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Brian Powell
February 14th, 2006, 5:47 AM
Only One Road (Colosseumshipping One-Shot Valentine’s Day Special) Rated: U

A/N: Inspired by the song ‘Only One Road’ by Celine Dion

A young man in his teenage years was sitting in a tavern, having a drink while keeping himself warm from the cold air that blew outside. He had silver spiky hair and a white stripe on his face. He was wearing a long blue jacket over his sleeveless black t-shirt, trousers, and boots. He had a strange device on his right arm that allows him to capture pokemon from other trainers. Sitting next to him were two creatures that belonged to him, a light purple furred dog Espeon on one side and a black dog Umbreon on the other. The young man’s name was Wes.

He looked outside one of the tavern’s windows, up to the starry skies. It reminded him of the times he had spent with a girl who saw him as someone special and not some petty thug or criminal like he used to be.

I'm looking back through the years
Down this highway
Memories, they all lead up to this one day
And many dreams lost along the way
Haunt me still
I guess they always will
When love was too much to bear
I just left it there

Before he met her, Wes had an idea of spending the rest of his life doing whatever he wanted without a purpose in life and without anyone but his pokemon to keep him company. That was until he met her…

They first met in Phenac City where Wes rescued this girl from a couple of thugs. She was surprised at the fact that was not only a criminal; he was also a member of Team Snagem, a criminal organisation group that had the intention of stealing every pokemon from trainers. Despite all that, she still sees as her ‘knight in shining armour’. The girl’s name was Rui.

After having many adventures, defeating Team Snagem while taking the pokemon away from them and purifying them of their dark hatred, Wes’s had feelings for her that grew inside him but didn’t have the courage to tell her.

But here I stand face to face
With this heart of mine
Livin' without you I only fall behind
We had a love most people never find
All this time I never realized
And the courage I finally found
Has made me turn around

After Team Snagem’s defeat, Wes decided to leave Rui in her home village, leaving a note saying that he needed to be alone for a while and that he needed to ‘find himself’.
Back at the present, six months later after he had left, he continued looking at the stars, remembering the good and bad times they had with each other. He remembered her laughter of joy and her tears of sadness. He remembered the one time he and Rui looking at the stars while holding each other to keep each other warm from the cold night air while resting in a cave.

He remembered feeling the warmth and comfort his companion was giving when she wrapped her arms around him. Wes did the same thinking that it would keep her warm.

I can still hear the song of your laughter
I can still taste the sorrow of your tears
We said goodbye but our hearts did not hear
Now my love there's nothing left to fear
With all my heart put me through
It leads me back to you

After remembering so many moments he stood up and walked out of the tavern, along with his two pokemon. “Time to get back,” he said to them as he got on his vehicle and drove it at a great speed.

There is only one road I'm walkin'
Only one lifetime one heart to guide me
Only one road I'm walkin'
But I'm gonna run back, I'm gonna run back
'Cause I need you right here
Beside me

Back in Rui’s home village, she was in her home where she sat on her bed looking at a photo of Wes with Espeon and Umbreon sitting in front of him while she was standing next to him showing a V-sign with her hand while winking and a red and yellow rabbit Plusle was resting his chest on top of her shoulder.

She was wearing a blue jacket with a blue t-shirt underneath, a white mini skirt and pink boots; she also had ginger neck-length hair with small ponytails on each side.

While she looked at the photo, which reminded of the old times when she was with Wes on their adventures, Plusle leapt onto her shoulder and cooed his name a couple of times trying to comfort her.

“Thanks, Plusle,” Rui said with a sigh. She then heard a knock on the door and walked over to it. Upon opening, she saw a familiar face that she recognised immediately. “Wes…” She said in surprise and happiness.

There is only one road I'm walkin'
Only one lifetime one heart to guide me
Only one road I'm walkin'
But I'm gonna run back, I'm gonna run back
'Cause I need you right here
Beside me

She quickly gave him a big hug, feeling deeply happy to see him back. Wes knew how much she loved him as he hugged her back. He too, had the same feelings as he held her close to him because he needed her next to him.

“Wes… where have you been?” Rui asked with tears forming in her eyes.

“Well… I’ll tell ya…” Wes said.

I'm gonna run back, I'm gonna run back
'Cause I need you right here
Beside me

END! Happy Valentine’s Day, people!