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August 14th, 2005, 6:15 PM
The earth quakes,the sky is nearly pitch black,and the world is falling apart.Nothing is normal anymore in the world of pokemon.It seems that a very powerful empire has taken over the entire planet commanding everything and everyone.The organization that has taken over goes by the name of "The Tora" they thrive on absolute power and are more evil then the other 3 threats the world has faced.
About 10 years ago when the world was at peace and calm a very determined group of five trainers were traveling, these people were master's of the league's and had alot alot of experience with pokemon and the bussiness world the trainers were now reaching their twenty's and decided that they should do something else with their life instead of just battling pokemon, they went there seperate ways,they were very intelligent and soon were the richest and most successful people of the poke world soon enough they reunited and were currpted by the power that they had over the earth.With their intelligence they took over every bussiness and company and kept on demanding power

Present day:
The five trainers were now demanding people to go out and locate the legendary pokemon so that they could become even more powerful, word soon reached a rebel hideout, the rebel hideout contained only about 40 to 60 people these people were determined to stop the evil deeds the empire has done,has the human world was being currupted so the balance of earth, ten years before people and pokemon lived in harmoney and was very much at peace but these sorry excuse for humans took over and was abusing and most likely killing pokemon for their own personal reasons,now that the bond between pokemon and humans was mesed up so was the balance it was never intended to be like this
The rebel leader shouts to his fellow rebels that they must stop this at once today is the day that they go out and put a end to this but would they be successful? Most of the world is with the empire and only a few are against it...

ok so their isnt really a limit to the number of people that can join since the rebel hideout has about 60 people, the number of people joining doesnt really matter but the story would probley be best if their was four or more.


August 14th, 2005, 6:27 PM
Is there a way to be a part of the original five trainers, because I have a character who is perfect for that role.

August 14th, 2005, 6:28 PM
No,im not letting anyone be one of the orginial five trainers

August 14th, 2005, 6:29 PM
Shame this died before.

Name: Orva
Description: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/SpiritGirl/AlanaT2.png
Personality: Orva tends to be very sarcastic but she's really friendly. Most of the time she's pretty cheerful and carefree but it's a bad idea to cross her. When she becomes angry she adopts a forked tongue and can become a little harsh. Adventure is her middle name and she never turns down a chalenge. No matter what the odds she never backs down and helps those who need it anyway she can.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Chikorita, Arcanine, Flygon, Dewgong, and Charmeleon.

August 14th, 2005, 6:32 PM
Yea i know,your in just got to wait for three more people,four tops

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2005, 12:50 AM
You know, I can't seem to resist signing up for anything that says 'revived' on it. It's always sad to see a good story that has just died of.

Name: Ywan Gillmore
Description: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/3750/ywan9me.png (http://imageshack.us) The black thing on the left side of his face is an eyepatch, just so you know.
Personality: Although fairly outgoing and friendly, Ywan isn't particularly keen on being the center of attention. He hates being pitied or underestimated for his missing eye, and has been known to snap if such comments persist. He is generally amiable and accepting of others however, and has no problem cooperating with them. But there are only few beyond his pokmon whom Ywan actually considers friends.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Pidgeot, Quilava, Misdreavus, Lapras, Tropius

August 17th, 2005, 7:26 PM
Name: Zell Dincht
Personality:hyper and very emotional. Loves hotdogs! like to fight!
Pokemon:Blaziken Syther Dragonair!

August 18th, 2005, 8:57 AM
Honestly, I will probably regret joining this once the school year begins . . . ^-^;;

Name: Raito Hikari
Description: Raito's hair is dark, and his eyes are an icy blue. However, his eyes cannot be seen beneath the white full-face mask that he wears. Raito's clothing is black, though with various pieces of armor. He has a black cloak that is clasped with a silver piece. Raito also wears a sword strapped across his back.
Personality: Though relatively calm and even-tempered himself, Raito specializes in training powerful, savage Pokemon. Although he rarely reveals anger, if he feels it necessary, Raito may be merciless in battle.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Glalie, Scizor, Gyrados, Cubone, Sneasel, Ninetails
Other: Although he is a part of the rebellion, Raito spends rather little time at the headquarters or with other members. He usually prefers to roam alone, battling any agents of the empire he meets.

August 19th, 2005, 12:43 PM
Name: Larka
Description: Tall, with dark brown hair, green eyes, pale skin. Wears a red baseball cap, a black T-shirt, jeans and red sneakers.
Personality: Bold, with a fiery temper, a natural loner
Pokemon: Espeon(Moonlite),Ninetales(Tratto),Mightyena(Shadow)
Other: Larka travelled the world with Moonlite, Tratto and Shadow before she heard of the Rebels. She hates the evil Empire and vows to restore the world to it's former glory.

