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January 23rd, 2004, 4:21 PM
Well you know how Digimon Goes... Anyway, this will be an adventure on Digimon based on teh first 2 seasons mainly( I hate frontier... no offense) so the first boss guy is Devimon. So the whole plot is based on like Digimon Adventure and a bit of 02 with the digiarmors. Anyway...

Digimon Partner(rookie)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(champion)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(ultimate)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(mega)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner(Mega Fusions?)-
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)-

Name- Yuuki Hakashi
Age- 11
Gender- Male
Digimon Partner(rookie)- Demidramon
Attack A- Dragon Breath
Attack B- Dragon Claw
Digimon Partner(champion)- Wingdramon
Attack A- Dragoon Torpedo
Attack B- Ultima Strike
Digimon Partner(ultimate)- Saberdramon
Attack A- Saber Slash
Attack B- Wing Blade
Digimon Partner(mega)- NeoSaberdramon
Attack A- Dragon's Sword
Attack B- Dragon Fury
Digimon Partner(Mega Fusions?)- None yet
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)- Size of a Guilmon, mainly black with Silver swirl patterns and a white underbelly, small wings on back that can't do much.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)- Has a Greymon structure, has huge wings on his back and is mainly black with the same silver swirl patterns. Has red stripes in the pattern of Greymon. His head has a helmet covering it like the one BurningGreymon has only the red bits are in black.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)- Same as Wingdramon but has a more humanoid form, and has a sword. Smaller than Wingdramon a bit and has some armor on.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)- Same as Saberdramon except fully humanoid and has lots of metal armor covering him
Items- a Digivice(the ones in Digimon Adventure and glows black with silver buttons)
Description- same height as Tai in Digimon Adventure, has black longsleeved shirt that has this weird symbol(his crest) on it. He wears beige knee length shorts and Black Nike Air Trainers.

February 4th, 2004, 2:04 PM
I'd play but I don't think I'll have the time...maybe I'll try later.

February 17th, 2004, 2:25 PM
Name- Belle Saturi
Age- 11
Gender- Female
Digimon Partner(rookie)- Raptormon
Attack A- Raptor Whirlwind
Attack B- Claw Knife
Digimon Partner(champion)- Allomon
Attack A- Wing Blast
Attack B- Metal Claw
Digimon Partner(ultimate)- DarkRaptormon
Attack A- Dark Star
Attack B- Evil Whirlwind
Digimon Partner(mega)- MetalDarkRaptormon
Attack A- Dark Metal
Attack B- Armored Spikes
Digimon Partner(Mega Fusions?)- None
Attack A-
Attack B-
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Rookie)- Size of Belle, brown with a red crest over the eyes. Silver colored wings.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Champion)- Larger, wings are more spread, and the color of the skin is more of a silverish white.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Ultimate)- Slight armor on the arms and legs, and has spikes running down the back. The color is now black.
Digimon Partner Desciprtion(Mega)-Still black, but with armor and the spikes are retractable. Wings are plated in steel and is much faster.
Items- A Digivice
Description- Belle is about as tall as Sora and has long black hair. She wears it in a ponytail and she's homeless. She has a light blue tank top with a blue X in the center and wears jean shorts. Shoes? She wears sandals.

February 25th, 2004, 1:45 AM
I guess this lacked popularity. Maybe we'll fuse with the other Digimon RPG