pays good money so I shouldnt really be moaning about it That said she made her way in through the expensive looking double glazed doors and took a quick look around, it was nothing special on the inside, some rare plants and glass tables, nothing she hadnt seen before, after all her Father worked in a similar building back at home.

A young woman with short cropped black hair approached her and bowed slightly, a clip bored held in her grasp. She muttered some Japanese greeting and straightened once again Welcome, may I be of some assistance?

Kiara raised an eyebrow, no one had ever bowed to her before, but she quickly pushed such a worthless thought aside and smiled slightly Umm, yeah, Im Kiara Im here for that water testing thing She stated, folding her arms across her chest and gazing around the grand building.

Oh She chipped I will escort you to the 15th floor where others have arrived waiting for the testing to begin. Please, follow me With that, she took off to the elevator to the left of the entrance.

Kiara followed hastily, wanting to claim her pay and make her marry way home So how much to I get paid exactly She asked, looking at the many buttons on the panel opposite of where she and the older woman stood.

The Older shrugged I am not quite sure, you will find out upon arrival

In no time, the double doors of the elevator had opened and they were faced by another corridor. The woman made her way towards a small wooden door with a glass top and made her way in. Would you like to start the testing immediately?

Yeah, but where are-

Kiara was silenced as a glass was pushed into her grasp and the woman left her with a quick goodbye. Kiara eyed the door suspiciously That wasweird She responded, eying the glass before throwing it in to the back of her mouth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first, but then the swaying began and a crash of glass hitting tiled floor in the background, before her surroundings went black.

Kiaras eyes fluttered open only to be faced with a lush green forest. The sun had begun to set and the sky had begun to darken. She attempted to stand on her two feet, but failed rather badly as she stumbled and fell flat on her face.

What the!? Defiantly not her voice and defiantly not human either, it was more of a growl and a tad higher. And then, the tail swished in front of her emerald orbs, and that was when a loud yell pierced the silence of the forest.

May 6th, 2005, 12:32 PM
Now obviously wasn't the time for sticking around, so I began running through the forest, until I came upon a Cheetah in another location. Wait, a cheetah? Here? By the way, where was here? I went to run around the cheetah, but tripped over a stick, and landed flat on my face. "Ouch..." I whined, again not in my own voice. Just what exactly was going on?

May 6th, 2005, 1:00 PM
Kiara shook her head to rid it of the dizziness and attempted to walk upon her newly acquired four legs as a loud thump was heard only a few centimetres away. There lay a girl whose hair was a light shade of red with emerald orbs.

Kiara first took some time to examine her new body as much as she could, she was defiantly a Cheetah that much she could tell from the spotted fir and the stripped, black tipped tail, and she had been a fan of them for many of years. The black bandana was still wrapped securely around her neck, which was a relief because she felt unlike herself without it.

After careful placement of her four paws, she stumbled over to where the girl lay sprawled across the floor, this four legged thing would take quite some getting use too that was for sure as would the tail and improved hearing and seeing. But this was not what was on her mind surprisingly enough; she wanted to find out who that girl was.

She nudged the girl with her left paw and brought her head rather closely to her ear You OK? She asked, whether the girl would be able to understand her or not, she did not know, but it was worth a try anyway, what harm would it do and besides, the girl hadnt moved in some time, perhaps she had been knocked out from the floor.

She nudged her again, repeating the words gently to the girl, afraid for the worst.

May 6th, 2005, 1:08 PM
"2+2 is 78...." I mumbled as I rolled onto my back, slightly dazed from my fall. (Think of the eyes swirling anime style, XD) "Hi Ms. Cheetah..." I muttered, still dazed. I almost sounded drunk, but meh. It took a second to clue in that there was a Cheetah by me, which snapped me out of it, and caused me to run towards the nearest tree. Before I knew it, there was a bright light shining down on the Cheetah, then disappeared just as fast. What was even weirder though, was that when I was running, my ear flew into my face, but it was always cut short...

OOC: Your character should be able to communicate through thought speech now.

May 6th, 2005, 5:08 PM
Nozomi blinked her eyes, stirring from her unconciousness.

"Where am I?" she squeaked, looking arond to discover sea of greeness, as well as trees that seemed to touch the sky. As she tried to get up, she discovered that she was lying on a leaf the size of a boat.

"What the-" now she discovered that she was covered with fur. Thank Heavens that it was white fur, not that horrendous color of- Wait, why am I in a hamster's body? she thought, spotting her reflection in a nearby drop of water.

