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February 19th, 2006, 7:19 AM
A Quick Recap: This is a fic that I started back in June and wrote up until July when I lost interest in writing it. I've recently managed to get back into writing this fic and decided to repost it here. I went and made a few small changes to the story as well. Anyway, it's time to present my fic one more! Hope you all like it!


This story takes place in the “Pokémon present”, meaning this story occurs at around the same time that Ash is wherever he is right now. Actually, this takes place after the Hoenn League before Ash heads to the next region. Just for you to know, I consider the year that Pokémon takes place to be 20XX.

I got the idea for this fanfic after watching “Aloha! Scooby Doo”. Basically, this is a Pokémon version of that particular movie. Note that this fic is in script format, so you’ve been warned. I’ve also brought an intro summary for it as well. (It’s like the summary the back a movie box gives.)

After the Hoenn League, Ash and friends come back to Pallet Town. However, Ash, Brock, Erika, May, and Max decide that they should take a vacation. The destination: Hawaii. Tagging along with them are Misty, Cissy, Danny, Floreia, (Floreia’s a fanfic character of mine from another fic of mine called “Orange Islands Spring Break”.) and Trixie. However, it won’t be luaus and a local surfing contest that the gang will be doing. Something on the island has been driving residents away, and Ash and friends decide to investigate. What they may discover could be a never before seen legendary Pokémon that inhabits the island’s volcano. Will Ash and company figure out what this new Pokémon is and restore harmony to the island?

Second, to refresh you on what some of the characters that are in this fic look like, here are some pics of some of the characters:

Trixie: Normal (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/gilbertman/TRIXIEfdd.png), Close-Up (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v715/jcragilbert/trixiecloseuplBG.png)
Cissy: Normal (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v715/jcragilbert/cissyj.png), Hula (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v715/jcragilbert/cissyhulac.png)
Floreia: Picture (http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/8885/floreiahula6bf.jpg)

Third of all, I’ll be listing just what Pokémon each character in this story has. I’ve kept up to date just what Pokémon they have with them. If I have made any mistakes or have forgotten any Pokémon, please PM me.

Ash: Pikachu, Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal, Glalie
Misty: Staryu, Corsola, Politoed, Gyarados, Luvdisc, Azurill
Brock: Forretress, Ludicolo, Mudkip
Erika: Gloom, Victreebel, Plantplug, Kirlia
May: Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, Bulbasaur, Munchlax
Max: None
Danny: Nidoqueen, Golem, Piloswine, Claydol, Scizor
Cissy: Blastoise, Kingdra, Mantine, Sharpedo, Starmie
Floreia: Ludicolo, Ludicolo, Cloyster, Lanturn, Milotic
Trixie: Azumarill, Golduck, Kingdra, Walrein, Pelipper
Jessie: Wobbuffet, Seviper, Dustox
James: Cacnea, Chimecho

Fourth: A few other notes. Erika has joined the group in a fic I wrote that takes place very late in the Hoenn episodes. There are also Pokémon mentioned in this fic that are of my own creation. They are currently Mythica, Aquatica, Megoliath, and Plantplug. Others may be added in this fic as it progresses. I have a topic in "General Pokémon Discussion" found here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=42035) that describes these Pokémon in great detail. Also, "Pokémon: The Ultimate Trainer", "Pokémon: Giovanni Strikes Back", "Pokémon: Trainer Alliance", "Pokémon: The Two Titans", and "Pokémon: Cosmic Collision" (last one very recent) (which are referenced in the intro) are fics that I've thought up as from 2001 to this year.

In this intro scene, the narrator is speaking to us as many scenes from past Pokémon movies are shown. He is describing the world of Pokémon to us.

(We see an aerial view of a large plain with many Growlithe, Arcanine, Ponyta, and Rapidash running across it.) We live in a world filled with wonderful creatures known as Pokémon. Some people use them for pets. (Cut to a Pokémon arena where a male Trainer commands his Shiftry to attack a female Trainer’s Slowking.) Others use them for fights called Pokémon battles. Throughout the endeavors of these magnificent creatures, (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: The First Movie, where Mewtwo and Mew are battling.) bonds between them and their Trainers form. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon The Movie 2000, where Lugia fires an Aeroblast at Lawrence III’s downed airship.) However, there are also very mysterious Pokémon to be found, (Cut to a scene from Pokémon 3 The Movie, where Ash and Charizard take on Entei on the walls of the “Crystal Palace”.) and many more to be discovered. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: The Ultimate Trainer, where Ash on Charizard and Shadow on Dragonite are out in space flying towards Bio Mythica, who is situated on the end of the Space Colony Ark’s Eclipse Cannon.) With each new region of Pokémon, there is a yield of more of these specimens. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon 4ever, where we see Celebi flying through the forest with Suicune sprinting behind it.) The possibilities of Pokémon are endless and amazing, (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: Giovanni Strikes Back, where Ash and Misty on a glowing star-shaped object race across the water of a flooded and devastated Palmings City towards the towering Neo Aqautica in the nearby distance.) and Trainers from all over dream of training them. Many even dream of becoming Pokémon Masters. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon Heroes, where Latias and Latios are skimming the water in one of the canals of Altomare.) They travel from region to region in search of as many Pokémon as they can possibly see. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: Trainer Alliance, where Ho-oh is seen flying through the flying battleships that make up the Rocket Armada towards Giovanni’s main flagship, destroying several of the Team Rocket ships with its Fire Blast attack.) However, there can also be forces at hand that threaten the world of Pokémon, forces that hope to capture and exploit powerful Pokémon. (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: Jirachi Wishmaker, where Ash is flying on Flygon and Butler is flying on Salamence as they circle the platform holding Jirachi.) There are organizations that deal in these evil practices, (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: The Two Titans, where deep in a complex in the heart of the huge city in outer space known as Star City, Kyogre and Megoliath are being held in massive capsules.) such as the nefarious Team Rocket. But, there are also others, (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys, where Deoxys and Rayquaza are battling over Larousse City.) others that seek to misuse ancient Pokémon, and even some that are not of this earth! (Cut to a scene from Pokémon: Cosmic Collision, where in the devastated Matricia City, the leader of the Ralethan alien race, Ralethan Tyrant, commands a Ralethan Giant to attack.) Despite these troubles, the world of Pokémon is vast and an extraordinary place where lots of adventures await, (Cut to zooming through the clouds until we see an aerial view of all of Kanto.) for some Trainers like Ash Ketchum. (A “tiki-esque” logo with the Pokémon logo appears in the center of the screen. Torches on the side light up and then fire travels from the flames above the Pokémon and turn into flaming letters that spell out “ALOHA!” indicating the title of this adventure. Hawaiian “ritual” music plays throughout this logo sequence. The “ALOHA! Pokémon” logo then disappears and we zoom down towards Pallet Town on the Kanto overworld to see Ash’s house.)

We head into Ash’s house to see Mr. Mime cleaning as it usually does. We then head into the kitchen to see Brock cooking up some food for everybody. Delia is also there chopping up some ingredients for Brock to use. We then head outside to see May practicing some Pokémon Contest moves with Combusken, Beautifly, and Blubasaur. She throws a Frisbee into the air as we head past her towards Professor Oak’s lab. As we reach the lab, we head inside to see Max helping Tracey out with some chores and near them is Erika, who is on the video phone making a call to someone. We then head out the back door to Oak’s Pokémon fields where Ash and Pikachu are. Next to them are Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal, and Glalie. Ash is introducing his Hoenn Pokémon to the rest of his Pokémon, which happen to be Bulbasaur, Kingler, Muk, Tauros, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Heracross, and Noctowl.

Ash: Hey, guys! I’d like you to meet Bulbasaur, Kingler, Muk, Tauros, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Heracross, and Noctowl! (To his other Pokémon.) Guys, these are Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal, and Glalie! (All of Ash’s Pokémon say hi to each other in their own ways.)

Max comes outside to meet with Ash.

Max: Well, I’m done cleaning out Professor Oak’s lab! (With big eyes.) It’s so great to be in the lab of the famous Professor Oak!

Ash: I can see that! Well, I’m going to leave my Pokémon to make friends with each other! Let’s go back to my house and have some of Brock’s cooking!

Ash and Max head back through the lab. As they do, we see Erika making a call to someone. It turns out to be one of the girls from her Gym back in Celadon City next to her are her four current Pokémon, Gloom, Victreebel, Plantplug, and Kirlia.

Girl: So how were things in Hoenn for you?

Erika: They were great! It was nice seeing a whole new region for a change! Also, I caught two Pokémon while there! Say hello, guys!

Plantplug: (With electricity traveling between its two pistils.) PLANT!

Kirlia: (Spins around once.) Kirlia.

Girl: Wow, that’s so cool! Nice to see you’re keeping your Pokémon skills up!

Erika: Sorry to cut this short, but I’m heading over to Delia’s house to have something to eat!

Girl: Well, okay then! Bye! (Video screen turns off.)

Erika: (Standing up.) All right, guys! Return!

Gloom, Victreebel, Plantplug, and Kirlia return to their Pokéballs. Erika then heads out the lab. We then go to Ash’s house where everybody but Brock is now sitting down at the table ready to eat Brock’s cooking. Brock comes into the room carrying a large bowl-like dish.

Brock: All right, everybody! Let’s see how you like Brock’s delicious beef stew!

Brock goes and pours some of the beef stew into each person’s bowl. He then sits down in his own chair so that everyone can start eating. They do so, and all seem to enjoy the stew.

May: Wow, Brock! This is just as good as you always make it!

Ash: I agree!

Pikachu: Pika!

Delia: So Ash. How did you do in the Hoenn League?

Ash: Well, I gave it my best shot and did really well!

Brock: I think she means how well did you do?

Ash: (Having an anime sweatdrop.) Well, maybe I’ll tell you the details later.

Erika: Don’t worry, Delia. Woman to woman, I’ll personally tell you how he did myself.

Ash: (With a sour look on his face.) Erika, you don’t have to do that.

Max: (Finishing his bowl of beef stew) Well, I’m done eating! I’m going to go head outside!

May: To do what, Max?

Max: Well, uh. I just feel like going outside!

Max gets out of his chair and heads out the front door.

Ash: You know what? Pikachu and I will make sure he’s all right.

Ash gets out of his chair and heads out, too. Pikachu follows him. Outside, Max is looking up into the sky as Ash and Pikachu are outside.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash: Max, just what are you doing out here?

Max: Oh. I was thinking about Ralts. Is that all right?

Ash: Of course it is! After all, Ralts could be your first Pokémon one day!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Max: Well, I think May and I will be heading back to Hoenn in about a day.

Ash: Yeah. You could go on your own Pokémon journey there and find and train Ralts! Maybe it will someday become a Kirlia like Erika’s!

Feeling more confident, Max looks up to sky and starts thinking about becoming a full-fledged Pokémon Trainer. However, his thoughts are interrupted by something flying in the sky.

Max: (To Ash and Pikachu.) Uh Ash? Do you know what that is up there?

Ash: (Looking at the flying object) I hope it’s not those aliens again!

Up in the sky, we see what the object is. It’s a glider shaped like a Mantine. We see two people riding the glider. The first is a young woman with brown hair that goes down the sides of her face and three pieces of her in the back of her head. She is wearing a black, sleeveless shirt and a pink, shorts-like skirt. This person happens to be Cissy, the leader of the Mikan Island Pokémon Gym. The other person on the glider is another young woman with dark skin and wavy brown hair that goes down to her waist. She is wearing a white, sleeveless, blouse-like shirt that exposes her shoulders and chest and goes down to the level of the green pants she’s wearing. This person is Floreia, a hula dancer that Cissy knows from back in the Orange Islands.

Max: (Seeing the glider.) I think that thing’s coming right for us!

Pikachu: Pika, Pika!

Ash: I think you might be right! We better warn everybody inside!

Ash, Pikachu, and Max head back inside the house to warn everybody what’s coming for them. We then go back to see the glider move lower and lower to the ground as it comes closer to the house. Eventually, the glider lands in front of Ash’s house and Cissy and Floreia let go of the glider. They look around for anyone nearby.

Floreia: I thought we saw two people out here.

Cissy: Don’t worry. I think I know where they are.

Cissy goes up to the door and knocks.

Ash: (From inside.) Go away, aliens! You’re not coming in here to get us!

Floreia: Aliens?

Cissy: Aliens?! Just what are you talking about?!

Brock: (From inside.) I don’t think they’re aliens. In fact, (Swoon-like.) I think they’re girls!

Brock comes bursting out the door to see Cissy and Floreia. He takes Cissy’s hands and starts acting “Brock-like” to her.

Brock: (Still swooned.) Cissy, it’s been so long since we last seen each other! You remember me, Brock?! We took down Team Rocket’s airship armada together! Now we can finally be together!

Cissy lifts her arm back, putting her hand into a fist, and then punches Brock in the face. Brock then falls to the ground.

Brock: (On the ground with a red mark in the middle of his face.) Whoa. Tough love.

Floreia: (Questionably.) Exactly who is this guy?

Max: (Coming outside.) That’s Brock. He tends to do this all the time. (Goes and starts dragging Brock.) I saw this coming a mile away.

Ash: (Coming outside with Pikachu.) I thought you said you saw something in the sky. (Notices Cissy.) Cissy! I remember you!

We see a flashback of Ash and Cissy having their water race as Ash attempts to win a Coral Eye Badge from the episode “Fit to be Tide”.

Cissy: (In flashback.) You’re better than I thought you’d be!

Ash: (In flashback.) And so are you!

We then switch to a scene from Pokémon: Trainer Alliance where in the heights of Super Metropolis, Ash, May, and Ritchie run into Cissy, Danny, and Trixie.

Cissy: (Flashback.) Where is my Azurill?!

Ash: (Flashback.) Azurill?! Just what are you talking about?!

We then exit the flashback.

Ash: Hey! You never told me what that Azurill business was about!

Cissy: Well, I guess I overreacted when I saw you in a newspaper next to two Azurill. I thought those were mine and Trixie’s.

Ash: Oh! Those were two stray Azurill we helped out on Dewford Island while I was training to rematch Brawly! After what Team Rocket tried to do to them, I got my picture in the Dewford Tribune after saving them!

Floreia: Well I guess you’re quite the hero. Cissy told me all about your adventure with her. I also watched you on TV when you were in the Hoenn League.

Ash: Exactly who are you lady?

Pikachu: Pika?

Floreia: Who am I? Who am I?! Why let me introduce myself! (Spins around with her clothes coming off to reveal an extravagant hula outfit underneath.) I’m Floreia, hula dancer extraordinaire! I was once the Orange Islands Hula Champion!

Cissy: And you got beaten by me last year!

Floreia: (To Cissy.) Well, this year we tied! So I’m still Champion!

Cissy: Well I’m Champion too you know!

Brock: (Getting in between Cissy and Floreia.) Ladies! Why quarrel over yourselves when you should be quarreling over me! (Looking at Floreia.) Besides, I’ve always wanted to see a real live hula girl, and now I have! (Pushes Cissy aside.) Oh Floreia, you’re the wiki in my tiki, the “maca” in my macadamia nuts, the punch in my Hawaiian Punch! (Gets grabbed by the ear.)

Max: (Pulling Brock back by the ear.) And the “wack” in wacky!

Erika: (Coming outside.) Just what is going on out here?

May: (Coming outside.) Yeah. Just who is here? (Notices Cissy.) Cissy, hi! Remember me? It’s May!

Ash: Wait! Exactly what are doing here, Cissy?

Cissy: Well, as you should know, Floreia and took part in the annual Orange Islands Hula Contest!

Floreia: We strutted, spun, and hula-ed our way to victory! My hula break-dance really wowed the crowd!

Cissy: Well my hula wave riding showed everyone! Well, we both did so well that we tied and each won the grand prize, (Gets out five tickets.) five tickets to Hawaii!

Floreia: (Putting her clothes back on and getting out her five tickets.) We both got five tickets to Hawaii! Cissy suggested if we stopped here and asked any of you to come with us!

Erika: You mean we get a free trip to Hawaii?! I’ve always wanted to see the World War II memorial!

Max: I think they now call it the Megawar II memorial after Megawar III happened 40 years ago!

May: Well I think Hawaii would be awesome! I always wanted to do the hula! (Puts her arms to the side like doing the hula.)

Brock: (Love struck.) And just think of all the surfer girls and hula dancers I’d see there!

Ash: Pikachu, you want to go to Hawaii?

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Erika: You said you got five tickets, each! And I think there’s seven of us rearing to go!

Cissy: Actually, nine.

Max: Nine? Where are the other two?

Floreia: Cissy suggested she’d have her spouse Danny come along as well as some amateur performer from Johto.

Ash: Which amateur performer?

Cissy: (Pulling out a flyer with Trixie, Azumarill, and Golduck on it.) Well, Trixie! That’s who!

Brock: (Love struck again.) Trixie?! Met her twice in Johto! Met her again in Hoenn! What couldn’t be happier than going to Hawaii with four beautiful girls?! (Points to Trixie flyer.) Trixie, (points to Cissy) Cissy, (points to Floreia) Floreia, (points to Erika) and Erika!

Erika: Brock, don’t get your hopes up too much. (To herself.) Maybe later.

Ash: (Realizing something.) Nine people and ten tickets?! I think I know who else to invite!

Later, Ash in on the video phone in his house. He happens to be calling someone familiar. The screen is at first blank, but then it turns on to show Misty, who is at the Cerulean Gym.

Misty: (Shocked at Ash.) Ash Ketchum?! Is that you?!

Ash: Yes it is, Misty! How have things been at the Gym?

Misty: They’ve been all right! After all, my sisters have been helping me out!

Ash: I know this is very sudden, but Cissy stopped by with ten tickets to Hawaii! I want the tenth person to be you!

Misty: Really? Oh Ash, that is so generous of you! Finally seeing you do something nice for a change!

Ash: (Sternly.) Misty.

Misty: Sorry, Ash. I’ll go with you guys! In fact, I’ll pack tonight and come by first thing in the morning!

Ash: Good, because that’s when we’re leaving!

Misty: Okay! I’ll see you there!

Ash: Say goodbye, Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Ash then hangs up the phone and the screen goes blank. We then go to the next day, Brock, Erika, May, Max, Cissy, and Floreia are outside next to a van that is to accommodate ten people. Trixie with her Azumarill and Golduck is also there and Danny is in the driver’s seat. We then hear someone out off-screen.

Misty: (Off screen with a suitcase.) Hey, everyone!

Brock: Misty, is that you?!

Misty: (Running up to everyone.) Looks like I made it just in time! (Reaches everyone.) Wow! Looks like a large crowd!

Trixie: Yeah! Just three days ago Cissy called me and told me that I could go to Hawaii with her!

Erika: Misty, it’s great to see you again!

Cissy: That reminds me! Want to see a new Pokûmon of mine?! (Gets out a Pokéball.) Come on out, Starmie!

Cissy throws the Pokéball and out comes a Starmie.

May: Wow! I never saw a Starmie before! (Pulls out Dexette.)

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Starmie, the Mysterious Pokémon. Starmie is the evolved form of Staryu. Starmie’s core glows with all seven colors of the rainbow. Many people value that core as a gem. Starmie is both Water and Psychic-type.

Trixie: Well, I have a new Pokémon, too, but it’s more of one you’ve already seen! (Gets out a Pokéball.) Walrein, I choose you!

Walrein: (Comes out of its Pokéball.) Wal-Walrein!

Max: Wow, Trixie! I never knew you had a Walrein!

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Walrein, the Ice Break Pokémon. Walrein is the evolved form of Sealeo. Walrein’s large tusks are capable of breaking 10,000,000-ton glaciers in one blow. This Ice and Water-type Pokémon can withstand the harshest of cold temperatures, even those as low as absolute zero.

Meanwhile, back inside Ash’s house, Ash and Pikachu are saying goodbye to Delia and Professor Oak. Ash is holding a suitcase.

Delia: Have fun in Hawaii, Ash! Also don’t forget to be careful and to change your underwear!

Ash: (With a sweatdrop.) I won’t, mom.

Professor Oak: There are a lot of rare Pokémon in Hawaii, so I want you to go and take pictures of a lot of them! Here! You’ll need this! (Hands Ash a camera.)

Ash: (Taking the camera.) Okay, Professor. I could do that.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash: Well, goodbye!

Ash leaves the house and heads outside. Everyone is waiting for him there. He notices Misty and runs up to her.

Misty: Ash! It’s nice to see you again!

Ash: Me, too!

Pikachu: Pika!

Misty: Well, I’m all ready to go!

Floreia: We should get going! The hydro jet won’t wait forever!

Cissy: Right! Okay, everyone! Let’s get inside!

Everyone gets into the van. Cissy and Floreia get in front with Danny; Cissy in between Danny and Floreia. Brock, Erika, and Trixie get in the middle seats. Misty, May, and Max get in the back seats, and Ash and Pikachu get in the area in the way back. The van starts up and then drives off down the road towards the horizon. We then go to inside the van.

Max: I can’t believe I’m going to Hawaii!

May: Hawaii’s such a beautiful place!

Misty: I think so, too! I hope there’s a lot of great Water Pokémon there!

Brock: I can’t wait to see all the girls!

Erika: (Nudging Brock.) What about the four in here?

Eventually, the van makes it to a port at the ocean. There is a large hydro jet docked there. There is a ramp that connects to the ferry. The van drives up the ramp and onto the boat where there are several other cars. Everyone gets out of the van and onto the main part of the jet. The hydro jet then starts powering up and eventually takes off onto the ocean at a high speed. Everyone goes inside and stands at a large window that makes up the entire wall.

Ash: So how long till we get to Hawaii?

Brock: I think it takes three days.

Erika: I think there’s a lot of plants of flowers on the Hawaiian Islands that I’d like to see.

May: I can’t wait to try out Hawaiian food!

Cissy: In about two hours they’re going to serve lunch.

Floreia: If you don’t mind, I’m going to my cabin to practice my hula dancing.

Brock: (A little love struck.) Can I come with you?

Misty and Max: (Each grabbing Brock by an ear.) No, Brock!

While Ash and co. enjoy being on the ferry before they reach Hawaii, three stowaways are on board; and they just happen to be Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Jessie: So, I hear we’re going to Hawaii.

James: I’ve heard there are some fantastic delicacies there!

Meowth: (Looking through a small window.) And you won’t believe this! (Through the window happens to be Ash, Misty, and May.) The twerp and his friends are going, too!

Jessie: What did you say?!

James: Pikachu’s on board?!

Jessie: This is too good to be true! They’re on a vacation there, too!

Wobbuffet: (Coming out of its Pokéball.) Wobbu!

Jessie: (Returning Wobbuffet to its Pokéball.) Get back in there! We’re going to have rest and relaxation!

Then, a male ferry attendant comes by.

Attendant: Can I see your tickets?

James: Our tickets??

Meowth: What tickets?

Jessie: (Grabbing Meowth by the throat.) Those tickets! Well we… misplaced them.

Attendant: Well, if you don’t have tickets, (Points a finger.) then that means you’re stowaways!

We cut to the outside of the ferry, where Team Rocket is thrown out of the hydro jet.

Jessie, James, and Meowth: Looks like Team Rocket’s splashing down again! (They splash into the water right next to the boat.)

Back in the hydro jet, the gang enjoys what they can on the ferry during the three days until they reach Hawaii. We go through the days quickly, though. We see Ash and Pikachu looking out the large glass wall at the ocean. There is a pod of Wailord several dozen feet from the jet.

Ash: Look, Pikachu! A school of Wailord!

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

We then cut to May who’s in the cafeteria of the ferry. She’s at the salad bar. She’s next to a salad bin with a sign that says “TABOULI”. She decides to have some.

May: Tabouli? Hmm… I’ll try some! You guys want some, too? (Cut to her Pokémon.)

Combusken: Combusken!

Skitty: Meow!

Beautifly: Beautifly!

Bulbasaur! Bulba!

May gets a bowl of tabouli for herself and then gets five smaller bowls of it for her Pokémon. She gives four of the five smaller bowls to her Pokémon, who start eating their portions of tabouli. She then realizes that the fifth member of her party isn’t there. She then sees Munchlax scooping up a bunch of tabouli into a large bowl and eating it right from the bowl while still there.

Munchlax: Munchlax! (Takes a large bite.) Munch!

May: (Seeing Munchlax.) No, Munchlax! That’s too much! (Munchlax keeps eating.) You’re gonna make yourself sick!

We then cut to nighttime where Brock is in his room. Erika comes in with a plate of food.

Erika: Here, Brock.

Brock: (Taking the plate.) Thanks, Erika. Does this mean…

Erika: No it doesn’t, Brock. (Leaves the room.)

The next morning, Cissy and Danny are seeing the sunrise over the ocean from the glass observation wall of the ferry. They hold each other’s hands.

Cissy: The sunrise looks so pretty on the water.

Danny: But not as pretty as you.

Later that day, Max and Trixie with her Azumarill and Golduck are out on the top of the hydro jet. There are several chairs there for sitting and viewing the ocean.

Max: So Trixie, you’re a Pokémon performer?

Trixie: Correct. My Pokémon and myself like to travel all around the place and entertain people. Right, Azumarill?

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Max: That’s so cool! No wonder you decided to try your hand at Pokémon Contests! How many Ribbons did you win?

Trixie: (Getting out her Ribbon case, which has four ribbons.) See for yourself.

The next night, Misty is sitting on the bed in her room. She gets out a picture of herself holding Togepi in her arms from when they were in Johto.

Misty: Togepi, I miss you, but I know you’re happy wherever you are.

The next day, we see Floreia out in the waiting room. She is holding her gold trophy from the Orange Islands Hula Contest, which resembles a female hula dancer with her hair, arms, and grass skirt swaying to the left.

Floreia: I wonder what the hula dancers in Hawaii will think of this trophy of mine.

Later during the day, the hydro jet nears Hawaii. Ash and co. are all at the observation window to see the Hawaiian Islands. They are all amazed at the sight. Outside the ferry, however, is what looks like a large Magikarp. It turns out to be Team Rocket’s Magikarp sub. Looks like they’re going to disrupt the gang’s vacation after all.

February 19th, 2006, 11:20 AM
Well, before I go ahead with more of this fic, I'll finally answer a question someone asked me in an older fic of mine, even though it doesn't pertain too much to the story.

nice nice! i like both those epis and i like your way of continuing them. good job!

and the year 20XX o.O;; no offense but then there shud be LOTSA robots all around ash and the other guys.. unless Pokemon themselves are robots.. or maybe.. May is a robot.. XD

To answer that, there are "LOTSA robots" in the world of Pokémon. The Pokémon world has military forces that use humanoid, tank-like, and jet-like robots (such one is POCE or the Peacekeeper Organization of Commanding Elites). Also, criminal organizations use robots as well for their evil purposes. Giovanni for example happens to have armies of various kinds of robots at his disposal.


Now anyway, on with this particular fanfic! This one sets Ash and friends up for their stay in Hawaii and I happen to describe such things as the hotel rooms in great detail! I have also got a topic describing certain Pokémonn of mine that are in this fic found here (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=42035). Anyway, here we go!

Ash and his friends have now reached an island in the Hawaii area called Kahinei Island. As the hydro jet docks at a small passenger harbor, everyone gets off the ferry and heads down the ramp, including Ash and anyone who is with him. As of now, they are each wearing an “island vacation” outfit. Ash is wearing the same shirt and shorts that he wore when he went to Seafoam Island; Misty is wearing a white shirt that looks similar to that of her old outfit and some yellow swim-shorts; Brock is wearing a green “aloha” shirt and brown shorts that go down to his knees; Erika is wearing a pink vacation dress that consists of a medium pink “top part” and a light pink skirt that goes down to a little bovver her ankles; May is wearing a red baby-T with a Pokéball pattern similar to that of her bandanna on it and a knot at the bottom as well as a pair of orange “island” shorts; Max is wearing a white shirt with blue flower-shapes on it and his usual “knickers”; Cissy is wearing her usual outfit; Danny is wearing his usual outfit; Floreia is wearing her usual outfit; and Trixie is wearing her usual blue baby-T but instead of her usual pants she’s wearing a lime-green sarong that goes down two-thirds of the way down her legs.

Ash: We’re finally here!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

May: That was a long ride!

Misty: So this is Hawaii!

Erika: Our vacation commences!

Brock: I thought that ride would never end!

Max: I wonder what Pokémon are found on these islands!

Floreia: Can’t wait to scope out the competition here!

Cissy: It’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be!

Trixie: Just feel that tropical breeze!

Danny: Looks like our vacation begins!

After everyone gets off the ramp, the ramp gets pulled back up onto the boat, which then starts to leave. Five hula girls wearing light pink colored hula skirts, coconut bikini tops, flower necklaces, and grass crowns carrying extra flower necklaces come up to Ash and friends to greet them.

