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July 25th, 2005, 2:21 PM
It's the summer of 1991. A lazy summer afternoon's mail arrives, and you, an eleven-year-old, receive a letter, addressed to you on an old looking parchment envelope, sealed with a wax seal. It reads as follows:


You have been accepted to Chimney Rock, the school of witchcraft and wizzardry. Term begins on September first. You will arrive by train. There will be departures from New York City, Orlando, Chicago, and San Fransisco at noon exactly. Regardless of the city from which you depart, the platform you must reach is 5 1/4. Enclosed you will also find a book list and a list of supplies for your first year at Chimney Rock. I look foward to seeing you on September first.


Ichabod Dellman
Chimney Rock School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry

As you can probably gather, this is an RP running parallel to the Harry Potter series, located in the good 'ol USA. Chimney Rock is located in a secluded valley in the Rocky Mountains, guarded by various spells to prevent Muggles from running across it. It is set up college campus style, with a large central building for meals and classes, and separate dormitories for each of the houses. The houses are as follows:

House Heads and Colors:

Oakenfern- Professor Oackenfern. Qualities: idealistic, brave, intelligent, naive, strong mental discipline.
Colors: Green and brown

Clawgirth- Professor Green. Qualities: strong (mentally or physically, or both), intelligent, brave, loyal, sometimes not very careful, protective.
Colors: Royal Blue and Silver

Viperfang-Professor Simon. Qualities: clever, secretive, intelligent, determined, will go to any lengths to achieve goals.
Colors: Black and Red

Chipperscrat-Professor Lin. Qualities: sharp-witted, clever, persevering, creative
Colors: Gold and Dark Purple

Beckenhoof-Professor Namid Orenda. Qualities: wise, cautious, enjoys the company of others but is somewhat shy
Colors: Orange and yellow

The Staff is as follows:

Headmaster: Ichabod Dellman. A middle-aged man with red wild hair and green eyes. He has a rather stocky build, and commands a very authoritative, strict presence. He was an Auror during the first rise of Voldermort.

Charms: Professor Samantha Lin. A younger woman, a few years out of school, of Korean descent. She has long dark hair usually tied back in a ponytail, and soft dark eyes. She has a great deal of patience with her students, which earns her the status of favorite teacher among many of them.

Herbology: Professor Flora Langhsly. A tall, spindly woman, older, with salt and pepper colored hair tied back in a bun. She has a very tight looking face despite the wrinkles, and has keen hazel eyes. She is perhaps one of the strictest professors, but has a lot to offer her students.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: Professor Blaze Green. An animagi whose chosen form is a tiger. Blaze has a very strong, serious personality that suits his subject well. He is determined to prepare his students to encounter and defeat the dark arts. He stands a striking 6'4", has wild blond hair and sharp blue eyes.

Divination: Professor Mida (meaning Prophetess) Orenda. The twin sister of Professor Namid, Mida has long, dark, braided hair streaked with a few prominent shades of gray. She is a rather short woman, somewhat round, but has soft eyes, and is always very kind. She draws on the magic of her native culture and melds it with European magic to create a unique form of Divination, something quite a bit more accurate than Hogwarts' Divination teacher.

Astronomy: Professor Namid (meaning star dancer from a Cheyenne dialect) Orenda. Mida's twin sister, though much taller and quite a bit thinner. Namid has the same dark hair streaked with gray, and the same warm eyes. She also draws on her culture in her subject. The two sisters are very close.

Care of Magical Creatures: Professor William McGregor. Dark brown hair and eyes, his hair hangs in his face, and he appears to be quite shaggy and rogue-ish, much to the female students' delight. He has a loud, outgoing personality, but tends to be a loner. He has great enthusiasm when teaching his subject, as a graduate of Hogwarts.

Ancient Runes: Professor Jacob Cecil-Tall yet looks underweight. Professor Cecil is probably the oldest and most boring of the teachers. Hes completely bald with dull hazy gray eyes and a pale complexion. When he talks hes very monotone

Arithmancy: Professor Jeremy Oakenfern-A 30-year-old man with jet black hair and brown eyes. A direct descendant of the long deceased Ferdinan Oakenfern, one of the original founders of the school. His build is quite similar to the headmasters and if you werent paying attention you could easily get them confused. He has all the characteristics of Oakenfern house and was once a very prominent Auror.

Occlumency: Professor Mike Lenon-A man of 23, who graduated Chimney Rock 5 years prior. It is his first time as teacher and is very nervous on making sure not to be a mean teacher. Overall hes a very hansom young man with blond hair, green eyes, and a nice golden tan.

Groundskeeper: John Johnson-A heavy-set man (not fat, but aint muscular either, big boned if you will) is one of the sterner staff members, not exactly someone you want to pick a fight with.

School Caretaker (like Filtch):Samuel Peterson. An older fellow with large glasses and very bad hearing, Samuel, or Sam as he prefers to be called by the students and teachers, is a very kind old fellow. Hes always very helpful, and is always up for causing, or helping cause, mischief!

Flying Lessons/Quiddich Ref: Professor Paul Simon-Rather pudgy, Professor Simon is very strict and is known to play favorites, although not to the degree of Professor Slughorn of Hogwarts.

Librarian: Professor Rebecca Nellis-A short little fidgety woman who always seems to think someone is out to get her, whether it is a student, college, or anyone else.

Nurse: Miss Leanne Martin. A very pretty young lade with highly advanced magical medical training, Leanne is a favorite among ailing male students (and even teachers!!!). A descendant of a Veela, Leanne reatains many of those characteristics. She stands at an average height, has a slender build, long honey-colored hair and warm blue eyes. The heartthrob of the school.

OUr "Diagon Alley" is called Mysterium Square. All Chimney Rock students from across the US travel there by floo powder. It's actual location is kept very secret for obvious reasons... The shops and pubs are as follows:

Bank: Brindlow
Tailor: Lockhorn
Petstore: Fangs, Fur, and Feathers
Broomstore: Great Heights
Pubs: Iron Horse
Wandmaker: Kinderflame

Our "Hogsmeade" is called Salem Hollow. Students of the third year and above are allowed to visit. We'll post more info about it when the time arises. :)

Raichu Master will supply maps of the school. Its set up like a college campus, located in a small valley in the Rocky Mountains. Each House has its own building for its dormitory, surrounding the central building, which contains the classrooms and meal hall. There is a Quiddich Pitch located on the campus, as well as lots of open space, including the surrounding mountains. Students are to remain in bounds at all times, which means that they are to remain in the valley.

There will also be a Triwizzard Tournament held each year at Chimney Rock. The junior division is an inter-House competition, while the upper division is international. The tournament will begin after Christmas, so more details will be provided later. Quiddich is also played at Chimney Rock, but only students in the third year and above are allowed to try out.

There will be balls held for each major holiday as well!!

If you would like to join this RP, fill out the form below. All potential Rpers MUST submit an RP sample along with their form, and either myself or Raichu Master will approve/disapprove accordingly.

Nickname (Optional):
Physical Description:
Pet (Optional, and not limited to a cat, owl, rat, or toad, but be semi-realistic):
RP Sample:

Raichu Master
July 25th, 2005, 5:27 PM
Here are the maps! Enjoy! ^^

Ground Map: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/untitled.bmp

Dorm: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Dorm.bmp

Main Floor: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/MainFloor.jpg

Floor 2: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor2.jpg

Floor 3: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor3.jpg

Floor 4: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor4.jpg

Please note that due to the lack of space needed to make them decent when Photobucket tags them, nothing is drawn to scale. You might notice that some of the lettering is scratchy, I'll improve it and put a notice up when I can get Photobucket to cooperate with me. The ground map turned out to be the worst so here are the labels:

Building closest to the entrance (left side) is the Grounds Keeper's quarters. The 5 squares to the right of it are the dorms. The center block is Clawgirth, the upper right block is Viperfang, the upper left is Oakenfern, the bottom left is Chipperscrat, the bottom right is Beckenhoof. The large rectangle standing vertical next to the group of squares is the main school building. The rather large rectangle in the far upper right hand corner is the Quidditch Pitch, where flying instruction will also be held. The block in the bottom left hand corner is where Care of Magical Creatures is located, and the last rectangle, angled on it's side and right below the school building is the Greenhouse where Herbology is located.

Name: mathew Burlingame
Nickname: Matt
Appearance Along with his other siblings, Matt has light brown hair and green eyes. Matt looks matured beyond a normal 11 year old, making him seem 2 years older. He prefers muggle clothing and can occasionally be seen wearing a navy blue robe over his clothing. Matt is rather tall for his age and is all knees and elbows.
Personality: Being the oldest of the quadruplets, Matt is very responsible and is the only child that has shown any potential as a wizard, the others have yet to show signs of their magical heritage. Matt willingly takes responsibility for the actions of his other three siblings and always sticks up for them, making him very confident in himself and his brother and sisters.
House: Clawgirth
Pets: N/A
RP Sample: "Wake up!" Matt's mother said behind his closed doors. Matt sat up in his bed and looked around dazed and confused, the last thing he remembered was that he was in a cavern battling a dragon. "Are you in there?" her voice said again as she started knocking on his solid oak door.

"Yes, mother. I'm coming..." Matt called back lamely as he slipped the covers from over his body and got out of his bed slowly but surely. Stretching, and letting out a long drawn out yawn, Matt scratched his back and shuffled over to the door and opened it.

Matt jumped back out of surprise, his mother was still standing there red faced from screaming. "I said I was coming," Matt sighed as he scurried passed her and down stairs to join the others for breakfast, hoping there was something left for him.

Name: Rebecca Burlingame
Nickname: Becca
Appearance: Rebecca also has light brown hair and green eyes, and is alittle smaller than Matt. She's very well proportioned, not terribly skinny like Matt and you can't say she's the least bit chubby either. She loves exercise and would rather run instead of relax. She normally has her hair, which comes to the middle of her shoulder blade, pulled back into a pony tail, with a red bandana wrapped around her head and is right below where the pony tail begins. Quite the tomboy, Rebecca's ambition was to become a carpenter or a mechanic, or possibly both, so she normally dressed the part. She normally wears a pair of carpenter pants with a loose t-shirt.
Personality: She's a tomboy, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and rather roll around in a mud puddle than take a bath. Matt calls her a hypocrit because when she's around a boy she likes she tries to impress him by not acting like a tomboy, but rather like just another schoolgirl. She's quite bubbly, and isn't afraid to introduce herself to everybody insight.
House: Oakenfern
Pets: N/A

Name: Russell Burlingame
Nickname: Russ
Appearance: Russ, as well with his older siblings, has light brown hair and green eyes. Looks can be deceiving with him also, for he was a rather small baby at birth and never made up for the height when he grew up. Not a migit by any means, the result of the birth defect (for lack of a better term) is that he appears to look very young for his age, more like a 9 year old than an 11 year old. Russ likes to wear shorts and a nice comfortable t-shirt.
Personality: Russ is completely shy and only talks to his other siblings. Matt and Rebecca are always trying to build up his self-esteem but Russ seems unwilling to do anything for fear he might screw it up and everyone will hate him afterwards. Although he does look to Matt and Rebecca as a role model and tries to follow in their footsteps, although most of the time he fails.
House: Beckenhoof
Pets: N/A

Name: Kelsey Burlingame
Nickname: Kelly
Appearance: Kelly, like the rest, has light brown hair and green eyes. She looks more like a twin to Russ, since they're the same height and look to be the same age as well. Kelly normally wears shorts and a nice comfortable t-shirt, trying not to mimic Russ, she leans toward the girls style of clothing trying not to appear as a tomboy like Becca.
Personality: Like Russ she's extremely shy, and only talks to her other siblings. She's quite a bit more feminine than Becca, and is frequently annoyed by her older sister. On the other hand, both Russ and Kelly admire their eldest sibling, Matt. Kelly is more independent than the others, but it doesn't show as much as she would like since she's so quite and shy.
House: Beckenhoof
Pets: N/A

July 25th, 2005, 8:02 PM
Name: Alexis Barnes
Nickname (Optional): Lex
Physical Description: Standing just under five feet, Lex has an average build for girls her age. Still getting rid of baby fat through growth spirts, she isn't exactly the kind of girl anyone would take much notice of. She has chin length dirty blond hair and hazel eyes, tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt when not in her school uniform, and smiles are a rarity.
Personality: Lex is very much a loner, preferring to stay away from most people. She likes to distract herself with school work and single-person hobbies like jogging and knitting. She can be kind of snappish around people, which earns her the reputation of a snob, but it's only because she feels awkward or threatened.
House: Chipperscrat
Pet: None
RP Sample: "Lay off, will you?" Alexis snapped sharply, her usually meek voice tinged with a bite of anger. She shrugged her older brother's arm from her shoulders and elbowed him in the ribs sharply. He stepped back, looking offended.

"Stupid brat..." he grumbled, narrowing his eyebrows at her and taking off into the house.

Alexis watched him leave and sat down on the worn steps to the porch of her home. The mid-afternoon sun was casting an orange glow on everything. The yellowish parchment in her hands fluttered idly in the breeze, and Alexis pushed stray strands of her short hair behind her left ear. Her hazel eyes darted across the words scrawled out in jagged, black ink.

In a few weeks' time, she would be boarding a train in New York to go to a wizzarding school, something no one in her family had ever heard of doing. Instead of feeling excited, Alexis only felt isolated. She would go, but only because her parents wanted her to. She took one last look around the yard, the sprinkler spraying water apathetically at the thirsty grass, the cars passing lazily by the house. She scrunched up her face and headed back inside for a glass of water.

July 26th, 2005, 12:55 AM
I'm kinda busy, Skye, but I'm posting to say that I'll post. I'll update the important bits later.

Name: Josh McScott
Nickname (Optional): Batesy
Physical Description: -Soon-
Personality: -Soon-
House: Slytherin (For a change of pace)
Pet: Eagle. Trained as an owl but stronger and more fierce.
RP Sample: -Soon- *digs up old MAH*

July 26th, 2005, 4:02 AM
Character 1:

Name: Rachel Lorenzo

Nickname (Optional): Rei

Physical Description: Rachel stands at around 5 feet tall with a slender build. She has short brown hair, which is feathered and layered and Emerald green eyes, accompanied by a pale complexion. She prefers wearing muggle clothing when permitted to wear her own clothes. This normally consists of a pair of flared jeans and a long sleeved black top. A silver dragon pendant hangs around her neck

Personality: Rachel is a quiet and creative individual who would gladly choose to stay in doors and draw or write, rather than play outside, no matter what the weather. She takes great care in her studies and is always the voice of reason in an argument, though she is known to have a rather short temper when things get out of hand. She is not afraid to speak her mind, be it to a teacher or a close friend or enemy, but she takes great care in what she says.

House: Chipperscrat

Pet: A small silver mouse called Cheddar.

Character 2:

Name: Aisha Lorenzo

Nickname (Optional): Lisha

Physical Description: Aisha has mid length brown hair, streaked with silver and emerald green eyes, accompanied by a rather tanned complexion. Like her twin, she also prefers wearing muggle clothing, which normally consists of a pair of beige three quarter length trousers and an overly large blue top with a large picture of a Leviathan printed on the back and a smaller version printed on the chest. Brown sandals are normally her footwear of choice and a red bandana hands around her neck. A pair of black sunglasses lay perched atop her head to keep the unruly strands of hair at bay.

Personality: Aisha is a determined and fun loving individual, who likes nothing more than bending the rules to suit her pleasure. Unlike her twin, Aisha is loud and furthermore, a trouble maker who cares not for how much trouble she gets into. Brave yet foolish, she normally finds herself in all sorts of trouble, be it verbal or physical, she never backs don from a fight.

House: Viperfang

Pet: A small olive Lizard called Gex.

RP Sample:


There was no answer from with in the bedroom and all of a sudden there was a loud echoing bang as a young girl entered, waving what looked like an aging piece of parchment in her right hand. Her grin almost split her face and her eyes were alight with a sort of mischief.

She pounced onto the bed and there was a painful oomph as it came in contact with the sleeping figure that lay beneath the sheets. Slowly an angry face appeared from beneath the quilts and glared daggers at the similar looking girl who lay atop her.

What? She asked in a rough tone, throwing her twin to the floor and sitting herself up on the bed.

Aisha picked herself up from the floor and held the piece of parchment close to her twins face Look! We got in! was her reply as she let the piece of parchment drop into her sisters hands.

Rachel looked over it eagerly, skimming the boring parts in till she reached the end of the invitation to participate in Magical classes at one of the most renowned school in USA, Chimney Rocks school of witch craft and wizardry!

At once, Rachel threw the quilts off of herself and made towards her wardrobe. She threw a glance over her shoulder at Aisha and glared at her Get out! Come on we have to get ready!

Aisha arched an eyebrow Reischool term doesnt start for another 2 weeks

July 26th, 2005, 7:10 AM
It's time to try another harry-potter-universe RP!! XD

Name: Robert Price

Nickname (Optional): (shhh, it's vewy, vewy secret. >_>)

Physical Description: Physically tall for someone his age, with a bit more muscle than usual, he wouldn't really be very intimidating if it wasn't for his cold stares, and the haunted look in his hazel eyes. He has dark brown hair (At least, at this point in time. >_>) and very dark shadows underhis eyes, giving him the look of someone who's been awake for a few weeks.

Personality: Suiting his house perfectly, Robert is very intelligent and cunning, but usually hides it, playing the fool to boost his chances of making friends. He is very rescourceful, however, but not mean, he almost never uses his natural rescources to do anything bad, unless he's in a paticularly foul mood. He does have a prankster streak, but he keeps it controlled. Usually.

House: Vipervang

Pet (Optional, and not limited to a cat, owl, rat, or toad, but be semi-realistic): (Like this nickname, it's a secret, dun worry, all shall be revealed soon enough. >D)

RP Sample: I sighed. I had dealt with rangers and druids before, and he acted like one perfectly. So, I said "It's not just the people. According to what I heard, the whole world is doomed, and if we don't stop him here, he'll come to other ones. From what I understand, he'll kill off the forests, poison the oceans and the skies, and so on." I was lying of course, he hadn't told me that, but an educated guess told me it would probably happen. "So, it looks like you just may have a reason to help us." I noticed the girl again, and in answer to her question, I said "I assume so. It wasn't with me until after the old man spoke."

July 26th, 2005, 7:54 AM
OOC: Just for the sake of being fair, we'd appreciate it if you'd put a sample up, Shiney. :) I don't want to deal with anyone not being accepted because of their RP sample and then being all like "Well, Shiney got in and didn't post one!!"

So far, looks like everyone's in...and I'm sure you won't have a problem either, Shiney ;)

Raichu Master
July 26th, 2005, 8:26 AM
OOC: Strider you're in, great job on your characters and RP Sample! Can't really do anything about Batesy until he gets his profile done. Shiney...*sigh*...yes you must fill out the RP Sample. The whole reason for the profile, at least for me, is the RP Sample, it's used to showcase and show off your skill. I pull no favors and I don't play favorites, everyone must post an RP Sample, with no exceptions. Sorry it's a pet peeve I have...

July 26th, 2005, 8:47 AM
Erm, not to sound impertinent or anything, but as this is in the States, shouldn't we be playing Quadpot over Quidditch?

Name: Seth Merrel
Nickname: None

Physical Description: Seth is a little shorter than average (something he's rather touchy about), and rather wiry to boot, making him a seemingly inviting target for bullies. Only seemingy so, he's reasonably skilled at Aikido. He has light brown, almost golden eyes and fine, straight blonde hair grown down just a little past his ears. When not in school robes, he typically wears a pair of ripped-up (not his fault, all his pants get that way after a few weeks of wear) camo pants, a black t-shirt, and if the weather demands it, an army field jacket. His footwear typically consists of a pair of serviceable boots.

Personality: Seth is always one with a wry, sardonic, but somehow charming grin. He's rather friendly, much preferring to trust someone over even observing their behavior before doing so. Hence, he's been hurt before, but he still will let people into his life easily, perhaps a little to easily. He's quite intolerant of bullies, though, and will step up in the defense of anyone as best he can. So too does intolerance bother him, having watched his brother (now a fifth year) struggle with homosexuality and the iherant bullcrap that comes with it, he will jump down the throat of anyone who doesn't seem to have a particularly open mind about social issues. it should also be noted that he has perhaps an unnatural preoccupation with the Dark Arts.

House: Oakenfern
Pet: A dog, Deio by name.

RP Sample: "Ow..." I gasped, picking myself up off the rocks. After giving myself a quick once-over, to see if anything was bleeding too badly (my right palm concerned me a little, about half of the skin was scraped off), I limped to the edge of the cliff, looking down to check on the status of my bike. Seeing it pained me worse than any of my current injuries. I'd sunk $1,500 into that thing!

Besides, personal injuries gave you a good story to tell, busted equipment just made you look like an idiot.

Busted, my bike definately was. The front rim was twisted beyond repair, and it looked (I couldn't quite tell from this height) like I had a few spokes broken on my back tire. Given how it seemed to have landed, I probably had a broken derailer, too. Not that any of these really mattered at the moment, or ever again, the frame had somehow managed to twist itself around the steering coulmn. "Sonuva.." I muttered, looking down at the mangled wreck. sighing, I began looking around for a trail down. I was in no condition for even for a climb that short.

Raichu Master
July 26th, 2005, 9:02 AM
OOC: *shrugs* I suppose Quidditch will do nicely.

You're in Jake, unless Skye has any objections.

July 26th, 2005, 9:32 AM
This looks fun!! ^-^!!

Name: Jerry Kanairy
Nickname (Optional): J.K
Physical Description: Medium height, pale, thin, likes to wear jeans, most of the time, and wears a royal blue robe over his clothing.
Personality: Very serious, a brainiac, likes to defend people, very bright, and always smiles.
House: ClawGirth
Pet: Cat
RP Sample: The sun was shining brightly over my shoulders. I take a deep breath, look over the horizon, and smile.

"JERRY!! GET OVER HERE NOW!!!" yelled a voice I recgognized as my mothers, she seemed angry.

"Be right there mom, " I replied. I ran through the meadow toward my Orlando home.
I walk through the door and I take a deep breath, as I am tired from running,

"You got mail from some wierd school," she said, handing me the aged piece of parchment.

I opened it, and it read:


You have been accepted to Chimney Rock, the school of witchcraft and wizzardry. Term begins on September first. You will arrive by train. There will be departures from New York City, Orlando, Chicago, and San Fransisco at noon exactly. Regardless of the city from which you depart, the platform you must reach is 5 1/4. Enclosed you will also find a book list and a list of supplies for your first year at Chimney Rock. I look foward to seeing you on September first.


Ichabod Dellman
Chimney Rock School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry

I closed it, and sighed, I was lost in amazement.....

"Wow......So, mom, can I go??" I asked my mother.

"Well leave it up to your father, you know how he is about Magic," she replied, she looked kinda sad.

I waited for my father to get home at 11:00 AM.

"Dad.....Read this, and can I go?"

I handed my father the parchment, he read it....And he said, "Hmm....Fine, well need to catch that train!"

"Wow, okay then, let me pack!!"

I ran up to my room and stuffed my bag with as many things as I could carry.
I ran downstairs and my parents were already in the car. My dad honked the horn, and I got into the car, and we drove off to the train station.

(OOC: Is this an okay RP Sample)

July 26th, 2005, 12:55 PM
Name: Elyon Locke
Nickname (Optional): Elie

Physical Description: Slightly short for her age, Elie stands at four feet nine with a somewhat athletic frame. Her russet hair flows down to her waist, almost always unruly. It is accompanied by bangs; long ones on the sides, and shorter ones on the front. Her eyes are emerald green in color with specks of silver, though only visible to those who examine it carefully.

She favors dressing in muggle clothing rather than school uniforms, which she whines that it's 'too stuffy'. Her clothes usually consist of anything loose or boyish-like; a big shirt and baggy pants or shorts, or perhaps anything she borrows from he big brother. She never wears anything feminine. She also has two little fangs that are evident whenever she smiles, talk, or simply open her mouth.

Personality: Loud and brash, Elie can typically be called a wild child. She does anything risky and pays no heed to her wellbeing. She is always bursting with energy and tends to be cheery, although she doesn't have as much patience. She lacks, erm, well intelligence and has a short attention span; she is quite quick to forget things. She has the innocence of a child, but is often overlooked because of her audacious behavior.

House: Oakenfern
Pet: A little white bunny whom she strangely named, Bunnii.

[ x ]

Name: Alphonse Locke
Nickname (Optional): Al. Elie tends to pronounce it Aruu, though.

Physical Description: Al has yellowish russet hair, which is never orderly. It goes down until his shoulders and he usually ties it in a single ponytail. He has the same emerald green eyes as the younger, which reflect his sympathetic nature. He stands at exactly five feet with a more athletic frame and has a slightly tanned skin tone. He prefers muggle clothing as well, and tends to wear a black shirt along with army pants. He usually carries a small sack, containing bandages, on his pants for, well, just incase somebody gets an injury.

