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Liger Zero
March 18th, 2004, 8:47 AM
Chapter 1:Era, Eevee and th start of a adventure

Era sat bolt up in bed. He remembered it was the day to get his first Pokemon. He got dressed and ran downstairs. He ate breakfast and did washing then went to the Pokemon Lab in town. He saw Prof Birch and asked for his first pokemon. Era chose Eevee and thanked the proffesor. He adventured on to Route 101. After walking a bit a Wurmple appeared. Era sent out Eevee and made it use Tackle. It hit the Wurmple and knocked it back. Wurmple then used String Shot tieing up Eevee. It tried to move, but couldn't. The Wumple used Poison Sting, but just then Eevee broke free dodging the attack . Era made it use Tackle fainting the Wurmple. They jumped up into the air. Out of nowher appeared a trainer. They had a battle.Era called on Eevee and the trainer, called Jacky sent out Treecko. Treecko came in with Pound, but Eevee tackled it. Treecko stumbled, but then used Absorb. Eevee took the attack but used Tackle and fainted Treecko. Jacky and Era shook hands. After travveling more Era came to Oldale Town. He went into the Pokemon Centre. One Videophone was empty and Era logged on to it. Prof Birch appeared on the screen. They had a chat and Prof Birch said he should go meet up with his children, Brendan and May.