View Full Version : Songfic Short: Meant For Me (James' Song)

Mister Myuu
March 13th, 2004, 7:33 AM
This is a peice of work I am extremely proud of. I think it's one of my best. So I submit it for your desgression:

Meant For Me (James Song)
Inspired by Cats in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe

James was born just the other day:
A small rich boy who only wished to play.
But his life was planned; things seemed so gray:
So he decided he would run away.
And as he walked down the road, he turned and he said,
She wasnt meant for me, yeah, you know she wasnt meant for me.

James, he was born with a silver spoon,
A blue-haired boy that ran away from his doom
When you coming home, son, I dont know when
Well have a wedding then, you know youre getting married then.

James joined a bike gang just the other day:
Meet a girl and with her he hang.
Could you teach me to ride? she said, dont worry,
These training wheels are really your thing.
And as she rode away, he smiled and he said:
Im gonna be with her, yeah, you know Im gonna be with her.

Jessie was his teammate in the bridge back gang
And over her head, she had a chain she swang.
Well see some better days, I dont know when, but
Well be together then, I know well be a team still then.

Well, they joined Team Rocket just the other day:
A Meowth walked up, he had something to say.
Im stuck with you guy, but just for a while.
The boss shook his head and said with a smile,
What Id really like now is to see you succeed,
Do as I say, and carry out my deeds.

And the team is together in the Rocket gang,
Blasting off as their motto they sang.
Youll stop your failing, though I dont know when
Youll have my respect then, you know youll get respect then.

The years went by, slowly slipped away,
Then James came home just the other day
You will get married, no escape this time.
He said Id like to but you know itd be a crime.
You see, Ive found someone else and the love is true,
But its sure nice meeting with you, yeah, its been sure nice meeting with you.

And as they floated away, it occurred to him,
This girl was meant for him.
Jessie was meant for him.

And James found his love in the old bike gang:
The chain-swinging girl with whom he hang.
Well see some better days, I dont know when but
Well be together then, I know well have each other then.