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May 20th, 2005, 5:49 PM
Wow...my first RP here...WHOO-HOO!!! DON'T BE SHY!!

Plot: Every world has elements, and the digital world is no exception. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Metal, Thunder, Light, Dark, Life, Death, Oblivion, and Void. Each has its power hidden in a medallion in an area that reflects its powers. They are what balance the world. Like in so many other plots, no human being knows of the digital world. This is defiantly an advantage for them, because even the digimon wish they didn't know the horrors they have. It use to be so peaceful...that is...until HE arrived. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the hassle and bustle of digimon trade, a lone Devimon shows up at market with a cage containing the one creature no digimon had ever laid eyes on...a human. No one knows what his real name was or how he got here, not even himself. Devimon called him Sirius. He had told them all about the human world and all that it contained. Fearful of his knowledge, the villagers took him to their leader, MachineDramon and all his minions. MachineDramon ordered them to return to their trading while he interrogated the human...that was months ago. He interrogated, more like tortured, Sirius until he learned all he could. Then, he conducted experiments on the boy, as though a few zaps of electricity would turn him into a portal into this abundant world he spoke of. After months of torture, he gave up, and threw the boy into imprisonment so that no rival digimon could know the secrets he holds.

MachineDramon continued to research and experiment on his own, unbeknownst to the fact that his previous experiments on Sirius had...changed him somehow. In his cell of solitude, he practiced with strange powers he'd never known before...it was as though something had possessed him and now he was a whole know person...or creature. He just wanted to go homeback to his own world, and away from these terrible creatures that had enslaved him. He stayed in his cell, waiting and becoming stronger as the hate built in his heart. Every time a digimon was thrown in his cell with him, it disappeared over night and the boys stare became darker and darker. Finally, one night during a blizzard, he killed every guard and every inmate, downloading their data like a digimon, and then assassinated everyone in the castle...and then the village. Innocent and guilty alike, he devoured their data like it was salvation after his beatings. Now, while so many digimon were use to peace, this boy has gained (or forced) followers and is sweeping across the digital world, concurring everything in his path. He is known as Emperor Sirus Drake, the destroyer of peace. In the plight, one organization has risen up to defend the digital world, The Imperial Crusade. The last theyve found out was that the Emperor was after the stones of elements; thirsty for the power they held and hopping to add them to his own new found strength. All of this hit the digital world so hard, so fast; they didnt know what to do. Will the digimon be enough, or will the endangered stones choose human and digimon counterparts to save the balance and harmony of the elemental stones? Only you can decideThe fate of the digital world rests in the palms of the creatures that digimon fear most. The enemy is now a human, not a digimon

(Here's what I'd like you to fill out please...)
Description: (please be VERY descriptive...)
History: (optional)
Stone: (Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, Thunder, or Life. Oblivion and Void are High Elements, so you can't use them, and you can't use stones that are already used)
NeoVice Color: (At least two)

Digimon Partner: (Fanmade or Real, but must match your element. If fanmade, please describe)
Gender: (if any)
Type: (virus, vaccine, or data)
Attacks: (Nothing overly powerful and at most 4)
Description: (for fanmades)
Evolutionary Line: (Start at In-Training and go to mega)

Sample RP: (Mandatory)

(Here's mine for an example)

Name: Evelon Athena Dufane
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Description: Hip length black hair in a ponytail and purple stripes, lavender
eyes, pale white skin, 5'7" tall, thin, black nails on fingers and toes, 5 thin silver bracelets on each wrist, and small loop earrings in each ear. A purple watch on right wrist and a purple wristband on left wrist. Wears a black T-Shirt with a white skull on the front, black painter's pants, and black steel toed boots.
History: Grew up in the south central Los Angeles California. She knows how to fight and will be more than happy to do so. She keeps to herself most of the time, but will be brutally honest (or just brutal) if you step out of line.
Stone: Darkness
NeoVice Color: Black and Purple

Digimon Partner: Malomon
Gender: Female
Type: Virus
Attacks: Acid Claws, Poison Fang, Toxic Mist, Shadow Slasher.
Description: Looks like a Renamon but were Renamon's yellow, she's black. Where Renamon's white, she's acid green. Her gloves are silver and her claws are long, black, and the tips are acid green. She has VERY thick fur and a bushy tail.
Evolutionary Line: NecroViximon-Malomon-DeviDramon-LadyDevimon-Lilithmon

As soon as enough join, we'll get this rolling...I hope...

