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August 7th, 2005, 8:42 PM
Of course this is a Xiaolin showdown RP..
First I will tell you... Originaly I made this for thoes who already know what Xiaolin showdown is, but sence there are thoes who don't know just go to www.kidswb.com and you'll find it there...

for the rest of you all, this RP is about the destndants of the four original Xiaolin munks...

from top to bottom... Clay, Raimundo, Kimiko, Omi, and finnaly Dojo.

now you'lll have to use your imanination on this, everyone in this RP will play a grandchild of one or two of the munks, for instance... say Raimundo had a dauter and Clay had a son, and they in turn had you... you see where I'm going... well anyway that is how it is...

Fill out this sheet and read the plot to play:

Appearance: (a pic would be nice)
Side: (good or bad)
Dragon element: (If your bad leave blank and move on)
power: (if your good leave blank)
family tree: (who is/are your grandparent/s I don't mind the munks having mor than one kid)
bio: (short history of yourself)
RP sample: (her place your first post, of when you get to the temple or when you meet your new boss{me})


My brother and I have been trying all of our lives to get the shen gong wu, thanks to our father we have been taught many ways to defend ourselves, with only three shen gong wu we might not seem like a threat but they are powerfull and we have trained hard with them.

It will be your job to stop my brother and me, if you can then you will get the shen gong wu we were trying to get but if you loose, which you will, then we get it and your's.

(as the way it must start you will have only the shen gong wu in the temple, sence i havent been able to find any pics, your going to have to be patient, every time a new shen gong wu reviels itself I'll send you a PM that will have the discription of the shen gong wu I have just made up and a crude pic..., and you must imbark on a jearney on Dojo to find it. If you have any ideas of Shen gong wu tell me and I'll make it one of them)

my form:

name: Mark and Chad (twins)

age: 16

appearance: like our grandfather... we're identical twins so...

side: boss of the bad baby!

dragon element:

power: skills and money

Family tree: or grandfather Jack Spicer, had a daughter who had us with Chase Young, nice family huh....

bio: as twins we do everything together, and as it goes we got spoiled togther, so we are exactly like our grandfather with the skills of our father, mom didn't contribute anything.

RP sample: "What do you mean I can't have it!? I can have anything I want!" Chad yells into his cellphone, "Fine then you've lost our buessness!" he hangs up and sits on the couch next to his brother.
"they wouldn't give us the diamond?" Mark asks not looking at his brother.
"No they say we're to young to by such and expensive item."
"To young..." he smiles at his brother, "you thinking what I'm thinking?"
"Yep..." they both inhailed, "DAD!!!"
Chase came in the same way he always did, calm and composed, with his tigers by his side, "what do you want now?"
"they wouldn't let us have the diamond we need!" Mark says.
"Ya if we dont get it then the laser wont be right." Chad adds.
"when will you boys learn... that isn't the way..." he didn't get to finnish becouse just then Wuya came floating in.
"A shen gong wu has just reaviled itself." she says in her goastly way.
"thats impossible the monks already have all the rest in the world." Chase says.
"Not true I sence another..." Wuya counters.
"Can we go get it dad please!!!" the boys beg together.
"Fine just come back in one piece." Chase says turning away from them, although he seemed hard he still cared very much for his boys and didn't want them to get hurt... ever sence his wife died he had done nothing more than be a good father.
"yah lets get that shen gong wu!" Mark crys grabing the Golden Tiger Claws.
"I bet I'll touch it first!" Chad brags picking up the Eye of Dashi. "We'll leave the Saphire dragon with you dad!"
Chase sees them to the door and waves good bye as they jump into one of their expensive inventions and fly off, "Take care of yourselves boys..."

August 8th, 2005, 7:27 AM
aww man i thought we could be the people from the show i want to be omi

August 8th, 2005, 8:03 AM
Appearance: (a pic would be nice)http://img133.imageshack.us/img133/939/02davis1em.gif
Side: (good or bad)good
Dragon element: (If your bad leave blank and move on)fire
power: (if your good leave blank)
family tree: (who is/are your grandparent/s I don't mind the munks having mor than one kid)he's the grandson of kimiko
bio: (short history of yourself)he used to be a theif then he entered a surfing contest and won a million dollars and stopped stealing
RP sample: (her place your first post, of when you get to the temple or when you meet your new boss{me})
kimik started walking throgh a forest thinking to him self"well I get to keep surfing what are we doing and what are we learning".kimik jumps on a tree and grabs and apple then eats it. kimik then starts thinking"shen gong wu ho many are out there what can these weird yet useful item help us with".he finaly arrives at the temple and says"hi I'm kimik grandson of kimiko I've heard of a shen gong wu called the monkey staff from my grandma do we have it".kimik glances around looking for the vault one of few thing his grandma told him about.

August 8th, 2005, 4:29 PM
OOC: Frost as a grandchild you can be exactly like Omi.... obelisk-kun your exepted although your post is rather choppy...