1st hula girl: (Walks up to Ash and Pikachu and puts flower necklaces on both of them.) Welcome to Hawaii!

2nd hula girl: (Walks up to Misty and May and puts flower necklaces on both of them.) We hope you enjoyed your trip here!

3rd hula girl: (Walks up to Cissy and Floreia and puts flower necklaces on both of them.) You’re currently on Kahinei Island, one of Hawaii’s famous locations!

4th hula girl: (Walks up to Brock and Erika and puts flower necklaces on both of them.) You made it just in time! We’re having a luau tonight!

5th hula girl: (Walks up to Max, Danny, and Trixie and puts flower necklaces on each of them.) We’ll be having lots of Hawaiian delicacies there!

1st hula girl: (Walks up to Trixie’s Azumarill and Golduck and puts flower necklaces on both of them.) Here’s some flowers for you two!

Brock: (Swooned, going up to the first hula girl and grabbing her hands.) And here’s a flower for me! The names Brock and I just like to say that you five are the most beautiful hula girls I have ever seen!

Floreia: (Sternly.) Most beautiful hula girls you have ever seen?

Brock: (Still swooned.) Perhaps I could join you in one of your luaus!

Misty: (Grabbing and dragging Brock by the ear.) And perhaps you could be a little more restraint!

Ash: Well guys, there’s something Professor Oak asked me to do while we’re here.

Max: What, Ash?

Ash: (Pulling out the camera Oak gave him.) He asked me to look for rare Pokémon found in Hawaii and take pictures of them!

Max: Wow, cool! Ash, (Becomes wide eyed.) you just got to take me along with you and Pikachu!

Ash: Well, okay, Max!

Erika: Wait just a second! Aren’t we supposed to be having a vacation here?

Cissy: That reminds me! We should be heading to the hotel!

2nd hula girl: Well, let’s first check out who you guys are more specifically first!

3rd hula girl: This will only take a minute!

The 4th and 5th hula girls each get out some sort of camera-like device with a large square lens in front. They each put their device up to their eyes like binoculars and look at Ash and co. We then go the view of what the two hula girls are seeing through the devices. The first hula girl’s device shows a computer image of from left to right Ash and Pikachu, Misty, May, Cissy, and Floreia. A cursor-like square of smaller digital squares appears in the upper left-hand corner. The cursor moves onto Ash and the name “Ash Ketchum” appears along with small pictures of spinning images of Pikachu, Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, Torkoal, and Glalie appear on the bottom of the screen. The cursor then moves onto Misty and this notation appears; “Misty Williams”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Staryu, Corsola, Politoed, Gyarados, Luvdisc, and Azurill. Then the cursor moves onto May and this notation appears; “May Mattison”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, Bulbasaur, and Munchlax. The cursor then moves onto Cissy and this notation appears; “Cissy Matthews”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Blastoise, Kingdra, Mantine, Sharpedo, and Starmie. Then the cursor moves onto Floreia and this notation appears; “Floreia Azuflower”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Ludicolo, Ludicolo, Cloyster, Lanturn, and Milotic.

We now move to the second hula girl’s device, which shows from left to right Brock, Erika, Max, Danny, and Trixie. The cursor that appears moves onto Brock and this notation appears; “Brock Harrison”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Forretress, Ludicolo, and Mudkip. The cursor then moves onto Erika and this notation appears; “Erika Hunter”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Gloom, Victreebel, Plantplug, and Kirlia. Then the cursor moves onto Max and this notation appears; “Max Mattison”, but there is no spinning images since Max doesn’t have any Pokémon. The cursor then moves onto Danny and this notation appears; “Danny Matthews”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Nidoqueen, Golem, Piloswine, Claydol, and Scizor. Then the cursor moves onto Trixie and this notation appears; “Trixie Hazelia”, along with pictures containing spinning images of Azumarill, Golduck, Kingdra, Walrein, and Pelipper. These devices are portable ID scanners that are used to identify tourists that have come to the island so that their arrival may be confirmed and they can be lead to their hotel. We then go back to seeing all of Ash and his friends standing in front of the hula girls.

4th hula girl: (Taking down her ID scanner.) Well, we’re done! You’ve just been compromised!

5th hula girl: (Taking down her ID scanner.) You’re all registered at the Honoleiah Hotel! It’s a couple miles from here but we’ll get you to your destination!

Danny: Exactly how do you plan on doing that?

Just then, a cart suited for up to twelve people and luggage being driven by yet another hula girl comes onto the scene. She looks at Ash and his friends.

Hula girl driving cart: This is how we plan on doing that!

May: Wow! Everything is arranged for us!

Brock: (Swooned again.) Yet another hula girl’s here!

Max: (Grabbing and pulling Brock by the ear.) Come on, Brock! Let’s get to our hotel!

Ash and co. along with any Pokémon they have out of their Pokéballs loads their stuff into the back of the cart. Then they all get into the seats of the cart, which starts driving off once they’re all settled.

1st hula girl: (Waving to Ash and friends.) Enjoy your stay in Hawaii!

2nd hula girl: (Waving to Ash and friends.) Hope you have a great vacation!

We then see the cart dive down a road that runs parallel to the shoreline. We see tons of palm trees and tropical plants in the scenery.

Erika: Wow, look at all these tropical trees! I’ve never seen so many before!

The cart the makes a turn when the road makes a curve to the left. They drive by a nice secluded beach that is located to the right of them.

Misty: That looks like a really nice beach! Maybe we could go there sometime!

The cart later passes by several Hawaiian-style houses. Everyone looks at how even today the architecture of the Hawaiian people still remains.

Cissy: I’ve been to Hawaii before, but even then this looks even more amazing!

As they drive past the houses, beyond the brush of trees and plants, we start to see a large volcano out in the distance in the center of the island.

Trixie: Does that mountain happen to be a volcano?

Hula girl: Why yes it is! That’s Mahikila Volcano over there! While it’s still semi-active, it currently isn’t any threat to anyone on this island.

As we drive past the view of the volcano, we travel down the road some more until we reach a building that looks like a massive Hawaiian-design hotel. The cart goes off the road and towards the front doors of the hotel before stopping in front of them.

Hula girl: Welcome to the Honoleiah Hotel, the best hotel on Kahinei Island!

Everyone gets out of the cart and gets their things out of the cart, which then starts driving off. They all look up at the hotel before going in. Inside there is a large lobby with a male hotel connoisseur at the front desk. Ash and friends head up to him.

Connoisseur: Welcome to the Honoleiah Hotel, also known as the luxury that is found on Kahinei Island. First let me scope you guys out.

The connoisseur gets out an ID scanner just like the ones the hula girls used earlier. We see bright green lines continuously move across the lens as the connoisseur holds it up to his eyes and looks at Ash and co. After several seconds, he takes the ID scanner down and addresses his most recent customers.

Connoisseur: Oh yes. You’re the Matthews/Azuflower party, aren’t you? We’ve been expecting you. Your rooms are all located on the fifth floor of the hotel. Our assistants will show you to where you need to go.

Just then, two females, one with long blonde hair, the other with shorter red-brown hair, both dressed in turquoise flower-patterned outfits appear. The first is carrying a moving cart to take everyone’s furniture upstairs.

Brock: (Swooned.) Even the hotel management has beauty! (Walking up to the assistants.) Why don’t I help out with those things?!

Misty and Max: (Each grabbing one of Brock’s ears.) Not now, Brock!

Ash and friends start following the assistants down the hall starting at the left of the lobby. They then come to a stairwell area and head up the stairs. The cart carrying their luggage works like a segway and the wheels turn to go up the stairs as well. Everyone eventually reached the fifth floor. They then start heading down the hall towards their rooms. They eventually reach a room labeled “5E46”. The assistant not moving the cart goes up to Ash, Misty, and May and gives Ash a card-key for their room.

Assistant: Here. You three will be staying in this room.

Ash: Wow, you hear that, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

Misty: Don’t forget. (Pointing to herself and May.) The two of us are sharing this room with you.

May: (Grabbing her belongings) Okay then. We’ll stay here.

After Ash, Misty, and May have taken their stuff off the cart, everyone but them heads to the next door, which is labeled “5E47”. The assistant heads up to Brock, Erika, and Max and gives Brock a card-key for his room.

Assistant: This will be the room for you three.

Brock: Wait. I have to share a room with Max?

Max: Yep! And I’ll be there to make sure you don’t get too comfy with Erika!

Erika: Max, please don’t go too far with Brock. (Winks.) I already know how his mind works.

Once Brock, Erika, and Max have taken their luggage from the cart, Cissy, Danny, Floreia, and Trixie follow the two assistants to yet another door labeled “5E48”. The assistant heads up to Cissy and Danny and hands Cissy a card-key for the room.

Assistant: This is the room you two requested personally, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.

Cissy: Thanks. We’ll promise to keep it in neat condition.

Danny: Cissy, you didn’t have to tell him that. (Takes his things off the cart.)

Now Trixie, Floreia, and the two assistants head to a fourth door labeled “5E49”. This looks like the room Trixie and Floreia will be sharing since the assistant then gives Floreia a card-key.

Assistant: Miss Azuflower, you and Miss Hazelia will be sharing this room.

Trixie: Thanks for the info. (Starts to take her things off the cart.) I’ll keep that in mind.

Floreia: Yeah. Kind of best us two performers stay in the same room.

As the two assistants leave all ten guests, they each head into their respective rooms. We see Ash, Misty, and May head into their room. There are three beds along with nightstands with lamps and small digital clocks beside the first and third beds, a TV facing the center bed, a video phone in the right-hand corner of the room near a sliding window door supposedly leading to a balcony, and a door to the left of the beds. Misty opens the door and it turns out to be a small bathroom with a sink with an automatic toothpaste dispenser, three toothbrushes on a toothbrush holder on the wall, an automatic soap dispenser, an automatic faucet, and a mirror on the wall right above the sink and sink counter. There is also a shower with palm tree patterned curtains adjacent the sink area and a toilet in between the two areas. It can be assumed that the other rooms are just like this since all hotel rooms in a hotel tend to look the same. Ash and Pikachu slide open the glass door and head onto the balcony. From there, we can see part of the island spawning from the balcony. Palm trees and other plants can be seen as well as a large shore beach in the distance. Beyond that, the sprawling ocean can be seen for miles. Also as it turns out, the sun is starting to set. Ash then looks to the right and sees Brock and Erika on the balcony connected to their hotel room. Beyond their balcony is another where Cissy comes out, and yet another beyond that with Trixie coming out onto it.

Ash: Hey, everyone!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Brock: (To Ash and Pikachu.) Hey, Ash! Quite convenient!

Cissy: (To everyone to the left of her.) It looks like the sun is setting! I think we should just rest for the day! We have plans to see the rest of the island tomorrow!

Trixie: (To everyone else.) Yeah! There’s even ferries on this island that lead to lots of the other Hawaiian Islands! We can go sightseeing throughout a bunch of them!

Erika: Yeah! I’ll go see the World W- I mean Megawar II memorial!

Max: (Walking out onto Brock and Erika’s balcony.) Yeah! I want to go and see Volcano National Park!

Misty: (Walking out onto Ash’s balcony): I just found out Kahinei Island has a great water park! I think I could take my Pokémon there tomorrow!

May: (Walking out onto Ash and Misty’s balcony.) Yeah! I want to find some local hula girls to tech me to hula dance!

Floreia: (Walking out onto Trixie’s balcony.) Hey! I’m a hula dancer! Why can’t I teach you?!

Danny: (Walking onto Cissy’s balcony.) Well for me, I just like to check out this particular island!

Ash: (Looking out beyond the balcony.) Yep! We’re in Hawaii now and we should enjoy it while we can!

Now that Ash and friends have made it to Hawaii and have settled down at their hotel, they decide to get some rest before going their separate ways throughout the Hawaiian Islands. This could very well be the best vacation they’ve ever dreamed of.

February 19th, 2006, 12:14 PM
Not bad so far...I have a few musical gags for the luau scene

--Three words: Takeshi no Paradaisu
--TR makes off with the band, and Ash and co. find their instruments...since none of them can play a note (the noise sounds more like a Meowth fight than music), Ash gets an idea of how they can look like they're playing the instruments...without actually playing. (they mime playing the instruments while a tape deck plays what they're supposed to play.

TR gets in on the plan, and speeds up the tape deck to where our heroes can't keep up!

February 19th, 2006, 1:10 PM
I really like it. But I did see one mistake in the first one, even though you said PM it to you, I know I'll forget, but you spelled Bulbasaur wrong, near the very begining. Not to be critical or anything, it was definatly 5 star!

February 19th, 2006, 2:45 PM
EmeraldSky, the luau won't be for a couple more chapters, but I'll take into consideration your suggestion. After all, Team Rocket should make themselves known in this fic. DreamBandit298, I looked through my fic, but I don't seem to find such an error. You just have to simply tell me where I made the error and I'll go and fix it right away. Now I've decided to quote a reply to my fic when I first posted it here.

I really like the way you did it. Its probably the best take off of a Scooby Doo movie i've read. And I've read alot seeing thats all my friend Cassie ever writes. Very good job, 10/10. Please keep it up.


Now it's time to present to you the next chapter in what I hope to be a great vacation story! Anyway, this chapter starts off with a small cameo with someone who was in one of the two "Porta Vista" epidoes way back in Kanto. But enough talking here. On with the fic! Also, don't forget about reviews!

While Ash and his friends are at their hotel, we see out towards the ocean, which is now a shade of green due to the sun setting. Suddenly, we see something come out of the water and onto the beach. It happens to be Team Rocket’s Magikarp sub. Jessie, James, and Meowth then come out of the sub through the top hatch. They scramble out of the sub and down onto the beach.

Jessie: Of all the nerve! No one throws me off of a cruise ship!

James: Technically, it wasn’t a cruise ship. It was just a hydro jet.

Meowth: Well they could have just sent us back to shore!

Jessie: Well, at least the twerp is here!

James: Yeah! Now we can go and catch Pikachu!

Meowth: Why don’t we just take a vacation here instead of grabbing Pikachu?

As Team Rocket bickers among each other, we see a short woman walk onto the beach. Upon closer inspection, this woman happens to be Brutella, who we met back in Porta Vista. Next to her happens to be a Sableye at her right side and a Mawile at her right side.

Brutella: Hey! Just what are you doing on my beach?!

Jessie: (Noticing Brutella.) Just what do you mean by your beach?!

James: (Also noticing Brutella.) Wait! I remember you! You’re that lady that had us work in that restaurant in Porta Vista!

Meowth: Just what are you doing here, anyway?!

Brutella: Hey! I do remember you! You tried helping me take Moe’s boat!

James: You never answered my question.

Brutella: Oh, Myself and Sableye and Mawile are just here on vacation. I had Nastina look after my restaurant while I was away since she went here first and I had to look over her stuff!

Sableye: Sableye!

Mawile: Maw!

Brutella: Now if you excuse me, I have some business to attend to! Vacation business! So get off my beach!

Jessie: Fine! Keep your stupid beach!

Meowth: We’re here having a vacation, too, after all!

Jessie, James, and Meowth leave Brutella on “her” beach and head further inland as the sun further sets.

Jessie: We need to find some good Hawaiian food.

James: I could use some macadamia nuts.

Meowth: I could use some poi.

Wobbuffet: (Coming out of its Pokéball.) Wobbu!

Jessie: (Returning Wobbuffet to its Pokéball.) Return, Wobbuffet.

It is now nighttime, and everyone is asleep. We first see Ash and Pikachu, Misty, and May asleep in their beds. Misty with her hair down is sleeping in the left bed. Ash with his hat off is sleeping in the middle bed and Pikachu is sleeping on the side of his bed. May without her bandanna on is sleeping in the right bed. We then go to Brock, Erika, and Max’s room. Brock is sleeping in the left bed, Max with his glasses off is sleeping in the middle bed, and Erika without her headband is sleeping in the right bed. Then we go to Cissy and Danny’s room. There are only two beds here, since there are only two people staying here. Cissy is sleeping in the left bed and Danny is sleeping in the right bed. Then we go to Floreia and Trixie in their room. Like the room before it, there are only two beds here. Floreia is sleeping in the left bed and Trixie without her bow on is sleeping in the right bed. Her Azumarill and Golduck are sleeping on the floor next to her bed. The screen goes black and it’s then the next morning. In room 5E47, Erika wakes up and puts her headband on. She goes up to Max’s bed, where Max wakes up.

Erika: Good morning, Max.

Max: (Putting his glasses on.) Morning, Erika. I wonder how Brock is doing.

Brock: (In his sleep.) Oh, yeah. This is the best luau I’ve ever been to! What? All you hula girls want to come with me to my place?

Max: (Grabbing Brock’s ear, waking him up.) Get up, Brock.

Brock: Max, why’d you ruin my greatest dream ever?!

Erika: Brock, it’s morning now. I need you to come with me and Ash and take pictures of Pokémon.

Brock: What? What about all the things we said we’re going to do?

Erika: We’ll go see the Megawar II memorial later today. Ash just said he wanted to go look for Pokémon to take pictures for Professor Oak.

Brock: Okay. I just hope it doesn’t take too long to do.

Erika: (Grabbing Brock by the ear and dragging him to the bathroom.) We’ll spend a couple hours doing that first, then we’ll go to the Megawar II memorial. First, I need to get ready. You two can get ready after me.

Erika goes inside the bathroom and closes the door. Meanwhile, in room 5E46, Ash and Pikachu are all ready and raring to go. May wakes up and so does Misty.

Misty: (Getting out of bed.) Wow, Ash. Nice to see you ready for a change.

May: (Getting out of bed.) Morning! I can’t wait to do the hula!

Ash: Is that all you ever think about now, May?

Misty: Ash! Don’t criticize May like that! I might learn how to hula dance as well!

Ash: Well, is it all right if I go right ahead of you guys?

May: Sure. Misty and I still need to get ready.

Ash: Okay. See you guys later. Say goodbye, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika!

As Ash and Pikachu head out the door of their hotel room, we go into room 5E48, where Cissy and Danny just happen to be getting ready to enjoy their day. We see both of the coming out of the bathroom. Apparently, they got ready together.

Cissy: Well, I’m ready to go. Let’s go check out what Kahinei Island has to offer.

Danny: Cissy, honey. You go ahead first. Just give me a minute more.

Cissy: All right. But remember, (Holding up her card-key.) I have the card-key.

Danny: All right then. I’m almost ready anyway.

Cissy heads out into the hallway. We then go into room 5E49, where both Trixie and Floreia are ready to do their things for the day.

Trixie: If you don’t mind, Azumarill, Golduck, and myself are going to go check out Kahinei Island.

Floreia: I’m going to go check out the hula dancers that are found on this island.

Trixie: Well you have fun with that. We’re heading out now.

Trixie and her Azumarill and Golduck head out the door and into the hallway. As she does, we see Ash and Pikachu, Brock, Erika, Max, Cissy, and Danny already out there. Misty and May come out of room 5E46 to join everyone. Then Floreia comes out of room 5E49. Now all ten of them are outside and ready to go to their destinations.

Misty: I’m going to check out the village we passed by first! Anyone want to join me?

May: I will! Maybe we’ll find some hula dancers that I can learn from!

Trixie: Myself and my Pokémon are headed out to the beach we saw on the way here. I think we’ll practice on my routine there.

Floreia: Wait! I’m using that beach to practice my hula dancing!

Cissy: I just remembered! There’s an annual surfing contest here! It’s one of the reasons I decided to come here for a vacation! I should go and register for it!

Danny: I’ll come with you!

Erika: If you don’t mind us, Brock, Ash, and myself are going down to a waterfall not too far from here to check out some Pokémon!

Max: Can I come with you guys?

Ash: Sure you can, Max!

Brock: Maybe there are some island girls out at that waterfall!

Cissy: Well it’s 10:00 now. There are ferries that go to other islands that leave at noon. We’ll all meet here at 11:30 to go there. Okay?

Everyone: Okay!

Everyone goes their separate ways and enjoys the time they have before meeting back up. We then go to Ash, Brock, Erika, and Max at the waterfall Erika mentioned. They are connected to a rope that is hooked to the top of the cliff so they can get a great view of any Pokémon that come by the waterfall.

Ash: I wonder what kind of Pokémon are here?

Max: We’ll just have to wait to find out!

Brock: (Looking up.) Hey! I see a Pokémon!

As we look up, we see several Pokémon that resemble a cross between eagles and parrots flying near the canopy of the rainforest that surrounds the waterfall. They have large beaks, large, green, leaf-like wings, and grass like “hair” that goes down the back of their heads.

Max: Hey look! That’s a flock of Treeagle!

Ash: Wow! Treeagle! We haven’t seen one of those since the Flower Cup in Fauna Town! I’m going to check them out! (Gets out Pokédex.)

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Treeagle, the Eagle Pokémon. Treeagle makes its home on the very top of the canopies of jungles. They are known to only come down to look for food to give to their young, so seeing them can be quite rare sometimes.

Erika: Wow! Did you know that Treeagle are Grass Pokémon as well as Flying Pokémon?!

Brock: Yeah! Ash, don’t you have a camera to take pictures of them with?

Ash: Yeah! (Gets out the camera Professor Oak gave him.) Here goes!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Ash points the camera upward and looks through the lens. Through the lens, we can see the Treeagle flying about the heights of the rainforest. Once he gets a good “pose” of them, he takes the picture of them. After he does so, a group of Jumpluff flies by towards the Treeagle. We see the two groups of Pokémon have a conversation with one another.


Jumpluff: Jumpluff, Jum!

Treeagle: TREEAW!

Jumpluff: Jumpluff!

Erika: Ash, you just got to take a picture of this!

Ash: All right! Just give me a second!

Ash looks through the camera again and gets the Treeagle and Jumpluff in view. Once the “pose” of the Pokémon looks good, he takes the picture of them.

Max: How are Jumpluff here?

Brock: It’s said that Jumpluff can fly around the world! Maybe these Jumpluff are resting on Kahinei Island while they travel!

Erika: Cool!

Ash: Does any of you know what time it is?

Erika: Doesn’t your Pokédex have a clock?

Ash: Yeah! It does! (Gets out Pokédex.)

Dexette: (Dexette music plays with both a circular clock and a digital clock on the screen.) The time is now 10:45 A.M., Pacific Island Standard Time.

Brock: Okay! We have about 45 more minutes before we meet up with everyone again!

Max: All right! That should give us more time to take pictures of Pokémon!

Meanwhile, we cut to the beach Trixie and Floreia went to. Trixie is clad in her black ring master outfit and hat and Floreia is wearing her hula stuff. Trixie’s Pelipper and Walrein are out on the beach and her Kingdra is out in the water. Her Azumarill and Golduck are right next to her. Floreia happens to have her two Ludicolo out next to her and her Lanturn and Cloyster are out on the water.

Trixie: (Getting out a wand.) Okay, Walrein, now demonstrate for us your Blizzard attack!

Walrein: Walrein!

Walrein inhales deeply, then exhales a massive blast of snow that engulfs much of the beach. Floreia’s two Ludicolo happen to get caught in the Blizzard and become frozen.

Floreia: (Angrily at Trixie.) TRIXIE!! How dare you do that!

Trixie: Sorry! I guess Walrein’s Blizzard’s stronger than I thought!

Just then, back in the water, Floreia’s Milotic surfaces with a big splash and heavily drenches Trixie’s Kingdra. Kingdra then retaliates with a Dragonbreath, but Milotic uses Mirror Coat and deflects the attack back at Kingdra, damaging it even more.

Trixie: (Angrily at Floreia.) FLOREIA!!

Floreia: Sorry! Looks like Mirror Coat’s a defense mechanism of my Milotic!

Trixie: All right that’s it! Walrein, test your Sheer Cold on the water!

Walrein: WAL-WALREIN!!

Walrein holds its head up high and an ice blue glow can be seen in its mouth. Suddenly, a large ice blue blast can be seen going towards the water, leaving a tall and massive mass of ice behind it. The blast goes towards Floreia’s Lanturn and Cloyster in the water and encases them in the large glacier created by the attack.

Floreia: THAT DOES IT!! (Takes her right foot and rams it against one of her frozen Ludicolo, shattering the ice around it.) Ludicolo, free your brother with Razor Leaf!

Ludicolo: (Firing several sharp leaves at the other frozen Ludicolo.) LUDICOLO!!

The Razor Leaves cut up the ice around the other Ludicolo, freeing it. Then that Ludicolo goes up to its sister. (One is male and the other is female.)

Floreia: All right you two! Ice Punch and Fire Punch her Pokémon!

Both Ludicolo: LUDICOLO!!

The female Ludicolo’s right arm glows an ice blue color and ice forms around the fist. The male Ludicolo’s left arm glows a fire red color and fire forms around the fist. Both Ludicolo charge towards Trixie’s Azumarill and Golduck. The male Ludicolo’s Fire Punch hits Azumarill, burning it with flames. The female Ludicolo’s Ice Punch hits Golduck, covering it with lots of ice, but not freezing it.

Trixie: You’re taking this way too far! Kingdra, take ‘em both down with a Twister!

Kingdra starts spinning around in the water, creating a large whirlpool from which a large twister of water rises from. The Twister then moves out of the water and onto the beach. It heads towards the two Ludicolo. Both Pokémon get caught in the Twister.

Floreia: Stop all this nonsense right now! Milotic, fire a Hydro Pump!

Milotic rises out of the water and fires a large and powerful stream of water at Trixie’s Pelipper. Blasting it across the beach.

Pelipper: PELIPPER!!

Trixie: I’m going to finish this! Pelipper, Water Pulse!

Pelipper gets up and flies into the air. It then fires a blast of blue ultrasonic waves from its moth towards the ice where Cloyster and Lanturn are still frozen. The Water Pulse breaks through the ice and hits both Cloyster and Lanturn, sending them flying through the water.

Floreia: Thanks for freeing them for me! Cloyster, Ice Beam! Lanturn, Thunder!

Since this quarrel seems to be nonstop, we decide to go to Misty and May, who are walking around the island together, supposedly looking for hula dancers to learn from.

May: Now where could they be?

Misty: Maybe they’re not dressed for hula dancing. We could go to the village and ask if anyone there knows how to do the hula.

May: Yeah! (Running ahead of Misty.) Let’s go right now!

Misty: Hey! (Running after May.) Wait for me!

Both Misty and May run towards the village of Hawaiian-style houses. There are several Hawaiian residents and various tourists in the village as well as several Pokémon belonging to those people. We see a Nuzleaf, a Poliwhirl, a Magcargo, a Manectric, and a Jynx. We then see a young Hawaiian woman with long brown hair wearing a jungle green flower pattern shirt and a hot pink sarong. There is a Swablu on the ground next to her. Misty and May walk up to her.

Misty: Hi, I was wondering if you knew if any hula dancers were nearby.

Hawaiian Woman: Well my name is Pammy and I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Most of the women in this village that normally perform the hula have left.

May: Well, do you know how to hula dance?

Misty: (Nudging May.) May!

Pammy: Well, actually I know a little. But I’m a little busy right now preparing for tonight’s luau. Right, Swablu?

Swablu: Swab-Swablu!

May: (Excitedly.) Wow! A Swablu! I’ve always wanted one!

Misty: Wait a minute! Why have most of the hula girls in this village left?

Pammy: Well, Mahikila Volcano has been acting up lately, acting up the wild Pokémon on Kahinei Island. People think it might be the island’s Maltihino.

Misty and May: Maltihino??

Pammy: Guardian Pokémon. Maltihino has guarded Kahinei Island since the ancient Hawaiians first came here. During those times, the natives here would go up to Mahikila and sacrifice a virgin to the volcano to appease Maltihino.

May: Did… Did you say sacrifice??

Pammy: Yes. However, that was centuries ago. Times have changed since then.

Misty: Well, thanks for the info, but I think it’s time we get going. We have to meet up with our friends to go explore the other Hawaiian Islands.

Pammy: Well okay then. I just hope you and your friends will be at the luau tonight, if there is any luau to go to.

As Misty and May leave the small village, they ponder about what Pammy said about what was going on. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, Cissy and Danny are checking out the island for themselves. They have gone to large, open bay on one side of the island. There is a large sign that says “Annual Kahinei Island Surfing Contest”.

Cissy: Well, this is where they’re going to have the surfing contest!

Danny: Cissy, do you think your Blastoise may be too powerful for this contest?

Cissy: Blastoise? This isn’t a Pokémon surfing contest! It’s regular surfing! And I just happen to have my surfboard here! (Cissy gets out an average sized surfboard that has a picture of a Huntail going across from back to front on the board.) I think I should practice my surfing while there’s still time!

Danny: Shouldn’t you first register?

Cissy: Oh yeah! I should. I think there’s a registration hut near here! (Looks behind her to see a registration hut.) Oh, there’s one!

