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May 31st, 2005, 8:18 AM
Hiya. I'm kind new here and those who've gotten to know me will gladly warn you. I'm insane in a very, very weird way. 'Good way' they say but to hell with friends

Well... not really. Just trying to tell you what to expect from the mass of letters down below.

This is fic is purely original character. Just to warn you. It was written with the intent to be a brake from other pokemon fanfiction, the ones that fit in the ash-clone-with-same-plot-as-anime mold anyway. REVIEWS EQUAL LOVE. Make a equation, baby!

Oh, and the crack doeasn't start until around ch 3. Suffer.

If Hera would by any chance be asked how she felt at that moment, she wouldn't reply. She remembered very well how she felt. She felt proud of herself. And that moment of self esteem cost her all the pride she had left.

It was early morning when Hera and Ichigo woke up. As they werent from the same household, and one would presume that they had no idea what time the other was awake or not. But the boring and monotonous life in Littleroot town forced the two to synchronize their biological clocks. With nothing to do except entertain each other, every minute of being bored together was, sadly enough, precious.

Hera got up. She got up very slowly. She wasnt tired, she just wanted to have something to do for as long as possible. Littleroot wasnt a very dynamic place.

Ichigo got up but much more quickly. She was excited about finishing her drawing. She started getting dressed.

Hera started dressing too. Hera was 15, two years older than Ichigo, but she didn't look a day older than her. It bothered her. Actually, most people thought Ichigo was older. Each morning she carefully picked clothes to make her look older. She picked a black and white striped sleeve-less shirt and a pair of black jeans. She looked at herself for a moment. She cut and dyed her hair what seemed not so long ago. Now it was shoulder-lenght and dark brown again. She still didn't look fifteen. She pulled out black eyeliner and put it on. She scanned herself in the mirror again and than ran off before she could notice she looked no older, with or without the makeup.

Ichigo was now already dressed. She was wearing a bubblegum pink skirt and an intense purple shirt. She liked all colors in all combinations and there weren't really any other people that cared enough to tell her it looked ugly so she didn't care either. She was done looking at the mirror. Her mirror was hung quite high on the wall, and with her being short, it was exhausting for her to look at herself for ages. She tied her long curly hair in a low ponytail. Her hair was the same color as her eyes - the color of honey, and a very light shade of honey too. Ichigo defiantly adored her eyes.

Hera's breakfast was once again an apple. She always ate an apple for breakfast. Actually, she ate THAT same apple every morning for breakfast, more or less. It was a plastic apple that was made to look as if a bite was already taken. Hera didn't really like eating in the morning so she didn't, it was that simple. But her mother is an annoying person to deal with, so she didn't do that.

There was a bowl of fruit on the table. The apple was always on top, the "bitten" side hidden by other fruit. Hera already mastered taking out the apple, holding it and even "biting" it so it looked like she was really doing it. She knew her mother had the attention span of a small rodent. Her mother looked at her take the first bite, continued her work and within a minute forgot that her daughter was even there. So Hera would take the bite, return the apple to its usual place, count to a 100 and than leave.

Ichigo didn't eat breakfast either. She didn't like eating in the morning, but that can be traced back to her Hera-adoration phase She was now in search of her sketchbook, pencils and eraser. They were always missing. She found them after a few minutes and started walking toward the door.

They both stepped out of the house. With a fake smile and without words the two set out into the forest. They liked it there. It was calming despite the liveliness of the forest, and without a single soul in sight except themselves.

The two sat down in the grass. Ichigo pulled out her sketchbook and pencil and continued drawing her masterpiece. Hera pulled out her cigarettes and continued her bad habit of drawing smoke into her lungs.

It wasn't long before a sound of footsteps came to their attention, squelching the dew dappled grass. Hera was very excited. It wasn't very often that trainers came through Littleroots poor excuse of a forest to find pokemon. Unlike Ichigo, Hera longed for more company. She liked meeting new people but he wasn't what she expected as his shadow finally loomed over them.

"You smoke?" The boy that casually remarked upon the obvious was hardly any older than Hera. He was dressed as a Team Aqua grunt. Ichigo seemed to squirm anxiously but Hera didn't bother judging a book by its cover.

She nodded.

"It's bad for you," He took her cigarette and twisted it out beneath his boot. Hera watched impassively, it wasnt really a habit but a way to pass time in a place where every day stretched forever. What surprised Hera was that he then without any sign of shame took one of Heras cigarettes and lit it, dragging in and then exhaling a ring of blue grey smoke.

"It really is. Marma."

"...I don't understand. Mama what?" Hera said. A short silence ensued before Hera quietly whispered what she thought. "Hypocrite."

"Marma's my name," he said cheerfully and without anything more said, he sat down leaning against the trunk.

"Can we join?" Ichigo chirped at Marma, ignoring Heras wide eyed look of surprise. She was very excited at the thought of becoming a pokemon trainer. Both Heras and Ichigos parents had forbidden them to become trainers for some reasons unfamiliar to them. Bad guy trainer and thief, good guy trainer and possible Master - it didn't matter to Ichigo. The keyword 'trainer' still remained.

"Join?" Marma said finally, flashing a look at Ichigo and then took one of Hera's cigarettes and put it into her gaping mouth.

"Team Aqua," Ichigo said and nodded. "Teeeaaam Aquuuaa." Ichigo articulated slowly as if she spoke to a child. She thought Marma looked a bit dense. It was unusual for a guy to have long hair and his was dark brown, long enough to be tied in that high ponytail that he had.

"Oh-keeeey," Marma repeated the manner of speaking. "Aiiii gueees yooou caaaaaaaan. Aaaaan." He was starting to go out of breath. He grinned at her over the cigarette.

He was running before and he was defiantly not used to that.

Mense sano in corpore sano.

Healthy spirit in healthy body.

Marma had neither. He was far from fat, or chubby, he had a good body but he didn't nearly exercise as much as needed to live a life of a Team Aqua grunt. So, he panted. One day, that will wear off.

Ichigo flashed Hera a look that said nothing deeper than something along the lines of 'Yay!' Hera smiled back with as big a smile as she could manage. But the smile was meant for Marma. For Ichigo, he was a ticket for a dream come true, for Hera, he was a hormone rush. And a rush of blood to the cheeks. Not because he was so smooth, he wasn't as much of a charmer to make a girl fall one her knees after five words. He was simply a bit good looking boy and the first she had seen in a while.
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