August 19th, 2005, 1:08 PM
I know shouldn't ask but, can we start now? *gives the puppy dog eyes*

August 19th, 2005, 4:35 PM
Occ: Sorry i havent started its just that for the past few days there has been thunderstorms and i dont want my computer to get fried ^^;;,We'll start now

Name:Colin Teru
Age: 19
Description:Colins hair is set in a wavy fashion,he lets it hang loose as it sways in the wind.When he was younger colins hair was black but after a terrible experience he was so frightend his hair turned white,pure white.Colin wears a tattered cloak that as numerous holes in it,under the cloak is colins pendant which he is told his mother gave him.On his head he wears a blue head band and has a earring in his left ear.He also has blue jeans on which are kept on his waist by rope.On his back is a pack which contains all his esseintial items.Colin wears a ring on his left hand which was given to him by his older brother.

Personality:Colin is a easily scared person,growing up with his older brother alone has been difficult for him.After a certain incident when he was smaller he has always been scared of the world outside from him and his brother.Colin has never talked to anybody except his brother,most people call him cold and distant from everyone but he doesnt take to other people besides his brother normally

Pokemon:Charizard,Feraligator,and Sceptile

The city...today it all goes down,their rule over us will end... Colin and the fellow rebels that wanted the same goal as him,to destroy the empire,were in the main base of the city where the Empire was.Many people died and many have suffered,this war between them,the rebels and the Empire,was happening everywhere because of one person,Colin,he was the inspiration for people all over and this whole organization,the people that believed to have freedom,As Colin put it,assisted him and followed him now was the time of reckoning colin and the rebels that were with him at the moment were all about to take down the Empire once and for all,all they had to do is plant the bomb in the sewer system directly below the tower where it all started....

"Ok everyone you know why we had to go to the city to enter the sewers dont you?If you forgot ill Re-brief you" Colin pulled out a map of the sewer system underground,he pointed to several locations
"These places are heavily guarded,as we know since one of our own died while trying to inflitrate the base....hes at peace now atleast..back on topic,these several locations are guarded and their is no entry unless we go through the cities sewer system.Their should be a man-hole about twenty miles from this exact location"Colin looked at everyones expression as if they couldnt believe the base was that big
"Yea its that big these people are mad with money and power so thats what we are here for,to shut them down!"Colin said laughing
"As soon as the bomb goes off and destroy the whole first floor of the tower,we will storm them.If we took a direct apporach the guards will take us down in a matter of seconds so this is the best choice we have at the moment,does everyone agree?"
Colin looked at the others awaiting a response

Alter Ego
August 19th, 2005, 11:30 PM
"To me it sounds like a suicide mission." Ywan replied calmly, stroking Pidgeot's plummage to keep her from being agitated by the crowd of people around her. "Shus, my dear." he whispered to the bird pokmon in a soothing voice "We'll make Grace proud.". The boy turned his eye back to Colin "But I suppose we have nothing better at the moment." he concluded. "I seriously doubt that the five would be put down that easily, though. They have psychic pokmon, no? No doubt they would be whisked of to safety before the explosion reaches them. For all we know they might be onto us already. I'd hate to have the lives of any of our members go to waste."

Ywan took a pause and waited for the reactions of the others in the room. Continuing to stroke his Pidgeot.

August 20th, 2005, 12:04 AM
Colin looked at Ywan "Dont worry,i wont let anyone die anymore on me,i wont let that mistake happen again,if anyone is going to die its going to be me" With that being said he looked at the others and departed with the bomb in his pack.Colin walked a little more sneakly and hit a rock by accident,it went flying into a wall making a loud cracking noise.A guard sprang around the corner "Halt Intruder!" the guard let go a Aggron and a gyrados.
"Sceptile go and use sleep powder" Soon enough Colin's sceptile put the alert guard and his pokemon to sleep so a commotion wouldnt be heard.Colin picked up the guards radio and broke it so he wouldnt be able to contact anyone when he awoke.He also bounded him againist a tree,the pokemon naturally came back to their pokeballs.

Colinn walked for a hour until he came upon the man-hole he disscussed earlier and opened,he dove in."No lets see where is the spot!?" Colin looked around in the dark sewer,trying to look for something that couldnt be seen until he fell upon to dark purple eyes staring at him Oh ****,Ywan was right they do have psychic pokemon.Colin was looking at the eyes of a Alakazam that was guarding the sewer's

Alter Ego
August 20th, 2005, 12:11 AM
Ywan nodded at Colin's response, even thought he wasn't quite convinced. He followed nonetheless, and was quick to act as the psychic pokmon appeared into view.

"Pidgeot! Faint Attack!"

The bird pokmon sprang from her trainer's shoulder, hitting a speed so extaordinary that it was impossible to view with the naked eye. A split-second later, the Alakazam lay sprawled on the floor with Pidgeot on top of it, the spoons falling down on both sides with a dull klunk and a splash.

"What did I say?" Ywan asked softly, calling Pidgeot back to his side. "That Alakazam was a sentry. And even though this one was dispatched quickly, it undoubtedly had enough time to send at least some kind of message to its handler. If we are going through with this plan we should do so fast."