Cissy and Danny run up to the registration hut, where a Nurse Joy is situated. The Joy is wearing the outfit that the Orange Island Joys wear, except this one has white palm tree and flower patterns all over it.

Nurse Joy: Why hello there! Are you here to register for the Kahinei Surfing Contest?

Cissy: Yes I am! (Shows her surfboard.) I have my board right here!

Nurse Joy: Well, you first need to fill out this registration form! (Nurse Joy gets out a paper and pen for Cissy to use.)

Cissy: All right! (She starts filling out the form.)

Danny: Honey, I hope you know what you’re doing. (Thinks for a second and remembers what’s she’s like on water.) Never mind.

Cissy: (Finished filling out the form.) Done! Here you go!

Nurse Joy: Well, now let me just scan this for you!

Nurse Joy gets out a small paper-wide scanner and monitor and scans the form. On the monitor screen, the data from the form is now displayed.

Nurse Joy: You’re all set, Cissy Matthews! The contest is in two days! It’s best that you practice beforehand! (Looks around to see that Cissy has left.) Where’d she go?

As we just have noticed, Cissy has is already running for the water. As she is running, she throws off her black shirt, revealing a teal blue, two-cup bikini top underneath. She then throws off her pink skirt shorts, revealing a teal blue bikini bottom with 3-inch long flaps on the left and right hip sides. As Cissy touches the water, she puts her surfboard in front of her and jumps forward, landing on her board in the water. She then gets out five Pokéballs and releases each of her Pokémon into the water. The Pokémon are Blastoise, Kingdra, Mantine, Sharpedo, and Starmie. All of them swim out ahead of Cissy into the bay.

Cissy: (As soon as her Pokémon are far enough.) All right! Mantine, Sharpedo, Starmie, give us a triple Surf for starters!

Mantine: Mannnn!

Sharpedo: SHAR!

Starmie: Stttrrrrr!

All 3 Pokémon start swimming swiftly on the water; Mantine in front, then Sharpedo, then Starmie. For each Pokémon, a large wave starts rising from underneath it and moves forward. Cissy sees the first wave and as the wave starts to pick her up, she gets up and stands on her surfboard. Cissy then starts to surf the wave, and she does so very well.

Danny: You’re doing great, Cissy!

As the wave starts to fall down, Cissy starts to make her way up the wave. She turns her board to face the other way. When she reaches the peak of the first wave, she goes right over it. Cissy then manages to turn her board back the other way while still in midair. She then lands back on the water and starts to climb the second wave.

Nurse Joy: Wow! She’s good!

While on the second wave, Cissy’s Kingdra surfaces to join its Trainer in surfing. Both of them start to climb the wave.

Cissy: All right, Kingdra, Water Gun the surfboard!

Kingdra fires a stream of water precisely at the back of the board, causing it to quickly turn around, positioning Cissy to face the wave.

Cissy: Now this is getting good! (Notices that the wave is starting to fall.) Looks like its time to switch waves!

Cissy and Kingdra ascend the wave and go over the crest. They start to fall back towards the water. As they do, Kingdra fires another Water Gun at the back of the surfboard, turning it back the other way. They then land on the third wave.

Danny: Wow! My sweet Ocean Angel’s amazing!

Cissy continues to ride the wave. Her Blastoise surfaces on the side opposite of Kingdra’s. Both Pokémon and their Trainer ride the wave. Cissy then starts moving herself left and right on the wave. Eventually she decides to “hang ten”. The wave then starts to fall down. As it does, Cissy’s surfboard speeds up a little bit. She continues to surf across the falling wave. When the wave is near its end, Cissy and her Pokémon are near the shore. Cissy surfs right onto the beach.


Danny: (Running up to Cissy.) Cissy, honey, that was fantastic!

Cissy: Now it’s time to surf some more! Let’s go, guys!

Cissy runs back to the water and gets on there on her surfboard again. Since Cissy’s surfing session could take a while, we decide to fade to back outside the Honoleiah Hotel. Ash and Pikachu, Brock, Erika, and Max are the first to arrive back.

Erika: I’ve never seen that many Treeagle up close before!

Brock: I’ve never seen that many Treeagle together at all!

Ash: I managed to get some good pictures for Professor Oak!

Max: It was great to see Grass Pokémon communicate with each other in their own habitat!

We then see Misty and May make it back to the hotel. They both run up to and stand next to everyone else.

Misty: Hey, guys! How was the Pokémon search?

May: Yeah? Max, did you see any cool Pokémon?

Max: Yeah, sis! We saw a lot of Treeagle high above a waterfall! You should’a seen it!

We then see Cissy and Danny come back to the hotel. Cissy is back in her normal outfit, but as you can tell, she is wet from surfing around on the water for so long.

Cissy: Well, it’s about 11:30! I had a good time getting ready for the surfing contest!

Danny: Yeah! (Putting his arm around Cissy.) She’s great at anything out on the water!

We then see Trixie and Floreia make their way back. Trixie’s Azumarill and Golduck are with her and she is back in her “vacation” getup and Floreia is back in her normal outfit. However, we can see that they are soaking wet, that they have some burns on them, and that there is some ice on parts of their bodies.

May: Whoa. What happened to you guys?

Trixie: (Looking at everyone.) Well… nothing.

Floreia: Yeah. Nothing really happened to us.

Cissy: Well, we should get going to the ferry station.

Floreia: Yeah! We’ll be able to see more of the Hawaiian Islands now!

Brock: Yeah! I can’t wait to find hula dancers and surfing girls all over the islands!

Max: (Grabbing and pulling Brock by his ear.) And we have to get going now.

Ash: Exactly how are we going to get to the dock?

Pikachu: Pi-Pika?

Just ash Ash asks that question, the hula girl that was driving the cart comes in the cart to pick everybody up.

Hula girl: Well, it’s 11:30! You did tell me to be here, right?

Danny: Yeah. Let’s get going, everybody!

Everybody gets into the cart, which then drives off from the hotel. Several minutes later, they arrive at a port where there are a lot of ship ferries, each destined to go to a specific Hawaiian Island, sitting.

Hula girl: Well, here we are! Each of these boats will take you to another of the islands!

Max: Which one takes you to where Volcano National Park is?

Hula girl: (Pointing to one of the ferries.) Well, that would be ferry #4.

Erika: Which one takes you to the Megawar II memorial?

Hula girl: (Pointing to another ferry.) Ferry #8 goes to the memorial.

May: Which one takes you to where all the hula girls are?

Hula girl: Well… there’s an island called Hula-Hula Island not too far from here, but it’s only really active during the Hawaiian Statehood Holiday. There may be a few there, however, considering what’s been going on lately.

May: Oh, yeah. Well, which ferry goes there?

Hula girl: Ferry #2. A few more women who were to partake in tonight’s luau are headed there right now.

Brock: (Love struck.) Can I come, too?

May: Sure, Brock!

Floreia: I’ll come as well.

Misty: Is there any place where there are some rare Water Pokémon?

Hula girl: I’m not really sure, but you could always try ferry #6 since that takes you to Poiloinal Bay, where I think some may be.

Misty: Awesome! Ash, that would be a great place for you to take pictures for Professor Oak!

Ash: All right! Then me and Pikachu will come with you! Okay, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

Cissy: I’ll go with Erika to the Megawar II memorial!

Trixie: I could go with Ash and Misty!

Danny: I’ll go with Max since he should have an adult with him.

Cissy: Then it’s settled! It’s best we remember that these ferries leave to come back here at 5:30 today! We best be sure to be ready to come back before that time!

Misty: Okay!

Brock: Let’s get going then!

Brock, May, and Floreia head for and board ferry #2, Max and Danny get on ferry #4, Ash, Misty, and Trixie get on ferry #6, and Erika and Cissy head for and board ferry #8. Each of the boats starts to back up out of the port. They each them start speeding from the island, each one headed for whichever island it’s destined for.

March 8th, 2006, 5:14 PM
Terribly sorry for thw two-and-a-half week wait, but there was a lot more that I had to do. However, I have the next chapter of the fic ready. It just happens to be so long that the wait should be worth it. I'l going to really try to keep this fic updated as much as I can. In fact, my goal is to complete it before the Hoenn League episodes finish airing in the US! For the record, I based a small part of this chapter off of Brian Powell's "Mysterious Girl" fic. Don't worry. I also made a small vague reference to where those particular lines were taken from. I'll also eventually make a pic of May for my hula girl pic collection to comerate this fic of mine!

We go to ferry #6, where Ash, Misty, and Trixie are headed to Poiloinal Island. We see Ash and Misty together on the deck of the boat.

Ash: So Misty, how have things been with your sisters?

Misty: Well Ash. It’s not anywhere near paradise being with them, but it’s not all that bad either. Oh, did I ever tell you I was in another one of my sister’s underwater shows?

Ash: You were? Did you hear that, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Trixie: (Coming onto the deck with her Azumarill and Golduck.) We should be reaching Poiloinal Bay soon.

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Shortly after Trixie said they were arriving, the ferry reaches Poiloinal Bay. It happens to be what would be called an island bay, which is shaped like a crescent. There is a beach that goes all around the inside of the bay. The ferry goes right into the bay and docks at the beach. Ash, Misty, and Trixie, as well as several other passengers leave the boat.

Trixie: Well, it’s 12:30 now. That means we have five hours here to enjoy!

Ash: All right then! We should get out our Pokémon then!

Misty: Ash, that’s a great idea! (Getting out Pokéballs.) Staryu, Corsola, Politoed, Gyarados, Luvdisc, Azurill, come on out!

Misty’s six Pokémon come out of their Pokéballs. Staryu and Luvdisc land in the water and Corsola, Politoed, and Azurill land on the beach. Where Gyarados went is beyond our grasp for now.

Staryu: Hya!

Corsola: Corsola!

Politoed: Poli!

Luvdisc: Luv!

Azurill: Azurill!

Ash: Misty, where’s Psyduck?

Misty: Well… I decided to leave Psyduck back at the Gym for my sisters to handle.

Ash: (Slightly shocked.) Left it with them? (Normal.) Okay. (Noticing Luvdisc.) Is that a Luvdisc you have? (Gets out Pokédex.)

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokémon. It is said that Luvdisc appears to couples that are really in love and brings them luck. If a Luvdisc were to swim up to a pair of lovers, it’s a sign of good things to come.

Ash: (Putting down Pokédex.) Wow, the Rendezvous Pokémon. I wonder what that could mean for us?

Misty: (Looking at Ash, slightly blushing) Whatever do you mean, Ash?

Ash: (Changing the subject) Well. (Looking at Trixie) Hey, Trixie! Did you ever hear about how I helped save the world from aliens?!

Misty: (Looking sternly at Ash) Didn’t Shadow do all that? Including saving you from the aliens’ mothership?

Trixie: Whoa! You were actually on the mothership?! Well, maybe I should tell you how I helped combat the aliens!

Ash: Wow! You actually fought them, too?!

Trixie: Yeah! Some of them managed to level a massive amount of Goldenrod City, but POCE succeeded in pushing them into Ilex Forest! However, some of them evaded the military and tried a smaller assault on my hometown by passing through the lake!

Misty: Can you tell us more?!

Trixie: Well they tried a lakeside strike and my Pokémon fought well in stopping them. In fact, the townsfolk and myself actually managed to hold them off until POCE’s battle robots tracked down the remaining aliens! While it never made national news, we were hailed as heroes!

Misty: Yeah. I think POCE just decided to take all the credit for themselves! (Realizing what they were talking about) Hey Ash! Did you just bring that up to get out of talking to me about us?!

Ash: Misty… (Looking for something else to talk about, then seeing several Huntail and Gorebyss out in the water.) Look, some Huntail and Gorebyss!

Pikachu: Pika!

Misty and Trixie look out onto the water and see the Huntail and Gorebyss jumping in and out of the water a few dozen feet from the beach.

Huntail: Hunnnt!

Gorebyss: Gorebyss!

Huntail: Huntail!

Gorebyss: Gore!

Trixie: Wow! We should get a closer look at them! (Getting out Pokéball) Walrein, come on out!

Walrein: (Coming out of Pokéball) Walrein!

Trixie: Walrein, use Ice Beam!

Walrein fires a blue beam of ice at the water, freezing the water in a bridge fashion. The ice bridge happens to stop just a little short of the Huntail and Gorebyss.

Trixie: Well, let’s get a closer look at them!

Ash: Wow, Trixie! That was cool!

Ash, Misty, and Trixie walk across the ice bridge to where the Huntail and Gorebyss are. They happens to be so close to the Pokémon that their splashes happen to hit them.

Trixie: (Getting splashed and laughing) Azumarill, how do you like this?!

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Misty: Thanks! This is a great close-up spot! (Remembering Ash’s camera.) Ash, you should take some pictures while you’re at it!

Ash: Oh! Okay then!

Ash gets out his camera and points it towards the Huntail and Gorebyss. Through the lens, we can see several of the deep water Pokémon splashing about. Ash waits until he sees several Huntail and Gorebyss leaping out and then takes the picture.

Trixie: So exactly why are you taking pictures?

Ash: Professor Oak told me that Hawaii would be a great opportunity to take pictures of rare Pokémon in their natural habitat.

Trixie: Well, that’s something cool to do. (Looking out at the ocean.) You know what? I think we can find some even rarer Pokémon if we dive underwater! What do you say?

Misty: That’d be great!

Ash: I’m in! Are you, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika!

We decide to take a break from Ash, Misty, and Trixie and go to the docking point of ferry #2 on Hula-Hula Island. Brock, May, and Floreia have already stepped off the boat and are on the beach. We can see a forest of palm trees further inland.

Floreia: Well, we’re here!

May: (Looking at her Pokédex.) According to my Pokédex, it’s 12:30. That means we have about 5 hours to enjoy here!

Brock: (Running off into the palm forest.) Race you to the hula girls!

Floreia: Brock! (Running after him.) Wait for us!

May: (Chasing after Brock and Floreia.) Don’t leave me here!

May chases after Brock and Floreia through the palm tree forest. Eventually all three of them come out from the forest to a set of Hawaiian-style houses. We then look at Brock, who is so love struck at what he’s seeing that his eyes are replaced with anime-style hearts.

May: (Catching up to Brock.) Brock?! What is with you leaving me behind like that?!

What Brock happens to be looking at are several hula girls, each dressed in hula skirts or varying color, length, and design, flowers of different colors and kinds in the forms of necklaces, crowns, headbands, and bracelets, and of course each hula dancer is wearing a coconut bra.

May: Wow! There are a lot of hula girls in Hula-Hula Island!

Floreia: Well, why do you think they call it Hula-Hula Island?!

Brock: (Love-struck.) I think I know why!

Brock looks through the assortment of hula dancers until he sees one that catches his eye. Brock fixes his eyes on a pretty tanned lady with long, black ponytail hair, wearing a coconut bra, red and white flower necklace, and a green grass hula skirt that starts barely above her hips and reaches down to one knee; a deep red blush appears on his face. Brock immediately rushes to her and introduces himself in his usual love-struck way.

Brock: (With ecstasy in his voice.) Oh, my sweet love, the tropical scent of you took me up above the heavens. We see others as strangers but if you see me as your mysterious man, you’ll find me a stranger nevermore and I’ll love you forever more.

Hula Girl: Uh, what is it you want?

Brock: Why to have a Hawaiian wedding with you, my sweet! That hula skirt you’re in will make a great outfit to get married in!

Hula Girl: (Shocked.) Get married? Are you serious?

May: (Grabbing Brock by the ear and pulling him back.) No, he’s Brock!

Floreia: (Walking up to the hula girl.) Yeah. I just met him myself.

May: (To the hula girl.) Yeah. And I think he quoted that love line he said to you from a short story I read on the Internet one time.

Hula Girl: And just who are you two?

May: Oh, I’m May! I came here because I want to learn to do the hula!

Floreia: And I’m Floreia! I’m a hula dancer myself!

Hula Girl: And who is that?

May: (Looking to her right.) Like I said before, that’s Brock.

Brock has already walked up to another pretty lady, dressed in a hula skirt, and has taken her hand. He’s just as love-struck as he was with the first one.

Brock: (Love-Struck.) Oh, my sweet hula flower! You are the most beautiful tropical sight in the whole Hawaiian Islands! Let the two of us do an endless hula! A hula in the luau of love!

Floreia: (Grabbing Brock’s ear herself.) We are not just here to dance with hula girls! We also plan on checking out the island itself!

Brock: (Looking at Floreia, love-struck) I’m so sorry, my sweet floral Floreia! I forgot all about you! Why not the two of us dive down into the Hula-Hula lagoon and show me your underwater hula you’re rumored to be famous for!

Floreia: (Shocked.) This never ends with him. Right May?

May: What am I standing around here for? (Excitedly.) I’m eager to do the hula!

Hula Girl: Well I can show you how to right now if you want.

Floreia: And I’ll give you some great pointers!

Brock: And I’ll watch all of you hula girls! (Anime sweatdrops appear on May and Floreia.)

We cut to just a little later. We now see May wearing a coconut bra, a dark pink flower necklace, hot-pink leaf bracelets on her wrists, and a light pink hula skirt that starts barely above her hips and goes down to her knees.

May: (Looking at herself.) Well, now that I’m already, I think it’s time to let a few more in on how to do the hula! (Getting out Pokéballs.) Come on out, everybody!

May throws her Pokéballs into the air and her Pokémon; Combusken, Beautifly, Skitty, Bulbasaur, and Munchlax each come out of their Pokéballs.

Combusken: Combusken!

Skitty: Meow!

Beautifly: Beautifly!

Bulbasaur! Bulba!

May: Hey, where’s Munchlax?

We see Munchlax running towards some bushes of macadamia nuts near one of the huts.

Munchlax: (While running.) Munchlax, Munchlax, Munchlax, Munchlax!

May: (Gasps.) Oh, no! Munchlax, don’t eat those macadamia nuts! (Runs towards Munchlax.)

Munchlax: (Starting to eat the nuts.) Munchlax!

May: (Grabbing Munchlax.) Aw! I wish Max didn’t take “May’s Pink Surprise” with him to Volcano National Park!

Munchlax: (Disappointed.) Munch.

We cut to the start of May’s hula session. The hula girl gets out a handheld video-radio and turns it on. Hawaiian dance music starts to play from the radio. As we go to May in her hula getup, we also see Floreia wearing her own hula outfit.

Hula Girl: Now the first thing to do is to hold your hands out like this. (Holds her arms out about like she is to give someone a big hug.)

May: (Holds her arms out the same way.) Wow! This is easy!

Hula Girl: Now the next thing to do is sway your hips left and right like this. (Starts to sway her hips left and right.)

May: Okay then. (Starts to sway her hips left and right.) (Giggles.) I think I’m getting how to do the hula. (Looks to her left.) How about you guys?

We move right to May’s Pokémon, who are each attempting to do the hula themselves. They are trying to do the same arm and hip sway that May is doing.

Combusken: Combusken!

Skitty: Meow-meow!

Beautifly: Beautifly!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Munchlax: Munchlax! (Falls over.)

May: (Looking at Munchlax along with Floreia.) Oh, Munchlax.

We now decide to cut to where Erika and Cissy are. They are on ferry #8 as it docks in what was once Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor has changed over the decades. It has changed even more over the few recent decades. Pearl Harbor is now a high-tech marina composed of countless massive piers, large ships, docked submarines, and even several large marine robots used to explore the ocean floor in the Hawaiian Islands. In the upper right-hand section of the harbor also happens to be a fleet of battleships bearing the POCE symbol on the sides. There are many dormant POCE Gunner mechs sitting on the decks of the POCE ships. The POCE section of the harbor is surrounded by large, steel, electrical fences meant to keep the public from the restricted military base.

Back to the ferry, which has docked completely where the harbor ends at the ocean. There is a large dock for all passengers on the ferry to disembark as well as a small boat meant to carry passengers to and from the Megawar II memorial. Erika and Cissy get off the ferry as well. However, before the two of them get a chance to board the boat taking passengers to where the memorial is, several passengers have already boarded the boat and it takes off.

Cissy: (Starting to run to the boat.) Hey, wait for us!

Erika: (Running behind Cissy.) We want to get on, too!

But it’s too late. The boat has already taken off. Cissy decides to go up to an attendant dressed is a navigator outfit.

Cissy: When does the boat go to the memorial?

Navigator: Oh, every half-hour. It just made its 12:30 ferry to the Megawar II memorial. It’ll come back at 1:00.

Cissy: (Looking at her watch, which says 12:31:30.) Dang! We just missed it by more than a minute! I have another idea! (Running up to where the boat took off.)

Erika: (Running up to Cissy.) Cissy, what are you doing?!

Cissy: Well, I’m not waiting a half-hour on this dock doing nothing! (Gets out a Pokéball.) Blastoise, come on out!

Blastoise: (Coming out of the Pokéball and landing in the water.) Blastoise!

Cissy: (Jumps on Blastoise.) We don’t need a boat to reach the memorial! Get on!

Erika: Oh all right. (Jumps onto Blastoise.)

Cissy: All right now, Blastoise! Let’s head to the memorial!

Blastoise: Blast! (Takes off across the water at a fast pace.)

Navigator: Hey! I don’t think you’re allowed to do that!

Blastoise starts to make its way through the harbor to the where the memorial is. There happens to be several recreational boats throughout the path leading to the center of the marina.

Erika: Cissy, do you think this is a good idea?!

Cissy: You’ve ever heard of Blue Storm?! I’ll get us there in no time! Blastoise, swerve your way between those boats!

Blastoise: Blastoise!

Blastoise starts to swerve through the area of boats with incredible speed. However, after seeing a large crane setup high above the water, Cissy decides to try a little stunt of hers.

Cissy: Erika, I wish we had a camera!

Erika: Why?!

Cissy: Because this is going to be one heck of a stunt!

Erika: You don’t mean…

Without answer, Blastoise flips Cissy and Erika forward, then fires a Hydro Pump at both of their feet. Cissy and Erika are propelled high into the air and over the crane beams. Erika screams as this happens.

Erika: Cissy?! What is this you’re doing?!

Before Erika gets an answer, she and Cissy fall back down towards the water, but Blastoise speeds up and both of them manage to land back on it.

Erika: What was that all about?!

Cissy: Well, you may not know it, but we saved ourselves several seconds going over the cranes rather than around them!

Then, we see a small group of the large diving robots making their way through the harbor. The robots are about 20 feet tall, are composed of a large teal body, a large head with two horizontal rectangular glass eyes, one below the other, four massive, five fingered arms, and rocket propellers submerged beneath the water allowing for the marine mechs to surf the water at incredible speeds. Erika and Cissy happen to be headed straight for them.

Cissy: Not many people get to see these diving mechs up close! They’re probably on their way to far out on the ocean! From there they dive hundreds, possibly thousands of feet to search for various sunken things! A single one of these robots could carry a sunken ship up to the surface!

Erika: How do you know about these things?!

Cissy: (Getting out a guide.) I read the “Hawaiian Island Guide” this morning before we left!

Erika: Well, do you think it’s all right to go near them?!

Cissy: Of course it is! They aren’t battle robots!

Blastoise starts to swim towards the marine robots. It actually surfs its way though the fleet of mechs, who turn their heads to see Erika and Cissy passing by them.

Marine Robot: Danger! Turn back immediately! Do not swim near diving units!

Erika: Should we listen to them?

Cissy: Nah! What are they going to do?!

As Cissy answers her question, Blastoise has surfed its way out of the group of diving robots. As they do so, the Megawar II Memorial comes into sight.

Cissy: Guess what?! We’re almost there!

Erika: Finally! I’ve had my share of robots before, but this is supposed to be a vacation of ours!

Several seconds later, Blastoise has carried Erika and Cissy to the Megawar II Memorial, which hasn’t changed a bit over the decades. Erika and Cissy step off of Blastoise upon arrival, and Cissy returns Blastoise to its Pokéball. The boat that they saw at the dock makes it to the memorial shortly after Erika and Cissy have.

Cissy: Would you look at that? We beat the crowd!

As we take a closer look at the memorial, there are several tourists of various ages and genders visiting it as well. There is a large plaque in the center of the wall depicting the soldiers that died in Pearl Harbor in Megawar II (formerly World War II) many decades earlier. Erika walks up to the plaque and starts to read it.

Erika: (Reading.) This memorial is dedicated to the souls aboard the U.S.S. Arkansas below here, who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Many of these officers’ bodies still exist in their underwater tomb below. (After reading.) Wow, after all these years, in fact decades, we haven’t forgot about these events.

Cissy: Well, are you glad you got here the Blastoise way?

Erika: I guess. Thanks for your help.

Cissy: By the way, Pearl Harbor’s now also famous for its seafood restaurants. We should go check them out! In fact, we should go check out the whole harbor!

Erika: Really?

Cissy: Yeah! After all, I’m the one who arranged this vacation!

Erika: All right then!

While Erika and Cissy decide to check out more of Pearl Harbor, we go to ferry #4, where Max and Danny are going to check out Volcano National Park as soon as they dock. As the ferry nears its docking point, we see Max and Danny on the deck looking outward.

Max: This is so cool! We’re about to see Volcano National Park! I’m so excited to see all of the Fire Pokémon there!

Danny: Yeah! Believe it or not, it’ll actually be possible for us to check out a lot of the volcanic area up close!

Max: Yeah! (Getting out a guidebook.) There’s a special platform there called the Lava Lift what actually takes you over the hardened and even liquid lava to get an even closer view of the volcanoes! I wish I had a camera with me!

Danny: Don’t worry! I packed one with us!

The ferry docks at the location of Volcano National Park. After the passengers are released, Max starts running towards the entrance to the park.

Danny: (Running after Max.) Hey, you shouldn’t be running off like that!

Further down the path leading from the ferry happens to be a cart suited for twenty-four people ready to take tourists to Volcano National Park. A male attendant is already in the driver’s set.

Attendant: Okay now! We need about twenty-four people to come with us to Volcano National Park! You’ll first need to get a ticket from the ticket booth nearby!

Max: Hey! We should get tickets right away so we can go as soon as possible!

Max runs up to the ticket booth, which is tended to by a young female ticket attendant with long, light green hair.

Ticket Attendant: Welcome. I’m afraid that you need an adult to purchase tickets.

Danny: (Running up to Max.) Well, here’s your adult! We’d like two tickets please.

Ticket Attendant: (As two tickets are produced from the ticket dispenser.) Okay then. That’ll be $5.00 each.

Danny: (Handing her the money.) Here you go.

Max: (Laughs.) Good thing Brock isn’t here or he’d be all over you.

Ticket Attendant: Oh, who is this Brock?

Danny: Oh, no one important!

Max: Oh yeah! (Getting out guidebook again.) I forgot that it says in here that we’ll use the Lava Lift to get a close look at the lava fields of the park!

Ticket Attendant: (With a happy, closed-eye expression.) You’ve really done your research. A guide out there will take you on the Lava Lift to present to you various Pokémon that make their home in the park’s volcanic grounds.

Danny: Well, now that we’ve got out tickets, we should get going.

Max: Yeah! I can’t wait to get there!

Now with what they need to head to Volcano National Park, Max and Danny head to where the cart is, which they then board along with many other tourists.

Attendant: Okay! Now that we’re full, it’s time to head to Volcano National Park!

The cart starts down its path towards Volcano National Park. As the cart progresses, the surrounding terrain starts to go from palm trees and grass to gray rocks and dirt. This is an indication that Volcano National Park is near. Eventually, the cart reaches its destination.

Max: Wow, we’ve made it!

We see a large sign that says ”Volcano National Park”. Beyond the sign are lots of packs of hardened lava flows. Beyond those are more fluid patches of lava. Everyone gets off of the cart and stands at another female attendant, this one with short green-blue hair.

Male Attendant: Okay now. Will anyone who has their tickets ready please present them to out Lava Lift Attendant?

Danny: I think he’s referring to us.

Max and Danny walk up to the female attendant and present their tickets to her.

Lift Attendant: Okay. You two can go board the Lava Lift now.

Max: Cool! Danny, let’s go now!

Danny: Okay.

Max and Danny head past the lift attendant to what looks like a large, square shaped lift with sloped glass walls and a ceiling connected to the tops of the walls. There is a glass door on the front of the lift. The door slides open and Max and Danny board the lift. Eventually, twenty-two more tourists get on board the lift, followed by the female attendant, who goes to the front of the lift and addresses the crowd.

Lift Attendant: All right now! We’re now on Volcano National Park’s Lava Lift! In about a minute, we’ll be ready to head out to the park’s lava pools!

Max: I can’t believe it! We’re actually going to go out over the lava!

Danny: Max, settle down.

After about a minute, the Lava Lift starts to make a long humming sound. Then, the Lift actually lifts about five feet from the ground and hovers in the air. It then starts to move forward out towards the lava fields.

Lift Attendant: We’re now hovering over the ground at this very moment! The Lava Lift allows us to go directly over the lava and examine the Pokémon that make their home here!