愛Forgotten Angel愛
May 20th, 2005, 6:23 PM
Name: Undria Theair Yeahn (just Undria)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Description: Here is a pic of what I look like:
History: I'll reveal it in the posts.
Stone: Death
NeoVice Color: Black and Red

Digimon Partner: Keramon, but more commonly known as Diaboromon, from the Digimon movie.
Gender: Digimon don't, but just for fun: male
Type: Unidentified
Attacks: Unidentified (Yes, it has an attack that matches its type.), Hacking, Speed slash, Tearing claw (Tish...I made most of them up...)
Evolutionary Line: It starts at Keramon, then Kurisarimon, Infermon, and finally Diaboromon. I don't have the info on anything before the rookie stage, though.

Sample RP: Does it have to be on this?

Undria tilted her head toward the sky. Keramon was floating around, venturing here and there. Undria sat down and put her head in her hand. She wondered what was going to happen.

It's not like you can't guess, Undria. You saw what happened at your village. You know that that man is powerful...Heck, he isn't even a man. I should be thinking "It isn't a man"! It...is a monster! She punched the air. Keramon looked over to her, puzzled. It glided over to her.

"Undria-chan, what is wrong?" it asked. Its arms moved this way and that; it was never able to stop moving. Its...legs (They were more like tentacles!) shifted and shifted. Even the antenae on its head moved.

"I was just wondering if we will be able to actually defeated him," I answered. "Keramon...do you worry sometimes?"

"Yes. I worry about you. You always have this...dead look on your face. As if...you aren't really here, in this world, but in another one. One that only has...death." He floated up and down. "Why do you look like that?"

"I look like that because...I am in this world. This world is full of death." I put my hand on his head. "Now, time to go to sleep. We have...a lot of big days ahead of us." I gently put out the fire and rested my head on the log we had found. I thought one thing before I fell into a deep sleep:

"You always have this...dead look on your face."

Dragon Paw
May 20th, 2005, 6:37 PM
Name: Kristen Frederick
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Description: She is rather short, at about 4' 10" and weighs around 90 pounds. She has a frail body build and is relativly weak. She has mid back length dark brown hair that appears black in dim light, dark brown in normal light, and reddish in extreme light. She has brilliant brown eyes. She commonly wears a white t-shirt wit neon pink shorts.
History: (optional)
Stone: Light
NeoVice Color: Neon pink and white.

Digimon Partner: GemDramon -may seem earth oriented but Digivolves into an angel/crystal Digimon.-
Gender: Female
Type: Vaccine
Attacks: Gem Breath, Light Wing, Crystal Beam, and Rainbow Slash
Description: She bears pearly pink fur all over her body. She has paws for feet and walks on two legs. She has a bushy fox-like tail and bears pearly pink feather wings. She has long arms that end in paw-like hands. She has a fairly long neck that ends in a draconic head. Her eyes are yellow and a white opal sits in her forehead. She has tufted cat ears.
Evolutionary Line: Pearl Nyaromon, GemDramon, FeatherDramon, HikariDramon, SuishoDramon.

Let's hope I didn't forget anything... Oh, and you should know me enoguh to be exempted from the RP sample, but just in case...:
GemDramon's pearly pink wings felt increasingly heavy. She panted as she flew over a grassy area. She had narrowly avoided being deleted. GemDramon cursed her weak wings as she began to excellerate down towards the ground while wishing she could Digivolve. She had only been flying for a half minute after her legs had just about given in. it seemed the heavyness in her legs had carried over to her wings as she normally could fly much longer.

