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Pokemon AD Fan
December 30th, 2005, 7:58 PM
"Teens missing each day, with no signs of abnormal behaviour..." said the chattering reporter who was definetly not in any hurry to stop. Red yawned without covering his mouth- baring his teeth, and lazily switched the television off. He closed his eyes and made way to his bedroom which was up a flight of stairs, for he was so familiar with this place that he could do it even if he was blind.
Halfway through the stairs the light flickered and went out; which had nothing to do with the switch. But it was left unoticed. The dark, shiny haired trainer took his cap and threw it down the stairs and stifling a yawn, turned the door knob.
A cold and mechanical voice broke into the air uninvitedly and spoke: "Red- seventeen- league champion-pallet town- second bedroom on second floor." Even deep down inside he thought the words sounded stupid, but regardless of that fact he asked, almost rudely " Who the heck are you, show yourself."
The words barely left his mouth, the sharp trainer caught sight of a shadow that lingered around without moving an inch near his mum's carboard. He thought it would take a miracle to let someone, even the most idiotic; to come out of his hiding just by saying: Show yourself. So he advanced forward, absent-mindedly and without caution, as the shadow revealed that whatever person this is, or was, is at the moment small.
But it wasn't human, it isn't pokemon either but no sooner had he saw it he felt a surge of electricity behind him and he fainted, unconcious.
(this was the shortest 1st chapter i ever wrote, i promise i'll write longer next time, if you read, cos i did the shortening just for the story's suspense)

oni flygon
December 30th, 2005, 10:23 PM
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Pokemon AD Fan
January 1st, 2006, 6:04 PM
That was an intro to the start. Okay, the real story starts...to unreveal~~~
The sounds of breaking glass could be heard from a distance. The intruder, upon setting foot on the second floor, picked off bits of glass that stuck to his jeans. His cold eyes wandered and found his way to the figure that lay on the the floor, motionless.
The eyelids suddenly felt heavier to lift than usual. Struggling to open his eyes, a girl with sleek, long hair, which looked a lot messier than usual, came into focus.
Turning his head, his eyes landed on the teenager with spiky brown hair and cold eyes. A strong dose of rivalry came rushing to his head and his gut instinct had firmly told him not to look weak- especially in front of your biggest rival. But was overwhelmed by a sharp pain on his back, his hands clutched into fists but his face still remained unsteadily tough looking. His rigid face made Yellow gasp a bit.
"What's the matter with you?" asked Red, giving Yellow his full attention for the first time. Yellow started to look around feverishly as if to find out what went wrong. Green merely opened his eyes quite suddenly, a small note of curiosity shone in both his *chaiiro* eyes. As yellow's commotion is definetly a sight worth laughing at.
After laughing for a hearty 10 minutes, Red's voice suddenly died down as he listened intently about Yellow's explanation:"... Green saw you fainted near your room, so he crashed his pidgeot through the window and took you to the hospital. Then he called my mobile and I was halfway through washing my hair when he called, so-" She was cut off as red placed his palms centimetres away from her face. Startled, she abruptly came to a halt, only to find Red raising his fists with a furious look and looked as though he was going to punch Green in the face. He mentioned something about,"didn't thought you're the sneaky type, " and "Yellow, don't interupt. This is man's stuff." Before landing a punch directly on Green's cheek. His pale face seemed even paler at this.
Unexpectedly, an oranged haired girl wearing a sleeveless blouse and shorts entered the ward, and closely behind her was a serious looking man wearing a blue and smart looking uniform. He closed the door after entering.
"Hiya Mist'!" greeted Red cheerfully as though nothing had happened. Misty gave him a "When-will-you-call-me-by-my-full-name" look before the blacked haired police officer not unlike Red's spoke:" Mr Red if you land another punch on the witness you would be up on a case of assault." Red retorted before anyone could react against the two that appeared out of the blue. A big blotch of anger rising in his head" Witness? Of course he knows what happened there, his the attacker!!"
*chaiiro*= brown. This chapter is still very short, hope every chapter gets longer every time I wrote, many thanks!