Max: Wow! We’re actually over the lava!

Male Tourist: That is so cool!

Female Tourist: What a fun tour!

Eventually, the Lava Lift is hovering over the molten lava of the park. Further out from the Lift, we see a group of Slugma start to surface in the lava along with two Magcargo.

Slugma: Slugma! Slugma!

Magcargo: Magcargo!

Max: Wow, look at all those Slugma!

Lift Attendant: Now as you see here, Volcano National Park is home to many Slugma and Magcargo! They actually happen to make their living right in the lava pools!

Second Male Tourist: I’ve never seen so many Slugma this close!

Second Female Tourist: I wonder what other Pokémon are out here!

As the Lava Lift continues to move forward, we start to see a large group of Numel and Camerupt come into view. The Camerupt start to use Eruption and the resulting lava and rocks pour all over the place, including on top of the Lava Lift.

Tourists: (Screaming.)

Lift Attendant: Don’t worry, everybody! The Lava Lift is shielded for just in case of things like this!

Max: Those Camerupt’s Eruptions are so cool up close!

Danny: (A little shocked.) Yeah, cool.

Numel: Numel! Numel!

Camerupt: Camerupt!

The Lava Lift continues on through the Eruptions. Further ahead, at a large pool of lava, we see something surface from the molten rock. Upon closer inspection, the object happens to be a Torkoal. Smoke comes from the Torkoal’s nostrils.

Torkoal: Torkoal!

Then, several more Torkoal start to rise from the lava.

Torkoal: Torkoal! Torkoal! Torkoal!

Max: I’ve never seen so many Torkoal up close before!

Lift Attendant: Here we see the habitat for a large family of Torkoal! They happen to actually be capable of swimming on the surface of the lava!

Danny: I have to say! This tour is pretty cool! I’m glad I took you here, Max!

Max: Thanks! I think coming here was worth the whole trip to Hawaii!

As the Lava Lift continues its course over the lava fields, we see many more Fire-type Pokémon, including Charmeleon, Quilava, Combusken, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta, and Houndour, as well as a family of Magby and Magmar. All the Pokémon say their usual cries as the Lava Lift goes by them. Eventually, the Lava Lift makes its way back to where it started, where it then lowers back onto the ground. Everybody gets back off the Lava Lift, followed by Max, Danny, and the lift attendant, who waves bye to everybody.

Lift Attendant: Thanks you for checking out Volcano National Park! I hope you all had a great time on the Lava Lift!

Max: Wow! That ride was so cool! I never wanted it to end! Do you know what time it is right now?

Danny: (Looking at his watch.) It’s 1:15 right now! I wonder what else we should do?

Max: (Getting out the guide.) There are many more wild Pokémon habitats on this island! Let’s go check them out!

Danny: Okay then! The ferry won’t be back until 5:30 anyway!

Max and Danny get back onto the cart. After all the other tourists are back on it as well, the cart starts back towards where it departed. Ash and friends still have a whole day ahead of them to enjoy before regrouping, and each plan to enjoy that day to the fullest.

March 9th, 2006, 6:48 AM
Great work...my favorite part was Brock going gaga over the hula dancers.

March 15th, 2006, 6:13 PM
Sorry for the wait, but I have the next chapter of the fic ready for you! This chapter wraps up the seperate island trips that Ash and friends are taking. Ash's part of this chapter describes another one of my fan-made Pokémon, Andlar! For the record, I'll be adding a link to my fan-made Pokémon topic so you can find more info on this Pokémon. Also, for Erika and Cissy's part, I based their seafood lunch scene on my many excursions to Red Lobster (which I go to monthly and went to today). Hope you like!

We now go back to Poiloinal Bay where Ash, Misty, and Trixie are. More specifically, we go to deep beneath the waters of the bay. Here we can see skeletal trees of pink, blue, teal, and turquoise coral and small, medium, and large sea anemones in the colors of green, teal, and blue atop various beautiful reefs on the ocean floor. We see a school of Remoraid pass by far out near one of the reefs as we turn to see Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Trixie, each wearing the same clothes they had on earlier, but they now each have an air capsule in their mouths allowing them to explore the underwater areas of Poiloinal Island. Misty has Staryu and Corsola by her side while Trixie has Azumarill and Golduck next to her.

Misty: Wow! This is so cool!

Trixie: Yeah! Ash, I think Professor Oak will really like to see pictures of the Pokémon here!

Ash: Pikachu, you want to go check out this place?!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash decides to drift down ward to find some more underwater Pokémon. As he does so, Misty and Trixie follow him. They eventually reach a reef where several Clamperl are situated.

All Clamperl: Pearl. Clamperl. Clamp. Clamperl. Pearl.

Trixie: Wow! I’ve never seen so many Clamperl, and never so many up close!

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Trixie: Ash! You should take a picture of this!

Ash gets out his camera and looks at the Clamperl through the lens. He then takes several pictures of them. However, the Clamperl get either excited or frightened by the flashes and attack with Water Gun. Ash and Pikachu get pushed back by the Water as well as Misty’s Corsola and Trixie’s Azumarill.

Misty: Ash! I think you scared them!

Ash: I didn’t mean to!

Misty: (As Corsola swims back to her.) You all right, Corsola?

Corsola: Corsola!

Azumarill: (Swimming back to Trixie.) Zu!

We then go to see a school of Andlar swimming by a pink coral reef. These Pokémon are azure blue-colored with orange-colored side, top and tail fins, and antenna with a light on the end. These Pokémon also have big eyes and red-lined mouths.

Misty: Wow, Ash! Look at all these Andlar!

Trixie: I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these before!

Ash: (Gets out Pokédex.) I should check them out!

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Andlar, the Angler Pokémon. Andlar’s antenna emits a blue-colored light that can light up dark waters and make its way through the ocean. It’s said to be only found near underwater reefs.

Andlar: (Looking at Ash and co.) Andlar! And!

Second Andlar: Andlar!

Third Andlar: And!

More Andlar: Andlar-And, Andlar, And, Andlar, Lar-Andlar!

Misty: Ash, I think they found us!

Ash: Let’s go check them out!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Ash, Misty, and Trixie swim closer to the Andlar’s reef. As they do so, Azumarill decides to swim up to the Andlar and converse with them.

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Andlar: And-Andlar!

Another Andlar: Andlar?

Azumarill: Zuma! Zumarill!

Third Andlar: (Happily.) Andlar!

Azumarill: Azu-Azumarill!

Misty: What’s Azumarill saying to them?

Trixie: I think Azumarill is trying to tell the Andlar that we’re friends and to not be afraid.

Suddenly the Andlar all face up and start firing constant spurts of bubbles and water all around the place. The water and bubble sprays shower Ash and friends.

Ash: What are the Andlar doing?!

Trixie: They’re using Water Sport! (Laughs.) It’s nothing to worry about!

Misty: Worry about? I think it’s beautiful! Ash, you just gotta take this picture!

Ash: On it!

Ash gets out the camera again and looks at all the Andlar and Trixie’s Azumarill. While the Water Sport is still going, Ash takes the shot.

Ash: Well, we should go check for more Water Pokémon down here!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash, Misty, and Trixie decide to swim forward towards what looks like a small valley in the ocean floor. Upon reaching the valley, we see a group of Mantine swimming around the area.

Misty: Wow! I’ve never seen so many Mantine up close! Corsola, you wanna go talk to them?

Corsola: Corsola!

Corsola swims up to the Mantine and starts to talk to them.

Mantine: Mannnnnnnnn!

Corsola: La-Corsola!

Second Mantine: Man!

Third Mantine: Mannn!

Corsola: Corso-Corsola!

Then, Corsola fires a Bubblebeam up towards the surface of the water. Then, each of the Mantine does the same, with each Bubblebeam colliding with each other. The result sends bubbles all over the place.

Trixie: This is so amazing! This has to be taken!

Ash once again gets out his camera and we see Misty’s Corsola and the Mantine through the lens. Then, he takes the picture of the Bubblebeam array created by them.

Misty: We should go look for some more Water Pokémon before it’s time to go!

Ash: Okay then! Let’s make Professor Oak proud!

We decide to show short clips of Ash, Misty, and Trixie continuing to swim underwater looking for various aquatic Pokémon. We see them with a large group of Chinchou and Lanturn and Ash about to take a picture of them, Trixie on her knees on the ocean floor feeling the spikes of a Cloyster on the floor as well as several Shellder near it, Misty laughing as her Staryu makes friends with a Starmie and some more Staryu, and a massive group of Horsea and Seadra with Trixie’s Kingdra with them. After a while, we see Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Trixie surface in the bay. We see a flock of Wingull and Pelipper fly by as this occurs.

Ash: Wow, Trixie! Great idea! We got tons of pictures to show Professor Oak!

Misty: Yeah! By the way, what time is it now, Ash?

Ash: (Looking at his Pokédex.) It’s 4:30. We have about one more hour. So what do you guys want to do till the ferry comes back?

Trixie: I know what we could do!

We cut to Ash, Misty, and Trixie on the beach once more, this time, sunbathing. Ash is in his swim trunks and lying in a red-and-white striped lounge chair under a teal-and-white pattered beach umbrella, Misty is in her pink bikini and lying in a green-and-white striped lounge chair under a blue-and-white pattered beach umbrella, and Trixie is in a green, two-cup bikini with no shoulder straps and a green bikini mini-skirt and lying in a yellow-and-white striped lounge chair under an indigo-and-white pattered beach umbrella. Each of them is also wearing a pair of sunglasses. Ash’s Pikachu, Grovyle, Torkoal, and Glalie are lying down on an orange-striped white beach towel, Misty’s Azurill is lying down on a violet-striped white beach towel, and Trixie’s Walrein is lying down on a pink-striped white beach towel. We see Ash’s Corphish, Misty’s Staryu, Corsola, Politoed, and Luvdisc, and Trixie’s Azumarill, Golduck, and Kingdra swimming out in the water. Ash’s Swellow and Trixie’s Pelipper are flying about in the air about Ash and co.

Trixie: (Taking off her sunglasses and holding them.) This was a great idea! Not only does Poiloinal Island offer such great Water Pokémon to see, but it’s also a beautiful place to lie down and relax.

Misty: Yeah. (Looks at Azurill.) Hey, Azurill. Don’t be afraid to go out and swim with your friends. Go on.

Azurill: (Happily.) Azurill!

Trixie: Walrein, you should go and get some water, too.

Walrein: Walrein.

Both Azurill and Walrein head out to the water and jump in. They start playing with the other Pokémon there. Azumarill swims up to Azurill and hugs it.

Azurill: (Very happily.) Azurill!

Trixie: Awwww. That’s so sweet.

Suddenly, Misty’s Gyarados bursts out from underwater and fires a powerful Hydro Pump into the air. Water rains down everywhere while both the Pokémon and their Trainers are shocked from Gyarados’s surprise attack.

Misty: (Angrily.) Gyarados, be careful when you do that!

Ash: Misty, you don’t have to get upset. After all, we all are on vacation.

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

We now decide to go back and check up on Brock, May, and Floreia on Hula-Hula Island. We go to May, who is still in her hula outfit from earlier. At this point, she is now doing a perfect hula. May is swaying her arms, hips and other body parts with elegant grace.

May: (Giggles.) Wow! Once you get the hang of hula dancing, it’s not really that hard!

Hula Girl: (Now going to her.) Now that wasn’t too hard. After all, anyone can learn the hula!

Floreia: (Walking into sight, still in her hula outfit.) Yes, May. You thinkin’ about maybe practicing some more? You might become an official hula dancer one day!

May: You really mean it, Floreia?

Floreia: (With a happy, closed-eye face expression.) Of course I do. You’d do great!

May: Thanks for that! Just think; May, Pokémon Coordinator and hula dancer!

We cut to a daydream of May in a more exotic hula outfit, consisting of a jungle-green hula skirt that starts at her hips and goes down to her feet and has large blue flowers lining the rim, a light brown coconut bra, a necklace of tropical, dark yellow flowers, and a two large, red, island flowers in her hair. She has a happy, closed-eye expression on her face and giggling while on a Pokémon Contest Hall stage. Combusken and Skitty are to her right while Bulbasaur and Munchlax are on her left and Beautifly is flying just above her.

May: (Giggling.) You have just seen the amazing talent of May, the Pokémon Hula Coordinator, who has dazzled you with her elegant hip movements, swaying and the beauty of her Pokémon!

We cut to Drew (in the daydream) with his Roselia, Masquerain, and Flygon. He happens to be dressed as a surfer and is holding a surfboard by his side.

Drew: May, your hula dancing far surpasses anything myself or any other Coordinator can achieve! You and your Pokémon deserve the Ribbon Cup!

May: Why thanks Drew! I’d like to thank the support of my dad, the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman, my mom, Caroline, my brother, Max, and the hula dancers at Hula-Hula Island, who without their inspiration, I’d never add such a hula spice to Pokémon Contests!

Drew and Crowd: (Cheering.) May! May! May! May! May! May…

Floreia: (As we fade back to reality.) May. May. May. May. Anything wrong?

May: (Disappointed.) Aw. I was just imaging myself winning the Ribbon Cup by showing off my hula moves. I didn’t want it to end.

Floreia: Wow. What you just told me would actually be great for Pokémon Contests! Having yourself and your Pokémon pull off moves in a hula fashion might just earn you big points!

May: Wow! Maybe when I get the chance, I’ll wear this hula getup in front of thousands of people and show them and my Pokémon what I’m made of! (Realizing Brock’s not around.) Hey. Do you know where Brock went?

Floreia: I think I know.

We cut to Brock, who is once again love struck and talking to a hula girl with long, brunette hair, wearing a teal hula skirt that goes down to her knees and, a coconut bra, light-green flower bracelets on her wrists, a small necklace of cyan-colored flowers, and a large, tropical, dark-pink flower in the left side of her hair.

Brock: (Holding the girls’ hands.) Oh, my sweet Hawaiian princess! That hula skirt you’re wearing really brings out the glistening of your skin, the shine of your hair, and the sparkle of your eyes! Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a luau for two with you, my beauty!

Hula Brunette: Uh, what do you mean a luau for two?

Brock: Why the thing that will finally bring us together on the tropical shores of Hula-Hula Beach! Why, a Luvdisc might just pop up and symbolize out love! Do you have a Luvdisc?

Hula Brunette: (Nervously, stepping back.) Well, no.

Brock: (Runs back up to her and grabs her hands.) Well that’s okay! Let’s show our love!

Hula Brunette: (Getting out a Pokéball.) I didn’t want to do this! Alakazam, come on out!

Alakazam: (Coming out of the Pokéball.) Alakazam!

Hula Brunette: Alakazam, Confusion!

Alakazam: (With a purple glow around it.) ALA!

Alakazam holds its spoons out and Brock, still love-struck, glows with the same purple color. He is then lifted far above the ground and thrown far back from the Confusion attack.

Brock: (Flying backward.) I still love you, my hula angel! (Crashes into a tree.)

May: Well, that’s Brock for ya!

Floreia: May, you want to do some more hula dancing until it’s time to go?

May: Of course I do, and maybe my Pokémon can perfect their hula dancing, too!

Before we go, we see Brock, love-struck, running up to yet another hula dancer, this time one with long, wavy, blue hair, a red hula skirt, a large necklace of large, green, tropical flowers, and a red headband in her hair.

Brock: (Love-struck.) Hi, my name is Brock! Would such a beautiful young woman like you like to do an exotic hula dance for me?!

Hula Dancer: Well, not right now.

Floreia: I don’t know how you guys put up with him.

May: Well, we usually can handle it.

Now we go to Erika and Cissy at Pearl Harbor, which as described earlier, has become a place for tourists as well as a place for remembrance. Both of out females are walking down the shoreline of the marina looking for someplace to eat.

Cissy: Well, Erika, where would you like to eat?

Erika: Hmm, I’d like to try a nice seafood place for lunch.

Cissy: A nice seafood place? Look around you. There’s many of them on this shore alone.

Erika: I know. I also mean someplace that’s not too expensive. I don’t want to burden all of us by eating someplace too expensive.

Cissy: Erika. It’s only the two of us right now. We can go to an expensive lobster place if you want. It’s our vacation.

Cissy looks a little further down the shore to see a restaurant resembling a large Hawaiian hut. The logo “Hula Lobster” can be seen over the double doors of the place.

Cissy: Erika, why not try Hula Lobster?

Erika: Hula Lobster? Well… (Thinks about it for a second.) I guess that’s fine. There’s going to be a luau tonight anyway.

Erika and Cissy head over to Hula Lobster and head inside. The interior is very Hawaiian, with four back-to-back plush benches for waiting customers, as well as a fish tank containing many Corphish (for show only). There is a “seating” counter with a young woman with long red hair, wearing a green grass skirt that goes down to the floor, a yellow flower-patterned sleeveless shirt, and a pink wire ribbon in her hair, standing behind the counter. Cissy and Erika walk up to the counter to see if they can be seated right away.

Cissy: Hi. Is it possible that we can be seated at this moment?

Seating Girl: I’m sorry. We’re busy seating others at this moment. Please wait for about 5 to 10 minutes please.

Cissy: (To Erika.) Erika, I hope this is worth it.

Erika: Relax. It’s only about 10 minutes at the most. Once we’re seated, we’ll be ready to have an authentic Hawaiian lobster dinner. We’ll even get extra for our Pokémon.

Erika and Cissy go to the front bench and sit down while they wait to be seated. After about 10 minutes, just like the seating girl predicted, she is ready to take them to their table.

Seating Girl: All right. You two are ready to be led to your table.

Cissy: Finally.

Cissy and Erika stand off and are led by the seating girl to where they will be sitting. We pass be several other people eating the place. Eventually, Erika and Cissy are lead to a nice-looking window booth overlooking the harbor. There is a beautiful topical flower growing in a pot next to the window. There is a holder with salt and peppershakers, a bottle of steak sauce, a bottle of cocktail sauce, and some sugar packets. There are also two sets of menus (one large, one small), one for each person along with a fork, knife, and spoon rolled up in a napkin on each side of the table. Erika and Cissy each sit down in one side of the booth. The seating girl then leaves to attend to other people.

Erika: Well, Cissy, aren’t you glad we waited and got a nice place to sit?

Cissy: Actually, Erika, Danny and I have eaten at places like this before. I just don’t like to wait to be seated is all.

Erika: Well at least we’re not eating at a simple café, that’s for sure.

Cissy: Well, when you’re right you’re right.

Eventually, a girl wearing the same outfit as the seating girl, except this one has short blonde hair in a ponytail and two hairclips, comes down to Erika and Cissy’s booth.

Waitress: Hi, my name is Janice and I’ll be serving you two today. Is anyone else going to be joining you?

Erika: No. It’s just us two today. (Looking at her large menu.) Cissy, you want the jumbo shrimp cocktail appetizer?

Cissy: Okay. That’s fine by me. (To Janice.) We’ll have the jumbo shrimp.

Janice: All right then. Do you two want anything to drink besides water?

Cissy: I’ll have... (Looking at the back of her large menu.) The Tropica Delight if that’s not too much trouble.

Erika: And I’ll have an ice lemonade.

Janice: All right. I’ll be back in a little while with your drinks and appetizer. (Walks away.)

Cissy: So, Erika, how are you and Brock doing?

Erika: Well as you already know, Brock’s still is usual self.

Cissy: I meant between you two.

Erika: Oh, nothing like that. I just like Brock as a friend for now.

Cissy: For now?

Erika: Yeah. Just a friend.

Erika and Cissy wait a few minutes before Janice comes back carrying a large glass lined with leaves and 8 cocktail shrimps, two glasses of ice water with straws, a larger glass of lemonade with ice in it and a lemon slice on the glass and a straw, and a red colored drink with a blue-colored lemon shaped slice on the glass, an umbrella in the drink, and a straw. There is also a dipping bowl of cocktail sauce in the middle. Janice puts the glass down in the middle of the table.

Janice: Here you go, girls. Are you two ready to order yet?

Cissy: (Looking in her small menu.) I think I know what I want. I’d like the Fried Whiscash Delight with steak, coconut shrimp, fries, and some veggies. Could you also add a pound of crab legs for the both of us to have?

Janice: Why certainly. (To Erika.) And what about you?

Erika: (Looking at her large menu.) I would just like a lobster tail and a large garden salad if you don’t mind. (Looking at Cissy.) You’re a big eater, I see.

Janice: Well, it may be a while to get all that ready, but it should be worth the wait. (Leaves.)

Cissy: For the record, I only got that much because I plan on sharing it with my Pokémon. Oh, and the Fried Whiscash Delight is only ordinary catfish. (Takes one of the jumbo shrimp and dips it in the cocktail sauce.) Now let’s dig into this. (Eats the shrimp and puts the tail in the glass.)

Erika: Well, I guess I could have a couple. (Takes one of the shrimp, dips it into the cocktail sauce, then eats it, putting the tail back in the glass.) Oh, and I think I’ll have something to drink. (Drinks a little of her ice lemonade.)

Cissy: I think I’ll also have my Tropica Delight. (Picks up the drink, which is the red one described earlier and sips a little of it.)

We decide to cut to a few minutes later. 4 of the 8 jumbo shrimp have been eaten and the tails of the 4 that were eaten are in the glass. Both Erika’s and Cissy’s drinks are half empty. Janice comes back with both of the girls’ main meals. She gets out a tray to put the hot plates on, the first of which has fried catfish, a sirloin steak, 6 coconut shrimp, many fries, and some assorted veggies, most likely Cissy’s meal, and the second which consists of a small plate with a lobster on it and a dipping glass of melted butter, and a large bowl of salad, consisting of lettuce, tomato slices, onion slices, and bits of parsley. Lining the bowl are several lemon and lime wedges and a dipping glass of vinegar, a dipping glass of salad oil, and a small bottle of vinaigrette dressing is included with Erika’s meal. There is also a third plate of crab legs for both ladies to eat and enjoy, with a claw cracker and a long, small fork to use along with it.

Janice: (Putting Cissy’s plate onto the table.) Here’s your Fried Whiscash Delight. (Goes and puts Erika’s lobster and salad onto the table.) And here’s your rock lobster and large garden salad.

Erika: (Looking at her salad.) Wow, this salad looks great! (Gets the salt and pepper from the holder and proceeds to shake them onto her salad.) Just needs the fixings. (Starts to squeeze the lemon and lime wedges onto the salad.) Cissy, you should have gotten something like this.

Cissy: Nah. As long as I got my fried Whiscash, I’m all set.

Erika: (Still squeezing the lemon and lime wedges.) I thought you said that wasn’t really Whiscash. (Now pours the vinegar and oil onto the salad, followed by shaking the vinaigrette-dressing bottle over the salad, showering the concoction with the dressing.)

Cissy: Well, I’ll call it what I want to.

Erika: (Now mixing her salad.) Well, Brock has sometimes made a salad for me whenever he’d cook for us. Max thinks it’s a way for Brock to win my affection.

Cissy: Whatever, Erika. Whatever.

We decide to speed a little through the lunch. We see Cissy eating some of her Whiscash Delight followed by her dipping some of her coconut shrimp into some cocktail sauce and then eating it. Erika is dipping a piece of her lobster into the butter, then eating it. She then proceeds to picking up her other fork and eating some of her salad. A little later, about half of their food is gone and their drinks are almost empty.

Cissy: I think I’m done for now. The rest will go to my Pokémon later.

Erika: Same with me. I made sure I cleaned my silverware after every bite of what I ate for the same thing. The rest of this salad would be nice for my Grass Pokémon to eat.

Cissy: When Janice comes by again, we should get some boxes for this stuff.

Erika: (Seeing Janice come by again.) I think you just got your wish.

Janice: (Reaching the table.) Would you two like some boxes to put all that in?

Cissy: Yes we would.

Janice: Would you two also like dessert?

Erika: Yes. I’d like a vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup.

Cissy: Um, get me a scoop of chocolate with sprinkles.

Janice: Okay. I’ll get those along with your boxes. (Leaves.)

Erika: Sprinkles? Isn’t that a little childish?

Cissy: So. I like sprinkles on my ice cream.

After a minute or two, Janine comes back with a couple small boxes and two ice cream sundaes, one vanilla with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, the other chocolate with sprinkles. She puts the boxes and sundaes on the table and gets out a bag to put the boxes in. She also gets out a checkbook for Cissy to pay for the food they got.

Janice: Since you two are almost done eating, I took the liberty of getting you two ready with your check.

Cissy: Thanks. (Opens the checkbook.) Okay. (Gets out several dollar bills to pay with and slips it in the checkbook.) That should cover it.

Janice: Thanks. Now if you sign here you can leave once you’re done with your sundaes. (Gets out a pen.)

Cissy: (Takes the pen and signs in the checkbook.) Well, that should take care of that.

Janice: If you need anything else, just let me know. (Leaves once again.)

Cissy pulls out 2 boxes from the flat stack of them and begins to put the remainder of her Fried Whiscash Delight and coconut shrimp into one box and her leftover steak, fries, and veggies into the second. Erika starts to eat some of her sundae with her spoon. She then puts her remaining salad into one of the last three boxes, then her remaining lobster into the second. Cissy starts to eat some of her sundae with her spoon. Cissy then puts the remaining crab legs into the fifth box. Eventually, they’re all done with their dessert and put the boxes into the bag set aside for them.

Cissy: Well, that was a good lunch.

Erika: I think we should check out more of the place before it’s time to go.

Cissy carries the bag as she and Erika get up from their booth and begin to leave the restaurant. They see Janice as the leave the section.

Janice: I hope you enjoyed Hula Lobster.

Erika and Cissy make their way out of Hula Lobster. Back outside, they decide to check on the current time.

Cissy: (Looking at her watch.) Wow, it’s 1:30 now. We have about 4 more hours to enjoy here before the ferry comes back.

Erika: Is there anywhere else we can go?

Cissy: We can check out more of the marina. That should pass the time.

We decide to go from Cissy and Erika to Max and Danny, who are now checking out a field of wild Pokémon somewhere else on the island where they are. It’s now further into the day and close to when the ferry comes back.

Danny: Max? Are we even allowed to be here?

Max: Of course! This is a national Pokémon reserve!

We look into the field to see many Dodrio, Tauros, Furret, Girafarig, and Linoone running about, each emitting their usual cries.

Max: Wow! Just look at all those Normal Pokémon! I’ve never seen so many before!

Danny: Yeah! I wonder what time it is? (Looks at his watch.) It’s 5:00 now. I can’t believe we’ve spent so much time here.

Max: Yeah! We should spend all that time checking out these Pokémon! What do you say we get a closer look at them?!

Danny: I don’t know.

Max: Come on! We might never get another chance to see these Pokémon!

Danny: Oh all right.

We cut to a while later, as Max and Danny are now frantically running through the field as several Tauros are chasing them.

Danny: (Running.) Max?! I thought you said this was a national Pokémon reserve!

Max: (Also running.) It is! I just assumed it was okay to go check out the Pokémon close!

Danny: How about less talking and more running!

Max: I’m with you!

Max and Danny manage to sprint their way out of the reserve before the Tauros impact them. They both breathe heavily from running.

Danny: Max, next time you suggest checking out wild Pokémon closer, don’t.

Max: I’m with you on that. Sorry I almost had us get hit by Tauros’s Take Down.

Danny: (Looking at his watch.) It’s 5:20 right now! We have to get back to the beach to catch our ferry before it leaves!

Max: Aw! More running?!

Danny and Max start off back towards the beach where they ferry comes back to. After several minutes, they make it just in time. The ferry just sails to the beach as Max and Danny reach it. There are also several other tourists ready to board the ferry to head back to Kahinei Island.

Max: Great! We made it just in time!

Danny: Now let’s get back on and head back to Kahinei Island!

Max: I’m with you on that one!

Max and Danny get back onto the ferry along with all the other tourists. Eventually, the ferry backs out from the beach, turns around, and starts on its way back to Kahinei Island. Ash and friends’ afternoon of exploring other Hawaiian Islands has come to an end.

March 15th, 2006, 6:19 PM
Very nice! I hope you'll put in my band gag soon...

April 4th, 2006, 9:17 AM
TERRIBLY SORRY for the wait for more of this story, but I hope this to be worth it. What I have here is the longest chapter in the story so far. I'd like to thank EmeraldSky for helping me out with one part of the luau. Also, this chapter sets the stage of the conflict foreshadowed in the intro. Just read this long piece to find out what!

We now go back to Kahinei Island, where all the ferries that have taken passengers to other Hawaiian Islands have docked back in the port. Brock, May, and Floreia walk off from ferry #2, Max and Danny get off ferry #4, Ash, Misty, and Trixie walk off of ferry #6, and Erika and Cissy get off ferry #8. Ash, Misty, and Trixie are back in their vacation outfits. They all regroup and start talking about what they each experienced.