She flew by a few trees, not paying the slightest attention to her surroundings, only enjoying the fact she was safe for now.

As she dipped her wings for another flap, she found she could no longer move her wings. Cursing loudly between pants as she hit her draconic face into a tree and skidded on the ground, embedding her bushy pearly pink tail with dirt and embedding dirt in the rest of her furred body. The opalescent gem on her forehead twinkled lightly as she dug her large clawed hands into the ground weakly. She lay there panting and regaining energy.

GemDramon's large tufted cat-like ears swivelled to the left at the sound of voices. GemDramon curiously listened in on the conversation. She weakly sat up. Her yellow eyes surveyed the area around her. A few trees were blockign the direction of the voices. Though from what GemDramon could limitedly see, she could make out two draconic-ish Digimon.

GemDramon weakly stood up to her full height of roughly 4 feet and felt a dizzyness attack. She often got dizzy after running, being exposed to heat for a while, or after standing up to fast. She used her tail, two sensory whiskers -that resembled and eastern dragon's whiskers- and her wings to try and steady herself as she peered out from behind a tree.

GemDramon was wary for a bit while she surveyed them. They seemed harmless enough and also weak enough to not be able to delete her on a whim. GemDramon was often wary of strangers these days...

By now GemDramon had stopped panting as heavily. She had enough energy to speak close to normal now.

"Um... Hello. Who exactly are you?" asked GemDramon nervously as she waved a big clawed hand weakly. It was apparant that she had had a rough time of it lately for the pads on the hand were all cut and some were bleeding vaguely. The paw pads on her pawed feet looked the same. "I-I'm GemDramon." she said with equal nervousness.

May 21st, 2005, 9:48 AM
name tai
gender male
age 9
description brown hair black shirts blue pants he is 4,9
stone fire
neovice color red
digimon partner clawdramonmon
gender male
type vaccine
attack claw of supremecy fire fangs beast bang deathshot
description he is like a dinosaur has blue scales sharp teeth and stands the size of a tall building
evolutionary line clawdramon fangdramon burndramon beastdramon

sample clawdramon was fighting a digimon called budramon who was invisible he clawed at it but nothing happened.Then budramon blasted him with an attack called the haunting.He was almost finished then he warp digivolved to beastramon and used deathshot he won!

Prof. Pine
May 21st, 2005, 10:49 AM
Name:Kyle Stone
Description:5'7" wears balck shorts with around 6 pockets, white shirt, glasses, brown sandles, has brown eyes, anbd black hair, he also wears a cap that shadows some of his face.
NeoVice Color:Black and White

Digimon Partner:Teketomon
Attacks:Fozen Spin, Icey Wind Cannon, Ice Rod Blast, Icey Blade Launch
Description:Teketomon looks somewhat like a white and blue puppet. his feet are black and his body is covered in a siver-like wood.
Evolutionary Line: In-Trainnig:Tendomon Rookie:Teketomon Champion:Tesaromon Ultimate:kinastreamon Mega:Goldicekingdeamon

RPing Sample: My first encounter with a digimon was a strange one at first he thought his glasses might of been dirty so he cleaned them real quick and put them back one at it was still there.

United squirtle
May 21st, 2005, 10:57 AM
name Jacob
gender boy
age 7
diskripshin(SP)brown hair blue pants red shirt
stone ice
noevice blue and orange
digimon flamingfiremon
digimon gender male
type data
attak flaming fire saw
desciripshin like a lizard with red spikes stiking out of hes back
evoulishin(sp)flamingningamon then firenightmon and magmabeastmon

sample flamingfiremon was waking up after a long day yesterday then he realised he was on fire.

May 21st, 2005, 6:22 PM
Okay, you can still choose from Water, Wind, Earth, Metal, Thunder, or Life.