She let out a high-pitched screech that could be heard miles away.


May 6th, 2005, 11:06 PM
Lime grunted irately as she flashed a fleeting look at the building she was about to enter. Water testing? Why on Earth did I evenugh, that's right. Money. She rolled her eyes and briefly entered, knowing fully that she would regret it any moment later. She tooj a quick glance around; nothing seemed muddled, not one thing. "I guess it's okay then." She muttered to herself in slight exasperated manner, "Wow. Lucky me."

Before she could whine any longer, a lady with jet black hair moved towards her and greeted her. "Good day, how may I be of service?" The lady took a quick peek at the notebook she held, and then smoothen out the creases of her skirt, waiting patiently for Lime to respond..

"ErmName's Lime, and I'm here for the water testing thing." She stated, hesitance hinting in the demeanor of her voice. She gave her a smile, nonetheless.

"Oh, another tester," She said as she picked up her feet and whirled around, approaching the elevator nearby. "Please follow me and I will lead you the 15th floor. The others have already arrived, and are beginning their testing."

Without a sound, Lime followed her to the elevator. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the elevator's door to open, then immediately marched out. She merely wanted the whole testing thing to be over.

The lady whom accompanied her left shortly and was then greeted by another woman whom held a glass. "Here," The woman said briskly, pushing the glass on her hand, "Just drink it and you're all done." With that, she hurriedly left, leaving Lime a tad doubtful.

She stared at the glass of water for who knows how long, before gulping the entire content in one drink. It tasted bizarre, yucky seemed more like it. The drink had made her really lightheaded. Her world was continuously spinning and her vision was starting to fade. It simply took her three seconds before she collapsed on the ground; darkness as her only sight.

May 7th, 2005, 12:04 AM
Kiara tilted her head as the girl ran off towards the tree what does she think, Im gonna eat her or something She snorted Im a vegetarian! she thought making her way towards the tree the girl had managed to back her self up upon.

At that moment a light shone down upon her. It was warm and gave a relaxing touch to her fur, but as soon as it had begun, it faded once again. She opened her eyes, which managed to slip closed in the moment of relaxation and raised a paw in front of her face, examining it to see if the light had had any effect on her current form. Unfortunately the spotted skin was still intact.

She sighed and looked at the girl once again Im not going to eat you yknow She thought Im a Vegetarian for a start and Im not a real Cheetah! She growled frantically That water, it had to be that water, it did this to me, you wait in till I get m real form back, that company is so going down the drain, just you wait!

In her time of rage she had practically forgotten about the girl standing just in front of her and tilted her head once again So who are you, girl? I cant exactly call you that now can I, and what are you doing.well, that are you doing here, wherever hear is. What am I thinking, humans cant understand Cheetah' Kiara sighed No point in trying to calm you if you dont know whats being said is there?

May 7th, 2005, 4:51 AM
"W... water?" I asked the Cheetah in a softer voice. For some strange reason I could hear her thoughts in my head. "W... were you at that water testing earlier?" I continued. I climbed down the tree, but lost my grip about halfway down, and fell onto my back. I grunted slightly as I attempted to get back up. "And what do you mean girl... I'm no girl..." I said, once again in a soft voice.

Trainer Ben
May 7th, 2005, 7:21 AM
"What the..." Davis moaned, though his voice had an odd echoe to it. In fact, he didn't even recall his mouth matching the words. Actually, he didn't have a mouth anymore. He had a beak. He stood up and found that he felt four legs instead of two. Looking down, he saw claws. His tail twitched with excitement...

"Wait. My TAIL?!" Davis yelled. Looking behind him, he saw he had a giant scorpion tail.

"Pretty shocking, isn't it?" he heard someone say. Davis turned around and saw the pack of wolves, the leader in front. There were about 5 of them, including the leader.

"We were all transformed by the same thing; the Jusenkyo water. Then we were thrown here, to erase evidence or something," the leader explained. Davis looked down at a puddle of water. He could see...

"A...gryphon," Davis said sadly. All his life he was a monster, and now...

"Well, we can't let good meat go to waste, can we?" the leader said, drooling. He and the other four wolves closed in on Davis.

"We're supposed to be looking for a way out of here!" Davis yelled.