Brock: (Love-struck.) Wow, you won’t believe all the hula girls I saw on Hula-Hula Island! It was absolutely paradise!

May: Yes it was. I even learned to do a fluent hula dance!

Floreia: You wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for me!

Max: We checked out a bunch of Fire Pokémon at Volcano National Park!

Danny: And almost got us trampled by a herd of Tauros!

Ash: I got a bunch of pictures to show to Professor Oak!

Misty: I got to experience a lot of undersea Pokémon!

Trixie: Then we relaxed on the beach of Poiloinal Bay!

Erika: I got to see the Megawar II memorial!

Cissy: And we got to eat in a really nice seafood restaurant!

Ash: Well? What do we plan on doing now?!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Cissy: In case any of you forgot, there’s a water park here we can go to before the day is done!

Trixie: Wow! We should go there now and check it out!

Danny: I think you got your wish!

Just then, the cart-driving hula girl comes by one again in the large cart.

Hula Girl: It’s 6:00 now! Are you all ready to head back to rest before the luau tonight?

Brock: (Love-struck.) There’s a luau tonight?! Many more hula dancers to get acquainted with!

Max: (Pulls Brock by the ear.) Hold it, Brock! We still got a few hours before then!

Misty: Actually, we’d like to check out the water park that’s on this island!

Hula Girl: You mean Aquilica Park?

Misty: Yeah! That’s the one!

Hula Girl: Well, we can get you there really quick if you like! Just hop on in!

Everyone gets into the cart. Once everyone’s boarded, the cart starts off for Aquilica Park. We see the cart move through the tropical landscape on a path different from the one to the Honoleiah Hotel. Eventually, we reach a wonderful looking water park, complete with water slides, several small and one big, a few large pools for swimming, and even a small beach with a volleyball net, several beach umbrellas, and tables. This place happens to be Aquilica Park.

Hula Girl: Well, we’re here!

Ash: (Looking at the park.) Wow! Cool!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Misty: What a neat water park!

Trixie: Well, what are we waiting for?! Let’s get wet!

Everyone: Yeah!

During this sequence the song “Follow Me” from Sonic Heroes plays throughout while Ash and co. enjoy the sights of Aquilica Park. Everyone’s in their own swim gear. Ash, Misty, and Trixie are wearing the same swimsuits from when the sunbathed on the beach of Poiloinal Bay, and Cissy is in the same bikini she was in when she tried out for the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest. May is in the same pink bikini she wore in the eighth Pokémon movie, Max is in his usual swim trunks, Brock is wearing his usual swim trunks, Erika is wearing a pink bikini with a long light-pink sarong and green beach shoes, Danny is wearing a pair of green swim trunks, and Floreia is wearing a green and red flower pattered bikini with a blue and yellow diagonal striped skirt-like sarong that goes down to one knee.

We see Ash holding Pikachu at the top of the highest water slide. They then head down the twisting slide, which includes some full tube sections. They emerge from the final tube section at the bottom of the slide and skim across the water before sinking in.

We then see Misty playing with Azurill in one of the swimming pools. Misty dives underwater, then resurfaces behind Azurill, frightening it, but in a playful way. Both of them laugh as Misty’s Staryu, Corsola, Politoed, and Luvdisc swim around both Misty and Azurill.

We then go to May, who is on one of the high diving boards. She teeters to the end of the board. Trixie climbs up to the top and just as May decides to try to make it back down, Trixie pushes her off the board. May screams as she falls down into the water, then resurfacing and looking up at Trixie in an angry way. Trixie laughs at May in a friendly way.

We then go to Brock on the resting beach looking at two girls out in the shallow water. The first has medium-length green hair and is wearing a light-blue bikini with large skirt-like side flaps, the second has two flows of long pink-red hair going down the back of her head and is wearing a gold-yellow colored bikini with large skirt flaps that go down to the bottom of the bottom piece. The two are playing with a large beach ball in green, red, blue, and yellow eighths. After the first catches the ball again, both girls look at Brock wondering why he’s looking at them.

We then go to Erika, who happens to be underwater in one of the deep pools. She swims forward, then upward, breaching the surface. As she swims through the crowd of people in the water, she sees Brock looking at those two girls. She looks at him with a look that indicates, “Brock’s never going to change.” She then dives back underwater.

Now we go to Max, who’s going down one of the smaller water slides. This slide just consists of a 45-degree angle slope with water streams spraying down from the sides. Max reaches the bottom of the slide and splashes down into the water.

Next we go to Trixie, who is now on a small rapids stream ride in the park. She happens to be sitting on a water mat that someone is required to use on this ride. Behind her are Azumarill and Golduck, also on water mats. The river consists of straight sloping sections combined with hairpin turns. Trixie and her Pokémon head down the rapids ride and its tight turns before reaching the bottom and entering the adjacent pool. The mats then sink into the water upon reaching the pool and Trixie and her Pokémon fall in. Trixie then laughs from the ride they just went on.

We then go to Cissy, who decides to go down the highest water slide (the one Ash & Pikachu went on) in a front sliding fashion. She maintains this position as she heads all the way down the twists and turns of the slide, eventually sliding on the water before falling into the water.

Next up is Danny, who is on a large platform floating in the middle the park’s largest pool. The platform has a diving board as well as a small water slide. There are also three lifeguards sitting in lounge chairs on the platform’s edge making sure no one tries to swim under the platform. Danny gets onto the diving board, walks to the end, and dives into the water, making a splash.

Finally, we go to Floreia, who is simply lying down on her back in a large, pink, inflatable raft drifting in one of the pools. The raft happens to have a beach umbrella attaches to the back, shielding much of Floreia’s body from the hot island sun. There are also a few cup holders for various drinks, one of them filled with a glass of an umbrella drink of Floreia’s.

To top off the scenes of the romp at Aquilia Park, we see everyone racing down the rapids ride together and are in this order, Max, Erika, Misty, Ash, Trixie, Brock, Danny, Floreia, Cissy, and May. Ash manages to pass Misty down the ride on the second to last turn. Eventually they all empty and sink into the pool. They all the laugh at the experience they had.

By the time everyone’s done, it’s sunset, and “Follow Me” ends. Ash and friends are now each back in their vacation outfits as they walk out of Aquilia Park together.

Ash: Wow! That was cool!

Pikachu: Pi-Pika!

Max: I had an awesome time! I just loved that big water slide!

May: That rapids ride was also amazing!

Misty: I didn’t think you could race on that ride!

Erika: We all needed a nice swim!

Brock: Aquilica Park had some great rides, and great girls!

Cissy: We could go again tomorrow!

Danny: We should first go back to the hotel and get ready for the luau!

Trixie: Yeah! I want to look my best!

Floreia: And of course I would like to look my best for the dancing!

Anyway, we then shift to see the sun set completely over Kahinei Island. We then go to a section of the Hawaiian village where the luau is taking place. We see Ash and friends minus Floreia for unknown reasons walk onto the scene, where flaming tiki torches can be found all over the place. There are also Hawaiian-style tables and chairs for sitting, which several tourists are already sitting in. On the tables are many various Hawaiian dishes, including poi, macadamia nuts, and sliced pineapples. Each table also has a large full pineapple in the center.

At the front of the luau site there is a traditional Hawaiian “stunt” dance going on. We see what looks like a young Hawaiian man, dressed in a Hawaiian loincloth and wearing a large tiki mask, juggling two large torches back and forth over his head.

Max: Wow! A tiki dance!

May: Aren’t those torches dangerous?!

Brock: (Looking around.) I hope I didn’t miss the hula girls!

Misty: (Pulling Brock’s ear.) Is that all you care about?

Trixie: I wonder why Floreia left ahead of us?

Cissy: I think it’s because she’s performing in this luau herself!

Erika: Really? She never told us that!

Danny: Well I wonder where she is right now.

Ash: This looks like a neat luau!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Trixie: (Looking at the torch juggler.) I wonder who’s that up there?

Cissy: He must be performing the Kahinei Fire Dance!

Ash: The Kahinei Fire Dance?

Danny: Oh, the Kahinei Fire Dance is a major tradition! At every luau that they have here the Kahinei Fire Dance is performed!

Brock: (Love-struck.) Wow, if the Kahinei Fire Dance is really something, I can’t wait to see Floreia up on Stage!

Erika: Brock, don’t get too ahead of yourself! We should find a place to sit down first.

Ash and friends find three empty tables to sit at. Ash, Misty, May, and Max go and sit at the first table. Brock, Erika, and Trixie go and sit at the second empty table. And Cissy and Danny go and sit at the third table. At this point, as we continue to watch the Kahinei Fire Dancer, we then see Floreia, dressed in her hula outfit, walk onto the stage from behind.

Brock: (Really love-struck.) Wow!! Floreia’s actually dancing in this luau!!

Trixie: I wonder what she’s going to do!

We then go back to the stage where Floreia begins her hula dance. She puts her arms out and starts to move her hips out left and right at a fast pace as she starts to move back and forth in front of the “Fire Dancer”, who continues to juggle his two torches. However, we move to behind the stage where three familiar figures can be seen.

Jessie: What a show off! I can do a better hula dance that she can!

Meowth: You can do better?

James: Isn’t that a little farfetched? And I don’t mean the Pokémon.

Jessie: No! I would make a superb hula dancer!

We go to a daydream of Jessie’s, where she’s wearing a long, dark-green hula skirt that’s low enough to expose her hips and show a tiny bit of her hipbone lines and shows an area of several inches between her bellybutton and hula skirt rim, which is lined with several nice, red, tropical flowers. The grass skirt goes down to her ankles and she also happens to be wearing a coconut bikini top that still shows the slight outer rims of her breasts (the middle parts are still covered by the coconuts). There is also an array of turquoise flowers in her hair and a large necklace of lime-green flowers hanging on her neck. Jessie is moving her hips left and right with her hands raised high in the air while she smiles with her eyes closed. Confetti and sparkles rain down all around her while we hear an audience cheering her constantly.

Jessie: (Daydream voice-over.) In fact, I should win the World Hula Contest with flying colors!

Meowth: (As we fade back to reality.) Is there even a World Hula Contest?

Jessie: (Hits Meowth with an “R” fan.) Who asked you?!

We go back to the front of the luau, where as she continues to do her hip sway dancing, Floreia throws two of her Pokéballs into the air and her two Ludicolo come out.

Both Ludicolo: Ludicolo!

James: (Looking at the Ludicolo.) Wow, check out the Ludicolo.

Jessie: (Starts to look at them.) Yeah! That’s how I could get that hula hottie!

Meowth: We could snatch those two Ludicolo and give them to the boss!

James: Yeah?

We go to one of Meowth’s daydreams involving Giovanni and whatever Pokémon Team Rocket plans to steal for him. We see Giovanni sitting in his chair with his Persian beside him. In front of Giovanni are two Ludicolo dancing for him.

Meowth: (Daydream voice-over.) Just think about the dancing those two Ludicolo can use to entertain the boss! (Giovanni starts clapping.)

We cut to a scene where Giovanni raises his hand in front of an army of various automated Team Rocket robots, which include Snapsparkers (electrical Snapspark shaped robots), Lairon Rovers (tank-like Lairon shaped robots), Swellow Jets (jet-like Swellow shaped robots), Pelipper Carriers (missile carrying Pelipper shaped robots), and Ninjask Drones (ultra-fast Ninjask shaped robots).

Meowth: (Daydream voice-over.) He’ll be so happy that he’ll be able to lead his robot armies to sheer victory! And you’ll know what he’ll say?!

Giovanni: (Meowth’s voice.) It’s because of those two Ludicolo that Meowth and his friends gave me that I have the confidence to command my armies of robots that I’m going to make them head of my robotics division and give them all the money they’ll ever need! (Daydream ends.)

Jessie: Meowth, when you’re right you’re right! However…

James: However?

Jessie: I think we can do a lot more than just steal two Pokémon!

Meowth: Exactly what?

Jessie: Let’s sabotage the whole luau while we’re at it!

Back at the luau, Floreia keeps doing her current dance pattern for about another minute. She then stops as the “Fire Dancer” leaves the stage. Then, Floreia starts up a new pattern. This time, Floreia pulls out two sets of massive palm leaves and starts swishing them in front of and behind her as she begins to rock her hips back and forth. Every several seconds, she then spins either clockwise or counterclockwise while holding both leaves out to the right and left of her. Everyone watching her happens to be quite amazed at her dancing.

Ash: Wow, what a cool hula dance!

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Misty: I never thought she could do such an exotic dance!

Trixie: Quite the dancer isn’t she!

We see Floreia finish up with the second part of her hula dance. She puts her palm leaves away and brings out 2 large, tropical flowers, These flowers, have thin stems underneath them that Floreia holds onto them with. She begins to twirl the flowers while they’re in her hands and starts to move around in a circle while moving her hips up and down.

Brock: (Very love-struck.) Wow, she is such a beautiful dancer!

Erika: She looks really good at that!

Max: Wow, she could just keep dancing forever!

Anyway, Floreia starts to move her hips in a circular fashion while swaying her arms in the direction of one of her Ludicolo, then in the direction of her other Ludicolo. Floreia then raises her arms upward and spins around clockwise twice. She then puts her arms up in jumping jack position and starts moving around the stage while continuing to move her hips to face the audience. Her two Pokémon start dancing around the stage as well and shoot Razor Leaf bundles up into the air where they then just flutter back down harmlessly. They also start throwing the hula hoops over Floreia so that her body goes right through them when they fall. She catches the hoops on her hips and starts spinning them around her waistline while moving around the stage. Everyone is so amazed at what she’s doing.

May: Her Pokémon’s moves are so like that of a Pokémon Coordinator’s!

Cissy: Even I think her dancing is superb!

Danny: Not to imply anything, but her dancing is astounding!

Soon afterwards, Floreia finishes up with her current phase of her amazing and well-varied hula dance. As the crowd continues to cheer her on, she prepares for the final phase of her dance. After giving the hula hoops back to her Ludicolo, she starts to sway her arms in the direction of one of her Ludicolo, signaling it to fire a Water Gun up into the air. It does so, creating a light shower of water to cover the stage. As Floreia is being lightly sprinkled with water, the very lovely dancer sways her arms in the direction of the other Ludicolo, signaling it to fire another Water Gun into the air, adding to the shower.

May: She even knows the neatest way to use Water Gun!

Misty: I wonder if she has anything else to show us!

Brock: (Ecstatic.) Wow!! Her dancing is so beautiful I can’t take it anymore!!

The music’s hula beat starts to become faster as Floreia begins to shake her hips at a fast pace while swaying her arms up and down and moving around the stage. As she does this, every 15 seconds Floreia makes one or two full spins either clockwise or counterclockwise. With her amazing dancing skills and the light shower, she creates a spectacular finale for her hula dance. We can hear the crowd’s cheers as she continues to dance.

Erika: Exactly how long can she dance for?

Trixie: Who knows!

Cissy: This is too good to miss!

Eventually, the sprinkling rain created by Floreia’s Ludicolo stops and Floreia starts to slowly stop dancing. She faces everyone, whose constant cheers congratulate her on her hula performance. She waves at everyone in the crowd as they congratulate her on a job well done. To the backside of the stage, we see the “Fire Dancer” take off his mask, revealing his face and brown hair, and looks at Floreia for a moment.

“Fire Dancer”: She must be the best hula dancer I’ve ever seen.

As Floreia leaves the stage, she returns her two Ludicolo to their Pokéballs. She then goes up into the crowd of people to join Ash and friends. She sits down at Cissy and Danny’s table.

Floreia: (Breathing.) Wow. Another great dance.

Brock: (Love-struck, grabbing Floreia’s right hand.) I’ll say so!

Max: (Pulling Brock back by the ear.) Watch it, bub!

Floreia: Now we’ll listen to the band play us a wonderful Hawaiian song.

One of the directors of the luau, a woman in her thirties with long blonde hair, wearing a green aloha shirt, long shorts, and a Hawaiian hat, comes onto the stage. She seems concerned about something relating to the band.

Director: (To the crowd.) It looks like we have a problem here. Our band for this evening seems to have vanished.

Floreia: What?!

We go behind the stage, where Team Rocket has the band tied up and gagged and are dragging them into the trees nearby. Wobbuffet is helping them out as well.

Jessie: There! Now we’ll see how the luau goes!

James: I hope this is a good idea!

Meowth: It will be once we get those two Ludicolo and Pikachu!

Wobbuffet: (While dragging a band member.) Wobbu!

Meanwhile, back at the luau, everyone is wondering what happened to the Hawaiian band. Brock thinks up a way to entertain the crowd.

Brock: I have a way to help fix this luau!

Ash: What, Brock?

Brock: First I need someone to assist me!

May: Exactly who?

Brock: (Looks at Erika.) Why you, my pretty lady.

Erika: Me?

Brock: Yeah. I need someone I’m familiar with to help me, and you, lovely, are just that!

Erika: Well, okay.

Brock and Erika go up to the stage and talk to the director.

Brock: Miss director, I have a way to stall while you help find the band!

Director: Exactly what do you have in mind?

Brock: You’ll see. (Side of mouth sparkles.)

Shortly after that, we see Brock wearing the same outfit he wore in the little known skit “Takeshi no Paradaisu”. Joining him on the stage is Erika, who happens to be dressed in a green grass hula skirt that starts barely above her hips and goes down to a little above her knees. She also has a brown coconut bra on as well as a gorgeous flower necklace. (She happens to be dressed like this (http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/8238/erikahulafq6.jpg).) They both face the audience as they begin their dance.

Brock: Erika, you’re ready?

Erika: Okay, Brock.

Erika puts her arms out from her side and starts to sway them slowly while she begins to move her hips left and right while moving back and forth in front of Brock. She does this throughout the song what Brock starts playing. Here’s the lyrics for the song “Takeshi no Paradaisu” (provided by EmeraldSky). Also, Erika sings the “la-la-la” parts and all caps words along with Brock.

::intro of waves and calm music::

::music picks up into a samba beat::

La-la-la, la la la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, la la la, letters of love and joy!
La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
And it is...

(spoken) Oh yes, I understand...
(sung) I fall in love so easily...
(spoken) My heart has been broken...
(sung) Too many times to see...
Yet there is, too little space
For me...to get back up again!

(spoken) And even if they think of me...
(sung) As someone much too carefree...
(spoken) And even if they make fun of me...
(sung) Laughing at my foolish deeds...
Follow the dream, just for me...
Follow the dream, just for me...
Follow the dream, just for me...
My dream is alive!

Come on now, la-la-la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, la la la, hear the word's beautiful sound!
La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
And it is...
My lovely one...

[dance break/guitar solo]

(spoken) Oh yes, many times I've learned...
(sung) The game of love is filled with pain...
(spoken) My heart has been broken...
(sung) It's often aching...
And so, all I can do
Is laugh, to lift my spirit! ::laughs::

(spoken) And even if they think of me...
(sung) As someone prone to make mistakes...
(spoken) Even if they're laughing at me...
(sung) Laughing, calling me a clown...
Follow the dream, just for me...
Follow the dream, just for me...
Follow the dream, just for me...
My dream is alive!

Come on now, la-la-la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, la la la, hear the word's beautiful sound!
La-la-la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, my life of paradise!
La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
And it is...

Come on now, la-la-la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, la la la, hear the word's beautiful sound!
La-la-la, it is so wonderful!
La-la-la, my life of paradise!
La-la-la, and it is, la-la-la,
And it is...

(spoken) OH!

Everyone applauds Brock and Erika on their song and dance as the both of them take a bow. However, the band has still not been found.

Erika: Brock, now what do we do?

Brock: Sorry, but it’s the only song I know.

Erika: Well, maybe we can do something else. In fact, I have an idea. (Looks at Ash and co.) Ash, Misty, May! Come up here please.

On stage, Brock and Erika are back in their vacation getups and Ash, Misty, and May are now on stage with them. They look back at the side of the stage to see the band’s instruments; a fiddle, a banjo, an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, and a bass. Ash picks up the fiddle, Misty the banjo, Brock the acoustic guitar, May the mandolin, and Erika the bass. They then walk back onstage.

Brock: All right, everyone! Would you like to hear some music?! (To Ash, Misty, May, and Erika.) 1, 2, 3, 4!

The five of them start to play the instruments. However, since none of them can play a note, the noise sounds more like a Meowth fight than music. Well, Brock sounds half decent, but still way out of practice. Everyone in the crowd starts to boo them. The only ones that don’t do so are Max, Cissy, Danny, Trixie, and Floreia.

Floreia: Just what are they doing?

Danny: I think they’re trying to play us a song.

Trixie: No offense, but their music kinda sucks.

Cissy: Trixie, I happen to agree with you.

Max: May, you can do better than that!

Back on stage, Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Erika realize that they’re getting nowhere with their music and stop playing. Ash, however, gets an idea on how to fix the problem. They all head back behind the stage and talk.

Ash: I think I know what we could do.

Misty: What’s that, Ash?

Ash: We could play the instruments without actually playing!

Erika: Just how do you plan to do that, Ash?

Ash: (Pulls out a tape deck.) We can pretend to play with this!

May: A tape deck?

Ash: Yeah! We can’t play a thing with these!

Brock: Ash, that’s a great idea!

Misty: (Pulls out a tape.) And I know just what to play!

Ash puts the tape deck down and pushes a “delay play” button. They then head back onto the stage and get ready to mimic playing. As soon as they’re ready, the tape deck starts playing. The song they "play" is Isle Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine). To the crowd, they happen to by playing wonderfully and the crowd starts to go from jeers to cheers.

Cissy: What just happened?

Max: I don’t know, but now they sound great!

Floreia: Wow. That’s an improvement.

Danny: I don’t think they can play that well so fast.

Trixie: I think I know what they might be doing.

Ash and co. goes through the whole song without anyone noticing what’s really going on. However, Team Rocket comes back to behind the stage and notices what they’re doing.

Jessie: What?! Just what are those twerps doing?!

James: I think they’re trying to keep the luau going.

Meowth: I think we know what they’re doing!

Wobbuffet: (Comes out of its Pokéball.) Wobbuffet!

Jessie: I didn’t ask you what! (Returns Wobbuffet back.) (Notices the tape deck.) So they’re trying to feign a song. Well, we’ll just give them something else to play.

As Ash and friends finish playing the first song, another starts to play. This time, the Athletic theme (Super Mario World 2, Yoshi's Island) begins to play and Ash and friends manage to fake playing this one, too.

Jessie: Let’s see just how fast they can play.

Jessie pushes a “speed up” button on the tape deck that causes the song to play faster. Upon noticing this, Ash and co. tries to play faster, but over time, the tape starts to play faster and faster and faster, eventually to a point where they can’t keep up. Shortly after, the tape deck malfunctions from playing so fast and Ash and friends’ plan has been exposed.

Max: What just happened?!

Trixie: I think I heard the music speed up really fast.

Cissy: But how can that be?

<Back onstage>

Ash: What happened to our song?

Misty: I think something happened with the tape.

May: But what?

<Behind the stage>

Jessie: That should derail their fun!

James: We should get out of here!

Meowth: You said it!

Wobbuffet: (Coming out of its Pokéball and yelling loudly.) Wobbu-Wobbuffet!

<Back onstage>

Erika: Wait! (Looks back.) What was that?!

Brock: I think I have an idea!

Suddenly, a large net fires from behind the stage and goes all the way to where Floreia is, and ensnares her! Then, a smaller net is fired and ensnares Pikachu right off of Ash’s back.

Floreia: Ahhhhhhh!

Ash: What the?!

Jessie: (Jumping onto the stage is the same exact hula outfit as her daydream; Team Rocket theme begins playing.) Prepare for trouble! Welcome to our luau!

James: (Jumping onto the stage wearing a nothing but a long loincloth and holding two tiki torches.) Make it double! We got Pikachu-au!

Jessie: (Swaying her arms back and forth together while moving her hips left and right.) To dance the hula ‘till the end of the night!

James: (Juggling the torches.) To astound you with our super sight!

Jessie: JESSIE!

James: JAMES!

Jessie: (Putting her arms behind her head and moving her hips up and down.) Team Rocket, an amazing sight so bright!

James: (Juggles the torches in a circle fashion.) Our luau happens to be in the spotlight!

Meowth: (Wearing a tribal Hawaiian mask and a small grass skirt, putting the mask up upon landing.) Meowth, that’s right!

Wobbuffet: (Dressed is a hula skirt, coconut bra, and grass crown.) Wobbuffet!

Chimecho: (With lots of Hawaiian flowers on its body and tail.) Chime-Chime!

Floreia: (Still in the net.) Just what is the meaning of this?!

Jessie: Your Pokémon! That’s what!

James: You have some nice dancing Ludicolo!

Meowth: And we wanna check them out!

Jessie: Plus, we also have Pikachu! (Holds up the net with Pikachu in it.)

Pikachu: (Tries a Thunderbolt.) Pika!

James: Oh this again?! Don’t you know electric-proof nets are standard equipment for us now?!

Meowth: Not only that, we made the nets Razor Leaf proof, too, just in case those Ludicolo of yours try to cut through!

May: So it was you that sabotaged the luau?!

Erika: Are now you’re kidnapping people?!

Jessie: Actually, no! We just want her Pokémon! Once get far enough away, we’ll take her Pokémon and leave her behind!

Ash: (Gets out Pokéball.) Not if we can help it!

Jessie: Fine! You want to play rough?! (Gets out Pokéballs.) Seviper, Dustox, I choose you! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Seviper: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Seviper!

Dustox: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Dustox!

James: (Gets out Pokéball.) Cacnea, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Cacnea: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Cacnea! (Turns back to James.) Cacnea!

James: (Being hugged by Cacnea.) OW! Cacnea, now’s not the time for a hug!

Ash: Corphish, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Corphish: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Corphish!

Trixie: (To Max, Danny, and Cissy.) We shouldn’t just sit here and watch! Azumarill, Golduck! Help Ash out!

Azumarill: (Running onto the screen.) Azumarill!

Golduck: (Jumping forward.) Gol!

Jessie: Dustox, Poison Sting!

Dustox: (Firing poison stingers.) Dustox!

Trixie: Azumarill, Bubblebeam!

Azumarill: (Firing a Bubblebeam.) Zuuuuuuuuuuu!

Azumarill’s Bubblebeam hits Dustox’s Poison Sting, canceling both attacks.

Ash: Thanks! (To Corphish.) Corphish, Crabhammer!

Corphish: (Left claw glows.) Corphish!

Corphish goes straight for Seviper and hits it with a Crabhammer, knocking it back a distance.

Jessie: Seviper, Poison Tail!

Seviper: (Tail glows purple.) Seviper!

Seviper goes straight for Corphish, hitting it with Poison Tail. Corphish goes flying back.

Jessie: Now Dustox, Psybeam!

Dustox: Dustox!! (Fires a Psybeam from its eyes.)

The Psybeam hits Corphish while it’s still in the air. Corphish faints from the two attacks.

Ash: No! Corphish, return! (Returns Corphish to its Pokéball.)

Brock: Oh, no! We should help Ash out!

Erika: Right! (Gets out Pokéball.) Plantplug, I choose you! (Throws Pokéball.)

Brock: (Gets out Pokéball.) Ludicolo, you help out, too! (Throws Pokéball.)

Ludicolo: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Ludicolo!

Plantplug: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Plantplug!

Erika: Plantplug, use Zap Cannon!

Plantplug: Plant!!

Plantplug puts its arms out and a ball of electricity forms between the two plug hands. The Zap Cannon is then fired straight at Dustox, hitting it hard and showering it with electricity.

Dustox: (Falling.) Dustox!

James: Cacnea, Pin Missile!

Cacnea: Cacnea! (Fires a barrage of Pin Missiles forward.)

Brock: Ludicolo, Bullet Seed!

Ludicolo: Ludicolo! (Fires a barrage of Bullet Seeds.)

The Bullet Seed and Pin Missile streams collide and both pins and seeds fly everywhere.

Misty: (Gets out Pokéball.) Corsola, help us out! (Throws Pokéball.)

May: (Gets out Pokéball.) Combusken, you too! (Throws Pokéball.)

Corsola: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Corsola!

Combusken: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Combusken!

Misty: Corsola, use Spike Cannon!

Corsola: Corsola!

Corsola points its horns straight at Cacnea, then fires several spikes at it. The spikes hit Cacnea and send if flying backward.

Cacnea: (Flying backward.) Cacnea! (Hits James.)

James: (Falls down.) Cacnea, be careful!

Cacnea: (Weakened.) Cacnea.

May: Combusken, use Fire Spin to free Pikachu!

Combusken: Combusken!

Combusken fires a Fire Spin at Pikachu’s net. However, while the net glows red, it’s still intact. Pikachu is not harmed, however.

Jessie: Didn’t we forget to tell you?! We made these nets resistant to all attacks!

Cissy: I think I can cool things down! (Gets out Pokéball.) Starmie, go!