Personality: Al is easily described as selfless and sympathetic. He often helps anyone in need; whether from bullies or just in simple cases. He excels in martial arts, but tends to only use it when necessary. He is highly intelligent and Elie's voice of reason, like a Jiminy Cricket, as she put it. He sees the good qualities of everyone, even though it is vague to others.

When it comes to his younger sister, though, it would seem like he somehow altered. Anyone he sees hurting or simply making fun of her, he would immediately fight themor maybe even kill them, but of course he never killed anyone; just put in a coma. He is extremely protective of her and believes that he is responsible for her.

House: Clawgirth
Pet: A brown squirrel Elie named Squirrelly.

RP Sample: "Brotherhey, BrotherAruu!"

Al was pondering about their acceptance at the wizarding school. It was in two weeks, but he was really thrilled. The aged-looking parchment they had received was still tightly clasped on his hand. Granted, he had simply scan the paper, reading only one or two sentences, but he knew it already. With just the first words dotted in ink he saw, he knew it.

It wasn't until a few moments before he realized that Elie had been pouting at him, whining that he was being all daydream-ish while she waited for him to snap out of his dazed state. Al flashed a soft smile at her and gently patted her head.

"Sorry, Elie, I was just thinking of Chimney Rock. I still can't get over the fact that we're accepted." He stated, adding a gentle chuckle.

"I know, I know! Brother kept telling me that yesterday!" She exclaimed, forcing on an annoyed demeanor, though grinning brightly. She loved seeing him excited for himself for once. She had always hated herself for being a burden to him, for always making him worry.

Ah, sorry if it ish a bit short. If I need to change anything, or maybe everything [X3;], tell me. :3

Raichu Master
July 26th, 2005, 7:47 PM
OOC: Mari, I always love reading your work, it's great to have you in the group! You're accepted!

Myrrh, you might want to include more depth in your character's appearance and personality. You're RP Sample is fine with me. But I'd like to see a bit more time put into the appearance and personality section, if you don't mind. I might help if you put it in paragraph for like the rest. Sorry...I just have a few pet peeves when it comes to profiles...short ones really bug me...sorry...I hope you don't mind... :(

Shiney, I guess I'll wait for Skye...my head hurts from all the typing, and the thinking, and the waiting, and the...you get my point. Anyway, I'll let skye handle the rest...

Well, I guess we wait to see if my better half ok's you guys! I have a feeling she's a little easier than I am, although I've given up trying to figure out women...so I could be wrong! ^^

July 26th, 2005, 8:06 PM
Name: Raelin Campbell
Nickname (Optional): Rae
Physical Description: Petite and short Rae is a girl who moves in fluid grace. Her slightly hazelnut colored tresses cascade down to her waist, held together at the top with a forest green ribbon. Her eyebrows are covered by her long, straight bangs her eyes peeking shyly underneath. When one examines her eyes carefully enough, one will notice that her eyes constantly change color from green yellow to hazel.
Rae prefers to dress in loose clothing, plain, yet elegant clothing - such as dresses.
Personality: Raelin always wears a pensive expression on her face, of one who knows, but is not smug about it. She is eager in learning, but other from her schoolwork she has no social skills. She disregards any of those people who dont take rules seriously she is a very obedient person.
House: Beckenhoof
Pet: A small grayish-blue kitten named Ula.
RP Sample:
Raelin dear! her mother exclaimed enthusiastically. Youre finally starting school, howd you feel?

Rae sat in the backseat, petting her kitten Ula who was currently purring contently, obviously content to stay in her lap forever. She sighed, stopping petting her kitten momentarily, causing Ula to glance up curiously.

Mom youre worried, arent you? she asked softly, her gaze downcast.

Her mom stiffened slightly, her knuckles white. Dear she said, her voice tense, Im not worried, youll be fine. she finished abruptly as the car swerved, muttering a few curse words as their car narrowly missing a massive truck, saved only because their car narrowed itself magically between a sedan and the truck.

Rae sighed. Youll be fine too mom. She said, trying to smile. In reality though, she was worried. Her mom was always unstable ever since the death of her father, and her little brother wasnt of much help anyways. Whos going to take care of Irving when Im gone? she thought worryingly as they reached the station.

As soon as her mom parked the car, Rae rushed out to grab her trunk, with Ula tucked underneath her arm. She rushed off to platform 5 , never glancing back, in a meager attempt to contain the tears flowing from her eyes

July 26th, 2005, 9:34 PM
Alrighty, my updated Sign Up:

Name: Josh McScott

Nickname: Batesy
Physical Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, fairly tall for a guy his age. Not all that good looking. Slightly overweight, shortish hair, long nails, couple of scars. Nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.

Personality: Josh is an all around smart guy. A bit nice half the time, pranking other half, but smart every day. Very aggressive if someone pushes him too far. Not the kind of Slytherin who would be dark after leaving school.

House: Slytherin (For a change of pace)

Pet: Eagle. Trained as an owl but stronger and more fierce.

RP Sample: (Meh I couldn't find one in MAH so now I'll have to hurt myself and use my brain. XD)

A small rumble was heard as Josh, a brown haired eleven year old burst down the stairs of his house. Since they were on the corner of a highway, everyday he would see the cars heading into town leaving on the right and some heading out further on the left (This was a bugger since it's vice versa here).
Josh went out to the mailbox. Being seven in the morning and first awake he felt he should check it.
'Bills, bills, catelog," he read to himself. "Letter from God, bill, bill, catelog, catelog, bill, catelog, bill, catelog, letter from Chimney Rock, bill -" he paused and went back to the second last letter. "Chimney Rock?" he looked at it. It was definitely addressed to him. He opened it and looked. "Dear Mr. J. McScott, blah, blah, accepted into a wizarding school, blah - Hang on!" he read over it. "Wizarding School?"
Josh took it inside and read more thorougly, scanning every letter with his blue eyes.
"This'll be amazing when I tell mum and dad about this!" he shouted quietly.

July 27th, 2005, 7:52 AM
OOC: I agree completely with RM....so all looks good. I have a problem with Batesymon's sign up however. Go back and read through the intro again....focusing on the Houses and their names, and I think you'll understand. Thanks!

Raichu Master
July 27th, 2005, 9:31 AM
OOC: YAY! Someone finally agrees with me for once in my life! XD

Once Batesy gets a bit more organized and realizes he ain't at Hogwarts, I'd say everyone is accepted! ^^

July 27th, 2005, 10:00 AM
Haaahhh You guys haven't started yet!! =D I was debating on joining... Then I didn't come back to PC for like, 3 days, didn't work out so well XD When I saw how huge the page is, I thought you guys already started! Guess not ^.^ Mind if I join, if it's not too late?

Name: Kristopher Noah Ravyn

Nickname (Optional): Adults call him Kris, prefers his friends to call him by his middle name, Noah

Physical Description: Noah is of average height, fair-tan skin, with straight, brown hair that sticks up at it's peak in the front, and slowly tapers lower as it reaches the back of his head. His eyes are a very deep-but bright brown. He has a broad and fit upper-body that narrows as it reaches his feet.

Personality: As his house describes, he is strong (more mentally than physically), loyal, brave, and very protective, but is also very rash (in other words, doesn't like to think when it isn't required). He always pastes a grin on his face, always trying to look towards the better side of things. He'd much rather read about facts that involve his interests, as opposed to fantasy novels, and loves to play sports - soccer in particular, he isn't much of a fan of quidditch, though...

House: Clawgirth
Pet: None

RP Sample:

'Kris, come over here...' His father called. Noah rolled his eyes on impulse, never liking the way the name 'Kris' sounds... Regardless, he dragged himself out of bed, and walked down the stairs, where his dad was standing with a letter, alone... Only reminding Noah of the fight that his parents had gotten into just a few years ago. Pausing for a moment, he continued to walk down the stairs, making his way towards his dad.

'Well... It's evident in this letter that you have you're mother's blood,' his dad chuckled, not wanting to sound sinister.

'What do you mean?' Noah asked with curiosity, not completely understanding.

'Well, I know it was a problem with your mother and I, but... This letter... It says that you've been accepted into Chimney Rock: The School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry... So I can either accept it, or lose a son, and I really don't feel like choosing the second option...'

'If you could deal with it in my case, what was wrong with mom?...' He wanted to ask... But decided it was too much of a sensitive question.


You have been accepted to Chimney Rock, the school of witchcraft and wizzardry. Term begins on September first. You will arrive by train. There will be departures from New York City, Orlando, Chicago, and San Fransisco at noon exactly. Regardless of the city from which you depart, the platform you must reach is 5 1/4. Enclosed you will also find a book list and a list of supplies for your first year at Chimney Rock. I look foward to seeing you on September first.


Ichabod Dellman
Chimney Rock School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry

'... 5 1/4?...' Noah asked in confusion. His father laughed,

'Don't worry, I've gone through all of this with your mother, too, she went to the very same school... I'll be able to help you out... Congratulations...' He gave his son a soft smile, one that Noah could only respond to with a smile of his own...

Raichu Master
July 27th, 2005, 10:24 AM
OOC: Sure I think it's ok! I say you can join, I'm not sure how many people Skye was looking for, I'm sure she doesn't have a member limit. But I suppose we shall wait and see. So far she hasn't disagreed with me...but as I've said before, I've given up trying to figure out women...so you never know. XD

July 27th, 2005, 5:06 PM
OOC: Sure I think it's ok! I say you can join, I'm not sure how many people Skye was looking for, I'm sure she doesn't have a member limit. But I suppose we shall wait and see. So far she hasn't disagreed with me...but as I've said before, I've given up trying to figure out women...so you never know. XD

Oy....you're silly. We aren't hard to figure out! :-P

Yep...everything looks to be going pretty well! Batesy still needs to fix his sign up...but other than that I totally approve!

Raichu Master
July 27th, 2005, 5:15 PM
Josh lives in Australia...he won't be on until we're both asleep...so neither of us will get to him until tomorrow morning...*sigh*...oh well. We could begin, and have people who still want to join, join...or how many were you thinking of having before starting? I think we have quite a big group.

July 27th, 2005, 5:16 PM
Name: Akida

Nickname (Optional): none

Physical Description: Akida is a small girl with long, black hair that she normally keeps back in one, long braid. Her eyes are a deep, rich blue color, and she always wears a necklace with a teardrop-shaped crystal. She also wears small, silver framed glasses. Her skin tone is fairly light, and a few freckles are dotted about her nose. Her bones seem to jut out more than natural, particularly around her collarbone, cheeks, and shoulders. She is also much thinner than what is considered normal.

Personality: Akida is very reserved at first. Normally, she won't walk up to another person and just introduce herself. Akida is very afraid of being hurt like she has been in the past by those close to her. She is very loyal to those who take the time to dig past her exterior layer. Akida is a dancer, and nothing will change that about her.

House: Beckenhoof

Pet: A small, arctic fox. Nashy appeared along with Akida's crystal necklace, and the two have never been seperated since.

RP Sample: I awoke with a start. For a moment, I couldn't figure out why I was awake, and then I noticed Nashy chewing on my toes. I pulled my feet up with a squeal. What are you doing, Nashy?! I asked her sharply.

Nashy gave me her cute fox smile and batted at the sock she'd pulled off. Nothing, was her only reply.

I sighed and rolled out of bed, pulling on some clothes and going downstairs where a curious letter found its way into my hands. I opened the thick, yellow parchment slowly, looking curiously at the wax seal. After reading, and then rereading the letter 4 times, I rushed into the kitchen to show it to my mother.

"What do you make of it?" I asked excitedly, scooping Nashy up into my arms.

My mother did not look as excited as I did. She merely sighed deeply and smiled tearilly at me. "You're father's blood truely does run strong in your viens, Akida. This is the school he attended... before he and I met, and before he left us..."

I nodded my understanding, pulling my mother into a tight, weepy embrace.


I'm putting in two characters, if that's alright...

Name: Ryzida

Nickname (Optional): Riz

Physical Description: Riz has short, curly brown hair and light, laughing green eyes. She has a medium build and is average height. She wears rather unusual clothing, but it suits her personality. She has high cheekbones that are curiously and perpetually rosy.

Personality: Riz is a bubbly character who is open to all. She's always smiling and trying to make the world a better place. She has a mysterious past, and will get rather touchie if someone tries too hard to pry into it. These times, however, are rare. Normally, she's happy-go-lucky.

House: Chipperscrat

Pet: A small, chocolate lab pup named Tolati

RP Sample: Riz smiled as she bounced back into the house, Tolati's tags jingling merrily on her collar. "Gramma! I'm home!" she called.

"In here, Ryzida!" her grandmother called from the kitchen.

Riz stepped into the kitchen where her grandmother was holding a letter and beaming. Riz gasped as she caught a glimpse of the seal and hugged her grandmother tighly. "I'm IN?!" she gasped.

"Very much so. You're term starts September 1st!" her grandmother giggled.

Riz broke away from her grandmother and scooped up Tolati. The pup barked happily as the pair danced around the kitchen. "I'm going to be a witch! I'm going to be a fully-fledged witch!" Riz sang as they danced.


Well, hope I'm in!!

Raichu Master
July 27th, 2005, 5:37 PM
You're in! Congrats! ^^

Skye said women aren't complicated, so I'm going with my gut that she doesn't have any problem with it! XD

July 30th, 2005, 7:50 AM
*laughs* Goodie! So... when do we start? *is highly anxious*

Raichu Master
July 30th, 2005, 9:13 AM
OOC: We forgot a very important detail in the intro. So we fixed it, now all skye has to do is edit the post.

July 30th, 2005, 11:21 AM
Hey everyone ^.^

I just got together each of the maps and put them together in a PSD document... How it works is, I placed the

main floor on the first layer...
second floor
third floor
fourth floor,

Each with the Opacity of 87%, and filled the area around each map with white. What I did is, I placed the stairways in line with each other (RM was awesome, I didn't have to resize them or anything, they generally fit together really well!! Not perfect, but really really well!!) How to use it once your done, is.. Start off with all of the layers 'hidden'.. Then make them visible as you go up each floor, 1-by-1. This way, you can make sense of where the stairways lead because of the 87% opacity, and not wonder 'If I go up this staircase, where will I go again?' And bother with matching up the letters and figuring out perspective, etc. Now, you can just make the layer above you, and say 'ohhhh now I know!' and still barely see where you are right now under the layer you have visible ^.^ I hope that made sense X_x;

I'd put it up as an attachment, but I keep getting error messages... Maybe it's too big? Well, now you all know how to do it :) (If you haven't figured it out already, gee that would be disappointing :sleeping: ...)

July 30th, 2005, 2:17 PM
Here's my edited Sign Up:

Name: Josh McScott

Nickname: Batesy

Physical Description: Brown hair, blue eyes, fairly tall for a guy his age. Not all that good looking. Slightly overweight, shortish hair, long nails, couple of scars. Nothing out of the ordinary otherwise.

Personality: Josh is an all around smart guy. A bit nice half the time, pranking other half, but smart every day. Very aggressive if someone pushes him too far. Not the kind of Slytherin who would be dark after leaving school.

House: Viperfang (For a change of pace)

Pet: Eagle. Trained as an owl but stronger and more fierce.

RP Sample: (Meh I couldn't find one in MAH so now I'll have to hurt myself and use my brain. XD)

A small rumble was heard as Josh, a brown haired eleven year old burst down the stairs of his house. Since they were on the corner of a highway, everyday he would see the cars heading into town leaving on the right and some heading out further on the left (This was a bugger since it's vice versa here).
Josh went out to the mailbox. Being seven in the morning and first awake he felt he should check it.
'Bills, bills, catelog," he read to himself. "Letter from God, bill, bill, catelog, catelog, bill, catelog, bill, catelog, letter from Chimney Rock, bill -" he paused and went back to the second last letter. "Chimney Rock?" he looked at it. It was definitely addressed to him. He opened it and looked. "Dear Mr. J. McScott, blah, blah, accepted into a wizarding school, blah - Hang on!" he read over it. "Wizarding School?"
Josh took it inside and read more thorougly, scanning every letter with his blue eyes.
"This'll be amazing when I tell mum and dad about this!" he shouted quietly.

July 30th, 2005, 3:14 PM
*whisper* pssttt, the houses, change the house------ The equivelant of slytherin is Viperfang I'm assuming, lol

July 31st, 2005, 3:37 AM
Woops. Thanks for pointing it out. XD

July 31st, 2005, 4:27 AM
OOC: Alrighty....this looks good for a start I think! I'll go edit the first post with a few details I forgot....RM would you do the honors of the first post?

Raichu Master
July 31st, 2005, 6:29 PM
OOC: Sorry for the huge delay...PC kept saying that the server was too busy and to try again later...so I kept trying and if FINALLY let me back on!

Anyway, yes I'll do the honors, I've been windin' this thing up for about a week now...here goes nothing! ^^

IC:Before I start getting into Matt, Becca, Russ, and Kelly Burlingame, there is some background information that must first be made public before we start to understand the quadruplets. Their mothers parents were both magically inclined and so was her only brother who was 5 years old than her, she appeared not to have any magical capabilities at all, but she got a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry nonetheless. School was rough for her, she found casting spells extremely hard, since she really didnt have any magical ability, so to pass school and too make her parents proud, she stayed up long hours of every night trying to self teach herself how to use magic. Fortunately, she did have traces of her magical heritage, and was able to overcome her disability enough to pass. She chose life as a muggle after almost breaking her neck to learn magic, although shes technically a witch, the only time her children have seen her use magic is when they visit their grandparents so she can keep them happy and not have to hear them harp on the life she chose to lead.

Their father, whose parents were also magically incline as well as her two sisters and three brothers, was also magically handicap, so to speak. Since all his siblings successfully passed through Chimney Rock, he wanted to try a different school and so went off to Hogwarts where he met his mother. They shared the same house, Hufflepuff, and would stay up together, all night if they had to, to try and figure out how to get passed their magical defect, if you would. Once passing Hogwarts, he went on to try and become a successful Auror like the childrens mothers brother who fought side and side with Jeremy Oakenfern. He failed to do so, not even coming close to becoming as great as those two. He had already married their mother by that time, and no one was surprised by the wedding, they all were excepting them to get married as soon as they turned 17, but they waited until they saw what life would hand them. They both chose normal lives, so that their children would have more than one choice of what life they would like to live, whether they chose to be a muggle or not, they would take pride in either of their decisions.

Now with quadruplets, Matt is the only one out of the four who shows any magical capabilities and can use a bit of magic, thanks to the grandparents on both sides. Matt was the most favored of their grandchildren since he was the only one that could use magic, or was aware of magic. So they taught him a few spells and how to handle not having any accidents, always buying him stuff and spoiling him silly. Although he was the most spoiled, he would much rather spend time with his siblings, finding their grandparents a little overwhelming. Kelly, the youngest, has shown some signs, their grandparents swear they saw her have a few mishaps, but Kelly says differently. Russell, who is the second youngest, has actually had two phenomenons that their parents can remember, which set their grandparents into action to try and teach Russ, but to this day they cant get it out of him. Rebecca, the most disliked of the four in their grandparents eyes, is a disgrace in their eyes, and Rebecca doesnt want anything to do with them. Nevertheless, the all get invitations to Chimney Rock, they seem convinced that they all are magically inclined.

Dressed in blue jeans, a black shirt, and his navy blue robe, Matt made his way down to the breakfast table after waking up early. He had a feeling that something was to come to day, but he wasnt sure what it was, it was just a feeling he had. Becca came down in her usual carpenter pants and loose white T-shirt, ready to take on the day and continue work on her souped up muscle car that she swears shell have working perfectly by the time shes old enough to drive it. Russ, who was dressed in an unusual mahogany robe, with his usual blue jean shorts and comfortably fitting green T-shirt, he really had no clue why he wanted to wear the robe that his grandparents had bought him, he figured hed try something new. Kelly came down to breakfast still dressed in her nightgown, too lazy to care to put on any close, as far as she was concerned shed just go right back to her room and sleep after she ate.

Good morning, they all greeted at the same as they filed into the dining room. Their parents were both beaming happily at all four of them as they sat down.

Whats for breakfast? Kelly asked as she sat down at the table, not seeing any thing ready.

Pancakes, but theyre still cooking, their father said, a little too brightly for any of the children to feel comfortable. They all exchanged worried looks as they turned to face their overly excited parents.

So Matt said, after breaking what seemed like an eternity of silence. You two seem happy he continued lamely.

Well, we just received four letters. One addressed to each of you, their father said as he passed out the four letters that had very official looking seals on them. The children exchanged worry looks again before their father coaxed, Go on, open them.

One by one, the quadruplets took out a letter identical to the others. Matt and Russ beamed happily as they finished reading, while Becca and Kelly shifted nervously in their seats. Im definitely goingwell if its alright with you two, Matt said immediately, sharing his parents enthusiasm.

Then Im going to! Kelly piped up; Kelly then shut her mouth immediately. What was she saying!? She had no magical powersbut it was go with Matt, or stay with Becca, and if that were the case shed be going with her eldest brother.

Their parents looked over at Kelly with surprised, but then soon understood where their daughter was coming from and just nodded, and then turned their attention to Russ and Becca.

With Matt babbling excitedly into her ear, coaxing her to come, she looked over at Russ; who returned her uneasy look. Russ, who admired his brother, knew how irrational he could be, and how unpredictable he could become, he admired Becca because she normally used more common sense, so whatever Becca decided to do, hed follow her. After what seemed like hours, maybe days, Becca finally smiled and nodded at Russ. Ill go too, Becca announced, not taking her eyes off Russ who was brimming over with happiness. Becca really didnt want to go, despised everything there was about magic, but she knew Russ would do want she did, and also knew how badly he wanted to go. Shed endure whatever life threw at her to see her younger brother smile and be happy, since he didnt do a lot of that, and it worried her that Russ wasnt content with life.

Their parents stared at her in disbelief, and then again, shook their head in understanding, not needing her to voice her decision again. Well, well just reply to the school saying youll attend! their mother said as she took out her wand and with a swift flick of her wrist, four owls appeared on the kitchen table, and she tied a letter to each of the owls, and sent them on their way with the replies.

Well, breakfast is ready, she called to the group as she sat the plates with the pancakes on them in front of each of them.

After eating breakfast, Becca sneaked off to the garage, which kept her car, while the others went back to their rooms, to look over the list of books and other things that were necessary. She had no worry about money, her grandparents and rich and successful uncles would give them the money that wasnt her problem. Her problem was the fact that all her life she was lived a normal life, and now she was being forced into a strange and bizarre world that she only knew when she went to visit her relatives, and even then it was a small portion of it.

Hey, a voice said from behind Becca, who was sitting in the driver seat of her 1967 Ford Mustang convertible. Turning around she saw Matt leaning against the door leading into the house with his arms crossed. His easy appearance could not hide the worry that had spread across his face. That was a great thing you did back there, Matt continued, keeping his voice soft and compassionate, mimicking how he truly felt.

What was I supposed to do? Let Russ be left behind? He was really eager to go! Becca protested, a tear escaping her eyes, and sliding down her soft cheek. He looks up to you, ya know? Becca whispered as she turned back around in the seat and stared down at the steering wheel.

Yeah I know. He also admires you, Bec, Matt said his voice as soft as it previously was. He would have stayed to keep you company, if you chose to stay.

I knowthats why I couldnt disappoint him Becca sighed, another tear rolling off her cheek. What was I supposed to do? You would have done the same exact thing if you were in my position.

Yes, I probably would have, Matt admitted as he took a seat beside his sister. But you feel youve let down yourself and your ambitions by accepting to go, Matt added as he looked over to his sister, who didnt return the look, and set her eyes firmly on the steering wheel, but comprehending every word that Matt spoke.

Becca slowly nodded as tears started rolling freely down her cheeks, a whimper so followed as a sign that she agreed with him. Matt hated seeing his sister this upset, she was tougher than this, or at least looked it. Her tears contrasted greatly with her grease-smudged face. Taking a deep breath, Matt finally said, more forcefully this time; Get a hold of yourself.

What? Becca complained as she turned her tear-worn face towards him. You were the last person I thought Id hear that from, she spat, her tears stopping abruptly and wiping her eyes to prevent any further tears.

Get a hold of yourself. Why are you crying over something like this? Youll be back at Christmas, and you get a huge summer break! You have plenty of time to work on your stupid car, Matt said, finally letting it known what he came down here for.

Its not stupid! she protested, but not making any move to remove herself.

You cant spend your life working on this thing! Who knowsyou might find you like magic! You never know whats going to happen! Matt said calmly, but still forcefully. He knew why she loved the care, but at the same time he knew it was completely absurd to want to slave away at the machine her whole life. When Becca didnt reply, Matt got out of the car and left her there in the garage to think about what he had just said and to meditate on what she should do in the future.

