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July 18th, 2005, 2:43 PM
Plot: During the finnal battles of the NetBattle championships, in a small Net Stacion a group of kids were watching the final battle between Megaman and Protoman... but then somthing happened... with a brilliant flash the kids were teleported into the system were the net Navies are... but not only that they found that they were there navies. :shocked:

Confused and scared they must find the way out... all they know is that the informacion they are looking for is somewere in Net City.

In this RP you will play as one of the traped kids lets find our way to Netcity and back home!

Fill out this form:

Netbattling skill: (how good ar you?)begginer, pro, elite
Appearance: (not that it would matter much...)

Name of Navie: (choose whatever you wan't just use your comen sence)you can have up to four
Navie's appearance:
Navie's skill: (this is very spasific- you can choose eather~ Power; defence; or speed
Navie's basic attack: (a small attack not allot of damage.. you are at level one you know)
Which navie will you change into?: (if you only have one leave blank)

If you have any questions about anything just tell me and I'll answer you...

July 20th, 2005, 10:41 PM
Netbattling skill: elite

Appearance: aurburn hair blue eyes black t shirt and shorts
Personality: smart, and resoanably quiet analises the situation before making decisions

Name of Navie: thinkman
Navie's appearance:wizard style black cloak
Navie's skill: power
Navie's basic attack: voodo contol (takes contol of of opponants body causing them to attack themselves/their team)
Which navie will you change into?: psychomage

hope this is ok

July 21st, 2005, 2:16 PM
Like I said above you will change into one of you'r navies.. so you'll be thinkman... but other than that.. you're in...

Here's my form:
Name: Ban
Netbattling skill: pro
Appearance: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a373/JBCBlank/zeek.bmp
Personality:cool and composed.. I don't like many people...

Name of Navie: Aquawar, Delete, and Bass.
Navie's appearance: I'll put up pic's of them later.. but here's base...http://www.pokecommunity.com/customavatars/avatar13857_1.gif
Navie's skill: Aquawar:speed, Bass: defence, Delete:Power
Navie's basic attack: Aquawar: quick punch... Bass: forcefield... Delete: roundhouse kick...
Which navie will you change into?: Bass...

July 21st, 2005, 3:12 PM
ooh i thought you ment your navi evolved or something i guess ill still be think man with the same attack (we get others later right and can we use battle chips?)

July 21st, 2005, 3:17 PM
accually when you ask about battle chips that's were it gets complicated..

lets say that when we're sucked into the navie world we are our navies and we can use the powers our navies have... plus if we want to use battle chips all we have to do is say the name of the battle chip and we will use it... but using it will be very dificult... being that we're only at level one.. we can't use very advanced battle chips.. you understand right?

July 22nd, 2005, 5:22 PM
ok that seems simple also seing as we are the only 2 atm will we be the 2 strongest navies (like protoman and megaman)

July 22nd, 2005, 5:34 PM
Name: Sakim
Netbattling skill: elite
Appearance: Dark Black coat, Dark Black pants, And a hood to hide his face
Personality: Evil, Hates People

Name of Navie: 1.Dark Man 2.Killer Man 3.Death Man
Navie's appearance:All Dark Black
Navie's skill: Power
Navie's basic attack: Death blast
Which navie will you change into?: Killer Man Then Death Man

Zero ex
July 22nd, 2005, 7:26 PM
I want to join.

Name: Leon
Netbattling skill: elite
Appearance: Tall, black haired guy, with white clothes.
Personality: crazy, he is crazy and somehow a jerk. But in a netbattle he is a different person. (Zman is extremly different, he is serious and withan awsome intelligence.)

Name of Navie: Zman.
Navie's appearance: just as Zero. but with some differences.
Navie's skill: speed
Navie's basic attack: Z attack (Just as Zsaber Z battlechip)
Which navie will you change into?: Zman

July 23rd, 2005, 1:56 PM
Sakim you're in...

geesh Zero ex... you must love the letter Z.. You're in aswell.... *smiles happly* anyone can start the RP... just remember.. we end up in the Networld as our navies... *gives evil smile*

July 23rd, 2005, 3:20 PM
can i join?
Netbattling skill:elite
Appearance: about 5'11" give or take fair build.
Personality: calm, focused, observent
He's a net saver from Den tech city.