Starmie: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Stttrrrrr!

Cissy: Starmie, that net is hot right now! Use Ice Beam to freeze it over!

Starmie fires an Ice Beam from its core straight at Pikachu’s net. The red-hot ropes freeze over and severely weaken.

Ash: Good going, Cissy! (Gets out another Pokéball.) Grovyle, come out and use Leaf Blade! (Throws Pokéball.)

Grovyle: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Grovyle!

Grovyle’s left arm leaves combine and glow. Grovyle then slashes Pikachu’s frozen net with Leaf Blade, freeing Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash: Yeah! Good going!

Jessie: Seviper, get Pikachu!

Seviper: (Tail glows.) Seviper!

Danny: (Gets out Pokéball.) Scizor, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Scizor: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Scizor!

Cissy: Danny, let’s work together to get Floreia free! (Looks at May.) May, we’ll need your help, too!

May: Right! Combusken, another Fire Spin!

Combusken: Combusken!

Combusken fires another Fire Spin at Floreia’s net. The flames spin around the net, making it red-hot, but not hurting Floreia.

Cissy: Now Ice Beam, Starmie!

Starmie: Strr! (Fires an Ice Beam.)

The Ice Beam goes for Floreia’s net and causes the next to chill severely.

Danny: Now Scizor, Metal Claw!

Scizor: Scizor!

Scizor’s left claw glows as the Bug/Steel Pokémon goes straight for Floreia’s frozen net. It slashes the net instantly with one blow, freeing Floreia!

Floreia: Thanks, guys! Now I should be the one to finish this off! (Gets out two Pokéballs.) Ludicolo, I need both of you!

Both Ludicolo: (Coming out of Pokéballs.) Ludicolo!

Brock: Floreia, may my Ludicolo join you?!

Brock’s Ludicolo: Ludicolo!

Floreia: Yeah! You know what they say, the more the merrier!

Brock’s Ludicolo stands in between Floreia’s two Ludicolo as all three face Team Rocket.

Brock and Floreia: Ludicolo, Hydro Pump!

All Ludicolo: Ludicolo!

All three Ludicolo fire powerful Hydro Pump streams straight at Team Rocket! The first one hits Jessie, Seviper, and Dustox, the second hits Meowth, and the third hits James and Cacnea. All three Hydro Pumps and their victims converge and blast Team Rocket high into the sky.

Jessie: How dare that hula girl blow me away!

James: Why couldn’t we just take a vacation like them?!

Meowth: Well, maybe we can ask the boss for some vacation time!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: Team Rocket’s blasting off again! (The fade into the night sky.)

<Back onstage>

Floreia: Ludicolo, you two did great!

Floreia’s Ludicolo (both): Ludicolo!

Brock: Hey! Maybe if you get cozy with one of Floreia’s Ludicolo, I can get cozy with Floreia!

Ludicolo: Ludicolo!

Ash: (To the director.) Sorry for what Team Rocket did to the luau.

Director: Don’t be! You guys we’re just helping out!

Before any more conversation can be made, suddenly, someone back in the village screams.

Male Villager: (Next to a house as it starts on fire.) My house!

Female Villager: (As her house catches on fire.) Oh, no! They’re back!

Erika: Who’s back?!

Just as Erika gets her answer, what happens to look like a large army of Nuzleaf, each wearing tribal Hawaiian masks, storm the village, each carrying bows holding fire tipped arrows. They fire a barrage of fiery arrows straight at the luau.

Trixie: (Gasps.) Golduck, use Hydro Pump!

Golduck: Goldu!

Golduck fires a Hydro Pump at the incoming fire arrows, extinguishing most of them, but the rest reach the luau and hit the ground.

May: (Gets out Pokéball.) Beautifly, come on out and use Silver Wind! (Throws Pokéball.)

Beautifly: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Beautifly!

Beautifly flies through the second barrage of fire arrows towards the Nuzleaf. Upon reaching them, it fires a Silver Wind at several of them, knocking them out. However, many of the Grass-and-Dark Pokémon make it through and advance on the luau.

Trixie: Azumarill, go and use Water Gun to put out those flames!

Azumarill: (Runs forward.) Azu!

Cissy: Starmie, you help out, too!

Starmie: (Spins forward.) Strrrr!

Floreia: Ludicolo, help them out!

Both Ludicolo: (Run forward.) Ludicolo!

Trixie, Cissy, and Floreia: Water Gun now!

All four Pokémon make it to the village, which now has several of the houses on fire. They fire Water Gun attacks at the burning roofs, putting them out. However, due to all the flaming arrows, the whole village starts to catch fire. Right after this, we see the “Fire Dancer” come back onto stage, seeing what has just happened. He gets out two Pokéballs and throws them into the air.

“Fire Dancer”: Tropius, Treeagle, we could use your help here!

Tropius: (Comes out of Pokéball and roars.)

Treeagle: Tree-ah!

“Fire Dancer”: Tropius, use Whirlwind to help deflect those arrows!

Tropius flips its wings, lifting itself into the air and creating a Whirlwind that goes straight for the next wave of flame arrows. The winds knock the arrows down to the ground.

“Fire Dancer”: Treeagle, use Drill Peck!

Treeagle: (Rushing forward.) Tree-ah!!

Treeagle’s beak seems to spin rapidly as it flies toward all the Nuzleaf. It bashes through several of them with the use of Drill Peck. However, some Nuzleaf happen to be advancing towards Floreia’s two Ludicolo. They tackle both Water/Grass Pokémon to the ground and then proceed to carry them off.

“Fire Dancer”: (Getting out another Pokéball.) Shiftry, come on out as well!

Shiftry: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Shiftry!

“Fire Dancer”: Use Razor Wind to cut through them!

Shiftry: Shiftry!

Shiftry shoots two Razor Winds at teo Nuzleaf running forward, knocking them to the ground.

May: Combusken, use Fire Spin, then Sky Uppercut!

Combusken: Combusken!

Combusken creates a whirling Fire Spin that goes for several of the Nuzleaf, trapping them. Then Combusken lunges forward at the Nuzleaf and hits them with a Sky Uppercut. However, while Ash and co. are battling it out with the Nuzleaf, some of them reach Floreia and proceed to trap her and carry her off along with her Ludicolo.

Floreia: (While being carried off by the Nuzleaf.) Help me!

Brock: Oh, no!

Ash: Pikachu, try using Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Pikachu jumps up and fires a Thunderbolt at the Nuzleaf carrying Floreia and her two Ludicolo, but two of them jump in the way and take the Thunderbolt attack. Before anyone can try again, the Nuzleaf start to head out of the village with their captives.

Erika: They got away!

Cissy: I wonder why they took Floreia!

Back in the village, Trixie’s Pokémon, Misty’s Pokémon, Cissy’s Pokémon, Brock’s Ludicolo, and Ash’s Corphish help put out any remaining flames. The director comes up to Ash and friends and thanks them for their help.

Director: Thanks for helping to save the village from those Pokémon.

Misty: Yeah, but they did a lot of damage and managed to kidnap Floreia.

Brock: We need to find her fast!

Suddenly, the “Fire Dancer” walks up to Ash and co. and introduces himself to them.

“Fire Dancer”: May name’s Mikileo, and I think I know why the Nuzleaf took Floreia. If we don’t act fast, Floreia might become Mahikila Volcano’s next sacrifice to the Maltihino!

May: Maltihino?!

<Quick flashback of Pammy telling May about the Maltihino>

Pammy: (Flashback.) Maltihino has guarded Kahinei Island since the ancient Hawaiians first came here. During those times, the natives here would go up to Mahikila and sacrifice a virgin to the volcano to appease Maltihino.

<Flashback ends>

May: Mikileo, you may be right! We need to rescue Floreia before it’s too late!

Upon hearing this information, Ash and friends now know that Floreia’s life is in danger and that the legend of Kahinei Island’s Maltihino may be true after all. Looks like their vacation will have to take a break while a desperate search for a friend begins.

April 4th, 2006, 9:25 AM
::giggles at my gag sequence...::

Thanks for using my gag idea!

April 13th, 2006, 7:12 PM
Sorry for the wait once again, but I got another long chapter of Aloha! Pokémon up for you guys to read! Now that the stage is set for the problem in the story, it's time to see what happens next. For the record, in this chapter, I decided to use references from the Sonic the Hedgehog games, including Sonic Riders. See if you can find them!

We cut back to where we left off where Ash and co. are trying to figure out what to do to save Floreia. Accoring to what Mikileo just told them, time to find Floreia is short and they know that her life may be in danger.

Brock: (Desperate.) Mikileo?! How much time do we have to save such a wonderful hula beauty?!

Mikileo: As it turns out, the luau we have every year here on Kahinei Island happens to fall on the night before the fabled Kahinei Celestial.

Cissy: What’s the Kahinei Celestial?

Tribal music starts to play in the background as we fade to various images of an old Hawaiian tribe kneeling in front of a large figure shrouded in flames.

Mikileo: (Voice-over.) Long ago, there lived an ancient tribe that lived on Kahinei Island. They happened to worship the island’s Maltihino like a god. Every year around this time they would take a young female virgin into the heart of Mahikila Volcano where an ancient ritual would take place. After the ritual, they would then sacrifice the girl to the volcano. Sometimes, they would pick a virgin from the tribe itself. Other times, they would go to another island and take a woman from there back to here for the sacrificial ritual. (Fade back to reality as music ends.)

Misty: So what does this have to do with those Nuzleaf that attacked the village?

Mikileo: For several days now, those Nuzleaf have been showing up in or around the village. The tribe that lived on this island also had Nuzleaf that helped them gather virgins.

May: But didn’t Pammy say that this ritual doesn’t happen anymore?

Mikileo: We thought that was so, but those Nuzleaf started showing up several days ago. They already tried to kidnap several girls from the village. The one they take can actually be from anywhere in the world. (Looking at Erika, Cissy, and Trixie.) Any one of you young ladies could have been taken instead of Floreia!

Trixie: (Gasps.) I could’ve been a virgin sacrifice?!

Danny: Wait a minute. You said that the Kahinei Celestial falls on the night after tonight’s luau! We only have about one full day to find Floreia before it’s too late!

Max: And if those Nuzleaf are doing just what they did in ancient times, they must have taken Floreia to Mahikila Volcano!

Erika: Mikileo, is there any way to reach the volcano?

Mikileo: Yeah! There might be a path leading up to the summit! We should go check it out tomorrow! It’s best we get some rest first. After all, we have about 24 hours to find and save Floreia!

Cissy: I have to bring this up, but the first round of the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest is tomorrow at noon!

Ash: Your surfing contest?!

Misty: Cissy, don’t you know Floreia’s in danger?!

Cissy: Yeah! I want to save her just as much as the rest of you, but I can’t back out of this contest now! Every second that is not spent surfing I’ll devote to helping the rest of you find Floreia!

Danny: Yeah! In fact, we should try Mahikila’s summit first thing in the morning before the surfing contest!

Ash: Got it!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Mikileo: Now it’s best we all get some sleep first. Please remember to get up as early as possible and meet me in front of the Honoleiah Hotel!

Everyone: Right!

We fade out to black and cut to the next morning outside the Honoleiah Hotel. Mikileo is standing outside waiting for everyone. He is now wearing an orange Hawaiian shirt with white palm tree patters over it and a pair of blue shorts with black sandals on his feet. As he waits, we see Ash, Misty, Brock, Erika, May, Max, Cissy, Danny, and Trixie all come out of the hotel one by one and meet up with him.

Mikileo: I’m glad you’re all here! It’s a long way to the top of Mahikila Volcano!

Cissy: (Looking at her watch.) It’s 7:30 right now! Are we all ready to go?

Brock: Yes! Now let’s go save the most beautiful hula dancer I’ve ever layed eyes on!

Max: (Pulling Brock’s ear.) Watch yourself, Brock!

Erika: Anyone know where that hula girl that drives that cart is?

Hula Girl: (Dropping by in the cart.) Anyone call for me?

Brock: (Love-struck.) You’re here!

Hula Girl: Of course I am! I’ll get you as far to Mahikila Volcano as possible before you know it!

Danny: All right, everybody! Hop in!

Everybody gets into the cart as it drives off towards Mahikila Volcano in the distance. The road happens to go through a small, thick jungle where the cart passes by Pokémon such as Hoppip, Gloom, and Victreebel that reside here. Eventually, we also see Pokémon like Mankey and Vulpix in the jungle, too.

Misty: Ash, I know now’s not the time, but you think you can get some pictures of these Pokémon while we have the chance?

Ash: Okay!

Ash gets out the camera and looks through the lens. We look towards the Pokémon as several bright flashes light up the screen. Eventually we reach the end of the jungle and the end of the road. There happens to be a rocky path that continues further on from there.

Hula Girl: Well, this is the end of the line. The path ahead is very rocky and long. I’ll wait for y’all here until you get back.

Trixie: Okay. Thanks.

May: We’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

Mikileo: Please wait for us.

Everybody gets out of the cart and starts going up the long, rocky path. The path happens to be bordered by high cliff walls. We watch as Ash and friends as they head up the sloping route. Eventually, we cut to where the path makes a turn at a long ledge. Ash looks over the edge and can see the Honoleiah Hotel in the distance.

Ash: Wow, I wonder how much longer it is to the top.

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu.

Later, they all make it to a spot where the path continues after a cliff high above them.

May: (Gets out Pokéball.) Bulbasaur, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Erika: (Gets out Pokéballs.) Victreebel, Plantplug, you too! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Bulbasaur: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Bulba!

Victreebel: (Coming out of Pokéball, screeches.)

Plantplug: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Plant!

Suddenly, Victreebel is trying to swallow Brock whole as it usually does when Erika brings it out.

Brock: (Muffled inside Victreebel.) Not this again! Please let go of me!

Erika: Victreebel, not right now! (Victreebel gets off of Brock.)

May and Erika: All of you, Vine Whip!

All three Pokémon shoot two vines each up towards the top of the cliff where the vines fasten and then pull all three Pokémon up to it.

Erika: Okay now! Use Vine Whip again to carry each of us up there!

All three Pokémon shoot their vines back down to help everyone reach the top. Bulbasaur grabs Ash, Victreebel grabs Brock, and Plantplug grabs Erika and all three of them are pulled up to the top of the cliff.

Brock: Thanks.

Victreebel: (Screams.)

Next, Bulbasaur grabs May, Victreebel grabs Max, and Plantplug grabs Misty and all three are brought up to the top of the cliff.

Trixie: (From Below.) Now for the rest of us!

Bulbasaur grabs Cissy, Victreebel grabs Danny, and Plantplug grabs Trixie and all three are pulled up to the top of the cliff. Then Plantplug grabs Mikileo and pulls him up to the top where everybody else is. On level with the cliff-top, we can see the whole island down below all the way to the ocean.

May and Erika: (Holding out Pokéballs.) Return! (All three Pokémon are brought back into their Pokéballs.)

Erika: We should keep going!

Mikileo: Yeah!

Ash and friends continue up the volcano. As they do so, they pass by several Slugma and Numel that indicate the summit is close. Eventually, the summit of Mahikila has been reached. As everyone reaches the top, they gasp in awe at the view, which happens to be the volcano’s large crater, with smoke and a massive lava lake far below. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything that indicates Floreia or her captors.

May: There’s nothing here.

Brock: Not even a flower from Floreia’s lei.

Misty: Could we be too late?

Mikileo: I don’t understand. This is the top of Mahikila Volcano.

Ash: I can’t believe we went all this way for nothing.

Erika: Maybe we could find some clues back in the village.

Cissy: Yeah. There must be more to this volcano than meets the eye.

Everyone starts to head back down the mountain. We cut to where they make it back to the cart where the hula girl is wating for them.

Hula Girl: So did you find anything?

Mikileo: No.

May: (Realizing something.) Wait! Pammy told me about the legend of the Maltihino! Maybe she can shed some light on where Floreia could be!

Misty: Yeah! Let’s go there right away!

Hula Girl: I’ll get us there quickly!

We cut to the village, where rebuilding has already begun. Ash and friends look though the village for Pammy, who we eventually see.

Brock: (Love-struck.) Oh, what a beauty!

Max: (Grabs Brock’s ear.) Not right now, Brock!

May: (Runs up to Pammy.) Pammy!

Pammy: May! What are you doing here?!

May: Pammy, if you remember the luau last night, our friend Floreia was taken by those Nuzleaf.

Misty: We need to know where they may have taken her!

Pammy: I hate to tell you this but no one today knows the exact location of where the sacrifices were done. According to legend, there was a passage that leads deep into Mahikila Volcano where the ritual would be held. They considered the Maltihino sacred and made sure no one that they didn’t consider worthy would find it.

Mikileo: Thanks for the information, Pammy.

Trixie: Now all we need to do is find a secret passage leading inside the volcano.

Cissy: (Looking at her watch.) Sorry to postpone Floreia’s rescue, but it’s almost time for the Surfing Contest!

Erika: Is that all you’re thinking about?!

Brock: Look, Floreia has until tonight to survive! We’ll pool all our skills into finding her! First, let’s go to Cissy’s surfing contest!

Mikileo: Yeah! Some of the Nuzleaf have also been troubling the surfers during the daytime! We could also watch to see if they come by again and then follow them!

Cissy: Okay! Now are you glad I’m going to the surfing contest?

We cut to the beach where the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest is. There happens to be a lot of surfers participating in the contest. There happens to be a female announcer with wavy purple hair in a light blue bikini top and a pair of blue jean shorts starting barely above her hips. The jeans happen to have a “faux-undone-zipper” in the front (like Trixie’s normal pants) and the girl also has a pair of sunglasses on top of her head and is holding a microphone.

Announcer: Welcome to the annual Kahinei Island Surfing Contest! (Cutting to the contestants.) Here we have 64 surfers ready to show us their stuff! (We see Cissy in her bikini and holding her surfboard.) However, only one can win it all!

We cut to see Ash and friends on the bleachers looking at Cissy. They also happen to be looking for any Nuzleaf that may show up during the contest.

Ash: Mikileo, are you sure the Nuzleaf will show up?

Mikileo: Positive. For the past few days, surfers have had complaints about them showing up here. If we’re lucky, they’ll be here once more.

Brock: (Love-struck.) Wow! Even the announcer is beautiful!

We cut to see a young woman with long orange hair wearing a blue and yellow wetsuit and holding a red, green, and pink surfboard.

Announcer: First up we have Jaynie Amethyst all the way here from Station Square!

Jaynie: Look out, waves because here I come! (Gets out Pokéball.) Iron Squid, come on down!

Iron Squid: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Grrrmmm!

May: Wow, Iron Squid?! (Gets out Pokédex.) I’ve never seen that Pokémon before!

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Iron Squid, the Cephlapod Pokémon. Iron Squid is both Water and Steel and can possess great speed out on the water with the use of its torpedo-like body. It’s been known to puncture the hulls of ships on several occasions.

We cut back to Jaynie and she runs towards the water with her surfboard in front of her and jumps in the water. She then swims while on her surfboard out into the bay where a large wave starts to form. She then positions herself to surf the wave.

Jaynie: Iron Squid, follow my lead!

Jaynie starts going up the wave and stands up on her surfboard. She then manages to ride the wave with ease.

Announcer: And now Jaynie has caught the wave! Can she hold on?!

Trixie: Wow, Jaynie is great!

Brock: Yeah, and don’t forget her surfing!

While on the wave, Jaynie points the nose nose of her surfboard up into the air. She then manages to make the board jump into the air.

Jaynie: Now Iron Squid! Bubblebeam!

Iron Squid: Grrmmm!

Iron Squid fires a Bubblebeam straight at the bottom of Jaynie’s surfboard. The bubbles propel the board into the air.

Jaynie: Woo-hoo-hoo! Now that’s how we surf!

Announcer: Would you look at that?! Iron Squid’s Bubblebeam has actually propelled Jaynie’s surfboard into the air! What a spectacle!

Jaynie manages to land her surfboard back onto the wave and now manages to surf all the way back to shore, even moving across the sand a little. Everybody cheers her on as she steps off her surfboard and looks at them.

Announcer: And Jaynie has given us an astounding display of surfing tricks!

We decide to skip through several of the surfing contestants to speed thing up. We see a clip of a young Hawaiian man with black hair and wearing red swim trunks and riding a yellow surfboard surf a wave sideways. He then turns his board forward and surfs downward.

The next clip is of another girl with long cyan-colored hair wearing a white, sleeveless shirt that has the bottom tied up in a large knot and raised a few inches above her navel and a blue bikini riding a red and green surfboard as she manages to surf all the way up a wave and the makes a sideways turn in the air. Basically, she’s using the wave like a skateboard half pipe.

The next one is of another man with slightly long brown hair in a white shirt and black swim trunks using an orange surfboard manage to do a backflip after shooting up into the air on top of a wave. He manages to land on top of the wave and starts to surf it downward.

We then see a clip of a teen Hawaiian girl with shoulder-length black hair and wearing a one-piece green-colored swimsuit and using a pink surfboard make her way through a tubular wave. The water starts to close in on her but she manages to keep ahead of it.

We then see a clip of another young male with short yellow hair in gray swim trunks using a tan and white surfboard do a spin while in the air. He then manages to land on the wave perfectly.

We now cut to yet another man with short green hair and wearing a green and orange wetsuit carrying an unusual-looking surfboard. He looks quite determined to do great in this contest. The announcer lets us in on who this person is.

Announcer: Next up is Jensen Ridley from North Town! Now this contestant is not just good with surfboards but with Extreme Gear, too, as he participated in the recent EX World Grand Prix! In fact, the board he’s holding right now is also an Extreme Gear!

Misty: EX World Grand Prix?

Max: The EX World Grand Prix was a race that was held in Metal City. The racers in the EX World Grand Prix used Extreme Gear, or air boards, to race.

Erika: Wow! I wonder if we could end up doing some kind of race sometimes!

May: Yeah! I wonder how this guy does in the water!

Trixie: I watched the EX World Grand Prix on TV. Maybe I could use Extreme Gear.

Mikileo: Guys, now’s not the time to be discussing races.

Brock: Yeah! Cissy’s going to be up soon!

Danny: Since we practiced yesterday, I think she’s going to do great!

Ash: And we’ll be ready if those Nuzleaf show up!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Jensen: Yeah! I may have only placed in the top 16 in EX World, but look out Kahinei Island, because I’m going to rip up this surf! (Gets out Pokéball.) Octosud, let’s show them what we’re made of! (Throws Pokéball.)

Octosud: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Octosud!

Ash: Cool! An Octosud!

Dexette: (Dexette music plays.) Octosud, the Soap Pokémon. Octosud in the evolved form of Slippery Soap and is known to have great speed on both solid and liquid surfaces. It can skate on even jagged rocky surfaces as if they were smooth ice.

Misty: I wonder how it’ll fare in surfing!

Jensen: Now I’ll show you the extent of Extreme Gear’s uses!

Jensen runs towards the water with his surfboard in front of him and jumps in the water. He then swims while on his surfboard out into the bay where a large wave starts to form. Octosud follows swimmig behind him.

Jensen: All right, Octosud! Let’s ride!

Jensen starts to turn around and stand on his board as he starts to move up the wave. Octosud, however, dives under, but Jensen has a plan up his sleeve.

Jensen: Octosud, Water Gun!

We cut to Octosud underwater as the wave moves above it. It faces upward and fires a Water Gun straight up. Back above the wave, the Water Gun hits the underside of his surfboard and shoots him high into the air.

Announcer: Another water lift! This must be the sixth one we’ve seen! Now can he make an excellent landing?!

Jensen manages to land sqarely back on the wave. However, the wave is starting to bowl over. Octosud surfaces and both of them manage to escape the wave before it splashes over. They surf all the way back to shore where Jensen steps off his board and is cheered on for his act.

Announcer: That was quick, but something! It makes you think sometimes just how much practice these athletes put into surfing!

Danny: Wow, I wonder how Cissy will fare among these guys.

May: I hope she does great!

Danny: Knowing her, I think she will.

We cut through several more surfers. The next one is of an older female, most likely in her thirties, with long red hair and wearing a skimpy yellow wetsuit and riding a pink and orange surfboard. She manages to horizontally surf the top of a large wave.

We then cut to a young Hawaiian male with short black hair wearing a pair of long blue swim trunks and riding a red surfboard. He comes flying off the top of the crest of a wave and after landing, surfs the rest of the wave down.

Next up we see an attractive young female with long green hair in a ponytail, wearing a skimpy dark pink bikini, and riding a light pink surfboard surfing up a large wave. She manages to surf up the bottom of the crest upside down and flip back down to the bottom of the wave safely.

Then we cut to an older male, very likely in his forties, with black-and-grey hair, wearing a light green shirt and pair of gray swim trunks, and riding a light red surfboard as he surfs the side of a tubular wave. He then surfs back down to the bottom of the water tube.

Last, for now, we cut to a girl with semi-long pink hair, wearing a turquoise one-piece swimsuit, and riding a lime green surfboard suarf towards an incoming wave, up the wave, and then makes a banking turn to the left and starts surfing down the wave.

Back on the bleachers, we see Ash and friends comment on the many surfers they have seen partake in this contest while still waiting for Cissy to go.

Brock: (Love-struck.) I can’t believe all the surfer girls in this contest! I hope it never ends!

Erika: Yeah! Everyone here’s pretty good!

Mikileo: Guys, don’t forget Floreia’s still in danger! Let’s just hope those Nuzleaf show up again!

Ash: I’d like to see just how good Cissy is on a surfboard!

We cut back down to near the shore, where we now see that Cissy is the next contestant in the contest. She’s holding the same surfboard she used the day before in her right arm.

Announcer: And for our next surfer we have Cissy Matthews from Mikan Island! She seems very confident to get a good score here!

Trixie: Look! Cissy’s up next!

Danny: Finally!

May: I wonder if she has what it takes to win!

Max: We’ll see!

Misty: Knowing her personally, I think she does!

Cissy: (Thinking.) Wow. This competition looks steep. But that won’t stop me. (Getting out Pokéball.) (Out loud.) Blastoise, I choose you! (Throws Pokéball.)

Blastoise: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Blastoise!

Cissy: All right, Blastoise! Let’s give them our best!

Blastoise: Blastoise!

Cissy runs towards the water with her surfboard in front of her and jumps in the water. Blastoise follows right behind her. They both swim out into the deep water.

Misty: Well, Cissy’s off to a good start.

May: Of course she is. She hasn’t done anything yet.

We see a large wave start to form far out on the water. This wave happens to be much larger than most of the other waves that were seen in this contest. Cissy and Blastoise look straight at it.

Announcer: Whoa! This wave looks enormous! I wonder if Cissy’s capable of suring this monster!

Cissy: Well, this is it. Ready to do this?

Blastoise: BLAST!!

Cissy and Blastoise swim out to the wave. As both of them start up the wave, Cissy gets up and stands on her board while still facing the wave. She then starts to surf up the tall wave.

Erika: Wow! This is a very large wave!

Trixie: Let’s hope it’s not too big to surf!

We go back to Cissy, who’s still surfing up the wave. She looks determined to reach the very top of the wave. We go to a close-up of Cissy’s face as she keeps a determined look on her face. Her eyes seem to be focused on the wave. We then go back to look at Cissy from behind as she nears the crest of the wave.

Brock: Cissy, I have complete faith in you!

Danny: You can do it! I believe in you!

Cissy reaches the top of the wave and goes straight up into the air. She now decides to wow the crowds with the next part of her surfing performance.

Cissy: Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!

Blastoise: BLASTOISE!!

Blastoise fires two powerful streams of water from its shell cannons right at the bottom of Cissy’s surfboard, which is propelled far towards the sky. While this is happeneing, Cissy starts to spin her board in several complete turns. Once the Hydro Pump stops and Cissy’s high in the air, she looks down and can see the beach far below her.

Cissy: Now let’s see what I’m made of!

As soon as she starts to fall back down, Cissy does several front flips, followed by backspins, then a few backflips. She executes a lot of flips, spins, and turns before landing back on top of the wave. However, she starts to spin out of control as she lands back on the wave.

Brock: Oh, no! Cissy! Watch yourself!

Ash: Don’t fall!

Mikileo: Keep your footing!

Just before Cissy seems to start falling forward, she starts a hard spin to the left and positions herself back up. She surfs down the wave back towards the shore. Upon reaching the shore, she surfs across the sand and makes a right turn, bringing the board to a halt.

Danny: Wow! Cissy, that was amazing! You did great!

Trixie: You had us there for a moment!

Announcer: (As everyone cheers Cissy on.) She almost fumbled that one, but Cissy showed us some great prowess out in the water!

We cut to Cissy, who is waving with her both of her arms to everyone in the bleachers. She has a happy look on her face.

Mikileo: Once everyone else has done, we’ll see if Cissy makes the top 32.