August 20th, 2005, 3:44 AM
Orva listened to Colin's plan and Ywan's comments in silence. She had other thingas on her mind, like the upcoming battle with the Five. She followed Colin and Ywan into the sewers, still without a word. Her hand jumped to a Pokeball on her waste when the guard appeared but Colin took care of him quickly. The same held true for an Alakazam but this one worried her more. She agreed Ywan that Alakazam had probably sent a message to it's trainer. Finally she simply nodded and moved on without commenting.

August 20th, 2005, 4:20 PM
Colin watched as Ywan took out the alakazam "Well if there are more then we better get moving now then." Colin continued to walk through the sewer until he came up to a large thick steel pipe,Colin reached into his pack and retrieved the bomb out of his bag
"We'll have about 40 minutes to leave the sewer and get as far as poss-" Colin was cut off by the sound of footsteps "Tora..." Coming down the sewer hallway was one of the trainers that was a member of Tora."Colin nice of you to come to this dreadful place,you should of listened to your little lacky over there"He said while pointing at Ywan
"Dagon it has been awhile..weather your here or not once we blow up this place it'll will put an end to everything you people have done to us and will put you and others to your grave!" Colin yelled
"Yes,yes colin always have something heoric to say dont you?Anyways we know about your bomb,thanks to the psychic pokemon we control especially this one" Dagon threw a pokeball to reveal his pokemon inside,a mewtwo was released.
"H-how did you get that pokemon?!Isnt it supposed to be just a myth!??"Colin asked
"Well as you can see its very real and its going to stop the resistance now once and for all,you will all die like "She" did by our hand"
Colin looked around frantically thinking of someway out.He couldnt think of anything to do....I got it!,Colin released his Charizard,Feraligator and Sceptile,he turned around to face his comrades
"Look its hard to explain but you got to trust me on this one,you both need to go back to the base,dont think about anything just go,we dont want mewtwo or any other psychic pokemon to find out where the base is.I'll catch up with you guys later,i promise" With that being said colin turned around back towards Dagon.He activated the bomb
"Are you mad!?You will kill us all!"Dagon Roared
"Yea but at least you are coming down with this empire,the others will get there's soon,Sceptile use vine whip"Sceptile launched two large vines at dagon to bind him down,It was successful but mewtwo soon came to its master's aid.Using Psychic mewtwo lifted the sceptile up and slammed him into the sewer wall knocking it out cold.30 Minutes left..
"Charizard use fire blast on mewtwo,Feraligator use takedown on it too!"The two pokemon followed orders and did as they were told.The charizard's fire blast just went past mewtwo as if there was a barrior protecting it.The same result happened to feraligator,but he flew into the sewer wall as well.The impact shook the wall and soon enough the whole place was coming down 15 minutes.. blocking colin and the others off from each other
"Mewtwo we are out of here,teleport!"Dagon dissappered leaving colin to his death.Colin was taking shelter behind charizard while it blew away at the rocks that fell upon them
"You guys got to leave now you only have 13 minutes to get as far as possible!"Colin yelled through the rocks

Alter Ego
August 21st, 2005, 1:13 AM
Ywan was not quite as surprised as the others at seeing the Tora member's appearance, although the fact that Colin and this 'Dagon' person had a common aquintance was. He listened to his commander's orders, but didn't want to obey; staying to watch the raging battle instead, but returning Pidgeot to her ball so that she wouldn't be hurt by a stray shot.

"You guys got to leave now you only have 13 minutes to get as far as possible!"Colin yelled through the rocks.

"Nonsense!" Ywan snapped, "Misdreavus! Lapras! Keep up a protect tandem!"

The two pokmon spawned with their respective cries, taking turns in creating green barriers to keep the roof up.

"Quilava! Tropius! Smash those rocks quick!". The pokmon leapt into action. Shielded by their two comrades they broke through the barrier of stone at a rapid pace, soon creating a hole large enough.

"Now we go!" Ywan called, dragging his leader out through the hole. "Return your pokmon to safety." he added, recalling his own and running of towards the exit of the sewers.

August 22nd, 2005, 9:17 PM
Standing in a side-tunnel of the sewers, Raito viewed the others in silence. Though he was also a member of the rebellion, he preferred to work alone and dwell in the shadows. Adjusting his mask as he saw the others leave the sewers, he prepared two Pokeballs. Once the others had departed, he cast a Pokeball toward Dagon. "Sneasel, take out his Mewtwo and keep him here. Scizor, let's go." The two Pokemon emerged and nodded before Sneasel slashed at the Mewtwo with a claw engulfed in dark light as it dodged falling rubble. Scizor, after glancing toward Sneasel, used Agility and vanished with its master.

Appearing at the site of the bomb, Raito recalled Scizor and released a pale-coloured fox. "Ninetails, use Flamethrower on the bomb, then use Protect and Safeguard."

"Nine!" The Pokemon released a burst of flame from its mouth toward the ticking device. Instantly, and explosion erupted--filling the sewers with fire and smoke.

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