"We will, once we get the competition out of the way. Besides, we're terribly hungry. We've had alot of animals, but a Gryphon will surely be the best of all fowls," the leader said. They pounced on Davis, sinking their teeth into his flesh. Davis cringed at the pain, but then thought of something.

"Hope I can fly!" Davis said. He started flapping his wings and then flew upwards. Once he was high enough, he flew down like a torpedo and slammed against the ground, knocking out three of the wolves. He swatted the wolve away, knocking it against a tree. He then turned and faced the Leader.

"Impressive. However, I'm alot stronger than you think..." the leader said. He jumped into the air and flew at Davis. Davis, purely out of instinct, stabbed his scorpion tail into the leader's stomach. He threw him a few feet away. The leader stood up.

"You think a little poke will kill me?" the leader laughed. He tried walking over, stumbling along the way.

"I'm...more...than...enough..." the leader of the wolves tried saying. His eyes rolled into his head and he fell to the ground.

"Whoa..." Davis said.

May 8th, 2005, 2:29 AM
Kiara rushed forward and used her snout to give the girl aid as she fell half way down the tree. Fortunately for her the girl didnt seem to have taken much damage from the fall and was speaking in no time.

You can understand me? Kiara gasped mentally, sitting back on her haunches after aiding the girl into a sitting position but youre a human, I could never understand animal talk when I was in human form, and what you mean youre not a girl, of course you are, how the heck to you explain the hair! Believe me I should know, I was one before that stinking water did all this to me She motioned with her eyes to the cat like body that she had acquired not to long ago.

She titled her head to the side and grinned somewhat Yeah I was at the water testing in the fancy building in Tokyo, right? You were there to huh? So what were you to begin with, a Hamster, a Wolf, what? Because you obviously werent a girl from the way youre acting all snappish at me, or did someone just wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morningor the wrong side of the world if you want to use that

May 8th, 2005, 4:42 AM
"I'm not a girl! I've been a male human my whole life and that's what I am!" I whined at the Cheetah. "I don't know about the hair, but do you have any other proof!?"

May 8th, 2005, 9:46 AM
Kiara looked at the girl with confusion in here eyes Huh? Proof, what do you mean proof, you have breasts you have feminine features, what else do you want me to give as proof, you have the whole lot love, get over it, thats waters done some bad things to you mate, and we need to find a way to get rid of its effects, now stop winging and arguing with me and help me find a way out of this mess!

She had literally growled her response out and was quite afraid that she had frightened the.whatever it was. But then again, the lad was being selfish and unbelieving, what did he want Kiara to give him as proof, werent the features enough! Kiara rolled her eyes and got up from the sitting position she was in.

Now are you gonna be a good little girl and help or are you gonna keep on whining and not believe me? Because if thats the case Im off on my own She nudged a thumb over her shoulder to indicate that she was leaving any second because truth be told, I not one for walking on four legs and never have been unless you count my infant years

She turned around and looked over her shoulder at the girl who was still sitting on the floor looking at her with an aggravated look You can stop giving me that look now, I believe you have been a boy your whole life..in till up to this moment, and the only way you are going to return to normal is to help me find a way to help us both, now lets get going, eh?

She made to go Oh and when I get use to running on four legs, you can hop on my back, we should be able to cover more land that way, because I have a feeling your not going to be corporative with me for a great deal of this journey

May 8th, 2005, 9:57 AM
"Features...?" I asked. "Breasts...?" My breathing had become extremely heavy now. I hadn't looked at my body since we got here. I had been more worried about running away from the various threats. After gathering enough confidence that it was just some sort of joke, I glanced downwards at myself, the chest in particular. What followed that was a shriek, and me pulling the vest and shirt that I was wearing off, to see if it was real.

"No... way..." I whined, a tear forming in my right eye as I glanced down out my bare skin. It really was true... It took me stripping down to just skin everywhere to believe it, but it was true...

"Fine..." I said after I put my clothes back on, "But don't expect any miracles from me. How can you talk anyways?"

May 8th, 2005, 10:23 AM
Kiaras eyes widened as the girl began to strip and she lowered her head, shaking it thoroughly Oh man, what the hell s she doing? she slapped a paw to her face This is going to be the longest journey ever, I can see it, with one of the most annoying brats this world has to offer. Great She raised her head and saw that the girl had redressed and had a pout upon her face.

"Fine..." she said "But don't expect any miracles from me. How can you talk anyways?"