Ash: It looks pretty steep. Everyone else here did excellent, too.

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu.

Misty: Don’t worry, I think she did great enough.

We decide to cut to the very end of the first round of the surfing contest. All 64 contestants are grouped up in front of a massive display screen on the beach. Ash and friends are standing on the bleachers looking at the board as well.

Max: Now we’ll see if Cissy made the second round.

May: Yeah. Eeryone here’s seems pretty confident.

Announcer: All right now! Out of the 64 surfers that took part in the first round of this contest, only half of them will progress to Round 2! Now we’ll see who those 32 are!

The board screen flashes with dozens of pictures, names, and data. Eventually, 32 of the 64 surfers are displayed. As we look closer, we see that Jaynie and Jensen had made it. However, at first glance, Cissy’s picture isn’t seen.

Brock: Did Cissy not make the next round?

Erika: (Looking closer.) Wait! Look there! (Cut to see Cissy’s picture near the right of the board.) Cissy made it!

Cissy: (Seeing her name and picture.) Yes!! (Striking a sexy and rad pose.) Looks like Cissy’s going to Round 2!

Danny: Yes! Cissy did great! I can’t wait to see her win first place!

Max: Danny, it’s not definite she’ll win the whole thing.

Mikileo: (Realizing something.) Wait! The Nuzleaf didn’t show up at all!

Ash: Yeah! We didn’t see any sign of them!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Brock: (Also realizing.) We still need to rescue Floreia!

We cut to further inland, where Cissy, back in her normal outfit, joins back up with everyone.

Cissy: Did you see I made it to Round 2?!

Mikileo: Cissy, the Nuzleaf didn’t show up!

Cissy: They didn’t?

Trixie: We were watching to see if they would come and then follow them.

May: Oh, no. Now what will we do?

Brock: Wait! I think I know what to do!

Max: What is that?

Brock: If you remember the luau…

<Quick flashback of the Nuzleaf attacking the village>

Brock: (Voice-over.) The Nuzleaf showed up a night. Like the director put it, this has happened before. Perhaps they will show up again tonight.

<End flashback>

Erika: Brock, I think you’re right!

Cissy: If we wait until night, the Nuzleaf might show up again! We can then follow them and hopefully find Floreia!

Misty: Yeah! Before nightfall, we should head back to the jungle near Mahikila Volcano and wait for some of those Nuzleaf to arrive!

Brock: Yes! Then I’ll swoop in and save Floreia before the sacrificial ritual is complete and she’ll fall in love with me! (Everybody stares at Brock.) Oh, all right.

Ash: So that’s the plan! (Looks at Pikachu.) Well, Pikachu, you ready for this?

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

We cut to sunset, where Ash and friends are now in the jungle they went through on the way to Mahikila Volcano. They are looking around for any Nuzleaf to follow.

Ash: Nuzleaf?!

Misty: Ash. Keep your voice down. If they hear us, they’ll know we’re trying to find them.

Mikileo: Yeah. We need to be a discreet as possible.

Suddenly, a few of the Nuzleaf from the night before are seen in the forest. While they are carrying fire bows, they are not using them for fear of setting the forest on fire.

Erika: (Standing up from behind a bush.) There’s a couple now.

Trixie: (Standing up from behind the same bush.) Yeah.

Cissy: (Also standing up from behind the bush.) Now we’ll be quiet until they leave and then follow them. If we do, they should lead us to where Floreia is.

Meanwhile, nearby, we happen to see Jessie, James, and Meowth, back in their regular outfits (if any, regarding Meowth). They happen to be talking about the night before.

Jessie: I can’t believe that two-timing hula girl!

James: Yeah. She ruined our performance.

Meowth. Meowth. Now what are we going to bring back to the boss.

James: Let’s just try to find the twerp and his friends and finish what we started.

Jessie: Yeah! And then I’ll get my revenge on that so-called dancer!

Wobbuffet: (Comes out of its Pokéball.) WOBBUFFET!!

<Back with Ash and co.>

Nuzleaf: (To another Nuzleaf.) Nuzleaf!

Second Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf!

Third Nuzleaf: (Pointing to Ash and co.) Nuzleaf!

May: Oh, no! They saw us!

Max: Now what do we do?!

All Nuzleaf: NUZLEAF!! (Start running towards the gang.)

Brock: They’re coming this way!

One of the Nuzleaf starts to fade out as it runs forward. Suddenly, Erika is hit by a blur of what looks like that same Nuzleaf!

Erika: (Getting hit by Faint Attack.) Ahhhhhhhhhh!!

Max: Those Nuzleaf are using Faint Attack!

Ash: (Getting out Pokéball.) Torkoal, come on out!

Brock: Ash, no! If you use Torkoal in this thick jungle, you could set the whole thing on fire!

Danny: (Getting out Pokéball.) I’ll handle this! Golem, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Golem: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Golem!

Danny: Golem, use Double-Edge!

Golem: Golem!

Golem curls up into ball and starts rolling forward at an incredible speed. It bowls straight through several of the Nuzleaf, sending them flying. However, a few that didn’t get hit jump up and fire Bullet Seed attacks at Golem.

Golem: (Getting hit by the Bullet Seeds.) Golem!

Golem can’t take the Bullet Seeds and falls over.

Danny: Golem, return! (Returns Golem to its Pokéball.)

Ash: (Getting out another Pokéball.) Swellow, use Wing attack! (Throws Pokéball.)

Swellow: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Swellow!

Swellow’s wings start to glow as it heads for the Nuzleaf. It strikes several of them, but one of them “fades out” and then strikes Swellow with a Faint Attack.

Swellow: (Getting hit by Faint Attack.) Swellow!

Ash: Swellow, no!

Mikileo: (Getting out Pokéball.) Shiftry, I choose you! (Throws Pokéball.)

Shiftry: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Shiftry!

Mikileo: Shiftry, use Fury Cutter to stop them!

Shiftry: SHIFTRY!!

Shiftry jumps forward as it leaf fans start to glow. It then slashes most of the remaining Nuzleaf with Fury Cutter. However, two of them remained unharmed. Those Nuzleaf along with the rest of them start to run away from Ash and friends.

Erika: They’re getting away!

Cissy: Let’s follow them!

Danny: Right!

Ash and co. start following the Nuzleaf in hot pursuit. They end up traveling deep into the jungle in the process. Eventually, one of the Nuzleaf uses Razor Wind on a large tree, causing the tree to start to fall down in front of Ash and co., blocking them.

Mikileo: Guys, watch out!

Everyone jumps out of the way of the falling tree. A lot of dust is kicked up from the impact of the falling tree. Ash and friends are all lying down on the ground, but stand up right away.

Mikileo: They got away!

May: Now what are we going to do?

Erika: (Getting out Pokéball.) We’re not done yet! Gloom, Victreebel, I choose you! (Throws Pokéball.)

Gloom: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Gloom, Gloom!

Victreebel: (Coming out of Pokéball, screeches.)

Once again, Victreebel is trying to swallow Brock whole.

Brock: (Muffled inside Victreebel.) Please, Victreebel, not now!

Erika: Gloom, Victreebel, try to see if you can get the Nuzleaf’s scent!

Gloom: Gloom!

Victreebel: (Screeches.)

Gloom and Victreebel start to look around the area seeing if they can catch Nuzleaf’s scent.

Trixie: Erika, are you sure this will work?

Erika: Of course! Nuzleaf are Grass Pokémon and so are Victreebel and Gloom!

Eventually, Gloom and Victreebel catch something and alert everyone.

Victreebel: (Starts off while screeching.)

Gloom: (Follows after Victreebel.) Gloom!

Erika: Hey! Wait for us!

Ash and friends start to follow Gloom and Victreebel. However, further behind, Team Rocket is just catching up with them.

James: (Tired.) Man, those twerps are fast.

Meowth: Yeah. I wonder where they’re going.

Jessie: Probably to find the hula dancer!

James: Jessie, can we please just take a vacation from the twerps this time?

Jessie: No! (Points forward.) We keep going!

Wobbuffet: (Comes out of its Pokéball.) Wobbu!

Jessie: Wobbuffet, not now! (Returns Wobbuffet to its Pokéball.)

We cut back to Ash and friends as they head further into the jungle. Eventually they start passing by several Hawaiian totem poles and unlit tiki torches.

Mikileo: Wow. I’ve never thought anything like this still existed on the island.

Cissy: It looks so ancient.

Brock: We must be getting close.

May: (Looking at the totem poles.) These look kinda spooky.

Max: May, now’s not the time to be sacred,

Trixie: I wonder where this leads.

Misty: Maybe to where they’re keeping Floreia.

Brock: Yeah, and I’ll be the hero of this story!

Ash: Brock, stop it.

Erika: Yeah. This is crucial. We need to rescue Floreia now.

A while later, everyone reaches what looks like an old, ancient Hawaiian village of huts. The place looks to be completely abandoned. Ash and friends decide to look around.

Misty: What is this place?

Cissy: I think it’s an old Hawaiian village.

Danny: I didn’t think any of these still existed today.

Mikileo: This most likely must have belonged to the tribe that once lived here.

Trixie: The one you said were going to sacrifice Floreia?

Erika: I think so.

Brock: Now all we need to do is find out where they went.

Max: There must be a secret passage somewhere.

Ash: Yeah. We should go look for one.

Pikachu: Pika.

May: I hope we finish this soon.

We check out Brock and Erika looking into one of the huts. However, the hut is completely empty.

Brock: Nothing here.

Erika: Let’s look some more.

We go to Cissy and Danny checking out the edge of the village.

Cissy: Not one of the Nuzleaf is here.

Danny: Where could they have gone off to?

We cut to Ash and Misty each looking into some of the huts.

Misty: Nothing here.

Ash: We didn’t find anything here, either.

We go to May and Max, who are the absolute end of the village next to a cliff wall.

May: This village is completely empty.

Max: Yeah. Maybe the Nuzleaf didn’t even come here.

Max decides to sit down on a large rock near the wall. However, when he does so, the rock moves down a little. Suddenly, part of the cliff starts to move down, revealing that the wall was a large door leading into the volcano. Everyone else runs up to where May and Max are.

Brock: Max, what did you do?!

Max: I just sat down and then the wall opened!

Erika: Max! I think you found our secret passage!

Cissy: This must be where they took Floreia!

Trixie: Now all we need to do is go rescue her!

May: Yeah! But what about the Nuzleaf?

Ash: We’ll handle them when we have to!

Mikileo: We’re running out of time! We should go now!

Danny: Yeah! Let’s get going!

Misty: I never thought there’d be a hidden tunnel out here.

Ash: Pikachu, are you ready to go rescue Floreia?

Pikachu: Pi-Pikachu!

Everyone starts to head into the newly revealed passage in hopes of it leading them to Floreia. However, Team Rocket has caught up with them and are checking out the village.

James: Wow. An old, historic Hawaiian village.

Meowth: I wonder if they worship Meowth here, too?

Jessie: Meowth, not’s not the time to check out this place!

James: The twerps passed through here!

Meowth: Then let’s follow them!

Jessie, James, and Meowth head forward to find the secret passage Ash and co. went into.

James: A hidden tunnel?

Meowth: Must’ve been used by the ancient Hawaiians.

Jessie: And they’re might be some ancient Hawaiian treasure hidden deep inside!

Meowth: Hidden Hawaiian treasure?!

James: We could be rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Jessie: And we have the chance to capture the twerps’ Pikachu, too!

Meowth: Pikachu and treasure?! (Eyes replaced with dollar-bill-signs.)

Jessie: Well what are we waiting for?! Let’s go!

Team Rocket heads into the tunnel in pursuit of Ash and friends and any so-called treasure. However, what we might find here is the old Hawaiian tribe holding Floreia captive. Will Ash and friends make it there in time to save her?

April 16th, 2006, 5:11 AM
All right now! Here it is! The final chapter of Aloha! Pokémon! Now before I get to this chapter, it eneded up so big that this post can't hold the whole thing. So it's split up into two parts. You'll finally find out what the Maltihino is! Also, I have a stern warning for this chapter. I have rated this chapter PG-13+ for scenes of blood and sacrificial ritual violence that you'll see later on. In other words things will get pretty intense here. Well, let's cut the small talk and get to the epic final chapter!

We now go to within the secret passage leading inside Mahikila Volcano. The tunnel turns out to be long and winding, with green-blue colored cavern walls, ceiling, and floor. In other words, not much is found inside this tunnel.

Ash: I wonder how far this goes.

Misty: For all we know, it leads straight to the core of the volcano.

Brock: Well, at least there aren’t any traps!

Just as Brock claims that the passage has no traps, Ash, who is in front, steps on a piece of floor, which then gives out from under him.

Ash: Ahhhhh!!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash manages to grab onto the side of the hole. Pikachu clings onto Ash’s hat. From above, we see that the pit has no bottom.

Misty: (Running up to Ash.) Ash! (Holds out hand.) Take my hand!

Ash grabs Misty’s hand and both he and Pikachu are lifted back up onto safe ground. Cissy finds a rock and throws it ahead. The rock lands on another trap floor, which then falls.

Cissy: Well, we better be careful down here.

May: Yeah. We don’t want to end up like Ash almost did.

Everyone starts to continue through the tunnel, stepping carefully in case of more hidden pits. Eventually, the tunnel starts to go slightly upward. Next to the cave walls happen to be small tiki idol statues, a good sign that the inner sanctum is hopefully not too far away.

Erika: How much longer until the end?

Mikileo: I have no idea. I don’t think anyone’s stepped foot in here forever.

Max: (Holding out Pokénav.) And the Pokénav has no data, either.

Trixie: Well, at least we’ve found what could be Kahinei Island’s deepest secret.

Danny: Yeah. Where else would these natives be?

Ash and friends continue through the tunnel, which soon opens up into a large cavern. This cavern happens to be lined with various tropical shrubbery and plants. The cavern also contains several more of these Hawaiian totem poles that were seen outside the ancient village. There also happens to be a wide set of stairs heading upward.

Misty: (Looking at the cavern.) Wow! This place is amazing!

Brock: (looking at the stairs.) We should see where these stairs lead.

Erika: Yeah. (Picking up a slight sound.) Wait! I think I hear something coming down!

Trixie: I think I know what.

Suddenly, we hear the sound of countless Nuzleaf making their way down the stairs. Just a few seconds later, we see them heading down the stairs towards Ash and co.

All Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf!

May: Yikes! There’s so many of them!

Ash: (Getting out two Pokéballs.) Well if it’s a fight they want it’s a fight they’ll get! Swellow, Torkoal, go! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Swellow: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Swellow!

Torkoal: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Torkoal!

Misty: (Gets out Pokéballs.) I’ll help out, too! Politoed, Corsola, I choose you! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Politoed: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Poli!

Corsola: (Coming out of Pokéball.) La!

Brock: (Gets out Pokéballs.) Looks like this is a job for Brock! Forretress, Ludicolo, come on out! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Forretress: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Forretress!

Ludicolo: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Ludicolo!

Erika: (Gets out Pokéballs.) I’ll fight Grass with Grass! Gloom, Plantplug, go! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Gloom: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Gloom-Gloom!

Plantplug: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Plant!

May: (Getting out Pokéballs.) Combusken, Beautifly, help us out! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Combusken: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Combusken!

Beautifly: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Beautifly!

Cissy: (Getting out Pokéballs.) There’s so many, they need us! Blastoise, Kingdra, go! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Blastoise: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Blast!

Kingdra: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Krrrrr!

Danny: (Getting out Pokéballs.) Let’s show them what we’re made of! Golem, Scizor, you’re up! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Golem: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Golem!

Scizor: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Scizor!

Trixie: Azumarill, Golduck, we’re also needed! (Somehow, Trixie’s Azumarill and Golduck appear onscreen. Don’t ask me why.)

Azumarill: (Jumping forward.) Azumarill!

Golduck: (Jumping forward.) Gu!

Mikileo: (Gets out Pokéballs.) Now’s not the time to wait! Treeagle, Tropius, attack! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Treeagle: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Tree-ah!

Tropius: (Comes out of Pokéball and roars.)

Ash: Torkoal, use Overheat!

Torkoal: Torkoal!

Torkoal’s body starts to glow a bright red. It then fires a bright red and yellow stream of fire at the Nuzleaf army, blasting a path through them. However, more of them keep coming.

May: Beautifly, Silver Wind!

Beautifly: Beautifly! (Kicks up Silver Wind.)

Beautifly’s Silver Wind manages to cut through several more of the Nuzleaf, but it seems that for every Nuzleaf K.O.’d, 1 or more take its place.

Brock: Forretress, Explosion!

Forretress: Forretress!

Forretress goes straight for the Nuzleaf. Upon reaching them, its body glows and then a large explosion follows. Lots of the Nuzleaf are brought down by the attack, but many more remain.

Erika: Just how many are there?! Gloom, Sludge Bomb!

Gloom: Gloom-Gloom! (Holds head forward.) Gloom!

Gloom fires a barrage of Sludge Bombs from its flower towards more of the Nuzleaf. Several of them hit the Nuzleaf, knocking them out. However, more seem to enter the cavern.

Misty: Corsola, Spike Cannon!

Corsola: Corsola!

Corsola aims its horns at the Nuzleaf, and then fires a barrage of spikes at them. More Nuzleaf are taken down by this attack.

Trixie: Azumarill, Bubblebeam!

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Azumarill fires a strong Bubblebeam attack at a Nuzleaf, taking it out, then the one behind it, then the one behind that one. More Nuzleaf start coming forward.

Danny: Golem, use Earthquake!

Golem: (Jumping up.) Golem!

Golem jumps up, then slams the ground so hard that an earthquake is triggered. The quake shakes several of the Nuzleaf down, but more of them keep their footing.

Cissy: Blastoise, use Hydro Pump!

Blastoise: Blastoise!

Blastoise fires two powerful blasts of water from its cannons at more of the Nuzleaf, blasting several of them away.

Mikileo: Tropius, use Razor Leaf!

Tropius: (Roars.)

Tropius lifts itself into the air, the fires many Razor Leaves at the Nuzleaf, cutting them down. However, the Nuzleaf count is so big and growing that Ash and friends have no choice but to make a getaway.

Mikileo: Trreagle, use Razor Wind to cut a path through the Nuzleaf!

May: Combusken, use Fire Spin!

Treeagle: Tree-ah!

Combusken: Combusken:

Treeagle fires a sharp wind at the Nuzleaf while Combusken fires a spiraling stream of flames at them. A path through the Nuzleaf is made by using these two attacks.

Brock: Now everybody, let’s go!

Everybody makes their way through the Nuzleaf group and up the stairs. However, after clearing the Nuzleaf, they start to try to follow Ash and friends.

Ash: Pikachu!

Erika: Plantplug!

Both: Double Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Plantplug: Plantplug!!

Both Pikachu and Plantplug fire large Thunderbolt attacks, which then combine and strike the approaching Nuzleaf, K.O.ing several of them. After doing so, everyone runs up to the top of the stairs, where another passage starts.

Ash: Torkoal, Swellow, return! (Returns them to their Pokéballs.)

Misty: Politoed, Corsola, you too! (Returns them to their Pokéballs.)

Brock: You guys did great! (Returns Forretress and Ludicolo to their Pokéballs.)

Erika: Now you should rest! (Returns Gloom and Plantplug to their Pokéballs.)

May: Return, Beautifly and Combusken! (Returns them to their Pokéballs.)

Cissy: You guys should, too! (Returns Kingdra and Blastoise to their Pokéballs.)

Danny: You two should rest for now! (Returns Scizor and Golem to their Pokéballs.)

Trixie: Azumarill, Golduck, I’m proud of you back there!

Mikileo: Tropius, Treeagle, come back! (Returns them to their Pokéballs.) Now we should get going!

Max: (Looking back at the approaching Nuzleaf.) Before those Nuzleaf get us!

May: Yeah! Let’s get out of here!

Ash and co. take off down the tunnel. Shortly, they happen to come to an underground river. However, the Nuzleaf are right behind them and the only alternative is to dive in.

Several Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf!

Erika: Guys, I think we should jump in!

Cissy: I’m with you on that!

Brock: Let’s go now!

Everybody jumps into the stream and are swept down it. The river takes several slopes, twists, and turns. Everybody screams as they continue to head down the stream. Meanwhile, back in the large cavern, Team Rocket has just made it in.

Jessie: Whoa. I can’t believe I was almost swallowed up by a large hole!

James: They should put a notice on trap floors back there!

Meowth: Meowth. My paws are aching from helping you guys back up.

James: (Picking up a sound.) Hey! Did you guys hear that?

Jessie: Is it the twerps?

Meowth: No. (Seeing the Nuzleaf in the distance.) I think it’s Nuzleaf.

James: Nuzleaf?

Suddenly, the army of Nuzleaf from earlier starts its way down the stairs towards Team Rocket.

Various Nuzleaf: Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf! Nuzleaf!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: (Screaming.)

We cut back to Ash and friends, where deep in the tunnel their water ride has ended. They are now in a short passage where the walls are lined with large tiki totem pillars.

May: Wow. Never expected I’d be going on another water ride.

Ash: Good thing it’s over.

As everyone keeps going, the end up at a pair of stone double doors with a floor switch in front.

Erika: Look. This must be the way out.

Mikileo: I don’t think so. This must lead us further into the volcano.

Cissy: But we’re here to rescue Floreia, so let’s keep going!

Mikileo walks onto the floor switch and activates it. The double doors open up, revealing a large red cavern beyond. Everybody walks though into the volcanic interior area. Within the cavern happens to be a large, bottomless pit area with large, jumpable pillars to make it across. However, high above on the cavern ceiling admist some stalactites happen to be a large group of Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat sleeping.

Brock: I think we should be quiet here so we don’t wake up these Pokémon.

Misty: Let’s make our way across these spires carefully.

Everybody walks up to the large pit, where Ash decides to go first and jump to the first spire. Misty then jumps onto it, then May, then Cissy, then Erika, then Trixie, then Brock, then Danny, and finally Mikileo, who picks up Max and carries him over to the spire.

Max: Thanks, Mikileo.

Mikileo: You’re welcome.

Everybody proceedes to jump from pillar to pillar to make it to the other side. Eventually, they all do and now head through the tunnel ahead. Thus tunnel happens to be lined with large, unlit tiki torches. The heat can also be felt in this area.

Trixie: It’s so hot in here!

Erika: We’re in a volcano, after all.

May: Let’s just hope we make it to Floreia.

As we continue through the volcano, we come to a larger tunnel where massive Hawaiian totem heads are carved into the wall. There is also a long ledge here. As Ash and Pikachu follow through here, Ash stumbles near the cliff and looks over the edge, where a river of lava can be seen far below.

Ash: Whoa!

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Danny: Whoa! Be careful not to fall!

Cissy: Yeah, or you’ll get burnt!

While everyone continues through the volcano, further back, we see Jessie, James, and Meowth enter the volcanic area. However, they’re not being quiet in this place.

Jessie: What is the problem with those Nuzleaf?!

James: Yeah! We never’ve done anything to them!

Meowth: Maybe their protective of their home!

Wobbuffet: (Coming out of its Pokéball and yelling loudly.) WOBBUFFET!!

Suddenly, the Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat resting on the ceiling wake up from the loud yell.

Zubat: (Screeching.)

Golbat: (Growling.)

Crobat: Cro!

All of the Poison/Flying Pokémon in the cavern swoop down at Team Rocket.

Jessie: Why can’t we be given a break?!

James: Maybe it’s just not are lucky day!

Meowth: You can say that again!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

We cut back to where Ash and friends are as Team Rocket screams from their attack. As they continue further through the passage, we start to be able to hear the voice of a young woman in distress. That woman happens to be Floreia!

Floreia: (From distance.) Let go of me! Where are you taking me?!

Brock: (Hearing Floreia’s voice.) Wait! That sounds like Floreia!

Erika: She is here!

Mikileo: She sounds like she’s in trouble!

Everybody runs down the tunnel towards Floreia’s voice.

Floreia: (From distance.) What are you doing?! Let me go now!

We go to see just where Floreia is. She still happens to be in her hula outfit. She happens to be carried by what looks like a group of island natives. The natives are wearing ancient tribal masks over their faces. We watch as they carry her through a large lava-filled cavern. With in the cavern is a large stone platform with rock bridges connecting it to both ends of the cavern. Also on the platform are large rock totem poles lining the edges. What this cavern is used for is unknown, since Floreia is being carried through this area. She continues to cry for help.

Floreia: Why are you doing this?! Please let me go!

Eventually, the natives take Floreia through another torch-lined tunnel and into another larger lava chamber. We happen see lava bubbling dozens of feet below. There happens to be a large rocky spire in the middle of the cavern with a bridge connecting it to the chamber’s rim. Upon realizing that she’s been taken into the core of the volcano, Floreia fears the worst.

Floreia: Oh, my god! What do you plan on doing to me?!

The natives continue to carry Floreia across the bridge towards the rock platform in the middle. On the platform happens to be what looks like a wooden “lying down” pedestal, the same one said to be used in native human sacrifices. There also happens to be two rope pulleys connected to the pedestal. The natives take Floreia onto the platform.

Floreia: What are you going to do?! Stop this now!

The natives don’t listen. They put Floreia on her back onto the pedestal. They hold down her arms and limbs, then pull out short ropes from the pedestal designed to hold her limbs in place. Upon securing Floreia in place, the chief of the group of natives comes up to her. The chief has a wooden tribal mask on that hides his face; a mask that resembles an ominous look.

Suddenly, the chief grabs the front of Floreia’s skirt and pulls it down, all the way to the point where you can see her legs start to form, just barely above her unmentionable. Floreia is now in complete fright seeing what is happening to her. But the worst is yet to come. The tribal chief then pulls out what looks like a large, old, sharp knife. He takes the knife and jabs it into Floreia’s underbelly. He then makes a large, deep cut across the middle of her underbelly, about six inches below her bellybutton. Blood starts to flow continuously from the large gash. Floreia seems to be in shock seeing her pelvic abdomen being cut open like that.

Many seconds pass as blood starts to continue to flow from Floreia’s underbelly’s cut. Eventually, the native chief moves his finger across the blood pool forming under her bellybutton. He then takes his blood-covered finger and moves it across the area of skin a few inches below Floreia’s huge pelvic wound, creating a zig-zag line of blood on the lower portion of her underbelly. He then takes some more blood from her gash and makes another line of blood, this time a wavy line, across the upper portion of her pelvic abdomen, a few inches below her bellybutton. What the two lines of blood are supposed to be is unknown.

As more time passes, more blood flows from Floreia’s underbelly and down her bare hips. The blood spills onto the pedestal that she is tied on. Seeing the blood still flowing, the chief gets out what looks like a small wooden cup. He puts it next to Floreia’s left hip and blood from her underbelly’s gash flows into the cup. After a period of time, the cup becomes filled with an amount of blood and the chief picks it up. Then one of the other natives holds Floreia’s head back, keeping her mouth open. The chief then takes the blood-filled cup and holds it to Floreia’s mouth. He then pours the blood down her mouth. Floreia gulps the blood down little by little as more of it continues to flow from the large cut several inches below her bellybutton.

After Floreia drinks all of the blood in the cup, the native chief then takes the cup and puts it next to her right hip. More blood collects in the cup. After a while, the chief takes the cup and makes Floreia drink more of her own underbelly’s blood. Then, the chief moves from the pedestal and raises his hand. Two natives holding onto the crank pulleys start to lower the pedestal with Floreia down the hole in the platform it was positioned over. Floreia is quickly lowered far down the volcano’s crater. Upon reaching a couple dozen feet, the natives stop lowering her.

Far down in the volcano, blood still continues to flow from Floreia’s pelvic abdomen. The blood flows onto the pedestals sides. The blood then flows off the sides of the pedestal and further down into the volcano. The blood falls all the way down into the lava, which bubbles upon the blood reaching it. Floreia, having lost a lot of blood and deep within a hot volcanic crater, starts to feel really weak. He eyes start to close as she feels the end for her is near. However, she may still have a chance to live.

While the natives’ sacrificial ritual is happening, Ash and friends continue to make their way through the volcano. They come across another lava pool with several rock platforms jutting from the magma. Ash and friends know that Floreia could (and is) already in danger. May decides to make crossing the lava a little easier.

May: (Getting out Pokéball.) Beautifly, come on out! (Throws Pokéball.)

Beautifly: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Beautifly!

Beautifly goes over to May and latches itself to behind May’s shoulders. May then makes a running jump towards the lava. In the middle of the jump, Beautifly flaps its wings, turning the jump into a double jump, which allows May to reach the first platform easy. She then makes her way across the rest of the rocks using the same method. Once she reaches the other side, Beaufly flies back to where everybody else is.

May: Ash, you’re next!

Ash: Me? Well. (Determined.) All right!

