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December 11th, 2005, 4:36 AM
well..here is another poetry came from my cabinet wich was lost for 3 months...

Thinking of the Past
as i sit here
watching the clouds come and go
i think of you every second
but i dont want it

i try to forget the fact
that im still inlove with you
it can really help
if i cant see you anymore

but time tries so hard
toget us together again
but why could he listen?
i want to forget

i tried so hard to forget
and got a little bit far
but in the end
everything dosent matter

i still cant forget what youve said at me
but y heart still tries
to cure my pain
but it just gets worse

i thought my life is better without you
but i still think so
but why am i feeling like this
im just so.....so...sad.....

i dont know what do to
i dont know where to go
my feelings are keptinside my heart that
i shall remember you by

well, this one..i made last week and found just today

Journey to Hell
i woke up in a dream today
staring at a pointless sky
i try to find my self again
but all i can see is you

i got up and started walking
my pain grows when i see you
my bloody pain spills
from the memories of you with me

trying to ignore the pain...
makes me feel weaker
ive been walking so long
that i can feel my self walking this earth

i tried to stop...
but i cant seem to pause in this neverending hell
the cold from the static numbs my hands and feet
no matter what i do...

i cant take it anymore...
i just wan to wake up again from this awful nightmare...
how could this happen to me?
im so sick of being here

and i feel like im living the worst day...
over and over again
and the darkness is growing on me
i cant seem to find the light

my poem ends
as my whole life with it
i wish i could see the light once more
before my world comes to a complete stop

and i guess, another one here...inspired by simple plan

I dont want to think about you
im all alone again
everything is gone
but is better for me
than to see you smiling at me

could you leave me here alone now
i dont want to hear you say
that, i need you, that i love you
that i dont want you to go

but theres one thing i know
i dont want you here anymore
you cant bring me down
or just shut me up

i just dont ant to think about you
or think about the times weve done before
you cant push me around anymore
that to see you care for me

being a nobody is better
thatn being a somebody with you
im better of myself
and stand alone without you

i felt like hell when i was even closer to you
but when i got far
i can live without all lies

and another..i just am not getting tired of making this

Everything has left and changed
But Im still here waiting for you
The things you left on that snowy day
Cannot be changed forever

The tears we shed
The laughs we made
Everything is kept in here
Warming me inside

I just cant forget the first kiss
And probably it would be the last
But my heart tells me not to run out of hope
Not on this holiday season

The rivers and streams have frozen stiff
And my arms seem to give away
My tears of reminiscing you
Becomes part of my life

The things that reminds me of you
Soon swallows me into my worst fears
My fears of you getting hurt
And never coming back

So if you can hear me now,
Please come back
Come back for at least a moment
Then I can live forever

I sometimes count the stars
That guides me on my sleepless nights
My Christmas spirit fades
Every time I dont hear from you...

and another one...you guys will take some time reading this...sorry

Missing You
seven day of pain
i feel when your out of my world
and i go crazy when your not here
i long for you again

no sounds can sing me to sleep
i cant even breathe
i feel so alone without you here
cant you just be with me

and the pains i feel everyday
its just not enough
to make you stay
stay here beside me

i just want to feel the way you make me
feel when im with you
i want to be the only hand you need
to hold on to

my eyes peer outside my window
just like every other day
all waiting for the same thing
the day when you come back

my hand feels cold
on this winter days of missing you...
i try to ait and ait
but it seems no end

so? how did you like it? the 3rd poem untill the last was made somewhere between december 04 untill 10...im so sorry if you just wasted your time with some poems...i know, the must really suck!!!

January 25th, 2006, 5:45 AM
Wow...Its so sad! :( That's a great poem though. ^_^

January 26th, 2006, 6:56 PM
well thank you! i thought this thred was already o page 2! lolzzz.....