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January 7th, 2006, 9:14 AM
W00 a Sonic Rp for you guys XD

People of mobius have been dropping dead on the streets, Doctors have been stumped by the cause the only thing that they can identify is the fact that the brains of the victims have been shattered inside the persons head. G.U.N is patrolling the streets all the time and hoping to discover who is behind this. Doctor Eggman has been found badly injured so he has been crossed off the list of suspects, The Re-maining suspects are: The Black Arms: Beleive to have been destroyed. Metal Sonic: Doubted as a suspect but has rebelled against eggman before. Eggman Nega: May have returned to this world to wreak havoc again.
Blaze the Cat has returned to this dimension to help save it again the sol emeralds remaining in her world with an apprentice guarding them. Blaze rushed to sonic to see if he was alright after witnessing the events for herself. The Chaotix have been sneaking around to see if they can cash in but haven't been sucsesful due to charmy's attention span. So G.U.N have called upon Sonic and friends to travel into space. But on his way Sonic was struck down by the disease as doctors are calling it, he survived but only just it seems that the disease is most effective on humans.


Weapons (if any):
Relations (optional):
Roleplaying Sample:

January 7th, 2006, 7:44 PM
Name:Creature the Monkey
Species:Monkey but has green zig zag lines on his arms and legs
Personality:He is very tough and mean kinda like Shadow
History:Creature was created when Shadow was he was unknown to all human exept Dr.Gerald Robotnik.He was launched into space into a far away planet and has found a way to get back to earth.
Abilites:Homing Attack,Tree Dash(can run super fast while on trees),Tail Whip
Weapons (if any):Monkey Sword(a green sword that Creature has found on a planet)
Relations (optional):said to be botfriend of Rouge
Friends(optional):Espio,Shadow,and Knuckles
Roleplaying Sample:
Creature was all alone,nowhere to go he tried to get out of this place but it was pitch black all over he ran to the right and a door opened a shadowy figure was in the doorway he walke to it and found a squirell dying from who knows what but then a giand lizard came up behind him he tried to run but he was found again in the pitch black darkness of the unknown room.

January 8th, 2006, 2:53 AM
Your in

Species:Chameleon/Dragon Hybrid
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet around strangers also rather smart, will state the obvious to bring people back to reality. When amongst friends he will co-operate if needed to but will stay quiet if he doesn't like how things are going (friends know that if Blaze is silent somethings wrong)
History: Blaze was born a hybrid his father hated him, His brother stuck with him his mother loved him as a mother should when Blaze and Espio (his brother) came of age and left their home they went to a jujitsu school to train as Ninja's when their training was complete Blaze lingered to master his ability to control fire, only Espio knew about this after Blaze accidently burnt down a hut they had made. He also learnt how to use the wings that his father hated despised.
Abilites:Controlling fire, Flight (wings)
Weapons (if any):Katana,Shrukiens and Kunai Knives
Relations (optional):Esupio Sono Kamereon (Espio The Chameleon)
Friends(optional):Eko the Cat,Espio The Chameleon
Roleplaying Sample:
Blaze was high above the city following a blue blur racing along the streets, "Sonic's on the roll again" I told self as he hovered "Espio hasn't seem me for a while I might drop in on the chaotix" I swooped down and landed infront of the chaotix building and knocked on the door

January 10th, 2006, 9:00 AM
Sweet so when do we start????

January 10th, 2006, 9:03 AM
when we get more people hopefully