View Full Version : well what if?

code zerro the deluge
December 17th, 2005, 8:17 PM
well what if I
i crashed up my ride
would you still be by my side
every night?

could it be
that I am being the man my wife needs?
could it be
kids like and whan't to be thee

but once fame is gone can it come back?
it is fierce like a asma attack
get the cap back
real slow or real fast

Once your gone you don't come back
that is a well known proven fact
while you shop at gap
your best friend is capped
now rap to that

now could it be
that this crap started with me
or couse they were on a killing spree
gee that ain't pretty

well what if
we stopped all this
and stop making crisis
life could be better
in the stormy weather
that is just a dream by the dreammer
now i am gonna sing wit ya