Hey there squirt! Matt said as he entered Russs bedroom, finding Russ happily humming to himself as he flipped through the channels on his TV. Russ looked over to Matt and grinned in reply, and made room on his bed so that Matt could join him. Anything good on?

Ehjust a few cartoons, and a antique car show, which Becky would sure like, Russ replied with a rather bored sigh as he continued to flip through the channels.

You excited for school? Matt continued, as he laid back beside Russ and watched as the channels changed as Russ pressed the button.

Nervous, Russ admitted as he turned the TV off and threw the remote aside. You know how I am around strangers.

YeahIm sure youll meet a lot of new friends there. You just have to try harder to be more confident in yourself, Matt said easily, as he sat up and looked down at Russ with a smile.

Russ returned the smile and then replied, I guessyoull be there with me wont you?

Of course! I wouldnt have it any other way! Besides all of us are going! Matt reminded him. Even if we dont get into the same house one of us is bound to end up with you!

Russ smiled at that and Matt took his hand and ruffled his hair and set off out of his room. See ya, bud. Got to go check on tiny, Matt said, referring to Kelly, who was the youngest of the four. Russ and Kelly had been debating on whom was taller than the other had, although they were exactly the same height, they both tried to argue that the other was a hair smaller, which lead to a heated argument. Russ giggled at the gesture and watched as Matt left his room.

Hey, Matt, Kelly said dryly, as Matt entered the room hoping to surprise her with a teasing remark of you think your taller than Russ, shortie? but Kelly beat him to it.

How did you know it was me? Matt asked as he flopped down on the floor beside Kelly, who was watching her favorite episode of Loony Toons.

You always makes sure you visit each of us after breakfast before you head off to your own room to sleep, Kelly replied, equally dry toned.

Yeah well, cant have you guys saying that I dont talk! Matt replied pleasantly, used to her sarcastic tone. Excited for school?

I guess she said, a bit more nervous now that Matt had her thinking of Chimney Rock. Im not sure about it though

Why not? Matt asked, suspecting that she knew something that he didnt, which really bugged him, because she normally kept it to herself and left him guessing.

You and I both know Im not magically inclined, Kelly replied weakly. But why did they send me an invitation?

Obviously they know something you dont, Matt said with a wink, which drew a grumble from Kelly. Well Im going to go take my nap, since you dont want to talk, Matt said foreigning anger.

Knock yourself out, Kelly replied as she crawled up in her own bed and went to sleep like she had planned to do before she got the letter.

Kellys eyelids fluttered up as a knock erupted from her door. Jumping out of her bed, realizing that it was almost lunchtime, Kelly threw on a pair of shorts and an orange T-shirt before opening the door to see who was knocking. Becca was standing there looking half amused at Kellys mess of hair that was tangled all the way down to her waist, and her quickly put together wardrobe. What? Kelly asked, slightly embarrassed that she didnt have any time to take a shower and get dressed properly.

Mom wants us all in the living room. Time to go get our supplies for school, Becca said, oddly happy for the depressed mood she was in a few hours before. From the looks of Kellys face, Becca could tell she didnt quite get what she meant. Becca rolled her eyes and said exasperated, The supplies that are on the list that you received from your letter. Now come on, mum has the flow powder ready. Grabbing Kelly by the arm, Becca gave her no time to register as she pulled along with her, quite merrily as she skipped down the stairs with Kelly being pulled along with her.

When they finally reached the living room, Matt and Russ snorted with laughter at Kellys hair before being slammed by their mother. Ready? she asked as she looked at the two girls entering the room, ignoring the boys continue laughter, of course it didnt help matters that their father was also looking funny at Kellys hair.

When Kelly got to Matt and Russs side, and their giggle fit stopped she whispered, Whats Becca all excited about? I thought shed be the one who was extremely upset about this.

Matt rolled his eyes and replied, She just learned that a really good Quidditch player, you know the one she thinks is hot? Is attending Chimney Rock this year. That was enough to coax her into a better mood. Matt emphasized the word hot but making quotation gestures.

That would do it Kelly sighed and rolled her eyes at the thought as well. Matt wasnt the only one who thought their sister was a hypocrite.

Now now, lets all stop this nonsense, their father said as he threw a bit of the flow powder into the fire that had been started at the hearth. Rebecca, you first.

With a nod, Rebecca stepped firmly into the fireplace and shouted, Mysterium Square! Vanishing in a puff of flames, the others watched in amazement, she really COULD do magic! Or maybe it was just the flow powderor has she been hiding something all along?

OOC: It feels so good to let that out of my system, I've been planning and plotting and so on and so forth for what seemed like forever! Finally I can let it all go! XD

August 1st, 2005, 2:48 AM
Name: Eddy
Nickname (Optional): Ed
Physical Description: Eddy was a tall boy for his age he wore a black top and trousers, on the back of the jacket there was a picture of a dragon breathing fire.
Personality: Eddy was very smart for a boy of his age he was very mentally strong and always wanted to be a quiditch player he was very ambitious to get things done properly and he never backs down form a challenge.
House: Clawgrith
Pet: Horse: has red coat and a black tail it has black wings on it as well.
RP Sample:
Eddy snuck downstairs after hearing the mail man post the letters. He looked out of the window and saw that the street was strangley empty. He walked outside and took the post in and looked through them they mainly were bills and other things but the last letter read:

Eddy Gordo
123 Asuka lane

Eddy opened the letter and read through
"yeah yeah yeah right lets see been invited to school of witch craft and wizardry blah blah blah..... huh?" He looke back and re read the bit that spoke about witchcraft and wizardry.
"WOW!" He shouted and ran back upstairs to show his mum.
His mum and Dad were both magical but Eddy didnt know about it until just then when they had told him that they knew he would get this letter

Raichu Master
August 1st, 2005, 4:41 AM
OOC: Squall if you want to join this rp, I would greatly appriciate it if you put more time into your character's profile. Such as more depth in your character's personality and appearance. And I'm sad to say, no the rp sample you gave isn't sufficient enough. As I said could you put more time into the profile?

August 1st, 2005, 5:34 AM
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August 1st, 2005, 11:20 AM
OOC: Just so everyone knows, I updated my first post. I've been having HUGE issues with PC. Everyone travels to Mysterium Square (our equivalent to Diagon Alley) via floo powder. For those with Muggle parents, a sheet in your letter describes several fireplaces in your location in which to travel. I also for some reason can't check my PMs.....so yeah....if I don't reply to stuff, don't hate me!

I also think that for the sake of keeping it simple, it might be a good idea to have everyone board a train in Mysterium Square....give our characters chances to meet each other and such! RM, what do you think?

IC: Alexis turned over on her side and gazed out across the street. She was lying boredly on the front steps of her house, alternating between watching the ants crawling in zigzaggs on the concrete walkway before her and the neighbors moving in across the street. The afternoon sun was hazy, casting a dull orange gloom over the neighborhood.

In her hands, she handled the yellowish parchment containing the precious information for her departure to Chimney Rock. She played with it apathetically, passing it between her fingers.

She brushed back her dirty blond hair and let out an exaggerated breath. Stuffing the paper in her skater short pockets, she got up in a swift motion that did not match her docile and bored demeanor. Throwing her helmet onto her head, and grabbing her skateboard, Alexis made her way around the house dully, looking bored as ever.

"Hey, Squirt!" Toby, her brother called. "Get your stuff. Mom says it's time for you to go!"

Alexis squinted at him through the summer haze. She skated to the porch once more, and clambered up the steps. She and her brother had been so close until she had accidentally sent him flying off his skateboard using the magical ability she didn't know she had. Now he regarded her with a sort of anxious fear.

The siblings looked at each other. So similar in appearance, Alexis looked just as he did when he was eleven. THey had the same length of dirty blond hair, the same hazel eyes, the same walk, and before Toby's voice had changed, the same vocal timbre. Alexis stood before him in clothes he had grown out of. Toby, who stood much taller than she, with nearly four years on her, looked incredibly comical in his stance, his eyes alert and afraid. She pushed past him angrily.

"Thanks," she muttered, and stormed over to her trunk.

Their mother entered then, a tall, willowy woman, very feminine compared to her children. She smiled gently at the two, and when she spoke, her soft tone carried such strength that there was no mistaking what she said.

"Toby, would you please take Lex for me? I've got way too much to do today for the office, and I'd really appreciate it..."

Toby mumbled something that sounded like a begrudged "yes," and hauled his sister's trunk out to his moped. Alexis grabbed her board, and looked at her mother, feeling an odd sensation of homesickness sweeping over her already.

"You'll do well," her mother said, kissing her forehead. "Don't worry, and write often."

Alexis scrambled out of the house without a word, and followed her brother down the road into the town park, where the fireplace where she would travel by resided.

"There it is," Toby said, an odd discomfort in his voice.

The fireplace Alexis would be traveling by was an old landmark where the first homestead of thier town had been built. Alexis pulled out her parchment, reading the instructions. She noted the coffee can of powder by the hearth.

"Okay..." she muttered, and stepped into the fireplace, holding her trunk and skateboard. She looked over at her brother, taking the floo powder in hand. "Bye...."

She took a deep breath, spoke the name of her destination very clearly.

"Mysterium Square!"

She dropped the floo powder at her feet and immediately felt her body being yanked from the ground.

In the next instant, she was sprawled out on the ground by another fireplace, surrounded by people in robes. There were a bunch of kids her age chatting excitedly. She grabbed her board, hopped onto it, and pulled her trunk behind her through the crowded streets.

She sat down at the fountain in the middle of the square, looking around at the various shops. Regarding her list, she decided that the first thing she should do is get a wand. She looked at the pouch of money her mother had given her, jingling the gold, silver, and copper coins curiously, and then made her way towards Kinderflame, the wand shop.

August 1st, 2005, 12:11 PM
"Come on, come on," snapped my brother, rather annoyed, ushering me towards the fireplace and motioning towards our parents.

I muttered, "You just want to se Eric again." His eyes widened, I knew I'd hit my mark dead-on.

He hissed back, "True enough, kid, but don't let mom or dad know."

I whisped reassuringly, "I know, I know. You don't think I've noticed their feelings on the matter? I won't tell them, I promise."

He flashed a smile at me, saying, "Thanks, Seth."

I shook my head a little, a silent "Don't mention it." He nodded and took down a pot of Floo Powder, tossing it into the fireplace and motioning for me to go on ahead.

I took his offer, enunciating very clearly (for I had no desire to wind up in Massachusets again), "Mysterium Square!" Hence, the familiar feeling of Floo travel took hold, and shortly enough, I was stepping out of the fireplace in the American branch of Gringotts. My brother and parents came in shortly behind, my father quickly making arrngements to withdraw some money from the family vault for today's shopping. Though not precisely rich, we were at least well-off, thanks to my (late) grandfather. He'd left us a large portion of his wealth accumulated in his work for the Department of Magic.

Thus, after the Gringotts trip, I found myself being measured for school robes in Horton Pince's Magical Finery and Silks whilst my brother talked colors for his new dress robes. I shook my head slightly, prompting a brief admonishment from the assistant measuring me. Laughing a little, I ceased my motion, eagar to be done with the required shopping. Then, at least, I could go exploring. ooks were no problem, I'd insiste on borrowing Michael's. After all, he'd already highlighted and notated them, made my life rather easier.

Finally fitted, I left the shop with what some might call indecent hurry, my money bag jingling as I pushed my way towards Kinderflame. The sooner done, the better, hopefully I could poke around a little for some... less orthodox spellbooks. My parentss wouldn't approve, but, well, every child seeingly went through a phase where the darker side of things interested them, hopefully they would pass it off as that. And if not... Well, my grandfather had taught me a few tricks.

August 1st, 2005, 1:52 PM
A small rumble was heard as Josh, a brown haired eleven year old burst down the stairs of his house. Since they were on the corner of a highway, everyday he would see the cars heading into town leaving on the right and some heading out further on the left.
Josh went out to the mailbox. Being seven in the morning and first awake he felt he should check it.
'Bills, bills, catelog," he read to himself. "Letter from God, bill, bill, catelog, catelog, bill, catelog, bill, catelog, letter from Chimney Rock, bill -" he paused and went back to the second last letter. "Chimney Rock?" he looked at it. It was definitely addressed to him. He opened it and looked. "Dear Mr. J. McScott, blah, blah, accepted into a wizarding school, blah - Hang on!" he read over it again. "Wizarding School?"
Josh took it inside and read more thorougly, scanning every letter with his blue eyes.
"This'll be amazing when I tell mum and dad about this!" he shouted quietly.
His dad walked downstairs to take the shower but before he did Josh stopped him.
"Dad," he said handing him the letter. "Maybe you should read this."
He couldn't word it himself so he hoped the letter could.
His father was silent. "Well. Maybe we should get to that fireplace to get to the Mysterium Square."
Josh paused and read over a second peace of paper his parent was holding. "Excellent. Thanks."


The day that they were meant to leave seemed to take forever. There was a fireplace at the library out of the way so no one could see what was happening (To Josh's relief). Josh had arrived with his trunk packed with clothes and looked slightly weird down the street.
The letter had contained Floo Powder, a substance that let Wizards travel to any fireplace anywhere. At least to his understanding.
"Throw this in the fire and say the name of the place you want to be," his father told him who was reading off the letter. He handed him the powder. "Take care."
"Thanks," said Josh turning to the fire, trunk in his left hand, powder in his right. "Mysterium Square!"
Josh disappeared and found himself spinning around, seeing alot of fire places. He hoped he had said the right place.
As soon as it had started Josh had found himself in a fireplace on his bottom. A girl had just got up and there were a group of kids hanging around the fireplace and giggling. Josh brushed the soot off and followed her. But it was no use. She was on a skateboard and way ahead of him.
He gave up and just looked for the wand shop, Kinderflame.

August 1st, 2005, 2:02 PM
I pulled myself from the grate, brushing soot off of my shoulders. I still hadn't gotten over the fact that I was really going. Then again, it hadn't been discussed often. Mother wasn't proud of Father, and she made that clear. Though, she also made it clear that she was happy for me. It was hard to tell which feeling was stronger with her, though.

"Akida! Please don't wander off!" came my mother's harsh tones.

I jumped and quickly scooped up Nashy, running to catch her. We were off to the book shop to pick up the necisarry suplies. Then, it was to the Apocathary, the Robe Shop, and finally, the wand shop.

After finally having all of my needed supplies, I was allowed to walk around a bit while Mom caught up with a couple of witch friends. I was slightly shocked, as she'd met them through Dad. Then again, at least she wasn't all over me....

I sighed and entered the magical pet shop, giggling as I surveyed the rows and rows of magical pets. I was seriously looking at a glass container of puffskiens, giggling at the humming, fuzzy balls.


Rizyda bounced down the lane, giggling as her Grandmother attempted to keep her in line. Riz and her little puppy were just two bundles of sheer happiness as they began getting her books. Riz was looking at everything BUT her school books.

"I've got them, Rizzy. Let's get going," her grandmother called.

"Aww, Gramma! Can't we look around a little more?"

"Riz, we still have a ton of shopping to do! Come come!"

Riz went, heading to the Apocathary now.

August 1st, 2005, 4:11 PM
Despite my size (ir perhaps because of it), I quickly slipped through the crowds, passing the Apothecary by (mother was going to pick that stuff up). hence, I had more time to explore, something I enjoyed very much. There was a shop I had heard about... My eyes caught on a faded sing reading, "Damian Quillion: Purveyor of Rare and Unusual Books." This was the place my grandfather had told me of in a private letter adressed to me. We'd found it in his will.

The inside of the shop was as dingy as the outside, with faded and flaking paint. The books seemed to be in a condition that was, if anything, worse. Still, they were exactly what I was looking for. I began browsing, until I was interrupted by a beady-eyed man with a horrifically curved back.

He asked, "And what are you doing here?" Following the letter, I replied, "I believe my grandfather knew you. Mr. Merrel by name." The man only nodded, walked behind the counter and grabbed a package.

Handing it to me, he said, "Get out. Unwrap that in a safe place." I nodded in response, stepping back out into the sunlight and heading once again for the wand shop.

August 1st, 2005, 4:24 PM
Riz bounded out of the Apocathary shop and drug her grandmother to the wand shop. She desperatly wanted this more than anything.

Upon entering, she was immediatly attended to, and told to wave wand after wand after wand. She only managed to explode a lightbulb and cause many boxes to fly off the shelves. Blushing furiously, she was handed another wand, which hoisted her Grandmother into the air.

August 1st, 2005, 4:31 PM
I walked into the wand shop, chuckling as I say a girl trying wands at a rapid-fire pace. I soon found myself in a similar circumstance, though, with a rapidly-growing pile of discarded wands by my side. One actually seemed like a rather good prospect, it felt a little warm in my hand.

I soon found out that it too, didn't fit me. As I gave it an experimental wave, it sent a catalog of the gods alone knew what flying across the shop, striking the girl square in the stomach. Mortified, I dropped the wand and rushed to her side.

Covering my mouth, I said apologetically, "I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean to. You're all right, I hope?"

August 1st, 2005, 7:06 PM
'Alright... So it says here that we can use one of these fireplaces if we're muggles... I don't quite like that term, but I guess I can't do much about it...' Noah's father managed to say, watching over the letter with a keen eye...

'So I guess we're headed to Mysterium Square...'


Noah watched as all the interesting people made their way through the crowd, having his measurements being taken. After everything was finished at the tailor's, he walked back out into the middle of the street, trying to take in his surroundings... People were all dressed and acting very different from what he remembered his home to be.

'Let's see, you have your robe... Now we need a broomstick, your books, and a wand...'

'A wand... Cool...' Noah thought to himself. A wand seemed to be the last thing Noah needed to convince him that all that was going on was real... And it seemed to amaze him to a bizarre extent, never caring for magic in the past. They made their way to 'Great Heights' where they bought what seemed to be the most affordable broom, the comet 260...

'It should be good for now... It's just a broom... Now to save time, I'll take you to Kinderflame, where you can choose your wand-or... 'Where your wand will choose you', as your mother would say,' his father laughed, taking him not too far to Kinderflame, then leaving to get the books, taking the buggy filled with the necessities Noah will need with him.

'I'll be right back, don't go anywhere without me! I don't want you getting lost!'

'It's not that big...' Noah chuckled, looking around... He could finally find a wand. He stepped into the store with a look of excitement on his face...

August 1st, 2005, 8:48 PM



"Elie," Alphonse started, breathing out a sigh, "calm down. They'll be here, just wait a minute or two." He was in no position to tell her that, as he was overflowing with anxiety as well, but someone had to remain collected. That meant him. But then, sundown was slowly approaching. It wasn't their fault that their fireplace was, ironically, burnt downalong with most parts of their house.

"I justwant to leave this place. I hate it here!" Elie answered with a bit of hesitation, pacing across their creaky wooden floor back and forth. At the vague sound of a knock at their door, Elie's ears perked up and she immediately dashed to the door.

"Children," It was their aunt, Alicia. A softhearted woman whom moves with such graceshe and Elie are polar opposites, but they get along greatly. Her looks and her talent as a witch made her quite a heartthrob during her time at Chimney Rock. "Let's go, sweeties. Gather your belongings and we'll return to my house. As you may have read, you'll travel by Floo Powder, okay?"

"Yes." Al replied courteously, grasping the parchment tightly. He was excited to use it. Since they were'muggles'they had no experience of those sorts.

"Floo what?" Elie asked with the utmost curiosity. "Is it a powder that makes you sneeze? But instead of saying "Achoo" you say "Floo?"

Al couldn't help but release a chuckle at her remark. "I'll tell you later," Al teased, "It's your fault for not reading the letter anyway."

"Brooother!" Elie pleaded. Call it a weakness, but Elie had always been a curious child. She could be easily compared to a four year old who asks about four hundred question per day. In fact, Elie asks more questions than a four year old. She had repeatedly asked that little question for forty minutes straight, all the way to their aunt's home, until she had declared their arrival.

"Here we are, sweeties." She stated as she gently ushered them inside, calling out her husband to get their luggagewell, backpacks. "Head straight through the living room and you'll see the fireplace. Just wait there a minute."

Al nodded and dragged Elie towards the living room, keeping his free hand clasped against her mouth. "Shh. I'll tell you why we need a fireplace in a minute, just keep you voice down."

Elie nodded obediently and quietly watched as her aunt and uncle made their way in the living room and handed them their backpacks. They spoke their farewells and gave each a hug and peck on the cheek. Her eyes were now cast upon her brother. He was holding powder, the floo powder perhaps, which he hurled towards the new lit fire of the hearth.

"Mysterium Square!" He had exclaimed.

Elie blinked. "What now?" She questioned, obviously paying no heed to the feeling that she was being hauled from the ground to somewhere else. "Brother, how can we go somewhere with just exclaiming that? Have you"

In an instant, she was no longer at her aunt's comfy house, but was instead sprawled across the floor in front of a different fireplace. There were peoplerather peculiar peoplenear them, all in robes. "Don't tell me, we're somewhere else, right, Brother?" She asked, sarcasm dripping in her voice.

"Seems like we're in Mysterium Square." He pulled himself up and offered his hand at the younger, "Lets get our wands and books then. Aunt already gave me money." He took out a pouch from his pocket and showed Elie the coins inside.

"Where to?" She asked as they aimless wandered through the busy streets. She was digging for something in her backpack at the same time, so Al couldn't help but check on her every second.

"Over there, I guess. Kinderflame."

"Mm-hmm." She answered, not really paying attention. "Ah! There you are! Bunnii, look, this place is so cool! Squirrelly, you too." Al didn't bother question her about their pets being inside her backpack and simply went in the shop, dragging the younger of course.

Excitement was written all over his face. "I can get a wand of my own. Amazing."

August 2nd, 2005, 2:58 AM
Josh made his way to the shop of Kinderflame's where he could get his own wand. At least to his understanding of the fact. A wand was a powerful magical and non-magical weapon. It's non-magical use was to gouge eyeballs out of sockets if you were desperate. Well that was the only use he could think of. The magical uses probably expanded much further.
He walked in. There were a few kids there. He slowly waited as each one was standing there. One thought occured to him. How would he be able to buy it? He had no money. Was there some kind of fund for students? He would find out.

OOC: There is a fund according to the sixth book. Are we going by that? Anyone that cannot afford it gets a fund?

August 2nd, 2005, 4:39 AM
OOC: Yeah, that seems to make sense, Batesymon. ^_^

IC: Alexis had entered Kinderflame just in time to see a girl get socked in the gut by a random flying projectile. The culprit rushed to her side, sputtering apologies. Alexis remained to the side of the doorway, looking around the room cautiously. It was a little crowded, and definitely disorganized, the result of children trying to find their perfect wand.

"G'day there miss!" a lanky, young assistant said cheerfully, leaning over the desk to beam at her. "Looking for a wand today?"

"Er....yeah...." Alexis muttered, not meeting his eyes. Her hair hung in her face. She clutched her skateboard and her trunk in either hand, feeling nervous.

"Right then," he said, taking a box off the shelf. He opened it, and handed the slender wooden wand to her with a smile. "Give it a wave."

She did, feeling quite foolish, and sent several stools and a few wand boxes pummeling into the wall to her left. She dropped the wand on the counter as if it were made of hot metal.

"No bother. Try this one," he handed her another wand.

She waved it, more cautiously this time, the handle feeling oddly warm in her hand. A few purple and gold sparks spurted in an almost excited way from the tip, and the assistant beamed.

"Twelve inches, willow, dragon heartstring. A good, sturdy, but flexible wand. Excellent!"

"Thanks," Alexis said quietly, paying him and leaving the shop.

She was assaulted by a steadily growing crowd. With a grimace, she wove her way through, passing Great Heights, where she saw a boy carrying a new broom, a grin on his face. She headed to the book store, keeping her eyes low, avoiding contact with other people, and selecting her books in an anxious hurry.

Her next stop was the tailor, where she was fitted for her robes, and picked up her uniform. She placed them carefully atop her books and street clothes in her trunk, and hurried tot he apothocary, where she picked up her first cauldron and potion ingredients.

Finally finished with her school necessities, Alexis returned to the water fountain in the middle of the Square. She sat down thoughtfully, but growing steadily more aware of the growing size of the crowd. She hoped the train would come soon to collect them. She hated crowds...

Her eyes traveled towards the pet shop. She jingled the few coins she had left, and walked in curiously. She was immediately assaulted by the chirps, growls, and other noises the creatures within were making. She was drawn immediately to a cage of ferrets. She had always wanted one, but they had been so expensive in the Muggle world.

One of the creatures, a gray ferret with a black stripe like a mask across his eyes, looked at her with keen interest. Most of the ferrets were scurrying around the cage, causing mischief or playing, but this one...