Man, I told you that I was affected by that water, so it must still mean that I can make contact with you through thought, but how you can understand me is beyond anything I know. But please, just stop whining and follow me before I just leave you here to be eaten by wolves That should get him, she though wickedly.

She turned around once again and began to walk away, she mumbled under her breath I doubt you could perform any miracles anyway, apart from nagging me to death maybe She grinned at her own joke and padded forward further into the forest Perhaps Ill find some nice wolves and leave him there She snikered.

May 8th, 2005, 10:30 AM
"I heard that..." I muttered as I followed her, not knowing where we were going. We only got a short ways before running into an old lady along the side of the road. She was dressed in some rag-like blue robes, and posessed a staff in her right hand.

"Girl..." The lady said as she looked at me. "Take this, it will give you the power to fight..." She handed me a small wooden bracelet, that had a pattern of beads that resembled a tree embedded in it. "There are many monsters and demons here. That will help you protect yourself. Also, consider the communication between yourself and the others a gift. There are many others like you, and you can only hear each others thoughts..."

I turned my back to look at the Cheetah for a sec, but when I glanced back she was gone. "Okay then..."

May 8th, 2005, 11:02 AM
You were suppose to here it you little brat, I wouldnt have thought it otherwise Kiara stated, grinning over her shoulder And besides, its not like I can think without you hearing my thoughts anyway, which is a bit annoying if you think about it because that means every thought that I think you will be able to hear it She stated, poking a paw at the supposedly boy that walked behind her.

It was then the boys attention turned from herself onto something ahead of her; she turned her gaze in the direction of what the boy was looking at and spotted an old woman standing on the side. Kiara growled out of instinct and crouched low Come anywhere near me, Lady and I swear I wont hesitate to pounce

But it was not Kiara she had taken interest in, the woman turned her glace upon the girl who followed her "Girl..." The lady said. "Take this; it will give you the power to fight..." She handed the girl a small wooden bracelet. "There are many monsters and demons here. That will help you protect yourself. Also, consider the communication between yourself and the others a gift. There are many others like you, and you can only hear each others thoughts..."

The girl accepted it and looked it over at Kiara, the Cheetah shrugged carelessly and before anyone knew, the old woman had gone without a trace. Kiara frowned Pfft, whatever, that old hag was creepy, lets get a move on, I dont want her to show up again, she gave me the creeps, something not right about her you know, and how in the hang did she know we were going to be passing here

May 8th, 2005, 11:06 AM
"Don't you think we should look for the others she mentioned?" I asked her as followed, hough this time my attention was drawn to the weird bracelet I had recieved. "And I don't know. At this point, nothing would surprise me... Hey, doesn't that look like a village up there!?" I had spotted a village on the edge of the forest in the distance. Maybe we could locate some info there!

OOC: If possible, I'd like us to all meet up in that village before proceeding.

May 8th, 2005, 11:14 AM
Kiara sighed If you really want to but, their just gonna get in the way, maybe even more so than you do at the moment, but whatever you say, if it will get you off of my back, why not The girl then spotted a village up ahead and Kiara straightened up to get a better view Hey your right, and Im more than certain some one is bound to be there.duh its a village

She dodged behind the girl and lifted her onto her back Hold on to the bandana, just dont choke me otherwise you will find yourself thrown off in no time. Dont let go, as far as I can tell, Cheetahs run faster than what I first anticipated When the girl had tightened her grip on the bandana some what, Kiara dashed off unexpectedly towards the village at top speed.

Now the only thing we have to worry about when we arrive at the village is stopping, because I aint exactly sure how to do that without skidding or me tripping over my own feet, but we will worry about that time when it comes, eh, good news is, we found somewhere to rest and get some water

The village was getting closer and closer by the second and as It did, Kiara worried more of how she was going to handle a stop she had never performed before in her life, she clenched here yes shut in pure concentration.

May 8th, 2005, 11:18 AM
"And you're no picnic to be around either..." I muttered as I did as I was told, and I found myself holding on for dear life. "I thought Cheetah's could only run so fast before so long before they got tired..."

"When we getthere, act natural, and letme do the talking." I told her as we drew closer. "Who the heck am I kidding, I'm the one who needs to be concerned! I have no clue how a girl acts, and I need to ue the washroom!"

Trainer Ben
May 8th, 2005, 6:43 PM
Davis had spent a great deal of time walking through the forest. He finally saw something at a far distance. It was...

"A villaige? I can finally find out what's going on!" Davis exclaimed. Then he looked at his claws.

