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February 6th, 2006, 9:03 AM
OK, no one's ever thought of this before. Though I'm using the idea of Pokemorphs, it's going to be a lot different than what you've expected. So, anyway, here it is.

Chapter 1: Labour Courses

I glanced up at the large white building, dotted with clear windows and a large American flag waving in the wind. The rain poured down onto my skin, feeling not as good as what I had previously experienced. Ah, the memories of home had overflooded my mind as my mother had drove me out here and then just left me with a quick kiss and a wave goodbye.

Around the college were many green bushes with small red roses on them. The path from the door led towards the place where my mother had been with the car, the cobblestone cold on my bare feet. I walked towards the sliding door and stepped on the mat, opening the door.

Inside was a long white hallway, with small brown doors on either side of the hall, leading all the way to a small gray elevator. There were hallways to the left and right with even more brown doors. To the right of the door was a desk, and a female with long brown hair was sitting at it, dressed in a nice, straight black dress. She had big blue eyes that seemed to look at me as I made my way to the desk.

"Hello? Um, I'm supposed to check in here. Do we have regular classes today?" I asked. The woman shifted her feet from relaxed to buisness-like in her chair. She got out a few papers and started filing through them.

"Aha, Calda Izumi?" she asked. "Yes, we have you right here. To the left, yours is the room 147." She handed me a small silver key that had my room number on it. "Your schedule is in your room, next to the refrigerator."

I nodded and smiled. "Thank you, Mrs. Robbia," I said, reading the nameplate on the desk. I ran off towards the left hallway with my bags and backpack i hand.

I found the room, and turned the key, looking into the room. The first thing that came to my sight was a large, three-placed window, one of those ones that overlook the back of the campus. In actuality, the college was on a mountain, and the rest of the campus was in the back, with tracks and different kinds of sports fields. The rain had made the dirt moist, so I hoped we wouldn't have track-and-field today.

To the left was a bunk bed, with sheets and matresses that looked old and worn-out. I was infuriated at the way they treated us. Just because we were the new generations of Pokemon, they didn't have to treat us like this. But I might as well sleep on that terrible bed. The walls were painted a light blue, one color I actually looked forward to.

To the right were some shelves where I was probably expected to put my things. I did so, and then looked some more at the room. There was a refrigerator built into the wall, which was quite a nice touch to the room. I hadn't expected they would do such a nice thing, but it was probably for their own selfish purposes.

I sat down on the shelf near the windows, a kind of "stage" that was in a pentagon shape. I lifted the blinds and saw the rain pour down onto the window and run down towards the sill.

The door opened and I saw another Pokemorph come in. Pokemorph was short for Pokemon Morph. I was one, and so was this new one. I was assuming she was my roommate.

"Hello?" she asked, the light in the room illuminating her dark form which had been previously shadowed because of the sky's darkness. She was an Absol-morph, with white fur covering various parts of her body, like her arms and legs. She had long white hair hanging straight back and big red eyes, almost pleading. Her hands were black paws, and had white claws on the end of them, as well as her feet. There was a large black sycthe on the side of her head.

"Hi, my name's Calda," I said happily, welcoming her in. She didn't seem all that excited, and even a little shy. She sat down on the lower bunk bed, staying away from me.

"Calda. Nice name. Mine's Rogue. I don't know why though...obviously I'm too shy. So...are we having class today?" Rogue asked me. I shrugged and walked over to the schedule which Mrs. Robbia had told me about. It said that there was swimming today, and that was in about fifteen minutes.

"Swimming is the only class today," I reported. Rogue cringed a little.

"I hate swimming. It's terrible. I hate to get wet."

"You sure do complain a lot, Rogue. No offense though." I looked at my own hands, which were spiky in shape, like fins. On my elbows were the same light blue spikes that were in between my hands. I had a small, curled tail and my hair was a light blue, almost aquamarine. So was my face and skin, and I had big blue eyes. As of right now I had a dark blue T-shirt and navy jeans.

