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February 12th, 2006, 10:12 AM
"MOVE!" A voice shouted as a boy narroly dodged a bullet. Shots ran out of the abandoned ware house. What have we gotten out selves into now? Dylan thought to homeself. Dylan was from a rural neighborhood in downtown Detroit. He was always in trouble with the cops and this surly was gonna help anything.

"Dylan get down!" Another boy yelled as he tackled him as a nother shot was fired. "Give me your gun!" The second boy spoke agian.

"Get real! I have the better shot!" Dylan shouted as the other boy reached for his gun. Dylan jumped back rolled out from behind the wall and fired to shots killing both of the other shooters.

"Get out of here! I hear sirens!" a girl screamed, as they all sprinted out the back into the alley.


Arriving at his house, Dylan walked straight to the back yard. "Thats for you mom!" He shouted looking toward the sky. He could hear sirens in the backround and he knew he had to leave Detroit. "I'll be back to finish what the Silver Storms started!"


Here is a bit of info you might want to know before we start. Dylans mother was shot by one of the Silver Spikes as she walked down the street to head home.. He and his brother swore the would have revenge if it killed them. Sadly a few months later his brother was shot and killed as he tried to kill the Silver Spikes leader. The night in the plot was the night his brother and his brother's girlfriend was murdered. He moved out of Detroit to recollect himself till the day he moved back. I will be playing as Dylan, the rest of you are my friends I met when I moved. You are trying to help me get revenge. Some of you will die and I will PM before it will happen. I will give you a dyas notice.



Heres mine,
Name: Dylan
Age: 19
Personality: He has no tolerance when it comes to family. He has a short fuse and will punch anyone who trys to get in his way. It takes a while to earn his trust but he found some loyal friends when he left Detriot. He will do anything he can to take out the Silver Spikes.