"But... They won't give a **** about someone like me..." he said. No one would consider helping a Gryphon... He walked onwards anyway.

May 8th, 2005, 6:43 PM
With a slight grunt, Lime blinked back her drowsiness and slowly raised herself up. She rubbed her eyes to get a clearer inspection on her environment. Being half a sleep, she really didn't bother about her location, and instead remained on her position, running her hand through her hair.

Her cerulean optics widened. She felt a pair of furry ears and pulled on it, causing her to wince a little. She blinked in confusion and stood up, her head spinning. "Dog ears?" She asked herself, familiar with the structure lying on top of her head. She just then noticed that she was in what seemed like a forest.

"Okay now, Lime," She muttered anxiously, eyes darting around, "hurry and wake up from your dream."

Abruptly, she felt her ears perk up, picking up a vague sound nearby. It sounded like a girl's voice. She immediately grinned, comforted at the thought of seeing another person, and allowed her tail to wag. "tail?!" She was really freaking out now. Sure, she liked it, but if she wasn't dreaming, she didn't know what to do.

Breathing in deeply, Lime silently assured herself and decided it was best to find the person she heard, rather than stay in one place, vulnerable. Her nose was proving itself valuable, as well, as it picked up the scent of, what hopefully is, the girl.

After a few miles of walking around, she stopped her tracks. Whomever it was she sniffed was really close, like a foot away. Instinctively, she leaped on a short tree and furtively peeked at the two beings nearby. One was a girl, and the other, a cheetah. It seemed like they weretalking?

Gah, who cares? At least I found someone else.

"Oi, you there," She called firmly, with the slightest hint of hesitation, "where am I?" She guessed the girl would most likely have no idea, but who knows?

May 10th, 2005, 2:54 AM
"What was that?" I asked as I glanced around, looking for what had contacted me. It must of been really small, or really good at hiding, but it was definately one of us. "Where ever you are, come out!" I called, still looking around for it, and occassionally glancing down at my bracelet, and then my body. What was this weird feeling I was getting?

May 10th, 2005, 8:43 AM
Kiara came to a sudden halt causing the girl upon her back to jerk forward, in danger of falling from her back, Kiara hurried to regain her balance and managed to hold the girl on just enough for her to adjust again and shift the girl back on. She grinned and gave an apologetic look to the girl riding on her back Eheh, Sorry, I told you we would have some difficulty stopping at such a fast speed, but anyway, did you say something?

Where ever you are, come out!" the girl yelled to no one in particular causing the Cheetah to flinch in pain as it was called into her delicate ears Hey, Hey! Watch where you point that mouth of yours, it isnt small you know and my ears have enhanced greatly since the change, Im not quite use to them yet, yknow, now keep it down

She looked around her and spotted a small figure not far off Look She raised a paw and pointed off just ahead That must have been what you heard She stated, causing the girl to look in her direction Its a girl She chipped up happily, but soon took a double take as something wagged behind the girl No wait.itsits a dog She frowned and looked at the girl on her back who had a rather confused look on her face Is it? What the hell is that?

She padded forward towards the unknown being and soon spotted the peculiar thing Yipes! She jumped back, causing the girl to fall from her back onto the hard ground below Its a monster! She shuddered and crouched down low behind the girl You go and greet it, I dun wanna go anywhere near that thing She nudged the girls back Go on, when you give me the all clear, Ill come follow you

May 10th, 2005, 4:08 PM
Its a monster!

Although she was high up the tree, her ears had picked up every single word the girl had uttered. She perfectly heard what she had called her and pouted childishly. "Monster?!" She huffed as she skipped off the tree, revealing herself to the girl and the cheetah. "Who are you calling a monster? You're a talking" She just realized it; the girl wasn't speaking, so it could only be the"cheetah?"

Curiosity brimming, Lime cautiously treaded towards the girl and thetalking Cheetah, thoroughly examining them. She stared at them momentarily then breathed out a sigh. She had deemed that the girl didn't appear like someone who would hurt another being, that comforted her, and the girl seemed to be friends with cheetah so she bet that the cheetah wouldn't harm her.

As accustomed, she flashed the two a wide grin and ecstatically waved a greeting to them. It seemed as though she just forgot about the cheetah being able to talk and instead greeted the two enthusiastically.

"Hi!" She chirped, her tail wagging in bliss and ears perked up. "I'm Lime!" She was also oblivious of why anyone would even think of calling her a monster.