"So I'm an Absol-morph and you're a Seadra-morph. I like Seadra, even though one stung me a while ago. You're gonna rock at swimming."

I smiled. "Thank you. I do like swimming. In fact when I was fully human, I was the best swimmer on my team. But then I became a PokeMorph."

Rogue nodded. "Yeah. My Absol and I were best friends. Even though I had a scaredy-pants personality, she was always there to protect me. I just can't seem to bring up her brave personality."

A bell rang throughout the hallway, and I gasped. "Must be time for swimming," I said as I ran out the door with Rogue in hand. We entered the grey elevator and hit the button for the swimming room. It didn't move as fast as I had hoped, but it was okay, I guess.

The elevator opened and we stepped out into a large room. The walls were lined with clear windows, with no actual walls in sight except for the one in the far left corner. There was a large pool, the size of a small rancher. I smiled, until I saw the green seaweed that had been strewn across the bottom of the pool. Small pieces of coral were lined along the edge, strapped down by strings.

"What's this?" I asked madly. There were two black-dressed men in the room, each with a pair of sunglasses. "Why is there seaweed and coral in here?"

"They said you needed a natural habitat," one said, smiling. "So we just brought in a little bit from the sea and made all you little freaks feel at home."

"This is not our home," I said angrily. "This is just a regular pool with all kinds of trash in it, making all this pond scum build up."

"We can call the principal if you don't like it, and he can have you kicked out and experimented on by the world's top scientists. Dissection and all that."

I frowned and cautiously placed one light blue, spiked foot in the water, feeling that disgusting scum. I stuck out a tongue and pulled my foot back out immediately.

Rouge was trembling again, looking like she had never swam before. I sighed. "Whatever....we have to swim in it or we'll get killed," I told her.

She started crying softly. "I don't wanna go in there!" she screeched.

The elevator, which had just gone up to the other floor, came down and opened, revealing more students. A dark blue skinned Feraligatr-morph, a black Banette-morph, and many others. They didn't seem to have any reaction to the water, just jumping in and swimming. Some Pokemorphs timed the others and cheered when they made it in time.

"How can you people like this?" I asked loudly. "It's filled with pond scum and seaweed! I mean, I'm a water-type Pokemon and I still hate it!"

The Feraligatr-morph spoke up. "It's not terrible, and we'd get dissected if we don't obey," he shouted in a bold voice.

The two men smiled at him and threw a small pink fish towards him as he snapped it up in his jaws. "Good alligator."

I placed my hands on my hips and opened my mouth, finding nothing to say. I sighed and took off my clothes, seeing that since I was a PokeMorph it was okay to be naked. I placed my body in the pool, shivering and sticking out my tongue as I went.

Rogue ran. She tried to get in the door between the two men, but they were too fast. They held her with one arm under her throat and large gray guns pressed to her head.

"You're coming with us," they said as they took her up the elevator.

"Rogue!" I screeched. "I can't let them hurt her," I muttered.


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-I copied and pasted this from SPPf so I'll have to edit it later...because I wrote this when I was younger and now I'm way better.

February 9th, 2006, 4:27 PM
You should've edited it before if you know your skills have improved. XP Anyway, it's evident this isn't one of your best works...I believe you can do far better than this.

Interesting concept, though! A school with Pokemorphs..what I don't get is why the mother would send Calda off the a place where you get killed if you don't swim. o_O; The ending rocked though. I like it~ You portrayed the two men's characteristics well enough to be realistic...cool. o_o;

It was alright. I've felt you could've made some minor changes to improve the quality, however. =P

February 14th, 2006, 5:50 PM
I know ^_^ I don't have any time right now...grounded...thanks for the comments though, and I'll definitely try to improve...as well as edit when I have the time.

Her mom sent her off to the school because she doesn't know that the stuff that happens there...happens there. She thinks it's a good school.


February 15th, 2006, 2:14 AM
The storey is alright but the description of the surroundings is way too much if such little time is spend in them.

Still I couldn't imagine a human mixed with a pokemon.
Well good storey and now your better