Name of Navie: Axl exe.
Navie's appearance:A little shrter then protoman. He looks like axl from the "x" series but he doesn't fly or have those white things on his back.
Navie's skill: speed
Navie's basic attack: axl shot, a rapid fire attack from both guns
Which navie will you change into?:

July 23rd, 2005, 3:28 PM
your in Justice...

why is everyone elite... could't we have atleast one begginer...? *sighs* well.. that doesn't matter...

IC: Ban looks down at his hands.. "what happened" he stops at the sound of his voice... he looks to his right... Aquawar and Delete were looking right at him, "Wha.." he hears a sound... "Who's there!"

Prof. Pine
July 23rd, 2005, 3:37 PM
Netbattling skill: begginer
Appearance:(Like the person in my sig)
Personality: He may look a bit evil but is realy is a good person. May get a little fustrated easily. He tends to make things complicated, but he means well.

Name of Navie: Magicman
Navie's appearance: A black robed wizard with a Silver Staff and Iron Shield
Navie's skill: Defence
Navie's basic attack:Jinx Cannon
Which navie will you change into?:

Is it to late to join?

July 23rd, 2005, 3:40 PM
OOC: It's never to late to join.... *looks at form* you didn't give your navie's name...(NVM.. you fixed it)

(finnaly a begginer somone to train)

Prof. Pine
July 23rd, 2005, 3:45 PM
OOC:I accidently click post before I finished it. I put My Net Navie's name on.

July 23rd, 2005, 3:48 PM
OOC: so I noticed..

IC: he turns to the sound and sees... "Magicman?" he says in surprise... "Your the Navie of that bigginer arn't you?"

Prof. Pine
July 23rd, 2005, 3:59 PM
"Yeah," Magicman replied to the navie by Delete and Aquawar.
Nick walk up to magicman and looked to the three navies,"Who are you three?"

July 23rd, 2005, 4:10 PM
OOC: umm... good profesor... we are our navies.... so you might wan't to... fix that...

Prof. Pine
July 23rd, 2005, 5:05 PM
OOC:oh okay sorry I'll change that...

July 23rd, 2005, 6:06 PM
"this is realy freaky' i said as i walked into the group of navies that was slowly growing. "hi i'm chris, just a sec that didnt feel quirte right" i said before looking at myself "sorry Im psychomage" suddely I had a major pain in my head, the pain kept growing and growing until i couldnt stand. I fell on my knees hands over my ears and face screwd up in pain then just as the pain disappered everything went black as I passed out

ooc the reason for my navi's colapsing is this: both my navi and my character are psychics and there was just too much psychic energy thrust into my navi's body when I became my navi but once you guys get my navi on his back his mind will be used to the excess psychic energy in his body giving hime the power of a navi of a higher level

ooc2: my 800th post

July 23rd, 2005, 6:24 PM
Axl walked up to the group of navis " Looks like im stuck in my navis body. Can one of you get one of your net ops to jack me into a link to cylab?"

July 23rd, 2005, 11:19 PM
ooc i think your jumping a head a bit

July 24th, 2005, 9:58 AM
ooc:hows that? Am I to assume that everyone else was trapped as a navi?

July 24th, 2005, 5:32 PM
OOC: Justice is right we are all stuck in our navies...

IC: Ban (bass) looks at Magicman, "what are you talking about... do you mean to say that your stuck aswell?" Aquawar and Delete stand infront of Ban inorder to protect him.

"Don't take anouther step!" Delete warns...

"Be nice guys..." Ban says pushing them aside.

July 24th, 2005, 6:40 PM
"Then I assume that you all are in the situation as me." Axl stated as he fliped his HUD off "Scannners conform that it's not a accidental byproduct of cross fusion, more like a full sync."

July 24th, 2005, 6:49 PM
"I just hope we don't get stuck this way..." Ban says blinking, "what are we going to do... we can't leave.. I vote we go to net city."