May 10th, 2005, 4:39 PM
"You're afraid... of her..." I laughed to the Cheetah as I pointed downwards at the girl with the dog like features. It was obvious from the clothes that she was of our world. "Hi, what are you doing here, where ever here is." I asked cheefully with a smile on my face as I bent down to her level. "Let me guess, you tested that odd water too!"

May 10th, 2005, 9:04 PM
"Eh? How did you know I tested that water thingy?" Lime asked naively, tilting her head sideward. "I never told anyone!"

She couldn't evade the pout slowly creeping on her lips. It wasn't fair! How come she is so, so tall? She quickly brushed away her thoughts by shaking her head and replaced her immature pout with her trademark grin. "Wait, does that mean that you and Cheetah drank the icky water, too?"

May 11th, 2005, 2:50 AM
"Duh..." I mumbled as I tapped her on the head lightly with my fist. "I just guessed since you're wearing regular clothing." I felt my heart start to beat extremely hard and fast all of a sudden, before the ground started to shake. There were horses coming...

On the horizon, horses WERE visible, but what was riding them, weren't human. They were dressed so thickly in armor, not even their faces showed, and they carried large swords, and they were eyeing us....

May 11th, 2005, 4:37 PM
The earth shook.

Nozomi shook her tiny furry white head, trying to decipher the source of the tremors. As leaves fell from the trees, though to Nozomi they were like bolders. Screaming frantically, Nozomi ran away, unknowingly running toward the source of the shakings.

She bumped into something soft, making her stop in her tracks.

"'Cuse me, can you move?" she called out, rather impatently.

Trainer Ben
May 11th, 2005, 8:33 PM
Davis continued walking, until he felt the ground quake. He looked to see horse-riding monsters galloping towards three beings in the distance.

"Well, I've got nothing else to do. Might as well fight," he said to himself. He started flying towards them.

May 12th, 2005, 9:27 AM
Kiara growled at her travelling partner and huffed in annoyance She had a tail, she had ears, for all I know, she could have been part human, part Wolf, it was a common mistake in my case and at least I was being cautious. Sending you first would have given my the few minutes I needed to get running She stared up at the taller figures and watched as they spoke in the human tongue, of course, she could understand, but her thoughts were made mentally.

She rolled her eyes, their conversation was long, and she studied her new tail thoroughly as the two humans spoke above. It came to an end as the atmosphere turned dense and the two humans fell silent, looking over towards the unreachable horizon. Horses stood, staring onward at them with unknown figures riding upon their backs, they stared threateningly at the 3 comrades, not making any movement.

Kiara looked up at the humans and nudged at boy turned girls leg They dont look to friendly She announced I think its time we fled from here before some unwelcome guests decide were a threat She looked onward at the unknown figures and snorted But I have to say, they havent done much have they

May 12th, 2005, 4:55 PM
As the ground stopped quivering Lime looked at her two new companions, looking as confused as ever, and pondered at their now serious demeanor. The girl she was talking had quickly fell silent and she, as well as the magic talking Cheetah, was staring intently at the horizon.

"Hey, why are you so quiet all of a sudden?"

Observing that the girl seemed a little too preoccupied with what they were looking at, Lime tilted her head and gazed at whatever it was they glancing at as well. Weird. There were horses, standing firmly with undecipherable figures on their back. What was really bizarre was that they were eerily staring at the trio as if they could easily kill them like that. It was really unnerving.

"You guys know them?" She inquired lightheartedly, her gaze never averting the uncanny creatures. Despite their current position she couldn't help but be all happy-go-lucky, she simply just loathed the silent and anxious atmosphere she was in.

May 13th, 2005, 2:46 AM
"What's this cold feeling I'm getting..." I said yo myself as I glanced onwards at the strangers. I could tell it was coming from them, and it wasn't good. "Maybe we should... run..." I said to the two as I studdered backwards slightly. However, it was that one movement that sent them down the hill after, and my bracelet began to glow...

May 13th, 2005, 7:13 PM
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May 15th, 2005, 12:04 AM
(OOC-Miyu: Why not just go with an original approached and spot us XD, or if we start to run you could always bump into one of us)


Kiara rolled her eyes Am I invisible all of a sudden? I suggested that about five minutes ago She sighed, lowering her head Great, ditched for a doggy girl She smirked up at the half Dog human that stood above her I mean what can a Dog do that a Cheetah cant, except chase its tail? She laughed but of course, that one of the main features of a Dog, watching it chase its tail

She looked off at the multiple figures standing at the top of the hill and gulped as the began to descend it and make their way hastily towards the group of three But I dont think these guys want to play or cuddle, lets go with my original idea and make a run for it? Of course, that wont be a problem for me as I can outrun a horse any day She grinned.