Glancing at the price, Alexis realized to her delight that she had enough money left to get one. She waved for an assistant, and selected the ferret that had been looking at her. The assistant lifted him into her waiting hands, and the creature settled easily into them. She felt a weird wave of appreciation from the creature.

Paying for the ferret, who had taken a liking to sitting upon her shoulder, Alexis made her way to the Iron Horse, eager for a glass of water or a soda. The ferret on her shoulder gave her an odd feeling of confidence. She brushed the hair from her eyes, and opened the door, taking a seat at one of the empty tables.

She watched the people around her curiously. Some of them were dressed in what looked like school robes. She wondered briefly if she would be meeting any of her classmates soon, and sipped her cup of hot chocolate contentedly.

August 2nd, 2005, 4:30 PM
OOC: Gee I hope this doesn't count as advertisement, but just to give credit, I got both of the 'Textbook quotes' from a quiz on okcupid.com... I couldn't think of any wands :paranoid: ...

IC:'12", Holly, Dragon...' Noah's father muttered to himself, seeming much more interested in it than his son.

'It says in this text book that Holly is a powerful, protective wood that's good for use against evil, but it also represents dreams and fertility. Dragon's heartstring core makes the wand very effective in hexes...' He read with a grin.

'You know, your mother had an 11" Willow with Unicorn Tail... Let's see...' He began to look it up with excitement.

'A willow wand signifies that you care deeply about emotions, art, and intuition, and that you have a particular knack for charms. The unicorn's tail hair core means that you are pure of heart and care deeply for your loved ones...' He paused for a few moments, then sighed.

'... Why don't we go get a drink,' he stated, checking his watch.

'Yeah, we have a bit of time left...' Noah assured his father, finding the Iron Horse. The two of them took a quick seat next to another girl, carrying what looked like quite a bit of luggage in a trunk.

'Cute Ferret,' Noah's father whispered into Noah's ear, trying not to earn any attention.

'It looks like she's going to Chimney Rock too... Why don't you go say hi?' He asked, stretching his arm past Noah's shoulder, and tapping the girl, as-if Noah did it. He quickly turned to glare at his dad who appeared to be smirking, then looked over to the girl.

'Er... Hi?...' Is all he managed to say with such short notice. Noting that she had a cup of something already, Noah's father knocked his knuckles against the counter,

'2 sodas please?' He asked politely for himself and his son, looking in the opposite direction of Noah, pretending not to listen to the conversation. He was still a child at heart.

August 2nd, 2005, 5:07 PM
Riz gasped, feeling the wind get knocked from her lungs. SHe looked up to the culprit. "I... I'm okay..." She said between gasps. Regaining her composure, she rose and was handed another wand. A strange tingling raced up her fingers as she waved it, sending an amount of pink and white sparks in front of her.

Her assistant seemed pleased and told her that was the one. "11 and one half inches, holly, unicorn hair."

Her grandmother went to go and pay for her wand, leaving her alone again. Riz extended a hand to the boy who had knocked her down. "I'm Rizyda, by the way. Please, call me Riz." She paused, still holding out the hand for him to shake. "Who are you?"

Raichu Master
August 2nd, 2005, 6:06 PM
OOC: Stupid PC has been acting up all day! Oh well...it gave me time to type up yet another overly long post! Enjoy! ^^

*gets struck by lightning* XD

IC:Bouncing through the fireplace on the receiving end, Becca rolled headlong into a wall in a rather large room filled with people talking and chatting rapidly at the arrival. Rebecca slowly got to her feet and looked around, noticing all the curious glances being thrown her way. If she was embarrassed it really didnt show she just huffed, straightened her bandana, and waited for the others. Becca glanced around yet again, hoping to find that no one was looking at her, but she was terribly mistaken; although they werent staring at her, they were staring at her odd clothing choice, which didnt make sense to Becca, until she realized where she was. Havent you ever seen jeans, a T-shirt, and a bandana before? she muttered, more of a low growl, as she continued to watch the people watching her.

Next out of the fireplace was her father, obviously hoping that she was all right. Not at all as clumsy as Becca, he stepped out of the fireplace decked out in a black robe so he didnt get the stares that young Rebecca was getting. Ridding his robes of the ashes from the fireplace, he quickly found Becca (obviously because she stuck out like a sore thumb). Dont worry, your mothers on her way with the rest of them. I went ahead of them to make sure you were all right. You are all right, arent you? he whispered to her as he took a position right beside her, and waited patiently for the others, not the least bit conscience of the strangers still staring at Becca.

Theyre still staring Becca replied, with a slight hint of worry in her voice, as she leaned closer to her father so the other wizards and witches wouldnt hear her.

Not to worry, he started, well buy some nice robes for you, and they wont stare at you anymore. In fact, well let the other three and your mother go to Kinderflame, while we got to Lockhorn. Hows that sound?

Becca nodded gratefully, and answered, Id like that a lot. Rebecca always admired her fathers sense of always knowing what she was thinking, and how she was feeling, aside from how strangely excited her parents were about the letters and such, she loved them dearly.

Oh, here they are now! he said cheerfully, interrupting Becca from her deep thoughts of how much she loved and admired her father besides how weird he could act. When Becca turned her head back to the fireplace, sure enough Matt and Russ, thought it would be cool to go togetherwhich almost ended in a disaster with the being joined at the hip. Becca and their father had a quick chuckle about this before he moved to help them out of the fireplace and to separate them. As soon as he had their hips disconnected, Kelly appeared through the fire, and stepped her usual grace out of the fire, accompanied by their mother shortly after.

Izzy, Ill take Rebecca with me to Lockhorn if youll take the others to Kinderflame to get their wands, he said took Rebecca by the hand and moved to exit the pub.

Why, Charles, are you in such a rush? Elizabeth (obviously the mothers name) asked inquisitively as the other three mimicked her expression.

Charles (the fathers name) looked at his wife and mouthed, Robes. This drew an understanding nod from all four of them, as they watched them both walk out of the room and onto the street. Walking for what seemed like a few short seconds, Charley pushed his daughter into a shop. Inside each wall was covered in racks of robes and other assorted wizarding clothing.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth to the rest of the children across the street to Kinderflame to choose their wands; once inside they found a small sitting area, and a small desk just behind it, with rows and rows of small slender boxes behind it, which they assumed to be the wands. It seemed that the clerk was busy right now, so the four newcomers took some seats to rest while they waited for their turn.

This is a strange place Kelly remarked as she examined the room.

Shh! Be quiet, dear. Keep your thoughts to yourself while were here, Elizabeth hushed as she turned her head to take note of everyone in her, hoping to find an old school friend.
Go pick your robes, Charley said as he pushed the cautious Rebecca forward. She was unsure of the place, it closely resembled an ordinary tailor shop, but with wizards and witches running around getting their children outfitted with robes.

Ok, she squeaked before her father had a chance to nudge her on again. Walking through the store felt like walking on ground that was about to erupt into a volcano to Rebecca as she made her way to the first rack of robes to see if there was any particular design or color that she favored. There was a particular robe design that she thought was cute, which was very uncharacteristic of Becca since she didnt often label things cute. It was a darker purple robe that was embroidered on the cuffs with a fine ascent of silver. It was also embroidered with silver on the rim of the hood.

May I help you? came a voice from behind Rebecca, which startled her into turning around to face a very short pudgy woman that had a measuring tape draped over her shoulders.

UmIm just looking for nowbut thanks for the offer Rebecca replied nervously and then went back to observing the robe that she was growing rather fond of.

Is that the one you like? Charles said as he noticed Rebecca was looking longingly at a particular robe.

Yeah, Rebecca sighed when she noted the price of the rather simplistic robe.

Youre grandmother gave you enough money for a robe and whatever supplies you need. So if you want itgo for it, Charley said as he put a comforting hand on Rebeccas shoulder.

So you are the Burlingame children? the clerk said as the three of them stepped up to receive their wands. Taking out his measuring tape, he preceded to take the proper measurements. Then before any of them could say a word he scurried through the selves only to return with three long slender boxes. Try these out, he coaxed as he gently lifted each out and handed them to the children.

What do we do with them? Russ asked as he took hold of the wand that the clerk gave him. He had never held a wand before, and really didnt have a clue how to use it.

Just wave it, my boy. See what happens, the clerk replied, not annoyed at the absurd question at all.

With a loud swooping sound a gust of wind burst through the door of the shop and swirled around a nearby vase that Russ waved his wand towards. The gust of wind lifted the vase up and suddenly died down, Matts quick reflexes caught the vase before hit could crash into the counter. Very good, very good! Splendid reflexes, my boy! Just like your father! the clerk said excitedly as he took the wand from Russ to examine it. Its a wand made from the hair of a unicorn and the wood is a sturdy redwood. Nice wand indeed, fitting for you I should say.

Next it was Kellys turn, she waved her wand at nothing particular, when nothing happened, she turned to the clerk for an explanation, then a loud crack of thunder sounded and Rebecca was standing where the boom had originated from. Rebecca looked around confused, her violet robes draped peacefully over her body, she had just exited the tailor shop wearing the robes that she had liked, and the next moment she was here

Where am I? she asked as she turned to Kelly, who hadnt noticed her wand was still pointed at Rebecca. Kelly was astonished, she had highly doubt she could ever do magic, and always knowing that Matt was the gifted one.

Youre at Kinderflame, my dear, Elizabeth spoke up as she put her calm hands on either side of her daughters shoulders.

Amazing, truly amazing! the clerk sputtered as he took the wand back and examined it like he did Russs wand. Strangemade from the same tree, and same hair as your brothers

Honey! I lost Becca! Charles said as he sprinted into the shop, and then stopped dead in his tracks confused. There stood Rebecca who had, a moment earlier, been walking at his side.

No worries, dear, Elizabeth said rushing to the aid of her husband. Snickers came from their children as they noted the surprised look on their fathers face.

Next it was Matts turn, who smirked confidently as he waved his wand at the box his wand came out of. The wand promptly disappeared and reappeared in the box, which left a shocked expression on his facehe had meant for the box to appear in his hand. Good, best Ive seen out of your siblings so far! the clerk cooed as he examined the wand. Solid oak with a hint of Basilisk venom. Very rare.

Ah, the last of the quadruplets! The lovely Rebecca Burlingame I presume? the clerk said, noting the girl standing beside the others. Rebecca seemed to beam happily at the compliment of her being lovely.

She was indeed quite elegant looking, with the bandana out off her forehead and her hair out of the ponytail that she usually had it pulled up into, not to mention the beautiful purple robes with silver trimming. The clerk then proceeded to measure her and come back with a wand. Try this!

Rebecca shot a worried glance at her parent, who just nodded back to her. She never used magic before, was this really going to work? Could she really do magic?

With a sigh, Rebecca flicked her wand, using as much focus as she could muster on trying to make the wand work. To her delight and satisfaction, a bouquet of flowers appeared in her hand. Bravo! the clerk said as he took the wand and examined it. The feather from the wing of a hippogriff, and oak like Matts

Rebecca jumped up in the air in delight as her siblings came to examine the flowers and to congratulate he. Guess you dont have to worry! Charles said as he joined the group.

I guess not! Rebecca replied brimming over with happiness.

That was even better than Matts little trick! Russ commented as they sat down to examine her new robes.

August 2nd, 2005, 6:07 PM
Suprised by the tap on her shoulder, Alexis spun around with wide eyes, and came face-to-face with a boy about her age, who stammered a greeting.

"I...er....hi," she mumbled, and averted her eyes. The ferret on her shoulder, yet to be named, let out a squeak, and looked at the boy curiously.

Alexis felt someone panicked and anxious. She was hardly a social kid, preferring little to no company, but she knew it had to change, whether she would admit it or not.

She finished her hot chocolate, and hopped down from her stool, eager to get out of the pub and onto the train. She tried her best to smile, but was so nervous that she tripped over her feet instead.

"S-see you on the train..." she murmured, and shuffled out of the pub with a pink face.

One on the street, she searched frantically for the station. The crowd was thinning, so she leapt onto her skateboard and guided it along the street carefully, dragging her trunk behind. She found the station, and joined the huge crowd of students and their parents saying goodbye. Something sharp and negative tugged at her heart. She suddenly wished that her parents would be saying goodbye to her in such a way.

Shuffling onto the train, she took to an empty compartment, her unnamed ferret on her shoulder, watching quietly but intently. Alexis propped open one of her new books: A History of Magic, and began to skim through the chapters, hoping no one owuld notice her.

August 2nd, 2005, 6:14 PM
I'd bought myself a little, yellow custard colored Puffskien and was stroaking it aimlessly as I went to find my grandmother. Nashy was bounding playfully about my heels as we went. She nipped at my ankle, and I couldn't help but giggle.

I found her and we both went to board the train. I got on quickly, looking for an empty compartment. There seemed to be none to be found. There was one with a single girl in it, reading the History of Magic textbook. I pulled the door open, scooping up Nashy and blushing a bit.

"That seat taken?" I asked, keeping my eyes lowered.

OOC: Skye, RM... I started up the Pokemon Academy in PRP... If you two wanna join up again, consider this an invite. There's still open rooms, and time to enter! :D

August 2nd, 2005, 7:38 PM
'See what happened dad? Good going,' Noah muttered, watching his dad chuckle...

* * *

Noah walked happily onto the train... He'd miss his father, but he was getting on his nerves just a little bit. He found himself in front of the same girl, this time reading one of the text books, another girl standing in front of the seat beside her. Seeing how she'd reacted to him before, he decided to take a bit of time before talking to her again, but it was very hard to find an ampty compartment. Instead of sitting down there, he decided to continue walking through the train, in hopes of eventually finding a compartment with space.

Raichu Master
August 2nd, 2005, 8:04 PM
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And to answer your question, Nat. Between PC acting up, stable chores, and trying to keep up on here. I have little to no time to do anything else. But I will, most definitely try my hardest to get over there. In the mean time, consider the above a first warning.

Skye...don't you think you're going a bit too fast? I mean it's only you're third post, and only my second. Some people haven't even posted yet! I think we should wait for everyone before we even think about getting to the train. I shall be very very angry if the train leaves without my quadruplets on board...and believe me...and can draw out my post until we have everyone caught...so relax and have alittle fun! ^^

I'm not going to post anything right now...it's way too late for my brain to be thinking properly. I just wanted to drop by and hand out some warnings and see what was going on and hoping I could still catch up! ^^

August 2nd, 2005, 8:25 PM
It seems early enough.. Can I join?
Name: Kiriko Angelia
Nickname: Kiri
Physical Description: Tall thin girl, with a more atletic build than just skin and bones. She has light blue eyes and short, messy blonde hair. She has freckles on top of her nose and under her eyes, and wears a light blue scarf with her robes. Under her robes, she wears a blue t-shirt, and jeans. Wears white tennis shoes.
Personality: Smart and creative, sits around doodling in her sketchbook alot. She's kind of quiet, and daydreams alot. Dispite this, she is very observant and pays close attention to things, being able to point out if someone makes a mistake in explaining something, and this makes it easy to tell if people are telling the truth or not. She is loyal and stands up for her friends without hesitating. Can be a bit of a knowitall at times, and other people find it very annoying.
House: Chipperscrat
Pet: A beautiful barn owl named Angel
RP Sample: Kiri stared at the letter she had just received in the mail as she left the post office. She had an astonished look on her face, and nearly ran into a telephone pole, but stopped and leaned against it to read her letter. She was going to a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! She felt light headed and excited, as she folded the letter into a small square and pocketed it. She ran home as fast as she could without bothering to look at the rest of the mail. When she got home she flung open the door with a loud thump, and yelled "MOM!! You HAVE TO SEE THIS!! NOW!"

Is that good?

Raichu Master
August 2nd, 2005, 8:33 PM
OOC: You might want to look at how the others did their sign ups on the other page to get some idea what we're, or at least, I am looking for.

To make it quick and simple, more depth in appearance and personality, and take more time into your RP Sample. As I said you just might want to look at the profiles that were done on the previous page. *hint hint* ^^

August 2nd, 2005, 8:38 PM
OOC: Um...I don't see what's wrong with my signup form...?

Raichu Master
August 2nd, 2005, 8:50 PM
OOC: *sigh* I really don't like criticizing people...but if I must...

The Appearance could be better than how you have it. It just says she's a tall thin girl with blonde hair and a scarf. It's lacking her figure, tall and thin are very bland. Looking for some spice here. Is she petite? Is she elegant? Does she look clumsy? What is her normal attire? Does she just go around naked with a robe around her and a scarf? What's her normal facial expressions, and so on and so forth. Detail detail detail, very very important.

The personality, what is her weaknesses? What are her strengths. Does she excel in sports? Is she even athletic? Is she an artist? Does she draw? Why is she quiet and when is she quiet? Does she have an interest in what she observes? How loyal is she? Is she obsessively loyal? Or is there catch to her loyalty? Does it come with a price? Back to weaknesses, does she have any fears? Again it all boils down to detail detail detail.

Last but not least, you're RP Sample. For one, you didn't listen to what I said before you posted. Skye was moving to fast, not everyone is on the train, and it had already been said that everyone was to leave at their house and get their stuff. So in order for it to be your first post, and to have all of the stuff accompanied by boarding the train, Kiri should have got from home to the square, got her stuff, and then made her way to the train, all that should have been included in order to get on the train.

My suggestion? Take more time into developing your character, and RP Sample. I'm sorry neither Skye or I clearly defined what we were looking for.

If Skye gets on and completely disagrees with me, then I put my trust in her, and since PC is acting stupid neither mine nor her PMs seem to be working to discuss it.

I'm tired...I need to rest...*goes to bed*

August 2nd, 2005, 9:01 PM
OOC: WOAH! Can I just board the train explaining my wand and what not? This RPG is going a mile a minute.

Raichu Master
August 2nd, 2005, 9:05 PM
OOC: Batesy, easy there mate. Only skye and nat's character are on the train right now, the rest of the group is still gathering their stuff. My quadruplets only have their wands, they still need to get books, pets, and anything else they would need. And I already said, here again if you had listened prior to the confusion with RE, that I would take my time since other rpers need time to do all their stuff as well. So take your time and relax through this thing! No worries and no rush! ^^

Besides...we still have something like 7 other members to post their stuff...*reclines*

August 2nd, 2005, 9:09 PM
There I edited my stuff..It was a little bland, but I'm horrible at explaining stuff..

August 2nd, 2005, 9:10 PM
OOC: Alrighty. I'm gonna take a bit of a break here. I have a few assignments and stuff. Can I leave and catch up later? Won't take more than two weeks.

August 2nd, 2005, 9:12 PM
OOC: I'm so slow... ;-;

Raelin sat up, dusing off her robes in front of her little brother, Irving - and her mother. She grimaced. No matter how many times, she could never really get used to Floo powder. She preferred FLYING, even - over this. (And that was saying quite a bit, seeing that she despised flying.) But - she thought, Just seeing the sight of Mysterium square cheered her up. A big deal.

Irving ran out, dashing through the crowd. "Irving!" her mother scolded, running after him. Raelin sighed, glancing at her school supply list. "I'll meet you at Gringotts, Mom!" she shouted after her mom's retreating shadow.

After extrating some money from the bank, she headed to the shop of Kinderflame, where her mother was already waiting, with Irving sitting unhappily in one of the chairs. "Hi Mom." she greeted. Her mom opened her mouth, then closed it. "Young lady - I'll lecture you when you get home." she said sternly, then turned around - facing the window.

"Here, try this!" the over-enthusiastic shop assistant exclamed to the surprised girl - "Unicorn hair, willow, 10 inches!" she finished, thrusting a want into her wand hand. Raelin glanced at it curiously, than gave it a wave.

She gasped as red and gold sparks emerged from the tip of her wand, her face lightning up in delight. Even her mom was smiling, and Irving was dancing in the sparks.

"Now, that'll be 10 gallons!" she heard the shop clerk exclaim. But still, that was not important. She was going to school! To learn magic! A smiled faintly appeared on Raelin's face.

August 2nd, 2005, 9:51 PM
Since Raichu Master is offline, I guess I'll just post again...

"What!?" Kiri's mom said running in from the kitchen. "Look at this!" Kiri replied, showing her mom the letter. Her mother went pale and looked as though she was about to faint. "Oh...oh my gosh!" She said, looking at Kiri with astonishment. Kiri smiled at her mom, hoping that she'd accept the fact that her daughter would be going to this school. She didn't know what her mother's opinion was on this kind of thing. "Well...This is amazing!" Her mom said, smiling. "I guess I'll let you go..." She had a worried look on her face now. Kiri knew what she was thinking. "I'll be careful mom! I won't use these powers recklessly!" She said, a pleading look on her face. Her mother sighed. "Alright...Write to me okay?" She said, a stern look on her face. "I will!" Kiri replied excitedly. She hugged her mom and sat on the couch to look at her school supplies list.

August 3rd, 2005, 3:12 AM
You still havent got your books! Rei yelled at her twin sister, lifting the pile of books in her arms into the bag as she left the book shop, her twin trailing behind with a bored look on her face. NopeI got my pet though! Check im out! With that, Aisha pulled a small olive lizard out from her pocket and watched as it ran across her small fingers Isnt he cool!

Rei shook her head and pushed past her sister to go and find her mother who said she would meet them outside the wand shop where they were to receive the wands identical to their magic skills. Mom wont be happy, Lisha She warned her twin.

Aisha sighed and turned on her heel back in the direction of the book store Fine, fine Ill go and get them now, geeze

Rei smirked having gotten the upper hand in the argument. She pushed past the crowd of people towards her mothers figure and smiled up at her upon her arrival outside of the wand shop. Her mother asked almost immediately Where is your sister?

Rei handed the bag of books to her mother and jolted a thumb over her shoulder back in the direction of the book store Still getting her books She answered, a smirk playing on the edges of her lips. Can I get my wand now?

Her mother sighed and checked her watch, they were running late and the twins still hadnt gotten their wands. She gave an exhausted nod and Rei was gone in the next millisecond.

The shop was small and dank from what she could see, wands were cluttered into every space and some were even scattered on the floor having been discarded by others upon their visits. Rei snarled, one thing she hated was clutter and untidiness.

There were sounds of falling footsteps coming from the back of the shop and in seconds a tall, scrawny man appeared from behind a shelf, stamped Duds.

He smiled down at his young customer and gave a slight bow Good morning, young miss, and how can I help you this fine day? His voice was along the lines of a growl which made the hairs on the back of Reis neck stand on end. She gave a shaky, almost unsure smile and nodded Um, yesIm starting my first year at Chimney rock and I need a wand

Well of course He said, hoping back from where he once came. Rei heard the slide of old leather followed by footsteps and the man was back in her sight once again I believe this one may be to your liking he stated, opening the leather bound box and presenting her with a wooden wand 7 inches, made with Dragon heartstring

Rei took her wand and studied it with much interest before giving it a wave. She watched as the dank and grimy windows washed themselves down with a sparkle of stars and aloud light to shine in through the now clear squares of glass. She grinned and turned her head back in the direction of the sales man.

Im not normally that lucky He stated, causing Rei to tilt her head in wonder Normally I end up with a few cracked windows before they finally get the right wand This caused Rei to laugh and she dropped a few coins onto the counter.

Thank you sir she bid her farewells and exited the shop excitedly, only to come in contact with Aisha who was wearing a very dark lookapparently their mother had not acted nicely towards her tardiness. Aisha pushed her way past Rei and into the shop without saying a word.

It took them three quarters of an hour to gather the rest of their supplies and make it to the platform. Their mother was uttering curses under her breath and the twins were running at her side to keep up with her long strides.

They bid their hasty farewells and boarded the train after having their cases taken away from them by the train staff. Aisha still held her pet Lizard in her hand and Rei had settled on brining her pet mouse, Cheddar aboard as well; not wanting to leave a living mouse in the back with god knows what else.

They made their way towards the front of the train, trying to find a compartment that had not been taken, only to come across one around half way down the train. Aisha took to the window seat and set Gex down on the table, Rachel mimicked her movements, but kept her mouse clutched to her lap, not wanting her to come in contact with the mangy Lizard.

Raichu Master
August 3rd, 2005, 3:58 AM
OOC: Actually Edward, I didn't ok you and I wouldhave hoped that you would have been patient. I'll let skye handle accepting you.

I'll edit this post with my IC later.

August 3rd, 2005, 7:34 AM
I took the offered hand, shaking it as I replied, "Seth would be my name. Seth Merrel. I take it you too are attending Chimney Rock?" An attendant came by with another wand. I casually brushed her away, muttering, "Later." To Riz, I turned and added, "Hey, I'm done shopping, once we're done here, wanna go get something to drink?"

I laughed slightly, a wry grin coming across my face as I then added, "By the by, Riz, you ain't so bad looking when you're not getting hit with a magazine."