This is the line up so far:

Death: Undine Shade
Light: Dragon Paw
Ice: Prof. Pine (please do not write in first person)

My apologies, but the fallowing are not qualified to participate in this RP-
1,000 mudkip is not qualified
Pokedude55 is not qualified

Please, continue to sign up if any of the other elements appeal to you. PLEASE, ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU FEEL YOULL BE ABLE TO KEEP UP AND HAVE EXPERIENCE.

Prof. Pine
May 21st, 2005, 6:53 PM
Sorry about that... I won't anymore.

Dream Illusionist
May 22nd, 2005, 8:26 AM
Name:Lillia (but everyone calls her Windy)
Description:1,60m, wears a plain white T-shirt, dark blue jeans, her hair's short and spiked.
NeoVice Color:Blue and Purple

Digimon Partner:Merlamon
Attacks: Water splash; Tsunami Wave; Aquatic kick
Description: Merlomon looks like a kid, wth water instead of hair, and his hands can trn to plain water.
Evolutionary Line: Aquamon->Horolmon->Merlamon->Subaquamon->Moroquamon->Tidalmon

RPing Sample: She jumped from stone to stone, to see if she didn't fall into the water. The river was really dangerous that time of the year...

Let's Fighting Love
May 23rd, 2005, 12:55 PM
Description:Holes in his blue jeans,wears a white t-shirt&brown trench coat with blue eyes.
History:None known
Neovice color:Yellow&Blue

Digimon Partner: Patamon
Attacks:Bubble blow,celestial sword(used when in ultimate form),& wing slash
Evolutionary line: Patamon,Angemon,& Archangemon

Rping sample:There was no hope for him. He was forever trapped in a cage of his own fear. Afraid to fight Devimon who was staring him in the face.Then suddenly Zek got a burst of courage, and at the same time Patamon Digivovled into Angemon.And fought off Devimon until Devimon was to weak to fight Zek had won thanks to his courage.

May 24th, 2005, 7:35 PM
Very nice, so far. Now we have Wind, Earth, Metal, Thunder, or Life to choose from.

Slyph has been accepted.

CloneTrooper47- Everything's nice except for your partner. He doesn't match the element stone you chose. If you would please, edit it so you have a metal-based partner. Though the digimon partner you chose is a match for the Life stone if you'd like to change to that instead, that way you keep your partner!


Let's Fighting Love
June 4th, 2005, 12:11 PM
I can't wait till we start

June 14th, 2005, 6:41 AM
Description: Kail stans at about 5'5. He has short brown hair a light blue eyes. He wears baggy blue jeans and a red t-shirt with a white thunderbolt on it. He also carries a bookbag filled with things for emergency along with his new laptop.
Stone: Thunder
NeoVice Color: grey and yellow

Digimon Partner: Tentamon
Gender: male
Type: vaccine
Attacks: electro shocker, tundershot, thunder cannon, giga blaster
Evolutionary Line: Motimon, Tentamon, Kabuterimon, Mega Kabuterimon, Hercules Kabuterimon

Sample RP: This is something I took from one of my old Rp's

"So are you the kid they took to the hosital?" Roy asked Pochi as he entered the room. "I'm guessing by your expressoin you are,a nyway I wanted to ......" Roy paused as he looked at Kay and Akira seeing them both with an animal in thier hands. "I hope you two wern't thinking about brringing those animals into the dorms, sadlty I must forbid it. But that dig is sooo cute I guess I could make an exeption for mans best friend but no rodents."

"What come on it's just a ferret. How much trouble would it be?" Kay argued trying to defend his new pet.

"Look I don't make the rules here, but back to buissness. So I wanted to ask you if you got a glimps of the person who totaled the car because from the looks of it, it had to be an alchemist."

"Blasted Roy not letting me keep Kite. He's so stupid and favortist against animals." Kay said under his breathe while Kite shook his head in agreement from his lap.