The horses were getting closer by the second and only the girl had taken a step back, it was time for them to run, Kiara was sure she could see steel blades dangling at their sides unless it was her imagination, but the sun defiantly bounced of something metallic. She nudged the leg of both the girl and the Dog Lets go, the sun glistens off of something, and I dont think its a spare door key, lets get out of here!

But before she could run, something caught her eye, something with a warm glow; she returned her attention to its previous direction only to see the girls newly acquired bracelet give off a warm, white glow. Kiara tilted her head and nudged the girl again Hey, your braceletitsits glowing, what the hell has that old hag done to you!?

May 16th, 2005, 3:12 PM
"I don't know... but it feels kinda nice..." I replied to the Cheetah's comment as I held the bracelet up in the air for a moment. Not too long after, gusts of air began shooting out of it, and surrounded me. I glanced at the ground as a blue glow caught my eye. There was a strange insignia on the earth below me! I closed me eyes for just a moment, and it stopped soon after I opened them once more.

"Uh... What happened?" I asked the two, but noticed everything was much larger. If I had been any shorter, I'd have been at the height of the dog girl. A sudden gust of wind blew my long blue, almost sapphire hair into my eyes... Wait, didn't I have short red hair? And why was my hearing so much better? I glanced down to see what I was wearing, and noticed a tail of the same colour, and a white tip, jetting out of my tailbone. "Uhh... guys...?"

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May 17th, 2005, 9:46 PM
Surprised, yet amazed, by the girl's transformation, Lime glanced at the girl's ears, giving it a slight yank and giggled. "Oh, cool~!" She exclaimed as she glanced at her newly added features. "You're a kitty cat now!"

The word 'cat' echoed in her head repetitively, before she dropped on the ground. Her arms and legs were outstretched, her palms were set firmly set on the ground, and her mouth was wide open, revealing her little fangs. As if by instincts, she tackled the now half kitty, half girl on the ground and sniffed her. She stared at the girl for how long before she regained her control over herself. She leapt up and blinked in confusion. What did she do?

"Aiya! Sorry! I think it's this doggy thing; I can't control it!"

May 18th, 2005, 2:54 AM
"I'm a what n- ow!" I tried to say, but the dog girl had reached up and yanked something on top of my head, and it hurt. I moved my hands on top of my head, and felt something... wait, two somethings. "Don't tell me those are... cat ears..." I also noted my voice. Since my body looked like 3 years older then it was before, I guess it had gotten higher with the change.

Suddenly, the dog girl tackled me, knocking me to the ground with a thud. To make it worse, she landed on top of my, and began to sniff me. "Hey, cut that out!"

"Maybe you can't... Maybe it's all in your head." I replied to her after she got off of me, and I got up onto my feet. "I know this is a bad time, but what's your name?"

May 19th, 2005, 10:12 AM
Kiara frowned, a look of disbelief on her cat like face. This was not possible, it had happened in the blink of an eye and yet there it stood, the girl she had once know had pointed black years and a matching tail, the fangs looked as if they were on the verge of drawing blood at the lip and the eyes had defiantly narrowed.

Kiara lay down, head on the soft grass and her two paws thrown over her head Oh no, now theres two of themI wanna go home, this is just to weird Her ears flopped in sadness and her tail stopped wagging and fell to the floor in line with the rest of her sleek body All I wanted was to make a few extra bucks, thats all

She then noticed that the horse back riders had been after them a while back and her ears perked up and her eyes widened, she took her paws off of the top of her head which shot up almost instantly to view her surroundings. She had forgotten about the riders that had been making their way towards them before, she had gotten so caught up in the moment of the others changing that it had skipped her mind.

May 20th, 2005, 6:15 AM
"Unless you want to die, I suggest you shut it..." I muttered as I glanced at the approaching enemies. They looked less and less human the closer they got. Without warning, something hit me from the side, sending me flying into a tree, and causing me to collapse onto the ground. "****it... it was a trap... Maybe running would be a good idea..." I glanced up to see what resembled a werewolf on top of me, with black fun coating its body, and pointed dog ears.