August 3rd, 2005, 9:19 AM
Slightly shocked, Riz felt a heat rise to her cheeks. She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him, but instead cuffed a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Uh... Sure," she stammered. "That'd be alright."

I turned to my Grandmother, and told her that I'd be running off with Seth for awhile. She was thrilled that I'd made a friend. I turned back to Seth and folded my arms over my chest.

"You're not too horrible to look at either, Seth. THen again, said magazine has skewed my vision a bit," I laughed.

August 3rd, 2005, 9:33 AM
I laughed and said jokingly, "It MUST be skewed if you don't mind looking at me." During the interim, whilst Riz was talking to her grandmother, I'd tried out a wand of my own, one that finally worked. I'd purchased it quickly as well, not wanting to miss out on any time with Riz. I twirled it a bit and stuck it into my pocket. Yew and dragon heartstring, thirteen inches. Very, very powerful. I grinned inwardly, wanting a chance to look at that spellbook now.

But for the moment, I had some time to spend with Riz, and that spellbook was nothing to be opening here anyways. I jokingly offered her my arm and asked, "Shall we, then?"

August 3rd, 2005, 9:55 AM
Slightly unnerved, I took his arm. "We shall," I said with a laugh, not portraying my uneasiness. I did, however, blush furiously.

Grandmother giggled at us and waved us off. I stuck my tongue out at her as we went. This was so strange... I mean, well, I'd never really gotten very close to anyone lately, just because of my being so busy. And now, before I was even on the train to the place I'd so desperatly wanted to be, I had made a friend. And, from the way he was acting, perhaps more. THAT thought unnerved me a little more.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:23 AM
I giggled a little as well, a blush almost making it through my tan. I laughed in truth now, leaving the shop with Riz and stepping into the din of the square.

In the confusion and mass of people attempting to buy their school things, or buy school things for their children, it was rather hard to avoid not walking into anyone, particularly if two people were attempting to move as one. Indeed, a bare two minutes or so after leaving the shop (and walking in a somewhat uncomfortable silence, for me at least.), I ran into someone rather taller and much more solid than I. Not having seen who it was, I apologized profusely, until I heard my brother's voice saying, "You're all right, kid, I don't mind." Lauging, I looked up into Michael's face, also seeing him with his arm wrapped around Eric. I nodded to his boyfriend with a small smile, I rather liked the kid.

I turned to Riz, glad of a topic of conversation and said, "Riz, I'd like you to meet my brother, Michael." Th thought of what she might think of who he was suddenly flashed across my mind, my brother was open about it with everyone but our family. My eyes widend slightly, a little worried.

August 3rd, 2005, 3:54 PM
Riz smiled. "Nice to meet you, Michael. And, what's your boyfriend's name?" she asked gently, still smiling at the pair.

It didn't perturb her in the slightest. She too, had her own feelings of sexuality confusion. She thought she was fine now. It had all been in her past. Over now, not to be worried about again. She gave a little giggle as she looked over Seth's older brother and boyfriend.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:15 PM
"This would be Eric." Michael said, flashing Riz a grin. I sighed, rather relieved as she seemed to take it as no more than a matter of course. My brother leaned down and whispered softly, "Perceptive little thing, she is. You sure you can han- OW!" I laughed a little, having just kicked him in the shins as I replied, "It's noit like that, okay! Yet..." I almost blushed again, I must admit, it felt rather nice.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:21 PM
Riz felt herslef blushing. "Uh... we were going somewhere?" she prodded gently. She smiled at Eric.

"Nice to meet you, too, Eric!" she said, taking Seth's hand again and tugging on it. "Gonna keep a girl waiting?" she said playfully. She noticed Tolati had followed her, and she promply released Seth's hand to scoop up her little black lab pup.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:30 PM
I giggled as she did so, though in truth, I missed the contact. I said happily, "I believe we were, until we met this dwonk." gesturing to my brother, still hopping a little in pain. I added, "I didn't have any particular plans, though, anywhere you want to go, Riz?"

August 3rd, 2005, 4:36 PM
Riz giggled as Tolati licked at her cheeks. "Not really. Grandma and I don't get here often, so I don't really know my way around."

She smiled softly at him and playfully linked her arm with his again, letting Tolati follow around my ankles. "Lead the way, oh great Seth!"

August 3rd, 2005, 4:44 PM
"Great, of course I am!" I replied teasingly, moving off through the crowd. As I did so, I heard a shout. I laughed as I caught Michael's words.

"You little punk! You'll pay for that on the train!" I only laughed harder at this, in truth we were rather close. He wouldn't hex me too bad.

August 3rd, 2005, 4:49 PM
Riz giggled a bit, looking at Seth. Tolati barked and chased a few leaves down the street. "Why'd you kick him anyways?" she asked quietly, giving him a mock-serious look. Truth be told, she wanted to know. She hadn't really heard what he'd said... but it seemed to get a decent reaction out of Seth. She'd even thought she'd caught a glimpse of a blush...

August 3rd, 2005, 4:56 PM
I DEFINATELY blushed this time, stammering, "Oh, that.... nothi... It was nothing, just a little teasing." I turned to her, stopping outside an ice cream shop, trying to cover myself. I placed a hand behind my head and said with a would-be causual grin, "You wanna get a milkshake or something? My treat."

August 3rd, 2005, 5:39 PM
OOC: I'm going to have to agree with RM on this one, Radical Edward. I'm really sorry, but he is absolutely right. I can't approve until you show more detail and thought in your post.

Sorry to everyone for moving ahead so fast. PC has been down for days at a time for me, so I figured I'd get far enough ahead so I wouldn't have to play too much catch up. I don't have a problem waiting for everone else, and my character is kind of aniti-social anyway, so I'm sure she won't mind sitting by herself for a while :-P

Raichu Master
August 4th, 2005, 12:50 PM
OOC: My first non-multipage post here! YAYNESS for everyone who actually read my post! XD

IC: Nice robes! Matt commented as he put his wand in the pocket of his robes and shifted his eyes up and down Becca to fully view the simple design and rich colors of her new robes.

Thanks, Becca said with a faint blush creeping up in her cheeks as the others nodded in agreement. I just thought they looked nice, so I figured why not? she tried to explain.

Now its off to Bott and Boggle for your books and other school supplies, Charles interrupted, saving his daughter from any more embarrassment. He looked over at his wife, who got to her feet and gave a nod of approval as they made their way out of the shop.

Passing several other curious looking stops that caught the childrens eye, on in particular, called Fangs, Fur, and Feathers. Mum, dad, can we get pets too? a small voice said from behind the two parents, who seemed to move on. Charles and Elizabeth turned around in surprise to find that Kelly was the one to voice the question.

After we get your books, Elizabeth replied as they continued and then entered the store titled Bott and Boggle Bookstore.

August 4th, 2005, 5:57 PM
OOC: I'm going to have to agree with RM on this one, Radical Edward. I'm really sorry, but he is absolutely right. I can't approve until you show more detail and thought in your post.

Sorry to everyone for moving ahead so fast. PC has been down for days at a time for me, so I figured I'd get far enough ahead so I wouldn't have to play too much catch up. I don't have a problem waiting for everone else, and my character is kind of aniti-social anyway, so I'm sure she won't mind sitting by herself for a while :-P
But I fixed it! :o I added as much detail as I could! What am I supposed to do, tell what color her underwear is?!

August 4th, 2005, 6:49 PM
But I fixed it! :o I added as much detail as I could! What am I supposed to do, tell what color her underwear is?!

OOC: You could certainly stop spamming this thread. There's a discussion thread in the RP lounge for this kind of stuff.

August 4th, 2005, 7:24 PM
OOC: Radical Edward, you could observe some of the accepted signups in the first few pages. Maybe that'll help?

IC: Raelin exited the pet store titled "Fangs, Fur, and Feathers" with a purring and content kitten in her arms.

"Rae, can I pet Ula?" Irving asked, jumping up trying to brush the fur of the kitten.

"Sure." Rae replied, eyes softing as she watched Irving pet Ula happily. I'll miss him... she thought wistfully, but her mother's sharp voice shook her out of her reverie.

"Ok, we've got your robes, your potions materials, your wand, and your departure gift." she said, counting off on her fingers. "Now time for your schoolbooks." she finished.

"Mom, why can't I get a kitten too?" Irving questioned, looking up at his mother with huge hazel eyes.

"Next year dear." she replied, grabbing both of their hands and leading them to the bookstore, Bott and Boggle's

Raichu Master
August 5th, 2005, 8:36 AM
Kelly, look what I found! Matt said, walking up to a girl, his eyes more on the book than on the girl. If he was paying the least bit of attention, Matt would have found he made a mistake, because he was talking to a girl with hazelnut colored hair, instead of the rich brown that was Kellys.

Oh! Matt said, feeling a bit embarrassed to see that it wasnt Kelly, and instead it was another girl, around the same height, if not taller than Kelly with about the same build. SorryI thought you were my sister he mumbled, a rosy color hinting in his cheeks from embarrassment.

My names Matthew Burlingame, but you can call me Matt, he said quickly, trying to recompose himself so he didnt look so much like a fool. Im here to get supplies for school. First year at Chimney Rock, Matt said holding out his hand for her to shake it, hoping he wasnt being rude, since she just stepped into the door.

The others snickered at Matt from a safe distance behind a few bookshelves. Wow, Russ chuckled as he went off with his sisters to the back corner of the store so Matt wouldnt overhear them talking about him.

Been here only 3 seconds, and already Matt is making friends, Russ said, the other two couldnt tell if he was foreigning admiration or was actually being serious.

I highly doubt Matt meant to bump into another person, he just simply made a mistake, Becca reasoned with a grin spreading across her face, which was matched by the others.

Yeah right, you know he purposefully did that. You know he cant resist a pretty face, Kelly said waving Beccas explanation away, which drew a fit of laughter from the group. I mean come on, he knows Im shorter than that girl and that I have different clothing. Its kind of hard to mistake us, Kelly said as she glanced over at Matt, who was sticking his hand out for her to shake.

Maybe, Russ said still chuckling silently at his brothers misfortune or good luck. We better get our books though, mom and dad are waiting, Russ reminded them as they stuck together still joking about Matt as they stopped to look at books that caught their eye, most not what they came to get.

Charles, who was reminiscing with some old school friends, who happened to be with their own kids at the time, noticed Matt and his little dilemma. Deciding it was best just to leave him alone, he went back and tried to figure out what his friends had moved on to talking about.

I heard you had quadruplets, one of them said, as he turned his attention back to his group of friends.

Yep, its true, Charles replied with a half smile as the others nodded in understanding.

It looks like our old Divinations teacher knew what she was talking about after all, the same one smiled.

What are you talking about Rey? Charles questioned, not having any clue what he meant.

Yeah I remember that! Remember when Mrs. Brown predicted you would have quadruplets? another one spoke up.

That was before she changed her mind and said he would have triplets, Rey reminded him quickly.

I dont remember any of this Charles said as he cocked one eyebrow, seriously doubting what they were saying.

You were sick in the hospital wing, you were trying to skip divinations. Mark, Sam, and I were there, thats why we couldnt come down and see if the potion actually worked. You got all bent out of shape over it, remember? Fifth year, Rey reminded him, and smiled again when he saw Charles chuckle.

I remember that. Although it had me out for a week, and I had a ton of divinations homework Charles sighed as the other three chuckled at his friends misfortune.

August 5th, 2005, 1:39 PM
As soon as Rae entered the store, she found herself in a state of chaos. Many Chimney Rock students were doing last minute shopping, Irving ran off (again), and her mother chased after him. (as usual) Then, as Raelin turned around sighing, she found herself face to face with a foreign boy.

Kelly, look what I found! he said, brandishing a book, obviously not looking at her. Rae looked around, feeling somewhat trapped. Err she tried, her voice too soft to be heard over the bustling and action.

Oh! the boy said, clearly embarrassed. SorryI thought you were my sister he mumbled, a rosy color hinting in his cheeks from embarrassment. The same occurred in Raelins face, which now resembled a ripe tomato.

My names Matthew Burlingame, but you can call me Matt, Im here to get supplies for school. First year at Chimney Rock, Matt said holding out his hand for her to shake it.

Raelin struggled to get hold of her composure as well, succeeding in turning down her face into a slight fade of pink. Nice to meet you.. Matt. she said shyly, shaking his offered hand. Im Raelin Campbell - Rae for short. she said, eyes peeking shyly underneath her bangs. Oh - and Im a first year also. she finished hurriedly, where as Ula mewed softly, blinking curiously at her owner.

August 5th, 2005, 2:04 PM
I got accepted! =D

IC: Kiri had managed to find Mysterium Square the next day, and had already gotten a lot of her shopping done. Her favorite item was her wand, a short pink one with a floral carved handle. It apparently had unicorn hair in it, something that amazed her because for her whole life she had never beleived creatures like that exsisted. A few times, Kiri wondered if this was some kind of prank. But how could it be? It seemed too real. Kiri was now standingin front of the pet shop. She looked in the window and saw some creatures she hadn't seen before, with their cages labeled things like 'Puffskein' and many other names she had never seen before. One of the animals was a large red tortoise with a jewel encrusted shell, that was shooting fire at some passerbys from it's rear. Kiri entered the shop (stearing clear of the tortoises) and looked around at the interesting animals. She had considered a cat, but maybe not...After about twenty minutes, Kiri left the store with a large cage containing a barn owl. It's intelligent eyes looked at it's surroundings with wonder. 'Shopping's done!' Kiri thought, then pulled a cell phone from her pocket, and dialed her home phone number. "Mom, I'm done shopping, meet me at the train station!" She said happily, before pocketing the phone.

Raichu Master
August 5th, 2005, 3:37 PM
A pleasure to meet you, Rae! Matt said in the friendliest voice he could muster without a hint of embarrassment by his past actions. ErI just wanted to show my sister the article in the book, somebody must have left it. Matt said pulling a piece of a newspaper out of the book, which was folded up like a bookmark.

You know that boy who narrowly escaped he-who-must-not-be-named? Harry Potter is his name I think. Well he just started his first year this year; Hogwarts starts a week earlier than Chimney Rock. At least thats what my folks say, Matt said showing her the article. Then another fit of embarrassment washed over him as he realized that Rae might not be interested in anything he was saying. But sorry to bother you about something like that he said quickly after it.

Looking around, he tried to find his siblings who were still in the back of the bookstore giggling away as the watched Matts face turn different colors. Im trying to find my siblings. I have a brother and sister who are slightly shorter than you, and a sister who is as tall as myself. They ran off somewhere, could you help me find them? They all look pretty much like me, theyre all brown haired and green eyed, Matt asked in a rather small shy voice, which was usually uncharacteristic of him since he was normally open and very outgoing. Id find them myself, but this place his hugeand there are a lot of people here Matt quickly added, trying not to make it seem that he was demanding anything out of her or something, he was just trying to find his quadruplets and maybe get to the train in one piece, and hopefully make a friend as well. It would be a long train ride without a friend to talk to, having three other brothers and sisters didnt turn out well sincewellthey were all siblings.

Look at his face, Kelly giggled as they found the small lounge in the back of the store where people could sit down and read.

Its as red as a tomato! Russ added as he sat down in a fit of giggles

Well I think its kind of cute, Becca blurted without regretting her choice of words.

You what? they both said in unison, they couldnt believe they were hearing what they heard. Theyve known her since they were babies, and never once had she used the word cute, let alone any other words of its sort. She was a tomboy through and through, or at least they thought.

How do you figure that? Russ asked, completely dumbfounded by his sister.

Well, its obviously that hes really worried about what this girl thinks. He really wants to make friends with her, otherwise he wouldnt be getting himself all worked up over saying hi, Becca explained, ignoring or not noticing the looks they were giving her.

And its cute for what reason? Russ asked again, still not believing that she used to word cute do describe anything.

Matt normally keeps cool, and doesnt let anything bother him, preferring to be the more confident out of anyone hes around. Its really kind of cute that hes getting himself all worked up about something that should come natural for him, Becca explained patiently.

And that is? Kelly asked, just as dumbfounded as Russ.

Hes lacking confidence in himself. Normally hes very sure of everything he does, but now hes finding it uneasy to find the right words, and even harder to get them out of his mouth, for fear that he might insult or offend the girl, Becca sighed, finally losing patience with their ignorance.

Kelly and Russ just looked at each other with the weirdest expressions on their face. Becca ignored them, and picked up a wizarding magazine.

August 5th, 2005, 3:51 PM
There were a lot of students in the shop, and most of them seemed to be in their first year. Most of them also had trouble in the midst of choosing their wands. Al sighed. Hopefully, he wouldn't make such a mistake; he didn't how panicked he'd feel should he hurt anyone of the students. As luck had it, he needed only to try on two wands, as the second one fitted him perfectly; well, that was what the shopkeeper said.

He smiled excitedly, "Eleven inch of Cherry with the essence of silver thistle. What did you get Elie?"

"Eh?" Elie asked, seemingly a bit dazed. Her temple was throbbing since, lucky her, managed to hit herself whilst picking the suited wand for her. "Oh, right. I heard it was a combination of Ebony and Rosewood or something. It's, what, ten and one quarters. Oh, and there's supposedly unicorn blood and angel hair in it." She shrugged; she appeared to be not as eager as her brother with her new wand.

Al sighed. He should've known, Elie wasn't one who was easily fascinated with magic. "Anyway, how about heading to the bookstore?"

"Bookstore? Are you serious? We need books?!" She cried, hysterical. "I thought we were just gonna learn magic and stuff!"

"That's what we need the books for. You did know that Chimney Rock is like any other school, we have to study, pass tests." Al replied, softly sighing. He knew it. He shouldn't have said it, not yet, at least. He just knew how she becomes when it comes to studying and learning.

"Great." She muttered, pouting childishly. She dragged her feet along the way to the bookshop and entered with the utmost hesitance. She noted that Al was very thrilled, so she forced herself to at least act a bit eager, so he won't be upset.

"Okay, now what?" She asked as her eyes darted all over the room. There were many students here, too, and although she does hate books, she loved making friends more. Perhaps Chimney Rock wouldn't be sosucky~ish as she thought.

Raichu Master
August 5th, 2005, 4:13 PM
OOC: And here's my down fall...when I can't do anything because of dialog...oh well...sorry for the super short post!

*gives self one warning*

IC: Becca got out of her seat, apparently her mind was set on doing something by the looks of her determined expression. The others got up as she smiled and started to walk away, tying her hair back up into a ponytail and wrapping the bandana around her head again. Russ and Kelly just followed along, not taking much notice into their sister; they were used to her taking her bandana on and off.

Hey! Becca said happily at the pair who were walking around the store, one of them disappointed about even being in a bookstore, the other seemingly excited. She figured shed take her brothers lead and try to make some friends while there were here. She shifted her books to one hand so the free one could offer a friendly handshake to both of them. The names Rebecca Burlingame. These two behind me are my brother Russ, and my sister Kelly. Its very nice to meet the both of you! Becca said with a little too much spunk for Russ and Kellys liking. They slid behind their older sister, completely red faced and too shy to even look at the two, so they tried to both hid behind their sister, quite comical. Were quadruplets, the other one is off flirting.

August 5th, 2005, 5:41 PM
As soon as she had gotten to the train in San Francisco, and hugged and kissed her mother goodbye, Kiri boarded the train. She lugged her suitcases and owl to a compartment that was empty, and sat down. She waved goodbye to her mom before she left, and waited for the train to leave while staring out the window at the San Francisco skyline for a while.

August 5th, 2005, 7:11 PM
A pleasure to meet you, Rae! Matt said, Rae smiled shyly in return.ErI just wanted to show my sister the article in the book, somebody must have left it. Matt said pulling a piece of a newspaper out of the book, which was folded up like a bookmark.

You know that boy who narrowly escaped he-who-must-not-be-named? Harry Potter is his name I think. Well he just started his first year this year; Hogwarts starts a week earlier than Chimney Rock. At least thats what my folks say, Matt said showing her the article. Harry Potter? The boy-who-lived? Yes, Raelin knew of his past, and felt symphathy for the boy. But sorry to bother you about something like that he said quickly after it.

"Oh, it's okay -" Rae replied, slightly flustered. "It was pretty inter-" but then, Matt surveyed the bookstore urgently.

"Im trying to find my siblings. I have a brother and sister who are slightly shorter than you, and a sister who is as tall as myself. They ran off somewhere, could you help me find them? They all look pretty much like me, theyre all brown haired and green eyed, Matt shyly. "Id find them myself, but this place his hugeand there are a lot of people here Matt quickly added.

Rae smiled shyly in return. "Oh - of course!" she said. This day wasn't turning out to be so bad... she thought. She might, *might* make a friend today, if she didn't mess up. Rae flinched slightly, remembering her previous failures. "But..." she thought, looking at Matt. "he seems really nice..."

August 5th, 2005, 7:15 PM
At their entrance, a girl had welcomed the two of them. She introduced herself and her siblings, offering a friendly handshake. Alphonse smiled kindly, taking her offer, and gently shook her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you three, as well," He said giving each a warming grin. "My name is Alphonse Locke, and this is my little sister, Elie."

Elie grinned widely at the quadruplets, minus one, and shook the Becca's hands. "Yup, I'm Elie. It's nice to meet you guys~!" She exclaimed in an extremely energetic demeanor. "Anyhow, you guys are Quadruplets? That is so cool! Ooh, I like your bandana, too, where'd you get it?"

Al held a chuckle. Becca seemed really similar to Elie, in terms of enthusiasm, anyway. "So, are you guys first years as well?" He inquired to the other two, Russ and Kelly, as Elie was busy with Becca at the moment.

Raichu Master
August 6th, 2005, 10:32 AM
Thank you so much! Matt said as she agreed to help him. He looked around again, and couldnt find them, and then something tapped him on the shoulder. Turning around to see who might have tapped him, Matt found himself staring at a boy with the same shade of brown hair and the same emerald eyes. Russ! Matt said happily. Where are the other two?

Becca finally found someone to talk to, and Kelly is Russ started and then looked over at Rae and his mouth shut tight and all he wanted to do at that moment was hide and hope that Rae didnt notice him.

What? Matt said, semi-confused trying to figure out what Kelly might be doing that he couldnt be told. Russ then pointed over his shoulder, and then tried to cower away.

Calm down, will you? Matt said with a gentle smile of understanding. He then turned to Rae and said, My brother is extremely shy around new faces. His names Russell, call him Russ for sure. Getting him to talk will be the trick, Matt said with a half chuckle of amusement as he found his sisters. I almost forgot, were all quadruplets.

Yeah were all first years. Itll be fun trying to actually learn how to use these things, Becca said as she took out her wand. She then turned to look at Elie and said, Its pretty coolbut they all get kind of annoying, she said with a sly wink, which caused Kelly to accidentally nudge her back. This thing? she said as she pointed to her bandana. Ive had this thing forever. I forget were I bought it, its covered in oil and grease

Before she gave the two a chance to stare at her skeptically, Becca explained quickly, I work on my car for a hobby. My mom and dad chose to live muggle lives, even though theyre magically inclined.

August 6th, 2005, 5:30 PM
Matt found one of his brothers, who was obviously named Russ. Rae looked on in surprise. They looked so similar, with the same hair and eyes... They looked to be different ages though... she observed.

Meanwhile, Russ was shying away from Rae's observant gaze.

Calm down, will you? Matt said with a gentle smile of understanding. He then turned to Rae and said, My brother is extremely shy around new faces. His names Russell, call him Russ for sure. Getting him to talk will be the trick, Matt said with a half chuckle of amusement as he found his sisters. I almost forgot, were all quadruplets.

"Quadruptlets?" Rae echoed in awe. But then she turned her attention on Russel.

"Hi, Russ." Rae said shyly as well. "I'm Raelin Campbell - Rae for short." she finished, offering out her hand politely.

Raichu Master
August 6th, 2005, 6:40 PM
Russ looked like his eyes would pop out of their sockets at any minute. The girl just spoke to him! Um he whimpered as he hid further behind Matt. Then Rae held out her hand, which made Russ withdraw his own.

Matt sighed and shook his head. He thought for sure if he started talking to someone, Russ might open up to someone other than his siblings. Then he hurried off to his sisters before Matt could do anything else. Im sorry about thathe really doesnt like to talk to people he doesnt know Matt sighed with disappointment as he turned back to Rae. I have another sister like that he said referring to Kelly. Dont worry though, it isnt you. He just has to get used to seeing someone before he actually opens his mouth to say something, Matt explained.

Matt suddenly found himself unable to find anything else to say. Was there anything else to say? Would he be able to make friends with Rae? She certainly seemed nice enough and more than patient, but first impressions are hardly ever correct. Well I got to get going, I still have to find all my books. Maybe Ill have a chance to introduce my sisters, Matt said as he turned to leave, feeling slightly awkward. He then turned around and said, I dont have a train partner yet. I really didnt want to sit with my brother and sisters. And from what Ive heard they only seat like four people per compartment. It would be super cool to learn more about you, would I be allowed hanging with you? Matt asked, even to him these words sounded misplaced and weird. Again he turned a flush red from embarrassment, the words came out jumbled and the question wasnt very well phrased. He only hoped that she understood what he meant.

August 7th, 2005, 9:30 AM
Meanwhile, on the train, absorbed in her history textbook, Alexis was distracted by her ferret, which she still had yet to name. The little, bandit-looking creature was busy scurrying about the compartment, sniffing and squeaking.

"What's the matter with you, huh?" she asked it, raising her eyebrow. "You paranoid?"

The ferret seemed to turn to look at and consider her question for a moment, before returning to his business. Alexis reached over to pick him up. He squirmed for a moment, but looked up at her contentedly, settling in her arms.

Alexis looked out the window, longingly almost, wishing she had the courage to go out there and chat casually with all her fellow students. Her expression slowly turning into a scowl, she shifted her attention to the ferret again, trying to think of a name.

"Scampit," she decided finally, after much thought. Seemingly satisfied, she returned to her book, Scampit perched alert on her shoulder, peering curiously out the window.

Though she hid behind her books in a very convincing way, Alexis found herself hoping for a chance to talk to someone at least. She would never admit it, but she hated being by herself. She curled up on her seat, the history book still propped open before her, and watched Scampit observing the world around them.

August 7th, 2005, 2:04 PM
I was feeling rather ignored. I looked to the girl with the textbook and ferret again and repeated my question. "That seat taken?" I asked again, holding Nashy tightly to my body.

I giggled a little at the ferret's antics, which immediatly interested Nashy. She wasn't used to me giggling at all, let alone attempting to make a friend.

August 7th, 2005, 2:23 PM
OOC: Ah....sorry Nat....didn't know your post was still valid after the "moving too fast" thing! *dies*

IC: Alexis wheeled around to see a girl standing in the compartment. She jumped a little insuprise, and felt her cheeks grow pink. Scampit peered at the girl curiously.

"I....uh.....no....it's not taken..." Alexis trailed off and looked back out the window. She picked up her book and pretended to look interested in an aside about Goblins, but in reality she was cursing herself for acting so stupid in front of people.

August 8th, 2005, 9:48 AM
I smiled and sat in the seat across from her. "I think Nashy and your ferret would get along well!" I giggled, a poor attempt to make conversation. Nashy was watching the ferret with interest from my lap, though she had no intention of leaving her perch.

"My name's Akida, by the way," I added. "And this is Nashy, apparantly," I said, motioning to the red fox in my arms.

August 8th, 2005, 12:10 PM
"Lex," Alexis said hurriedly, and returned her eyes to her book, feeling foolish. She gestured towards her ferret. "This is Scampit."

She hid behind her book, her short dirty blond hair obscuring her face from Akida's eyes. She shuffled her feet, which hung an inch or two above the floor, clad in boys' Vans skater sneakers, the scars from skateboarding accidents visible on her shins and knees. Half of her wished Akida would pick a different compartment, leave Alexis back in her comfort zone, and the other half....a little bit of an adventurous Alexis, wished she would stay, keep her company, perhaps draw her out of the shell she refused to admit she had.

It was at this point that Scampit decided to leap off her shoulder, and land on her history book, going after Nashy. The little ferret, looking with every intention of biting Nashy, only meant to get Alexis to put down the book and talk to Akida. The ferret only hoped the fox would understand...

Alexis jumped out of her seat, and dove onto the floor for Scampit, a little cry of suprise issuing from her mouth. She caught the ferret in mid flight, and Scampit surrendered immediately, thinking his task complete enough. Alexis sat up on the compartment floor, her eyes alert and apologetic. Her broher's old t-shirt hung awkwardly on her shoulders, her brother's old black cargo shorts spotted with dirt from the floor. She looked over at Akida, feeling even more awkward and stupid than before.

"S-sorry..." she stammered, getting off the floor, and regaining her seat opposide Akida. "Dunno what got into him...."

August 8th, 2005, 1:25 PM
I giggled again, much to Nashy's suprise. My friend bounced from my lap as I stood up and pulled Lex to her feet. "I wouldn't worry about it. Nashy has done much worse."

I didn't know what it was about her, but she made me feel easy. Perhaps it was how nervous she seemed around me. I sat back in my seat, looking her over. I smiled again, scooping up Nashy and absently running my fingers over her silky, black paws. "I probably sound enormously stupid, but... This is really the first time I've talked to anyone in years, Lex..."

In all honesty, I felt dumber than I probably sounded, but it felt good to admit it. I noticed my necklace dangling out of my black, long-sleeved tee-shirt, and immeditatly stuffed it back beneath the fabric where it belonged. A sense of fear suddenly choked me. Had Lex seen it? Would she say anything about it? What would I tell her? No one could know!

August 8th, 2005, 1:30 PM
OOC: Ah....I've missed RPing with ya, Nat! ^_^

IC: Alexis, for the first time since Akida had entered the compartment, did not seek refuge in her history book. She sat with Scampit now in her lap, looking oddly satisfied.

"Really?" Alexis asked, suprised. Her voice sounded like it hadn't been used in years. She cleared her throat. "I don't talk much either..."

She averted her eyes out the window as Akida stuffed her necklace hack into her shirt. Alexis played with a few strands of her hair idly, trying desperately to think of something to say. For some odd reason, she didn't want to be silent anymore...she wanted to make a friend.

"So..." she started dumbly, swinging her legs nervously. "Where you from?"

August 8th, 2005, 5:26 PM
I shifted nervously. Home life was not by favorite topic. But... it couldn't hurt to let her know a little right?

"Well, I was from Colorado, originally. Back when Mom and Dad were together. But... once Dad found out that Mom was pregnant with me, he took off on us... Mom couldn't stay in the mountains. They reminded her too much of him. So, she took us both to New York City. That's where I grew up..." I said rather quickly. I hoped she wouldn't ask too much about my father... I still hadn't had any contact with him, though I kept hoping that someday, he'd come and find me.

Nashy sighed a bit and reminded me, none to gently, that I couldn't keep wishing for my father. He wasn't coming. I took her advice to heart, as I always did, but I couldn't help myself. I'd always wondered what it would be like to have a Dad.

"Where are you from?" I asked, hoping to take a little of the heat of conversation off of me.

August 8th, 2005, 5:27 PM
Rae looked on in dismay as Russ ran away. Did I do something wrong? she wondered, going over the proper way to introduce oneself in her mind. No... I was correct. she thought. I guess that it's my social skills. she though, crestfallen.

"Don't worry though, it isn't you. He just has to get used to seeing someone before he actually opens his mouth to say something, Matt assured her. Rae looked dow - she was almost sure that Matt was just saying that to assure her, but...

Well I got to get going, I still have to find all my books. Maybe Ill have a chance to introduce my sisters, Matt said as he turned to leave. He then turned around and said, I dont have a train partner yet. I really didnt want to sit with my brother and sisters. And from what Ive heard they only seat like four people per compartment. It would be super cool to learn more about you, would I be allowed hanging with you?

Just as Raelin opened her mouth to answer, a very familer voice called out her name. "Raelin Campbell - it's time to go now!" Rae sighed. It was her mom. Then, Rae looked apologicly at Matt. "I'm sorry - er, I gotta go now." she said shyly, tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear. As she turned to leave, she said, "It'll be great if we could - hang out together." after saying thus, she ran towards her impatent mom, Ula still in her hands.

August 8th, 2005, 6:58 PM
((Ehehehe, I know its a little late, but:))

Name: Mira Abrams
Nickname (Optional): Luna
Physical Description: A tall, scraggly-looking girl with long black hair and a seemingly tired expression. She has vivid green eyes.
Personality: Calm and quiet, and unusually sleepy at some points of the month.
House: Okenfern
Pet (Optional, and not limited to a cat, owl, rat, or toad, but be semi-realistic): A tabby cat
RP Sample:
A young girl borded the train, her clothes seemingly tattered and torn. She appeared like a homeless, lost in uncertainty and sleep. A tabby cat, which she called Maggie, hugged at her heels, though seemed wary of the girl. She trudged onward, letting the kiss of her father fly away. She had no mother, oh no.
Her mother was killed due to a werewolf attack, one which her family nearly escaped, nearly. Her father was unharmed, but what worried the family was the young girl with the bitten arm. Oh yes, it would heal, but Mira would never be the same. Her father reluctantly let the girl go to this school, as her mother and himself did before her, however, the students need to take better caution around her. He alerted the Headmaster of the school about his child's special...case. She needed to be taken care of once every month, given a special potion to help her.
They said it could be done, oh yes.
This very girl, Mira, or Luna as some call her, this dangerous werewolf was boarding the train, and leaving home for the first time...alone. The bustle of New York was strange for her, because she was used to the quiet country-side of New Jersey, but, she was looking forward to school. Even if she was different, without a mother and some sanity, she was ready.
((If you don't want her to be a werewolf, I can change her, or if I'm too late, then ignore me.))

August 8th, 2005, 10:20 PM
I work on my car for a hobby. My mom and dad chose to live muggle lives, even though theyre magically inclined.

"Becca, you are so cool!" Elie chirped, grinning like an idiot. "I wanted to try and work on those car thingies before, but Brother here said that it'll end up with the car falling on top of me." She rolled her eyes, forcing on an irritated demeanor, although she giggled childishly afterwards.

Al held back a sigh. Uh-oh. Elie was getting hyper~ly hyper; that was a bad signto peace-loving people, at least. He shook his head, dismissing it as, hopefully, his imagination, and smiled softly at Kelly. She seemed rather timid so he hoped that he did nothing to make her anxious.

"So, umm, what classes are you looking forward to?" He asked with hesitance.

[//ooc: Do forgive me for making it short. > <; Nothing going on Mari's brain.]

Raichu Master
August 10th, 2005, 7:05 AM
Matt, whose previous embarrassment with his own stupid question, became even more embarrassed when Rae turned around and said that she would felt the same way. If his head could have been any redder than it had been when he turned around, no one could really tell. He then started to retrieve his books as he kept an eye on his other siblings. They had been ready to go already and were talking, waiting for him to make up his mind.

Rebecca grinned just as wide as Eli as she spoke. Although she wasn't as hyper as Eli, she understood her excitement.

The other two, Russ and Kelly, just seemed to, if possible, hide behind Rebecca even more.

"Me?" Becca asked innocently as she turned to face Al. She tightened her ponytail and bandana, and cleared her throat before speaking. "I really don't know what to expect. The potions book looks interesting, but from what I've heard from eavesdropping," she flushed red with embarrassment at the fact that she was listening in while others talked, "it's a terribly hard class. Transfigurations also looks very interesting. How about yourselves?" she asked, recovering from her embarrassment quite gracefully.

Russ and Kelly just rolled their eyes and snuck away from the babbling Becca, and made their way towards Matt.

"So how did your flirting go?" Kelly teased.

"Did you wooh her?" Russ asked, without missing a beat, foreigning falling in love.

Matt grunted his annoyance at their presistant teasing. "I wasn't flirting," Matt said flatly, which popped both their bubbles that he wasn't willing to play along like he normally did.

"Your face got red everytime she talked to you!" Kelly accused equally as flat, her face serious, which betrayed the sarcasm that was hidden in the statement.

"I just wanted to make a friend, now leave me alone," Matt said exasperated. The other two threw looks of skepticism at him as he turned to face them. "Is there any harm in making a friend?" Matt said pointedly.

"I s'pose not," Kelly said in defeat, but kept her all knowing expression locked onto Matt who just merely shrugged and continued with his book shopping.

August 10th, 2005, 9:42 AM
"Boston," Alexis answered timidly, her eyes on the floor. Any other kid would have been curious about Akida's past, but it wasn't like Lex to pry. "I live with my Mum and Dad....and my brother Toby."

She winced as she said his name, hardly noticable, but the stab in her heart that she felt was none too dull. She tried not to think about him, and instead brought her skateboard down from the overhead compartment and played with the neon green wheels idly. Scampit tried to chew on the board, but one sharp look from Alexis told the ferret to knock it off. He settled for watching the wheels rotate.

"You have any magic in your family?" Lex asked, feeling awkward in the silence.

August 10th, 2005, 9:56 AM
I flinched. "Dad," I said simply, not wanting to delve farther into it. I fingers unconsiously touched the crystal necklace, and Nashy sent me a sharp warning. I placed my hands in my lap again, looking up at Lex.

"You're a skater, huh?" I said with a small smile, hoping to get away from the touchie subjects the two of us seemed to be delving in.

August 10th, 2005, 11:32 AM
OOC: I'm so awful....sorry for not getting back to you sooner Wolf Goddess....you're in! Welcome aboard!

IC: "Oh...yeah..." Alexis looked up from her board. A small smile flitted across her face. "Yeah. I skate a lot."

She continued to spin the wheels on her board. Her expression turned to one of sadness, almost disappointment. She looked over at Akida.

"Look," she said, as if she had rehearsed and said this a million times. "I understand if you don't want to sit here with me. I mean, I'm not exactly the most interesting person on earth. There's probably a million other people you'd rather be sitting with anyway."

She looked out the window, and though it sounded like she was reciting something for a play, she appeared oddly short of breath. She blinked a few times, her mouth very set in a grim line, giving the appearance of holding something in. With her eyes to the window, trying to focus on the world outside instead of what she was thinking, she hoped the tears wouldn't come, hoped the burning sensation in the corners of her eyes would just go away, hoped at that moment beyond anything, Akida would go sit with her other friends, so she wouldn't see her cry if the tears did indeed come.

August 10th, 2005, 11:50 AM
I flinched again. "I don't have any friends," I said sadly, looking at Lex sadly. I felt a few tears well up in my eyes, but I chocked them back down. "Nashy's the only one I ever talk to... You're the first person I've really talked to in years."

I rose and picked up Nashy. "If you don't want me to stay, I won't... I'm sorry if I've offended you some how..." my voice cracked with emotion. "I'm sorry," I repeated thickly, wishing she'd stop me, tell me that I could stay...

Raichu Master
August 10th, 2005, 12:07 PM
"Let's go!" charles said from behind Rebecca.

Startled, Rebecca turned around to see everyone with their bags full of books. "I'm sure you'll meet them on the train, we still have a stop to make," Charles added.

Rebecca nodded and then turned around to look at the two in front of her. With a sigh, Rebecca said, "Sorry, I got to go, I hope I see you two on the train!"

With that, the 6 of them made their way out of the bookstore and into the petstore, Kelly really wanted a pet, which would luckily be the last stop for them.

Entering the pet store Kelly walked over to the owl she saw in the window. "Do you want that one?" Elizabeth asked as Charles went with the others to find their own pets.

There was something about the owl that drew Kelly. It might have been the perfect feathers of grey that filled it's body, or the nicely curved beak. But it was those brown eyes, those knowledgeable owl eyes that drew her to it. With a nod her mom went to get the clerk so the could purchase the owl.

Russ found a farret, Matt a kitten, and Rebecca a puppy, as they met Kelly and their mother at the clerk.

August 10th, 2005, 1:06 PM

"You need to get your wand." Her father sighs. Mira attempts a grin, but her grin came out to be just raised ends on the sides of her lips, and it trembles there for a moment, and gives way into the same serious expression as before. Instead, she clutches Maggie nervously. He misreads it and beds down to give the girl a small hug.
"Its okay, I was nervous about getting my first wand, too." He says.
"Dad, its not that, I mean, what will happen when I...transform?" she gulps. Her father looks thoughtfully at the girl.
"Well, I informed the potions teacher to make you the potion and give it to you every time there will be a full moon out. It doesn't stop you from transforming, but it WILL stop you from hurting yourself," he says, looking at the girl's scarred arm. Werewolves, if they don't find something to attack, end up attacking themselves.
The girl sighs as they enter the Wand Shop.
"Well, welcome back Marty," a man said, shaking her father's hand, "Looks like another one,"
"Yes, she's the last."
"Very well then, let's get testing, shall we?"

August 10th, 2005, 5:06 PM
"No! It's okay, really...." Lex's voice died down to a mumble as she reagained her composure. She shifted stupidly in her seat. "I'm sorry....I don't really....talk much either."

She scratched Scampit's chin nervously, but the little ferret seemed to enjoy it enough. She retired her skateboard to the luggage compartment, and looked over at Akida.

"I'm sorry....I'm not offended...just...careful," she sighed, her tense shoulders finally relaxing. "I didn't have a lot of friends at home."

She knew it was a lame excuse, but what made it even more so was that it was the truth. Her closest friend had been her brother, and even that had been taken away from her...by her acceptance to Chimney Rock. She sighed and bowed her head, hoping Akida wouldn't leave, but nervous if she chose to stay.

August 10th, 2005, 5:39 PM
I sat back down. "I didn't have many friends back home either. They all asked too many questions. And, what with who I am, I couldn't give them any straight answers."

I scooped Nashy back into my lap, scratching her behind the ears. "It's nice to have someone to talk to. Everyone needs a friend, right?" The last bit of my sentence had an unmistakenable note of hope in it. I wanted a friend, I did... I was just afraid to make one, and afraid of what might happen if anyone found out about my... ability...

August 10th, 2005, 6:37 PM
"It's true," Alexis agreed. She felt a smile cross her face, sending a warmth through her that seemed she had not experienced in eons.

She had to admit her curiosity was getting the best of her. It was not the first time that Akida had hinted at something mysterious about her. She decided not to push it though. Instead, she decided to take it a step at a time. If Akida wanted her to know, she'd tell her.

Scampit was curled up in Alexis' lap, breathing slowly, sleeping. Alexis looked over at Akida.

"Any hobbies?" she asked hopefully in spite of herself.

Raichu Master
August 10th, 2005, 7:12 PM
OOC: And so...RM...finally starts to lose his patience...

IC: "Wow!" the quadruplets said as they examined each others pets. Kelly's owl, which was named Galileo, was a gray barn owl, although appeared quite young, and was most likely bred to be sold. Matt's kitten, which he dubbed Nickel, was a feisty gray kitten who quickly turned into 'ninja kitty' when they found that he pounced from person to person and then seemingly disappear, and reappear in the complete opposite direction it was seemingly headed. Russ's farret, which he named Squeakie, since that's mainly all it did, as he snugged up to him and rested on his shoulder. Rebecca, whose puppy was oddly colored great dane was named Ginger after her sleek brindled coat.

"Is that all of them?" Elizabeth called after the four children. When they were finally content with looking at the pets they chose, their parents guided them along the streets toward the train station.

August 11th, 2005, 10:40 AM
OOC: Shiney Inc. Proudly presents: The lazy bastard's way to introduce oneself into an RP.

IC: I walked onto the train impatiently, having done my shopping in advance. I was a "half-blood" as some called it. Namely, my father was magical, but my mother was nonmagic. However, she had succesfully hid it until I recieved my letter, which was quite a bit of a shock. I was wheeling a trunk in front of me, as I trusted my things to only myself, as I began to search compartments. I wanted to find somewhere with either as few people as possible, or the sort of people who might not have any problem with practicing magic, as I hadAlready gone through quite a few of my books, and was eager to learn what all I could do...

August 11th, 2005, 1:23 PM
Noah began to feel irritated, not being able to find an empty compartment after reaching the very end of the cart. He shook his head in disappointment, and turned back the other way to see if he'd missed any. It wasn't long before he eventually a compartment close to the compartment the girl he'd met earlier was sitting in. He slowly slid the door open, and took a seat, setting his things down in front of him. To pass time, he deicded to browse through his textbooks, 2 of which seemed particularely intriguing, 'Magical Drafts and Potions', and 'Curses and Counter-curses (Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying, and Much, Much More)'.

Feeling somewhat curious, he took a look at the second book, and put the first one beside him, promising himself to take a look at it later.

August 11th, 2005, 5:16 PM
Akida smiled. "I dance," she said nonchalantly. "Have been since I was three. Mostly ballet, but I do a some tap and minimal jazz."

She began absently stroaking Nashy, the fox making an almost purring noise. It was a strange noise for a fox, but then again, Nashy wasn't exactly a normal fox. "It's hard for me to be leaving it behind. I had landed the lead solo in Swan Lake for next years performance, and now that I'm off to Chimney Rock, I can't really keep my position."

Akida looked up at Lex. "Do you have any other hobbies besides skating?" she asked gently, steering clear of as much talk about herself as she could.

August 11th, 2005, 5:25 PM
"Ah...not really..." Lex said furtively, feeling a little dumb. "Well...I play guitar, but I'm not really good at it. Skating comes really naturally to me....I've been doing it forever."

She watched Akida petting her fox with a mild fascination.

"He's really cute," she commented. "It is a he right? Foxes are such neat animals....they're so crafty."

She shuffled through the papers in her pocket, finally pulling out the informations sheet that had come with her book and supply list. She glanced over it, her brow furrowing.

"What House d'you suppose you'll get in? It looks kinda confusing...."

August 11th, 2005, 5:42 PM
Akida giggled at Lex, Nashy making a mental noise of disgust. "Nashy's a she," she corrected easilly. "Hard to tell with foxes."

She peered over at the paper, pondering. "In all honesty, I have no idea. I'm not really worried about what House I get it. What freaks me out more is how they're going to decide..."

Raichu Master
August 12th, 2005, 4:24 AM
OOC: I can't accept you based on that profile. Sorry. *not accepted*

August 12th, 2005, 4:28 AM
OOC: Before you can start RPing, take a look at the rest of the members' profiles. We're looking for quite a bit more detail than what you've provided. As is, we can't accept you into the RP yet, but take some time to rework and add more detail to your profile, and you should be fine! ^_^

IC: "Ah...sorry Nashy," Alexis aplogized, feeling foolish. She returned her attention to Nat when she mentioned the method of sorting. "You mean, you can't just pick? What d'you hafta do? Take an exam or something?"

This news frightened her. She was suddenly having second thoughts. She didn't know the first thing about magic. How was she going to prove herself enough to get into a House? What if she wasn't sorted at all?

Raichu Master
August 12th, 2005, 4:29 AM
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IC: "We're going to be late!" Kelly said nervously as she noticed that the train station wasn't any were close. The others, who were also walking a bit faster, did note what time it was, and were surprised to see their parents actually rushing too.

"Go go go!" Elizabeth said as they scrambled into the train station and made their way to Platform 5 1/4. Elizabeth the proceeded to usher all four of them to the platform.

OOC: Short post but didn't want to make the post spam, after I just yelled about it... XD

August 12th, 2005, 7:59 AM
((Was that directed towards me? *confused* or was it towards a post that was deleted and I can't see it...
If it was towards me, I'll try to improve.))

And so the important things were completed, but that was the beginning of Mira's problems. To board a train ment that she must interact with beings she had never met before, and interaction wasn't her best trait. Maggie tugged at her heels, but became wary as the two entered the train, her father watching. As soon as the girl was inside the train, he turned to leave without another "Good-Bye," or "Write to me," as she had seen the other parents do. But, as the youngest child out of four (all of which had graduated in the previous years) her father was probably happy that he would finally have time to himself.

Or was it the exact opposite? Was he upset that he would be all alone, with no wife, in a large house for a long time. Was he so upset that he refused to say good-bye so he wouldn't have the feeling of being alone. Mira decided to think less of this and more of trying to find an empty compartment, or one that seemed to have friendly-enough people. She had found many filled with people that looked about as happy as children in a candy-shop with a full bag of money, but all were full. Her wand bumped foreignly in her right-hand pocket, the one that was the last of the long list of ones she had tested. The strange thing was, the man who was helping her refused to tell her what it contained and what it was made of, but whispered to her father nervously. She caught tid-bits of it, hearing; "Wolf....Fur....never before." and her father calmly explaining something to him.

She knew, but didn't want to know it, so she shoved these thoughts at the back of her head, determined to find a seat. Finally, she found one that was empty. Well, not entirely. There were forgotten candy lables and wrappers lying on the floor, and a squished bug in the corner of the room. She wrinkled her nose, appalled. Perhaps those were the reasons why it had no one in it. However, she thanked the dead bug for making it empty and sat in the seat closest to a window, hoping it would stay empty so she wouldn't have to face anyone with questions and answer with unfinished answers that left the questioner wanting more.

Raichu Master
August 12th, 2005, 8:23 AM
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WG, since it's mega annoying to indent on PC, double space between each paragraph, makes it easier to read. ^^


Thank you.

August 12th, 2005, 9:05 AM
can I join please

Name: Eddy

Nickname (Optional): Ed

Physical Description: Eddy stood at about 5 feet, bigger than most of the people he knew. People used to call him the big boss while he was at school because he was bigger than the rest. He has Emerald green eyes with long hazel brown hair. He prefers to wear an olive green vest with a dragon on the front and a hood on the back as well as navy blue trousers with a red and white stripe going along the side, that he thinks support his style. He has big muscles that show on his arms while wearing the vest which intimidate many people around his age.

Personality: Eddy was very smart for a boy of his age he was very mentally strong and always wanted to be a quiditch player he was very ambitious to get things done properly and he never backs down form a challenge

House: Clawgrith

Pet: Horse: has red coat and a black tail it has black wings on it as well.

RP Sample:
Eddy snuck downstairs after hearing the mail man post the letters. It was early in the morning so he was wearing his pyjama's. His pyjama's were red with a picture of a wizard on them. His mum always bought these for him every year. The Sun was just above his head. He looked out of the window in the living room on the bottom floor and saw that the street was strangley empty. He snuck outside and along the drive to the mailbox and took the post in. The surroundings outside were very quiet there was only the soound of the trees rustling in the wind and a few birds singing the dawn chorus.

He looked through them and they mainly were bills and other things but the last letter read:

Eddy Gordo
123 Asuka lane

Eddy opened the letter and read through
"yeah yeah yeah right lets see been invited to school of witch craft and wizardry blah blah blah..... huh?" He looke back and re read the bit that spoke about witchcraft and wizardry.
"WOW!" He shouted and ran back upstairs to his mom's room to show her. She was still in bed when he got there. His mum took the letter off him and read it aloud.

You have been accepted to Chimney Rock, the school of witchcraft and wizzardry. Term begins on September first. You will arrive by train. There will be departures from New York City, Orlando, Chicago, and San Fransisco at noon exactly. Regardless of the city from which you depart, the platform you must reach is 5 1/4. Enclosed you will also find a book list and a list of supplies for your first year at Chimney Rock. I look foward to seeing you on September first.


Ichabod Dellman
Chimney Rock School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry"

"I knew you would get this sooner or Later" She said

August 12th, 2005, 9:33 AM
I slurped the last of my chocolate shake through a straw, glancing at my watch. My eyes widened as I did so and I looked at Riz, saying, "**** fire, Riz, we gottta get going. We'll be late if we don't hurry up." I rummaged through my pockets and grabbed enough money to pay and for a generous tip, slapping it down on the table. I grabbed my bag with all my essentials, my parents would have taken care of the rest.

August 12th, 2005, 9:51 AM
Riz gasped and nodded. "I'll meet you on the train, okay?" she said quickly, scooping up Tolati and rushing out the door. "I gotta find Grandma!" she called over her shoulder as she ran out.

She found her quickly, much to Riz's relief. Tolati yipped happily as they found the older lady. "Quickly, Riz! You're going to miss the train!!"

After a lot of scrambling, Riz was officially on the train in an empty compartment, breathing heavilly. Her trunk was heavy, after all. Tolati licked Riz's hand, yipping again and bouncing around the compartment, causing Riz to giggle.


Akida shivered. "I'm sure you can't just pick... I mean, then they risk the chance of overloading the dorms..."

She found herself toying with Nashy's collar out of nervousness. "I just hope it's nothing difficult. I don't know much about magic, nothing that they can actually test me on anyways... Hopefully, it won't be a test at all..."

She looked up at Lex with hope in her eyes. "Maybe they'll just number us off or something?"

August 12th, 2005, 10:01 AM
I myself had just made a straight dash for the train, though I was held up momentarily while trying to board it by Michael's revenge, a Leg-Locker Curse. It was rather embarrassing to be hauled onto the train by your older and manhandled about the compartments before he would even consider preforming the counter-curse. In fact, he dragged me down, apparently looking for something. I found out what when he opened a compartment and shoved me in. I was grateful for something cushioning the impact until I looked over and saw just what that was. I blushed deep scarlet and looked over at Riz, apologizing profusely. Micahel just laughed as he preformed the counter-curse, my legs springing apart.

August 12th, 2005, 10:31 AM
Okay Rae, todays your big day. her mother said urgently, her face concentrated. Go do well and make us proud. she said as she walked onto Platform 5 .

And remember to write back! added Irving, handing Ula back to Rae.

Ill write everyday. Rae promised her little brother as she gave him a hug. Thats a promise. she added, lugging her trunk to the train, still facing her family. As the train gave a warning whistle, Raelin turned her back on them and rushed to the train. Not before hearing,

Irving dont cry said her mother, choking back tears.

Im not crying! replied Irving, pouting. youre the one whos crying! he accused.

Rae sighed as she closed the door behind her. How was she ever going to make it through this semester? I hope that they are going to be okay. she thought, wiping a tear from her lashes.

Raichu Master
August 12th, 2005, 10:56 AM
"Bye," Elizabeth cried, as she smothered herself in Charles shirt, he looked at the quadruplets who haven't even started to board the train with a hopeless expression on his face.

The four children just smiled broadly at their father as they saw him roll his eyes at Elizabeth's hysteria. "Dont worry, mum! Russ said softly as he turned his back and was surprisingly the first one on the train.

Yeah, no worries! Well definitely be back sooner than you think! Rebecca said continuing to smile wide at her parents. She then hustled after Russ, making sure he didnt get lost.

Bye dad, bye mom, Matt said with a wave, he didnt smile, which worried the three remaining. His face was full of worried as a tear ran down his cheek. Ill miss you, he mouthed before hopping on the train.

The warning whistle blew.

Kelly rushed over and quickly kissed and hugged both her mom and dad and waved farewell, not wanting to be left behind.

Inside the train was chaos. New students scrambling to and fro, trying to find an empty compartment. Older students didnt help much as they laughed at the little ones, and it didnt help that large groups stood in the middle of the isle reminiscing about old times and new ones to come. Kelly, Russ, and Rebecca quickly found an empty compartment before it had a chance to be filled. Are you coming? Rebecca asked exasperated, as Matt seemed to be looking for someone, who he wasnt sure, hed get a chance to meet up with the crowd.

No, you guys go ahead, Ill be fine without you, Matt said absentmindedly as he pushed through the crowd, Nickel meowing loudly in protest. Trying to find the girl, Rae, proved to be like finding a needle in a haystack as he searched train car to train car.

Where is she? Matt asked himself as he continually failed to find the girl he met at the bookstore a few short minutes ago. Nickel, his gray kitten, meowed in protest every step of the way.

August 12th, 2005, 12:03 PM
"I don't know a whole lot of magic either," Alexis admitted, glad that Akida had first. "I hope they just number us off..."

She watched as a herd of students made their way past their compartment. She brushed her short dirty blond hair back and watched them nervously. Scampit remained asleep in her lap, apparently tired from the day's ventures.

"Looks like we'll be leaving soon..." Alexis said in a thoughtful, perhaps hopeful voice. The hint of a smile was playing about her face. She had to admit that she was getting excited....

OOC: Sorry RM, but it just seems silly to post this in the discussion thread if Squall doesn't go there...

In any case, Squall...my only qualm is your punctuation and grammar, but the profile is a big improvement from what I've seen previously. I'll let you in if you promise to be meticulous with your grammar. We have a three-warning system going on, so please be aware of that, okay?

August 12th, 2005, 5:04 PM
The girl blinks back tears as she tries to find her father. Perhaps he was waving, but no, he had indeed left. Maggie hops into the seat across from her, watching the people pass by from the compartment.

Luna smiles slightly. "If nobody comes into this compartment, that's a good thing, Maggie." Of course, the cat never comprehended what Mira says most of the time, but let a low purr loose from the bottom of her throat. She looks back out the window, her tired eyes looking at the parent's hugging their children good-bye, and kissing them on the cheek.

"Besides," the girl sighs, "Who would want to be friends with a werewolf?"

August 12th, 2005, 6:12 PM
Riz blushed as well, scooting over a hair. "Hey Seth," she said, her cheeks very scarlet.

Tolati managed to cool things down a bit as she began bouncing all over Seth's lap, barking and licking at any bit of Seth she could.


Akida nodded. "Hopefully," she said gently. "I would really like to get to this school, after finally hearing all the wonderful things about it."

Nashy yawned, closing her eyes. She seemed to be taking the same route as Scampit.

August 13th, 2005, 6:41 AM
I lauhed as Tolati began bouncing about me, managing a breathless "Hey." back to Riz. I began playfully scratching Tolati's sides, adding, "Sorry about that. I guess he was rather attached to his revenge."

August 13th, 2005, 4:26 PM
"So," the girl asks her cat, not feeling the least bit strange that she was talking to a living thing that wouldn't reply back in English, "What house do you think I'll be placed in? Father was in Viperfang, and so were my other siblings, but I'm not like them," she pauses to think, "Perhaps...ah, we'll find out when we get there, now, won't we?" she smiles.

Raichu Master
August 13th, 2005, 4:32 PM
Where do you think hes off to? Kelly asked as she watched Matt scurry off.

Probably to find Rae, Russ said with a shrug as he ferret curled on his lap to sleep. He looked over at Ginger, Rebeccas brindled Great Dane, who was asleep at Rebeccas feet and Galileo hooted softly in sleep in the cage Kelly picked out for it.

Whose Rae? Becca asked as she turned from her radio, that she was attempting to fix for her Ford Mustang, to Russ.

The girl he was talking to at the bookstore, Russ explained which drew a snicker from Kelly, who only received a pair of scowls from her siblings. I dont think hes infatuated with the girl. I just think hes lookin to make some friends.

Becca nodded, Matt doesnt fall head over heels for a girl. Hes a bit smarter than that. I hope he finds her though, he seemed determined to find her through this mess of people when he left. Russ and Kelly could only nod in return.

Well were on our way to our first year, Russ sighed nervously, Kelly shared his uneasiness as Becca went back to fixing the car radio on her lap. The train hadnt even started moving, so Becca wasnt too concerned.

Matt waved as he caught sight of Rae. Rae! he called, hoping to get her attention as he stumbled about trying to reach her. Nickel, comically, dug his front claws into Matts left shoulder, trying not to fall.

August 14th, 2005, 3:47 AM
Eddy was late. He ran through the corridors to his next lesson which was Defence against the dark arts.
"Why do teachers always keep me behind!?" I asked angrily. I ran down the hall and round somemore corners to find my classroom was full with everyone including the teacher working.
"Who are you?" The teacher asked.
"I am Eddy Gordo sir" He said panting from running all that way.
"Well i'm Mr. Green and you are late so sit down and get your things out immediatly@ Mr. Green said in rage. Eddy walked over to an empty chair and sat down getting his things out.

Raichu Master
August 14th, 2005, 4:04 AM
*first warning*

Squall, we're still at the train station. The train hasn't even left the station yet. And won't until everybody is on it, which might take a while.

The warning is for not reading the other post to see where we were. If you needed help, you could have PMed someone and any of us would have been glad to get you up to date. The fact that you didn't read at least the first few post after your sign up, kind of worries me.


August 15th, 2005, 1:52 PM
Riz watched Tolati's back leg twitch a little before she grew bored of the attention and took to chasing a fly around the compartment.

"Apparantly," Riz laughed, still a little, well, off from Seth's landing on her. The feeling had not been unpleasent, besides the fact that his elbow had jabbed into her side, and would most likely leave a nice little bruise. But still... Something had felt good about it.

Riz shook her head. She couldn't make any sense of it.

August 15th, 2005, 1:58 PM
"Eh, that's my brother for you." I replied, laughing. I looked over at Riz with a grin that didn't manage to reach my eyes, a warm look filling them instead. I added lightly, "That was nothing, actually... You should've seen what he did to me for wrecking his broomstick..." I trailed off, chortling a little.

I then added, "Of course, that was only because he sent my dinner levitating into a ceiling fan..."

August 15th, 2005, 2:08 PM
Riz laughed a little. "Man am I glad I don't have siblings!" she laughed lightly, immediatly biting her tongue. "No, I take that back..." she whispered. "I'd love to have a little sister... or a little brother for that matter..."

It was true. Riz would have loved that. Having a little sibling would have meant that she would have been with her parents longer, that she would have someone to share the pain of losing them with... someone who would truely understand her hurt, in a way that was nearly the same as hers.

Tolati seemed to catch a bit of Riz's mood and jumped up on her lap. The little lab pup curled up and whined sympathetically.

August 15th, 2005, 2:12 PM
I placed a hand lightly on Riz's shoulder, picking up on her mood, and instead of making a wisecrack about how it wasn't what it was cracked up to be, saying softly, "Hey. It's alright, okay, Riz? It just happened that way for you. You can tell me what it was later, all right?"

August 15th, 2005, 2:27 PM
Riz flinched a bit under Seth's touch, suprised by it. She looked at him, her eyes wide, but soft at the same time.

"Sure," she whispered, absently patting Tolati's head.

August 15th, 2005, 3:31 PM
She looks out the window of her compartment. She looked at the train's hallway, and the compartment across from her. Two people and a black dog were in there, laughing, talking. At some points, they appeared to share some sympathy for eachother, or something along the lines of that. Nobody ever did that with her. Ever since her mother died, her father became rather silent and less joyful, and her siblings acted cold to her, as though it was her fault. She was young, and her mother was defending her against the attack.

'How come YOU somehow survived with only a bite, and mother died being ripped apart by that werewolf, protecting YOU. Now, your the same monster that killed mother.' her older sister had yelled at her, holding Mira's scarred arm for all to see. But, no, they don't know what its like, living with a burden as big as this. Knowing that you can kill something without knowing it, and knowing your mother died protecting you, someone so...worthless.

Mira looks away from compartment window and put her head in her hands. Nothing was more painful living like that. Living everyday, knowing that your nothing but a burden to others.

Raichu Master
August 17th, 2005, 8:20 AM
"Why are you always tinkering with those sort of things?" Kelly asked in annoyance as she continued to watch Becca get out a screwdriver and take apart the radio again, after thinking she had it working.

"What do you want me to do?" Becca asked looking up from her project. "I can't very well bring my car on the train. Might as well get something done!"

"Um...Becca?" Russ spoke up, trying to stop the two before they could get into an argument again.

"What?" Becca said, trying to steady her voice, but she still sounded a bit snappy.

"Radios don't work in the magical world...you wouldn't be able to tell whether it worked or not here," Russ said pointing out Becca's error in judgement. "You could be breaking something that you've already fixed by now.

Red faced with embarrassment because Kelly was thrown into a fit of giggles and Russ smiled wearily. "Well...I need something to do. What do you want me to do?" Becca snapped.

"You could read that Potions book of yours that you seemed so fond up when talking to do Eli and Al," Kelly remarked snidely.

"Don't you start on me now!" Becca accused as she pointed her finger at Kelly for emphasis, which drew a few chuckles from Russ.

August 18th, 2005, 5:27 PM
Rae nearly tripped over Ula as the train started, gaining a screech from her kitten.

Sorry she said apologetically to Ula as Rae scooped Ula up into her arms again. Then, she looked around for the boy she met in the bookshop, Matt. Its almost hopeless to find him in a place like this she thought, sighing.

Rae! Raes head jerked up, searching for the source of the sound. Matt! she replied happily, waving as well. Ula meowed curiously as she saw the dangling kitty on his shoulder. Rae rushed over to them. Hi! she said breathlessly. So, do you want to go in a compartment?

Raichu Master
August 18th, 2005, 5:40 PM
Nickels back straightened when he saw Ula, and he held on tighter to his master, not quite sure of what to make of the kitten.

Hey! I thought Id never find you! Matt said pleasantly as he stopped in front of Rae, bending over and gasping for air. He was very athletic, but it was ridiculous how he had dodge in and out of large groups of students. Yes, lets find one. I havent seen one available, I thought you might have found one yourself. Matt added, as he straightened, finally catching some measure of control over his own respiration.

Matt looked around a minute, and found an open compartment door. Walking over to it, which was a little passed Rae and off to the left, Matt peered into it. Hey, this one is empty! Lets take it, before someone else does.

With that, Matt moved into the compartment, he didnt worry about luggage, since it was already with his siblings. Taking a seat near the window, Nickel jumped off his shoulder and sat beside him, eyeing Ula carefully and curiously.

August 18th, 2005, 6:00 PM
"Yeah, I never thought that it'll be this crowded." Rae agreed.

Rae walked cautiously in the compartment, setting down her trunk - whereas Ula already walked over to Matt's kitten, meowing hello. Rae smiled at her kitten's outgoing personality. She could use a few pointers from her.

Rae sat down, smoothing down her rumpled clothing. "Say," she said, noticing the new kitten. "you got a kitten too? What's his - or her's name?" she asked curiously, wearing a soft smile on her face.

Raichu Master
August 18th, 2005, 6:08 PM
Nickel looked up at Matt, who just smiled and nodded in returned. Nickel than turned his sapphire eyes back to Ula. Raising his paw lightly in the air, Nickel tapped Ula on the nose and then raced off around the compartment trying to get her to play.

Its a male. His names Nickel, Matt said happily. My siblings each got their own pet. I like kittens, I have two at home, but their old house cats. So I figured Id have my owntowellcall my own Matt said awkwardly, realizing the end of his sentence sounded foolish.

August 19th, 2005, 11:03 AM
Ula mewed contently, chasing Nickel throughout the compartment.

Rae laughed softly at their playful behavour - they seemed so happy. Without a worry of how the world was, without any worrying - they all had it done.

Merlin, am I getting jealous of Ula? Rae thought amusingly.

"Nickel - that's such a suitable name. He's so cute." Rae said, looking at Matt. "My kitten's called Ula, she's a girl," she paused. "or did I tell you that already?" she said sheepishly. "This is my first time having a pet," she continued. "my mom thought that I would get bored here, so she gave me one." she finished, clasping her hands together in her lap.

Raichu Master
August 19th, 2005, 11:12 AM
I see, Matt said thoughtfully as his head darted to and fro, trying to keep up with the kittens swift movements as they raced after each other around the closed compartment. Thats a very pretty name for her. My sister, Rebecca, doesnt like animals much. She prefers to work on her car. Its a Ford Mustangdont ask me what year it isI couldnt tell you. Youd have to ask her, Jeremy said lamely as he looked back over to Rae with a smile.

What house do you think youll get into? Matt asked. I heard students are sorted by their personalities and characteristics. Am I right? Matt added, being raised a muggle, he didnt know everything there was to know about magic and the magical world.

August 19th, 2005, 1:00 PM
Though most of her family was from the Viperfang house, it didn't mean she was condemned to it, nor that it was bad. It was just, she sighed, her siblings weren't the nicest of people, but maybe it was just towards her. Maybe another reason of their dislike to her was the fact she looked just like her mother. She had the long, raven black hair that appeared to never get messy or loose its sheen. And her eyes, they were the same, haunting green as her mother's. Her brothers and sisters looked like their father, with blond hair and brown eyes, so, perhaps part of their hate for Luna was out of jealousy. Her relatives, before her mother was dead (her mother died when she was four) often said to the girl, "My my, how the two of you look alike. You could be twins if you wanted to!" Of course, Mira was only three and had a vague expression of what they ment.

She smiles as she thinks of her mother. She only recalled what she looked like through pictures that smiled at her at home, but at least she knows what she looked like. And then she recalled what her Mother's house was...Oakenfern. Mira smiles slightly, "Perhaps, I'll be in Oakenfern," she says to Maggie. The cat, not knowing what her master was saying, just blinks at her.

August 21st, 2005, 2:31 PM
"Your sister drives a Ford Mustang?" Rae commented. "Wow... don't they have a really hard test? My mom took it 50 times before she passed!" she exclamed.

Then she stopped. Oh no, she just blurted out her mom's deepest secret. Rae sat there, thinking what her mother would say if she knew.

"I heard that students are sorted by their personalities and characteristics, am I right?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, you're right." Rae nodded. "I think I'll probablly be in Beckenhoof. My mom always said that I resembled my father, and he was in that house." she finished - thinking about her father that she never knew.

"So, what house do you think you'll be in?" she asked, turning to smile at Matt.

August 21st, 2005, 3:00 PM
Out of boredom, Noah decided to grab his luggage and just walk around.

'I feel like we've been sitting her for so long now!' He thought to himself, grabbing his things. Maybe he'd be able to return to a compartment with more people. Regardless of how strange he felt in the train, he needed to do something. Anything would beat sitting flat on a seat for hours on-end.

With that, he stood up, and stepped outside the compartment. Despite the fact that it was less than a meter away, it felt like he was climbing a mountain.

After quite some time of aimless pacing, and viewing many different types of people, he found a compartment of interest. It looked a bit crowded, but he decided to peep his head thrugh the door anyways, just to see what they were doing.

"Yeah, you're right. I think I'll probablly be in Beckenhoof. My mom always said that I resembled my father, and he was in that house. So, what house do you think you'll be in?" He heard one of them say.

'Uh-sorry to interupt you guys...' He began, hoping he wasn't of any disturbance.

'But would you mind if I took a seat here? I really don't know anyone on the train, and it's pretty boring here on my own...' He continued, not looking at anything in particular, but more just darting his eyes around from person-to-person, trying to get a good idea of what they look like without staring.

August 22nd, 2005, 7:12 AM
Luna sighs, resting her feet on the seat across from her, resting her head against the back. Maggie lept down and began to inspect the dead cockroach carcass. She looks wearilly at her and lets out another sigh, wondering when the train would finally leave. She peers out the window again, still seeing frantic mother giving them last-minute things, such as gifts, candies, or their forgotten pets, before they board the train. Many looked tired, and some even annoyed as they were squished between family member after family member. Some even wiped wet kisses from their grandmothers over-done lips, seemingly happy to be rid of them.

Mira manages a laugh when she watched the frantic scrambling about, and her negative thoughts vanished a bit.

Raichu Master
August 22nd, 2005, 11:33 AM
OOC: I meant the other three, RT. They have nothing to do, Rebecca is trying to fix a fixed radio while Russ and Kelly just stare into space. But I suppose this can work. :3

IC: "We were raised as muggle children so muggle stuff is normally easier for us," Matt shrugged. "We're too young to get our driver's permit. She's trying to get it to run, so when she gets her license she can drive it," Matt added.

"I didn't think most magical folk drove?" Matt asked, he had always thought that wizards and witches just used magic to get where they wanted to go.

"I really don't know what house I'll be in. I'm not too familiar with any of them. So I guess it'll be a big surprise," Matt answered as Rae asked what house he thought he'd be in. He was embarassed by his limited knowledge of the magical world, but he tried hard not to show it, failing miserably as his face gained a red tint.

"Nickel!" Matt exclaimed as his kitten jumped on his face and climbed to the top of his head. Matt's eyes widened as he realized that Ula couldn't be too far behind...which meant...

"I suppose, that is if you don't mind, Rae," Matt said, trying not to seem to worried about Ula, who might pounce on him at any moment. Rae did seem shy, and he wasn't sure if she'd be comfortable with two new faces with her.

August 22nd, 2005, 11:42 AM
Noah smiled, taking a seat in the compartment, feeling a bit uneasy, but it's not like he could expect anything else. Taking a look around, he noticed that the group of people there were looked very well-prepared, probably very knowledgable too. Feeling a bit intimidated, he sat silently for a few moments.

'So... Do you guys... Know a lot about Chimney Rock?' He asked a bit quietly.

'I'm pretty clueless... My mom went to that school, but my dad's a... I think it's called a muggle? Yeah, they don't talk anymore... Hmm, maybe that was too much for an introduction? Ohhh introduction, I haven't done that yet... My name's Kris, but I prefer my middle name, Noah,' He finally managed to say, watching the critters in the compartment with a smile.

August 22nd, 2005, 4:30 PM
"My mom's kinda a Muggle fanatic, so..." she trailed off, shrugging slightly.

"Hi Noah." Rae said shyly. "I'm Raelin Campbell, Rae for short." she introduced herself. "and that over there is -" her eyes trailed over to Ula, who looked like she was going to pounce on Matt any minute. She knew that look. She knew it hurt. And it wasn't pretty.

"ULA!" she screamed. But it was too late. Ula lept up, landing on Matt's head, whereas Nickel lept off and landed on the floor safely. Ula then proceeded to screech in surprise in response to Rae's scream, causing some light scrathes on Matt's face. Then Ula lept off and resumed playing with Nickel again.

Rae frowned. She was going to deal with Ula later. Meanwhile she turned to Matt, a worried expression on her face. "Are you okay? I've been scratched by her too, but I hope you're alright."

Raichu Master
August 22nd, 2005, 4:51 PM
"Nice to meet you, Noah! The name's Mathew Burlingame! Call me Matt!" Matt said pleasantly, successfully hiding his anticipation.

Just as Matt thought that Ula wasn't going to do what he thought she was going to do, she did it. Nickel jumped off his head just before Ula jumped on his face. Matt fell backwards onto the back of the seat, his head hitting the pads. A loud horrible screech filled his ears as Ula scratched at his head and jumped off to race around with Nickel again.

Fine red lines appeared on his head where Ula's claws had passed; slivers of blood broke from the ripped skin. "I'm perfectly fine," Matt said sincerely, not a hint of sarcasm to be seen. He dismissed the pain from his wounds as him starting to get a headache and thought nothing more of it, although he wasn't that stupid, it was his way of dealing with the pain. "You get used to it after a few years of raising cats," Matt grinned wide.

"Don't get mad at Ula, it was Nickel's fault. He knew what was going to happen when he jumped on my head, and he wanted it to happen," Matt said with a long sigh as he watched Nickel race around happily, jumping off the over head storage, onto the ground and then up onto the seats. Then the kitten raced up to the window seal from the back of Matt's seat and jumped on Rae's lap and purred.

Traitor... Matt said to himself as he chuckled outwardly. There would be no jumping away if Ula came pouncing at him. "At least Nickel seems to like somebody," Matt said grinning, as he watch Nickel sprawl himself across Rae's lap.

August 25th, 2005, 4:22 PM
"Yeah that's true..." Rae replied, sighing.

"At least Nickel seems to like somebody," Matt said, grinning. Rae smiled at Matt's comment and patted Nickel, whereas Ula glared at him jealously.

Soon, Ula leaped up in Rae's lap as well, and began purring for attention. Rae sighed. She could never resist Ula's purring. She placed her other hand on Ula and stroked them both, the feel of their fine run brushing against her fingers.

"So, Noah - you've met Nickel and Ula." she commented, grinning sheepishly.

August 25th, 2005, 4:33 PM
Noah nodded after a chuckle,

'Yep... They're both very cute!' He managed to say, feeling quite a bit more comfortable with the people he was with now. This was definately much more fun than sitting alone reading textbooks, regardless of how interesting they were.

'Hey... Y'know, I was reading through the School Books while I was sitting down a little while ago... Which subject do you think will be your favorite? And which one do you think you'll be best in?' He asked, hoping it didn't sound like a 'muggle'-question.

'I think Charms looks pretty cool... I've been reading a bit about it since I got on the train,' he added, waiting for a response to come from the others.

Raichu Master
August 26th, 2005, 4:48 PM
Nickel gave a snort, it looked more like a sneeze, and hopped off Rae's lap, obviously some what appauled that Rae would even consider petting Ula. Then he climbed up in the storage compartment and laid there to take a nap.

Matt shook his head helplessly as he watched Nickel attempt to climb up him as he tried to make his way to the compartment. Once Nickel was finally off of Matt, he just shrugged, not really knowing what to say about his new pet.

"Erm..." Matt said as he turned from Nickel to face Noah, "to tell the truth...I haven't looked at my books yet. I hardly know what I'm taking. Rebecca, my sister, is hyped about potions, while the other two, Kelly and Russ, aren't too excited. They're really shy, I think they're scared of magic, since they've grown up in the muggle world."

"I can't blame them. Our parents only use magic when they're at our grandparents house, to make them happy. But the rest of the time, we spend our lives doing what muggles do. Fixing cars, playing sports, watching TV, and playing video games."

OOC: SUPER NINTENDO ROCKS! (N64 didn't come out until '95 or '96, am I right?)

August 28th, 2005, 2:46 PM
(OOC: Yeah, you're right. xD BTW, sorry for not posting so long. o.x; School, ya know? xD)

"I think all of them sound very interesting." Rae said earnestly. "I can't wait until we can get to our 3rd year - to choose more classes." she replied, patting Ula absentmindly. "I think that Potions sound very intersting... Maybe it's a bit like cooking?"

Meanwhile Ula crawled into Rae's lap and settled into a comfortable postion.

Raichu Master
August 28th, 2005, 5:21 PM
OOC: Yesh, I start school on tuesday. o.o

Sorry had to throw the super nintendo comment in there because it's only '91 or '92, so that would be the console they play. Wait...or would it be the Nintendo?

IC: Matt looked at her as she had lost him when she said about their third year. He soon recovered and said, "Really...interesting. I can't wait to see what classes they actually have." Matt hoped it didn't sound stupid or rude, he was trying not to look or sound foolish like he didn't know what she had just said.

OOC: ...short post...*dies*

September 3rd, 2005, 10:03 PM
((OOC: Gomen, short post. ;-; And also... *forgot about this RP* ;-; ))

Rae nodded fervishly. "Yes, I can't wait." she said eagerly. "I just hope that school's as fun as my mom said it is..." she continued.

Struck at a sudden loss of words, Rae continued stroking Ula's fur.

September 4th, 2005, 4:20 AM
is it too late for me to join? becuase if not i want to join.

Raichu Master
September 4th, 2005, 5:23 AM
OOC: Post your sign up in the discussion thread.

IC:A sudden jerk sent Matt flying head first into Rae, and a gray streak nearly flew out the window as Nickel rebounded off the window and toppled to the floor below. As Nickel went rolling to the compartment door, Matt finally caught sense of what just happened and removed himself from Raes lap, where, if Ula didnt move he would have squashed the little kitty.

Erm Matt said as he looked over to Noah for help.

Meanwhile in a compartment far on the other side of the train, Rebecca, Russ, and Kelly were having their own difficulty with the seemingly sudden stop. Kelly had been flung on Russ, and Rebecca lost grip of her radio and it shattered on the ground. Kellys owl seemed unharmed and unshaken by the jerk, but Rebeccas pup went sliding across the floor to the other booth, and Russs ferret had the same luck as Nickel.

Is everyone alright? Russ asked as he caught his younger sister. Kelly moaned in protest, as she climbed of Russ, and Rebecca was in tears. Whats wrong? Russ asked yet again, as he looked over to see Rebecca crying.

My radio were the only two words she could force out of her mouth as she pointed to the broken radio on the floor of the compartment. Rebecca wiped her tears on the sleeve of her elegant robe, and stood up, forcing a smile on her redden face.

What are you smiling about? Kelly asked snidely, she didnt find anything pleasant about this situation, why had the train stopped?

Pointing out the window, Rebecca noted the town they stopped at a small town. It could only mean one thingthey had arrived at Salem Hollow. Were here! Becca said with a sigh, which Kelly and Russ couldnt tell if it was because she was letting go of her lost radio, or if she was relieved that they were there.

All students off the train! All students go to my left and load onto the carriages, a very rough and rugged voice yelled above the bushel of students. No doubt it was the Groundskeeper.

Well, I suppose we should get going then! Russ said as he hopped off his seat and opened the compartment door. Um Russ said as he discovered there was no opening in the rush of students trying to get off the train.

I suppose we wait then, Becca said putting a calming hand on her younger brother and they all sat down patiently as Becca picked up what were the remaining parts of her radio.

Back at the other compartment, Matt regained his composure. I think we are finally at Salem Hollow! Matt said pumping his arm before he took his kitten in his arms. I say we get out of this stuffy ol compartment! Lets go! Matt exclaimed as he opened the compartment door. Luckily by this time most of the students were gone and they could easily make their way out. Shall we go?"

September 4th, 2005, 6:03 AM
Mira felt the train slow down into a steady stop. She hears the voice boom through the train, and waits a moment. She looks at Maggie with her tired eyes and says to her, "Well, we're here. You should hop into my arms so you won't get crushed," she adds, looking out of her compartment window and seeing the rush of kids flow out of the train. She rises and straightens out her robes, and Maggie leaps into her hands. Taking a deep breath, she leaves.

She blinks slightly as they come outside, and Maggie stirs slightly in her arms. She could see the school from Salem Hollow, and was alarmed at its size. Her siblings and father never told her anything about the size, but, then again, they never told her anything about the school save for what Houses they were in ad which teachers they despised, and how they hated going to school with Mudbloods and Halfbloods. Mira, of course, did not like how they talked about Muggle-born students and spoke out against that once, only to have them yell at her and say 'What did the werewolf know?'

"So," whispers Mira to her cat, "This is it."

September 4th, 2005, 1:17 PM
'Oh boy...' Noah muttered to himself, absent-mindedly. One reason being that Matt had stumbled during the stop the the train, but more at the gargantuan size of what he believed was the school. He held out his hand for Matt to grab, staring through the window with awe.

'Is... that it?' He asked, no one in general.

'It's... So big... I can't wait...'

September 4th, 2005, 4:00 PM
Rae nodded in silent awe, forgetting about the pain when Matt crashed into her.

The school was enormous. She could find no words in her English vocabulary to describe it. She followed Matt and Noah out of the train, Ula at her side. She was still feeling a bit dazed. It was such a long day after all...

"Say... where's the Groundskeeper?" she asked, a bit confused, seeing the platform nearly deserted.

Raichu Master
September 4th, 2005, 4:28 PM
OOC: Here are the maps again, I will also post them on the discussion thread. Just so we don't have to keep looking back at the first page for them:

Ground Map: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/untitled.bmp

Dorm: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Dorm.bmp

Main Floor: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/MainFloor.jpg

Floor 2: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor2.jpg

Floor 3: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor3.jpg

Floor 4: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Raichu123/Floor4.jpg

Please note that due to the lack of space needed to make them decent when Photobucket tags them, nothing is drawn to scale. You might notice that some of the lettering is scratchy, I'll improve it and put a notice up when I can get Photobucket to cooperate with me. The ground map turned out to be the worst so here are the labels:

Building closest to the entrance (left side) is the Grounds Keeper's quarters. The 5 squares to the right of it are the dorms. The center block is Clawgirth, the upper right block is Viperfang, the upper left is Oakenfern, the bottom left is Chipperscrat, the bottom right is Beckenhoof. The large rectangle standing vertical next to the group of squares is the main school building. The rather large rectangle in the far upper right hand corner is the Quidditch Pitch, where flying instruction will also be held. The block in the bottom left hand corner is where Care of Magical Creatures is located, and the last rectangle, angled on it's side and right below the school building is the Greenhouse where Herbology is located.

IC: "Um..." Matt said, seemingly distracted with trying to find his siblings, which had obviously moved on with the main group of students. They were almost last off, since they had to wait for everyone to quit pushing and shoving. "It seems he's in front guiding the students to the carriages," Matt said pointing to the row of distant carriages. "We might want to catch up, I'd hate to have to walk to the school!"

"Where is Matt?" Kelly asked as they reached the carriages with the front group of students. Kelly, Russ, and Rebecca had filed into one carriage, and had hoped that Matt would catch up.

"He must be with his 'girlfriend'" Russ said in a joking manner as he recieved Rebecca's elbow in his side. Obviously Russ was the only one laughing at that comment. Coughing to cover up his mistake he rebounded and said, "He's probably out there being social, making more friends by my guess."

This drew a nod from his sisters as their carriage door shut and began it's trail up to Chimney Rock, where they would file off into the main school building and begin the sorting.

"We ready to go?" Matt asked as he found his luggage was gone, probably magically transported ready to meet him at his dorm. Nickel climbed up his side and perched on his shoulder as he looked to Noah and Rae.

September 4th, 2005, 8:53 PM
'Whoa...' Was all that could escape Noah's mouth.

'Er... Yeah, Let's go!' He managed to shove out of his mouth, still amazed at the grandness of the school.

'I can't believe Mom went here... And she never told me any stories!...' He thought to himself, feeling more excited than upset. He'd really have to see what the teachers were like before he could determine exactly how much fun this would be.

Raichu Master
September 5th, 2005, 9:44 AM
The ever optimistic Matt had his first pessimistic thought, Ive seen better muggle universitiesHogwarts is a magnificent castle, one unlike anybody has ever seen, and Chimney Rock iswella bunch of small buildings With a sigh, Matt trudged off, trying not to be left behind as the others gaped in amazement.

It proved a small hike as he quickly caught up with the rest of the eager students; suddenly he wasnt feeling so eager. Maybe it was homesickness, maybe he was having second thoughts about wizarding school, whatever the case may be, he wasnt very excited to be walking through the night. His dark robes swirled around his legs and he hastened his pace, taking notice that there was only few more carriages left to board. His clean-cut brown hair steadied stubbornly against the cold autumn breeze, and he slumped over, suddenly not feeling very well.

Nickel protested the whole way, looking back at Ula and the others, hoping they would follow behind. His soft kitten fur ruffled when a breeze blew, and it lightened his spirits to have the cold wind brush his face as if teasing him. He meowed continuously wanting him to slow down for the others, he really didnt care if the carriages left without him, he enjoyed being out doors, and it wouldnt kill his owner to calm down.

Matt finally heeded Nickels advice as he slowed to a stop, and proceeded to turn around to make sure the others were keeping pace. His emerald eyes shining duller than they usually did, indeed he was becoming sick, those pessimistic thoughts were ill-stricken by his own unwell-being. He just wanted to be out of the dark, he was hungry, cold, and tired, and he was anxious to tame his hunger.

September 5th, 2005, 9:55 AM
One tiny unimportant detail, you don't choose your animagus... maybe I misread.

September 5th, 2005, 11:52 AM
Great, was all that passed through Mira's mind as she looked at the others with her green eyes. She was in a carriage with three unknown people, and they were talking about another kid. She lets out a small sigh, staring at her feet, wishing she would disappear. Her robes were new, but they had bought them a month before school started, and already there was a large, unsightly rip on one arm, and the bottom was worn as though it had dragged on the floor. She takes a quick look at them before staring back at her feet. All of them had the same colour hair and eyes, making her feel more out of place then before. Perhaps, they were related? Probably, seeing as though total strangers, or even friends don't have the strikingly identical look.

"Mrrow." Came a rather uncomfortable sound. Luna was hugging Maggy a little too tight. The sudden 'meow' coming from someones arms would be rather...awkward, but Mira loosened her grip on the cat, and it leaped out, onto her lap.

"Sorry," she mumbles to the cat, who seemed rather disgruntled.

Raichu Master
September 5th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Russ and Kelly's mouth clamped shut as a girl was put into the same carriage. They looked at each other and then over to Rebecca for guidance. She was smiling gleefully at the new arrival she proceeded to squeeze her cat too hard.

"The name's Rebecca. Everyone calls me Becca though!" Rebecca said in a very friendly tone as she offered her hand, taking note that the carriage door shut tight, and that it was now moving. "These two beside me are Russ, and Kelly," she added introducing to other two. Russ and Kelly waved their hands in a futile attempt to say hi, too shy to say anything.

"We're quadruplets...well...minus one right now," Rebecca explained as she caught the unnerved look on the young girls face as she took note of each of them.

"He's off flirting," Kelly said softly, trying to crack a joke to lighten the mood.

Rebecca shot her a menacing look at the rude remark, but Russ just grinned ear from ear. "Ah come off it, Beck! You know it's true!" he said with a short giggle, temperarily forgetting about the young girl, but when he took notice of her, he shut up again.

September 5th, 2005, 4:32 PM
The girl manages a small smile. "I knew you guys were somehow related," she says feebily, shaking the girl's hand meekly. Maggie looked at them, but then rested her head in her paws, ignoring the rocking of the carriage as it moved along. She moves the ripped arm of her sleeve so it doesn't show her skin, for it was the exact arm that had the unsightly scar running across it.

"I'm, uh...Mira, but my friends sometimes call me Luna..." Her friends? She never had any friends. So why did she say something like that? She looks down at the cat on her lap and adds, "This is my cat, Maggie." The cat looks up at them and blinks, as in a greeting.

September 5th, 2005, 9:08 PM
Rae followed behind Matt and Noah, quickening her pace. She glanced up, noticing that Matt's eyes were lacking his usual enthuastic luster. Rae frowned slightly.

In her excitement, was it possible that she hurt the feelings of one of her new friends? However, just as she opened her mouth to ask him, they were greeted with a carriage. Rae hurried to get in, the wind was chilling her to the bone, penetrating through her thinck robes.

Raichu Master
September 7th, 2005, 5:10 PM
"Cute!" Rebecca replied politely as Mira introduced her cat. "How old is it?" she asked, happy to finally have someone else to talk to other than her younger siblings.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Russ sat quietly, pretending not to be listening, but really, they caught every word spoken, and listened contently as the carriage moved onward, passing through iron barred gates of the school.

With a great exasperated sigh, and a cough as the bitter cold air reached his lungs, he crawled into the carriage after Rae, remembering his manners at the last minute.

"I must be getting sick," Matt added dully, it was true, his nose was red from irritation, and his fog of illness loomed over his body, causing his muscles to sag with exhaustion. "I hope I feel better when I get some food, I'm starved," Matt said, with a poor attempt to cheer himself up, it seemed ironic to him. He was getting ill, and all he could think about was food.

"Hopefully we get the same houses," he said hopefully, the comment pointed to both Rae and Noah. He knew it probably wasn't going to be that way though. If the sorting sorted by personality then they would probably be placed in separate houses, but by the way he was feeling, he would likely be joining one or both of them.

September 8th, 2005, 4:42 PM
"Oh, she's about two!" the girl says, letting out a small sigh of relief. Perhaps talking to this girl wouldn't be half bad, if she doesn't ask about her family. Because she rarely talked to people, she didn't know how to handle this situation.

"If you meet anyone at school, tell them that you killed your own mother!" the eldest sister had said when Mira recieved her letter. It was not true at all, for she did not kill her own mother, her mother died in the act of protecting her. Mira says this to her sister, but she just spits on Mira's shoes.
"How is it that mother died with her face torn to shreds, while you survived with a mere cut on your arm, Beastie?" Beastie was one of the many nicknames her siblings gave her, but she prefered Luna above all, mainly it was because one of her brothers was feeling nice that day to her. Mira had shrugged, telling her that she did not know.
"Well then, it was your fault!" And she had stormed off with her pet owl on her shoulder.
"Not, it was not..." the girl had murmured, though she didn't, truly feel it. Perhaps, she had killed mother, maybe it was her fault that the werewolf attacked them...she shook her head before picking her letter off of the table and walked to her room. At least someone wanted her...

Shaking this dreadful memory aside, she looked at the girl speaking to her. Had she introduced herself as Becca, or was it ReBecca. She just nods again after her sentence, not saying anything else.

September 8th, 2005, 8:16 PM
Rae nodded, looking outside the carrage window.

"It would be great to have some familier faces in my house..." she half-whispered. She was nearly terrified of the fact that they were going to get sorted. But by how? Her mother didn't really clarify... she was acting all suspicious.

Caught by a sudden itch in her nose, she sneezed.

"Excuse me." Raelin mumbled, wiping her nose with a tissue.

Raichu Master
September 11th, 2005, 4:10 AM
Before Matt could reply, the carriage stopped. Not a long ride afterall... he thought as he heard students rushing out of their carriages to the main school building for the sorting and festivities. "Well, here we go. Come on!" Matt said half eagerly, only because of the sudden illness.

Matt then got up and exited the carriage when the door swung open. He then proceeded to stand off to the side to help Rae and Noah out since the drop to the ground was deceiving.

"Time to go!" Becca exclaimed as she hoped out of her carriage, Russ and Kelly following on her heels. It was a lot bigger than what she thought, five small buildings made up the different dorms, which made them a lot larger and roomier than Hogwarts. The main building was the only other thing she could see, the other smaller buildings, even the quidditch pitch was invisible through the sheet of darkness.

September 11th, 2005, 5:52 AM
Luna's heart caught in her throat, however, she managed to swallow it. Her cat leaps down from her lap and onto the ground as Mira exists the carriage, looking at the building. The cat tugs at her heels, following her as she made her way slowly towards the building. The look of the building reminded her of how hungry she was, and hoped that they served dinner. She looks up at the dark sky, seeing a quarter of the moon and she shivers slightly. At least it was not full, she thinks bitterly to herself. She wouldn't know what she would do if it was. The cat senses her fear and lets out a small purr as she follows slowly behind the others, looking more zombie-like and tired then before.

September 12th, 2005, 6:49 PM
Rae stepped out cautiously, accepting Matt's help.

"Thank you." she said thankfully. While waiting for Noah to come out, she started streching her tired limbs and joints - which were all cramped up from the long ride.

She noted that she was hungry now.

September 13th, 2005, 3:59 PM
'Wow, it's awefully dark...' Noah noted, stepping out of the carriage cautiously, looking around at an attempt to scan his surroundings.

'Gee, I never knew how exhausting sitting in a train could be!' He joked, joining Rae with her stretch.

'Feels good to finally move again, huh?'

Raichu Master
September 14th, 2005, 12:23 PM
OOC: Not to hurry or nothin' but let's get this thing rollin'!

IC: The next moment a teacher appeared at the entrance to the main school building. Matt couldn't make out any of the teachers features, it was two dark, and they came at the end of the crowd so he couldn't hear anything being said. "What's the person saying?" asked Matt openly, as he stood on his tip-toes to get a better look, but no such luck came to him as a 5th year student stepped in front of him.

The crowd started to move again, pushing and shoving, trying to be the first ones in the building. Matt had no clue what to expect when he entered the brightly lit building. The floors were well waxied and tiled, and the walls were a beautiful polished marble. A large red oak door swung open, the door frame embroidered with gold and silver, revealing a gigantic room, with 5 tables running the length of it. In the front was the teachers table that ran perpendicular to the house tables, with a platform for sorting positioned just in front.

"Wow..." Matt said, his illness temparerally fading, as he entered the Meal Hall, his excitement returning to him.

"Wow..." were his other siblings remarks as they entered just a few minutes before him. They sat down at the table along with their new friend Luna.

"MATT!" Russ yelled as he stood up on the bench, completely forgetting about all the students around him, and waved at Matt, hoping to get his attention.

"Hey look!" Matt said, catching what Russ yelled, and seeing him foolishly stand up on his bench. "Come on, you two! I want you to meet my brother and sisters!" Matt said grabbing them both by the hand and pushing through the crowd, hoping there would be room for all of them to sit together.

September 14th, 2005, 5:38 PM
Luna felt the blood rush to her cheeks as the siblings she met in the carraige sat next to her, willingly in fact! She gives a small smile as she looks at her new, well, I guess she could call them that now, friends. Maggie goes under the table, almost instictively, waiting for food scraps.

Luna's head lifts up as she hears the sound of people running towards them, and she turns to see a boy running towards them, another on the bench, and another following them. "Do you know them?" she asks, but rather was thinking, are they all related?

September 14th, 2005, 9:59 PM
Noah followed at a swift pace behind Matt, admiring the architecture of the schoo, then finding himself not too far away from 3 other students.

'Oh wow, they all look the same age!!' Noah stated loudly, trying to be heard over the loud rush of people, assuming that the other 3 were the siblings that Matt had mentioned earlier.

'Hi, I'm Noah' He said happily, putting out his hand for the others to introduce themselves.

September 15th, 2005, 4:29 PM
"Hi, I'm Raelin - Rae for short." Rae waved shyly at Matt's siblings.

She noted that she'd seen two of them in the book store back then, Ula mewed at them as well.

September 15th, 2005, 4:44 PM
Maggie poked her nose out from under the table and made her way towards Ula, looking at her with interest.

Luna ducks her head down shyly, trying to hide her pinkened cheeks which felt uncomfortabley warm. "Hello..." she says quietly, "I'm Luna..."

Raichu Master
September 15th, 2005, 5:39 PM
"Nice to meet you both," Rebecca said with a polite curtsy, which drew a glance of worry from the other three. Since when did she do that!? In all of Matt's memory, he could never remember Rebecca being the one with manners. "My name's Rebecca, you can call me Becca," Rebecca said shaking Noah's hand politely.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Russ looked down at the hard wood table, too shy to even look up to see what was going on. Kelly felt as though she was out of place, she really didn't like big groups, even if it was only six other people. What was she going to say? What was she going to do?

Russ was having almost identical thoughts, but his main worry was with the young girl at Matt's side. He didn't have anything against her, but he just didn't want to end up making a fool out of himself, although he felt like he was making an even bigger fool of himself by not saying something. "Hello..." he peeped up quietly, hoping no one caught his little greeting, he just wanted to be forgotten.

"Hello, Luna! Very nice to meet you! Don't let Rebecca scare you. She scares me sometimes!" Matt said with a friendly wink as Rebecca's fist met his stomach.

"Shut up..." she grunted, now annoyed with her brother. As far as she was concerned, he had no right trying to embarrass her.

"Oh...and she...bites hard..." Matt said, trying to catch his breath. Rebecca had done a fine job of almost hitting his sternum and kocking the wind out of him.

Kelly, who felt extremely embarrassed by now, was the only one who didn't say something. "It's nice to meet you Rae," Kelly said as she caught the young lady's name. "Um...if you haven't guessed already...we're kind of...um...quadruplets..."

September 16th, 2005, 1:08 PM
I bite harder... Luna thinks rather reluctantly. She turns to look up at the four. "Quadruplets," she says, her face still strawberry red, "That could explain...it." her tongue felt thick with shyness, and she looked towards where the teachers were sitting for some guidence, or help.

I do hope they start the sorting soon, she says mentally, looking around. She also wonders what they'll do with a werewolf on their hands, but decides not to think too deeply about that. Instead, she turns her head back to staring at the table, waiting for the burning inferno of her cheeks to dim down.