Beautifly latches onto Ash’s back and Ash proceedes to make double jumps across the lava pool. Upon reaching the other side, Beautifly flies back to the others and this time it’s Misty’s turn to cross. Beautifly latches itself onto Misty’s back.

Misty: (Looking at the lava.) Well, here goes nothing.

Misty makes her double jumps across the magma pool to the other side. Beautifly once again flies back to the others and proceeds to carry them over. The double jump in this order: Brock, Erika, Cissy, Danny, Trixie, and Mikileo, who carries Max with him. Once everyone’s on the other side, they start running through the next tunnel.

Mikileo: Those screams we heard! I think the ritual has already begun!

Erika: You mean…

Mikileo: Yes! She could already be in danger!

Cissy: We better hurry then!

Ash and friends make it to the first lava chamber before Floreia. However, back in the volcano’s heart, the tribal chief gets wind of their trespassing. He commands several of the natives to go after them while the rest look after Floreia, who’s still down in the volcano.

Danny: Wow! Look at the architecture of this place!

Trixie: The ancient Hawaiians who lived here must’ve carved these themselves.

Brock: No time to just stand here! We need to reach Floreia now!

Suddenly, several of the natives appear in the lava chamber. They all look at Ash and friends.

Ash: Uh-oh! I thought you said the Hawaiians here were ancient!

Mikileo: I thought so! I never thought they would still be around today!

Cissy: Well, they don’t look very happy!

Erika: I think these guys are holding Floreia captive!

Suddenly, the natives get out spears to use against Ash can co.

Misty: (Screams.) I think they mean business!

Max: What should we do?!

May: Will we have to fight them?!

Ash: I guess so!

Mikileo: Floreia must be somewhere past here! We better hurry!

Misty: Right!

Ash, Brock, Erika, Cissy, and Mikileo start to run past the natives, who attempt to slash them with their spears. Misty, May, Max, Danny, and Trixie try to do the same, but the natives block them.

Trixie: Well May, (Gets her hands ready.) looks like what you said is true!

Danny: (Gets his hands ready.) Well, I hope Cissy will be fine!

Misty: Max, get behind myself and May!

May: We’ll handle these creeps!

Max: Okay, guys!

The natives start to charge all of them. Trixie readies herself and as one attempts to attack her, she delivers a jump kick to his body, bringing him down to the ground. Another native goes for Danny, but Danny manages to land a hard punch on him.

May: (Seeing a native come right for her.) I guess these guys aren’t afraid to hit children!

Misty: Well let me lend a hand!

Misty manages to land a headbutt on the native, knocking him to the ground. We another native brandish his spear against Trixie.

Trixie: Hey! You’re not playing fair! Azumarill, let’s even the odds!

Azumarill: (Jumping onto the screen.) Azumarill!

Azumarill fires a Bubblebeam at the native, sending him into one of the stone totems, which then breaks and both the native and the totem fall into the lava below. However, as the totem slowly sinks into the magma, the native grabs on and manages to climb back up onto the platform.

Trixie: This could take a while!

We go back to the others as they head through the tunnel to the volcano’s core. Upon reaching there, we see the remaining natives and chief standing around the rock platform. Down below, Ash and friends can see Floreia hanging deep down in the volcano and can notice the blood flowing from the huge cut into the abdominal area below her bellybutton.

Mikileo: (Yelling.) FLOREIA!!

Brock: What are you guys doing?!

Erika: So this is their sacrificial ritual?! How horrible!

Cissy: Well, we know what we have to do!

Ash: Pikachu, let’s get them!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Ash charges one of the natives, knocking him to the ground, while Brock and Mikileo each go for the ones near the pulleys connected to Floreia’s pedestal. Both of them punch a native, knocking them to the ground. Meanwhile, the chief decides to try to stop Erika and Cissy using them same knife he used to cut Floreia’s underbelly.

Erika: Cissy, are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

Cissy: Yeah!

Cissy and Erika both get a fist ready and when the chief is in range the both punch him to the ground. Everyone then runs up to the center of the platform. Ash and Brock watch the side while Erika and Cissy each grab one of the pulley levers and start turning the cranks up. We go down to Floreia, who due to the major blood loss and heat of the volcano, is barely able to keep her eyes open. Her pedestal, however, starts to be lifted upward.

Mikileo: Don’t worry, Floreia, I’m here.

Suddenly, one of the natives gets back up and slashes Erika’s left arm with his spear. Erika immediately cluthes her wound, which we see blood coming from, with her other arm.

Erika: (Screaming.) Ahhhhh!

Brock: (Running up to Erika.) Erika! (Grabs onto her.) What did they do?!

Erika: Brock! Go help Cissy! I’ll be fine!

Suddenly, the same native manages to grab Cissy and pull her back. With no one grabbing onto the pulleys, Floreia’s pedestal starts to fall back down toward the lava below. Just a dozen feet above the hot molten rock, the pedestal stops falling. We then see that Mikileo manages to grab onto one of the pulleys. However, the end of the pedestal where Floreia’s feet are bound still drops down, putting her and the pedestal at a slant.

Mikileo: Floreia, I will not let this happen to you!

Brock grabs the other pulley and both he and Mikileo start to pull Floreia back up. Eventually, she’s lifted back up to the platform, where Mikileo undoes her hand bounds. Upon doing so, he wraps his arms around her and passionately kisses her on the lips. After kissing, he sees the heavily bleeding gash several inches below Floreia’s bellybutton and puts his other hand over it, hoping to stop the bleeding.

Erika: (Still holding her wounded arm, running up to Mikileo and Floreia.) Mikileo, what are you doing?!

Mikileo: They slashed her abdomen! The bleeding’s really bad!

Brock: (Looking at Floreia’s condition.) What monsters! How dare they harm such a beautiful young hula dancer for sacrificial purposes!

Mikileo: She may have lost several pints of blood by now! If we don’t get her to a hospital fast, she may very well bleed to death!

Cissy: Then let’s get out of here!

Suddenly, the entire core shakes with tremendous force. Ash and friends are all knocked down to the ground by the quake. Back in the other chamber, everyone else feels the tremor and fall down to the ground. Trixie trips over the edge and falls toward the lava, but Misty and May each grab one of her hands before it’s too late.

Misty: Don’t worry, Trixie! We got ya!

May: We won’t let you become the volcano’s appeasement!

Trixie: Thanks! (They pull her back up.)

Azumarill: Azumarill!

Danny: What’s happening?!

Max: I think it’s an earthquake!

April 16th, 2006, 5:25 AM
And now. Here's the conclusion of the final chapter and the fic altogether. Now just to be safe, parts of this fic are rated PG-13+ for certian scenes.

Back in the volcano’s core, we see the lava churn far below as something starts to rise from it. We see magma take the form of what looks like a giant flower with long, enormous leaves. The lava flows off the flower, revealing it to be a large, red flower-like Pokémon with large flaming leaves and petals. As it turns out, the Pokémon happens to be a Flarose, one of the 3 Legendary Flower Pokémon.

Cissy: What is that?!

Erika: It’s a Flarose!

Mikileo: It’s the Maltihino!

Ash: The Maltihino’s a Flarose?!

Brock: But this one’s much larger then it’s been said to be!

Flarose lets out a massive roar as it then looks down at Floreia’s pedestal. It then proceeds to grab the pedestal with its fiery leaves.

Mikileo: No!

Mikileo is knocked back by one of Flarose’s leaves. Flarose then picks up the pedestal and looks at the weakened Floreia.

Erika: So Flarose is the Maltihino?!

Ash: I guess so!

Brock: It must want Floreia!

Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Pikachu charges up and sends a Thunderbolt straight at Flarose, but the attack is deflected completely. As it turns out, Flarose is using an air lens like Blaine’s Magmar did back on Cinnibar Island. Flarose then sends a powerful Flamethrower at Ash and Pikachu.

Ash: Ahhhhh!

Pikachu: Pika!

Ash and Pikachu manage to jump out of the way of the Flamethrower before it hits them. We see the air ripple from the intense heat of the flames. We then see the tribal chief get back up and go for Ash with his bloody knife.

Erika: Ash, watch out!

Pikachu jumps up and shocks the chief with a Thunderbolt, immobilizing him.

Ash: Thanks, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pikachu!

We then see Misty, May, Max, Danny, and Trixie enter the volcanic heart. They see the Flarose holding Floreia.

May: What’s that?!

Max: I don’t believe it, but it’s a Flarose!

Trixie: I’ve never thought I’d see one!

Danny: Now not the time to be admiring Flarose! It’s got Floreia!

Misty: We gotta save her!

Cissy: (Gets out Pokéball.) Blastoise, I choose you! (Throws Pokéball.)

Blastoise: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Blastoise!

Cissy: Use Hydro Pump!

Blastoise fires a powerful stream of water at Flarose, hitting it and sending it back. It drops Floreia’s pedestal, which falls back down the hole in the platform.

Trixie: (Getting out three Pokéballs.) Azumarill, Bubblebeam! Golduck and Kingdra, Hydro Pump! Pelipper, Water Pulse! Walrein, Blizzard! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Cissy: (Gets out Pokéballs.) Kingdra, Mantine, Sharpedo, Starmie, Hydro Pump! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Both Kingdra: (Coming out of their Pokéballs.) Krrrrr!

Azumarill: (Coming onto screen.) Azu!

Mantine: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Mannnnn!

Golduck: (Coming onto screen.) Goldu!

Sharpedo: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Sharpedo!

Pelipper: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Pelipper!

Starmie: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Strrrrrr!

Walrein: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Walrein!

Both Cissy’s Kingdra and Trixie’s Kingdra fire Hydro Pump attacks, which spiral around each other and combine, that then hit Flarose. Each of their other Pokémon then launches its respective attack at Flarose.

Misty: (Getting out Pokéballs.) Corsola, Bubblebeam! Staryu, Politoed, Luvdisc, and Azurill, Water Gun! Gyarados, Hydro Pump! (Throws Pokéballs.)

Corsola: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Corsola!

Staryu: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Hya!

Politoed: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Politoed!

Luvdisc: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Luv!

Azurill: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Azurill!

Gyarados: (Comes out of Pokéball and roars.)

Each of Misty’s Pokémon use their named attack against Flarose, weakening it further. However, Flarose is still not done.

Ash: (Getting out Pokéball.) Corphish, use Bubblebeam! (Throws Pokéball.)

Brock: (Getting out Pokéball.) Ludicolo, use Water Gun! (Throws Pokéball.)

Corphish: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Corphish!

Ludicolo: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Ludicolo!

Both Pokémon launch their attacks at Flarose. As the Water Pokémon from every Trainer in the area launches an attack on Flarose, it seems to go down. But then Flarose gets back up and roars very loudly while shooting massive flames into the air. The whole volcano starts to shake massively. Rocks start to fall from above and the lava below starts to churn even more. Flames burn through the ropes holding the side of the pedestal where Floreia’s head is and the pedestal falls down towards the raging magma.

Mikileo: (Yelling.) NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Mikileo jumps forward and grabs the unharmed ropes, bringing Floreia’s pedestal to a halt. However, she’s now upside down just around a dozen feet above the lava. More blood flows from her underbelly’s wound and into the lava. Mikileo pulls the pedestal back up. Once Floreia’s back up, he undoes her leg bounds, freeing her. He then puts Floreia into his arms and looks at her as she slowly opens her eyes.

Mikileo: Floreia?

Floreia: (Weakly.) Mikileo?

The whole volcanic area is now shaking intensely. Back on Kahinei island, smoke can be seen coming from Mahikila Volcano as the shaking can be heard. Back in the village, we see Pammy and the luau director looking at the volcano.

Director: What’s going on?

Pammy: Oh, no. It’s the Maltihino!

Back in the volcano, Ash and friends know it’s time to leave. However, the natives seem to not want to leave the place.

Brock: We have to get out of here!

Erika: But what about Kahinei Island?!

Cissy: There’s nothing we can do!

Danny: This place is going to blow!

Everyone makes their way across the bridge from the platform. As soon as they make it back to the tunnel, the bridge collapses and falls down into the lava, which is now rising. The tribal chief and the natives on the platform are now trapped there.

May: What about the natives!

Max: I hate to say it, but it’s too late for them!

Misty: I don’t think they were going to leave anyway!

Everyone heads back into the first chamber. The natives there get back up, but head back towards the inner sanctum. As they do, rocks start falling and seal up the tunnel.

Trixie: I’m afraid they can’t get out!

Mikileo: But we still can!

Ash: Let’s go!

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

Everyone makes it back into the room with the lava and platforms. They decide to do what they did to get across this part the first time.

May: (Getting out Pokéball.) Beautifly, we need you again! (Throws Pokéball.)

Beautifly: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Beautifly!

With little time to spare, Beautifly does what it did with the double jump method. It helps get each person across in this order: May, Max, Misty, Ash, Erika, Brock, Trixie, Cissy, Danny, and then Mikileo, who has a tougher time since he’s holding Floreia. Once everyone’s across, they head back to the room with the spires. The Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat start frantically flying towards the stone door that leads out of the volcanic area. However, the stone doors are starting to close.

Brock: Looks like we’re running out of time!

Mikileo: We better hurry!

Everyone heads for the doors as the stalactites start to fall. Everyone safely makes it through the doors just before they close tight. They then head back to the stream and realize the only way they could escape.

Erika: Well, looks like we’ll be getting wet!

Trixie: Less chat, more splash!

Everyone jumps into the river and are carried down it. They all scream as this happens. Eventually the rapids go completely under into a tube-like tunnel. As everyone is underwater, the current causes Mikileo to losr Floreia and she gets swept ahead of the others. Several seconds later, they are all ejected into the ocean. Mikileo tries to grab Floreia, but she starts to sink deeper into the sea. Blood flows upward from the wound far below her bellybutton. The blood happens to attract a few wild Sharpedo in the water. We then see Ash and friends surface.

Ash: That was close! (Mikileo dives back underwater.)

Cissy: Where’s he going?!

Danny: I think to rescue Floreia!

We go back to Mikileo, who is swimming far down towards where Floreia is, who is drifting further down. Mikileo swims down as hard as he can, but as he does, the wild Sharpedo start going for Floreia. However, before any of them reach her, another Sharpedo tackles them. It’s most likely Cissy’s Sharpedo. Mikileo grabs Floreia and carries her back up to the surface. Back up on the surface, there is a large drifitng raft. How it got there is beyond out grasp, but everyone gets onto it. Mikileo surfaces with Floreia and lays her on her back in the middle of the raft. Blood continues to flow from Floreia’s pelvic abdominal wound.

Cissy: Oh, my god! (Puts her hands over Floreia’s underbelly’s gash.) Here!

Mikileo takes his ear to Floreia’s mouth to see if she’s breathing. However, he hears nothing. Mikileo holds Floreia’s head back so that her mouth is open. He then positions his head over her mouth. Mikileo then takes a deep breath and then exhales into Floreia’s mouth, making a tight seal. The breath lasts for five seconds. After the breath, Floreia still remains unconscious. Mikileo then puts both his hands over her chest and presses down five times. Everyone watches as Mikileo is giving Floreia mouth-to-mouth.

Mikileo: (Pressing down on Floreia’s chest.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

After several more breaths, Floreia still doesn’t come to. But Mikileo doesn’t give up. He repeats the process several more times.

Mikileo: (Pressing down on Floreia’s chest.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

Mikileo: (Pressing down again.) 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! (Breathes into Floreia’s mouth.)

After this series of breaths, Floreia coughs and spits up water. She then breathes rapidly, but heavily. She then opens her eyes to see Mikileo looking down from above.

Floreia: (Weakly.) Mikileo, you saved my life.

Mikileo: I’m just glad you’re safe.

Suddenly, we hear another shaking tremor. Everyone looks back to Kahinei Island as Mahikila Volcano erupts. As the volcano blows it’s top, lava starts to flow down from the crater from several sides. Everyone back on the island is in a panic as Mahikila is erupting. Suddenly, a fiery image of Flarose comes out of the volcano and lets out a large roar. Suddenly, large fissures rip down from the volcano’s crater directly where the lava is flowing and the lava flows head down the fissures. The fissures actually swerve by anyone and any place, such as the Honoleiah Hotel and the Hawaiian village. The fissures go all the way to the ocean, where the magma dumps into the water, cooling it off. As a result, no place, building, or person on the island is harmed. Back on the raft, everyone decides to get Floreia to a hospital as soon as possible.

Mikileo: Floreia, I love you and I want to be with you.

Floreia: (Weakly.) You do?

Mikileo: Yeah.

Mikileo puts his lips over Floreia’s and they both share another kiss. Everyone paddles the raft back to shore while Mikileo holds Floreia in his arms. Upon reaching shore they go to the nearest hospital. The Kahinei Hospital looks like your typical hospital, both on the outside and the inside. There are several ambulances parked in the parking garage. Inside the hospital, everyone but Erika is standing outside the emergency room as a male doctor explains to them Floreia’s condition.

Mikileo: Doctor, how’s Floreia?

Doctor: It’s not good. Floreia lost about one-third of all her blood.

Brock: One-third?

Doctor: Yes. She barely escaped bleeding to death. We’re quickly working on stitching up her wound. The cut in her pelvic abdomen is very deep.

Misty: Will she be all right?

Doctor: Yes, but she’ll need a blood transfusion or she might not make it.

Trixie: Exactly what is her blood type?

Doctor: Floreia Azuflower’s blood type is AB-positive.

Mikileo: My blood type’s AB-positive!

May: Mikileo, just what are you talking about?

Mikileo: I’ll give Floreia some of my blood.

Cissy: Are you sure?

Mikileo: Yes. I love her. I don’t want her to die.

Doctor: Then come this way, Mikileo.

Brock: If you don’t mind, we’ll go check on Erika now.

We go to the room where Erika is. She’s simply sitting on a bed with a large bandage on her left arm. Ash and friends enter the room.

Erika: Hi, guys! How’s Floreia?

Ash: She needs a blood transfusion and Mikileo has decided to give her some of his blood.

Pikachu: Pika-Pika.

Erika: I hope she’ll be all right.

Misty: I can see that you’re all right.

Erika: Yeah. I should just give it a couple of days and everything should be fine.

Danny: I think Mikileo is going to stay here with Floreia. We should all go back to the hotel.

Erika: (Standing up.) Well I’m allowed to leave as well.

Brock: (Putting his arm around Erika.) Here, I’ll help you.

Erika: (Blushes.) Thanks, Brock.

We go back to see the Honoleiah Hotel while it’s still night. When then go to morning and head back to the hospital, where Ash and friends head into the waiting room. There are a few more regular people sitting down inside the waiting room as well as a TV hooked up in the upper corner of the room. On the TV happens to be a commercial advertisement for an Air Racer, which happens to be a high-speed hoverbike.

Ash: (Looking at the TV.) Wow, an Air Racer?

Cissy: Now those things are cool! They have the ability to fly above the ground and shallow water! They’re considered the ultimate form of racing!

May: Cool! Maybe I should try one!

Max: May, I doubt Mom and Dad would buy you one.

Suddenly, we see Mikileo and Floreia come out into the waiting room. Floreia happens to be back in her normal outfit. Mikileo is holding her since she still might be a little weak from the blood loss.

Brock: Floreia, (Runs up to her.) you’re all right!

Floreia: Thanks, Brock.

Mikileo: Floreia’s going to be fine! She should even be able to dance in tonight’s luau!

Trixie: There’s going to be another luau tonight?!

Mikileo: Yeah! Because we saved Floreia and Kahinei Island they’re giving us a special luau in our honor!

Misty: You mean we’re the guests this time?!

Floreia: Yeah! I hope to do as good as I usually do!

Erika: Floreia, glad to see you pulled through!

Danny: We should get going.

Everyone heads out of the hospital and takes a look at Kahinei Island. All the lava flows cooled off completely and everyone’s amazed that nothing got damaged or destroyed.

Ash: Just what did Flarose do back there?

Mikileo: Well, I think Flarose realized that it couldn’t deal with the destruction of all the people and Pokémon on the island, so it triggered those fissures to protect everybody!

May: That was cool!

Erika: Floreia, exactly how is that gash doing?

Floreia: Well, I guess you guys could see for yourself!

Floreia lifts up her shirt a little, revealing her bellybutton a few inches above the rim of her pants. She then pushes her pants down a little and unzips them, revealing skin all the way down to where her legs start to form, just barely above her unmentionable. In the middle of the area, about six inches below her bellybutton, happens to be a large bandage covering the massive cut.

Mikileo: Wow. I’m glad they closed that up.

Cissy: Hopefully that should heal in due time.

Floreia: Yeah. The doctor said it should only be a couple weeks.

Floreia zips her pants back and pulls them back up to their usual resting spot. She then puts her shirt back down.

Danny: (Looking at his watch.) Guys, Cissy’s surfing contest starts in a couple hours!

Misty: We really should get cleaned up after our adventure!

May: You said it!

We cut back to inside the Honoleiah Hotel, where everyone is getting ready. We see everyone come out of their respective hotel rooms.

Ash: Misty, I wish you didn’t take such a long shower.

Misty: Sorry, Ash, but you know how us girls are.

May: Where did Cissy go?

Danny: She’s already on her way to the bay.

Trixie: I helped Floreia get ready to come with us.

Floreia: Trixie, I didn’t need your help.

Brock: Well, let’s get going!

Erika: Yeah. I hope Cissy does great again.

Max: Don’t worry. I think she will.

Everyone heads outside, where Mikileo is waiting for them. We then go to the beach where the contest is taking place. During the contest, we hear “Sonic Speed Riders” from Sonic Riders. We go to the announcer for the contest.

Announcer: It’s now time to start of Round 2 of the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest! Who will advance to the top 16?! You’ll have to wait and find out!

We go to Cissy, who is in her bikini again and holding her surfboard, standing on the beach. She is ready for another show of tricks.

Announcer: And now it’s Cissys Matthews’s second coming! How will she fare this time?!

Cissy: (Gets out Pokéball.) Kingdra, go! (Throws Pokéball.)

Kingdra: (Coming out of Pokéball.) Krrrrr!

<On the bleachers>

Floreia: So Cissy’s going with Kingdra!

Trixie: I hope she does as good with it as she did with Blastoise!

Erika: Don’t worry! I think she’ll do great!

We see Cissy run towards the water with her surfboard in front of her and jumps in. She swims out into the water and waits for a wave to form. When one does, she stands up on her board to surf the wave. She goes up the wave. As she nears the top, she gives Kingdra a command!

Cissy: Kingdra, Twister!

Kingdra starts to spin around, creating a swirling twister or water that rises up directly beneath Cissy’s surfboard. The board spins while being lifted high up into the air.

Announcer: And Cissy gives us yet another performance! Let’s just hope she keeps this up!

Once Cissy reaches enough height, the Twister stops and Cissy starts falling back down towards the water. She lands on the crest of the wave and bounces off. She then goes down towards the water and lands squarely on the surface. She goes surfing all the way back to shore. She even surfs her way across the sand. Everyone congratulates her on her performance.

Announcer: And Cissy’s done it again! But will she make it to Round 3?!

Mikileo: Wow! Cissy’s done it again!

Danny: Yes! That’s Cissy for you!

Brock: I wonder if she’ll score high enough again!

We go to the end of the round, where Cissy sees her name on the board once again.

Cissy: Yes!! I’m going to Round 3!!

At this point, “Sonic Speed Riders” ends as we go to nighttime and we’re at the next luau. There are several typical hula girls dressed in traditional hula skirts, coconut bras, flowers, and grass crowns doing a hula dance on stage. Ash and friends are all watching the spectacle together while sitting down on the ground near the stage. They each happen to be wearing leis (including Pikachu). They each also have a drink in a coconut and umbrella in front of them.

Brock: Now this is a luau!

Erika: You said it!

Floreia: It’s nice to watch these things sometimes!

Max: Yeah!

May: I like hula dances, too!

Danny: It’s nice to see that everything turned out okay!

Trixie: I think the rest of out vacation is going to turn out great!

Misty: Yeah! I’d like to go to Aquilica Park again soon!

Cissy: It’s great being here in Hawaii!

Mikileo: There’s still a few things I’m still wondering about.

Ash: What’s that?

Pikachu: Pikachu?

Out in the bushes near the luau, our answers about what happened to Team Rocket are answered, as Jessie, James, and Meowth emerge in the bush.

Jessie: I can’t believe we got chased out of that volcano without the treasure!

James: Yeah! Those Zubat drove us right back into the river!

Meowth: It’s a good thing I made us a raft!

Jessie: Meowth, you made a raft after we reached shore!

James: It would’ve been more convenient if you made it before we got wet!

Jessie: (Looking at the luau.) You know what?

James and Meowth: What?

Jessie: I think we could cut the twerps a break this time.

Meowth: You mean?

Jessie: Yeah. I just want us to spend a nice, relaxing vacation here as well.

Wobbuffet: (Comes out of Pokéball.) Wobbuffet!

Jessie: I said a nice, relaxing vacation! (Returns Wobbuffet to its Pokéball.)

We go back to the luau, where see see the large group of Nuzleaf from before come onto the stage once the hula dancers are done.

Misty: Aren’t those those tribal Nuzleaf?!

Brock: I think so!

Erika: Should we battle them?!

Suddenly, the Nuzleaf start swaying their arms left and right as in a hula dance.

All Nuzleaf: (To the tune of “Alo-ha-oi”.) Nuz-uz-leaf! Nuz-uz-leaf! Nuzleaf, Nuz-Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf! Nuz-uz-leaf, Nuz-uz-leaf, Nuzleaf, Nuz-Nuzleaf, Nuzleaf!

Floreia: Wow! They’re giving us a show!

Cissy: I guess with that tribe no longer using them, they can do things of their own free will.

Trixie: That’s pretty cute!

As soon as the Nuzleaf finish dancing, we cut to see Ash and friends as well as all their Pokémon on stage. Ash and co. are all dressed in various hula skirts and flower leis, and the girls are each wearing coconut bras. (More specifically, each female is wearing the same hula outfit they’ve been seen wearing in pics and any they’ve worn in this fic, such as here (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v715/jcragilbert/cissyhulac.png), here (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b250/AJ-one/hula.jpg), and any pics in my Hula Art Topic.) Anyway, they have all decided to do a hula dance of their own.

Everyone: Alo-ha-oi! Alo-ha-oi! Hawaii the best place to be!

As the gang continues to sing, we scroll up to look at the Hawaiian night sky.

Everyone: Alo-ha-oi! Alo-ha-oi! A tropical place for you and me!

At this point, the screen fades out and we cut to a credit reel displaying pics of several of the things Ash and friends do while continuing their vacation in Hawaii. The song that plays during the credits is called “Live Blue Hawaii”, done by Crush 40. (This is actually a song I made up myself, but it would be done by Crush 40 and in the Crush 40 way. There’s lyrics to this song, but I’m not listing them. So you’ll have to make up your own.)

We see Ash, Misty, May, and Max each wearing their swim outfits from Aquilica Park and playing on the beach and in the water.

We see Brock and Erika eating poi and macadamia nuts at a table in the Hawaiian village. Brock is looking at Erika in his usual love-struck way while Erika is looking at him in a nervous way.

We see Cissy wearing her bikini and partaking in Round 3 of the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest. She is carving her way through a large wave.

We see Trixie and Floreia doing what they did on that small, secluded beach. However this time, they and their Pokémon are working together.

We see Danny relaxing on a beach without his shirt on. There happens to be an umbrella covering him from the sun.

We see Mikileo and Floreia kissing together. Brock is watching them and is crying while Max is pulling him back by the ear.

We see Ash and Misty underwater with their Water Pokémon. Misty’s Gyarados seems to be lurking in the distance.

We see May in her hula outfit again doing a hula dance with all of her Pokémon. Max is on the side feeding Munchlax some of May’s Pink Surprise.

We see Erika and Gloom going down the big water slide at Aquilica Park. Both of them have an excited look on their faces.

We see Cissy in her hula outfit and Floreia in hers doing a hula dance together at night. They seem to be in perfect synch.

We see Brock putting a red, tropical flower In Erika’s hair in hopes of winning her affection. Erika is nervously shocked over this gesture.

We see Mikileo doing his “fire dance” at night on the luau stage. He happens to be doing his dance pretty well.

We see Ash, Pikachu, and Misty trying out some surfing! They are each wearing their swim outfits from before.

We see Brock and Erika taking a parasail ride out on the water. Both of them are wearing their swim outfits from before.

We see Floreia and Mikileo lying on the beach together. Mikileo is wearing a pair of orange swim trunks while Floreia is wearing her bikini and sarong from Aquilica Park.

We see Cissy in her bikini holding up the trophy for the Kahinei Island Surfing Contest. As it turns out, she got 1st place. Everyone else is there congratulating her.

We see Ash and friends getting back on the ferry at the end of their vacation. Mikileo happens to be waving bye to them.

We see Floreia at the edge of the boat blowing a kiss to Mikileo. The two of them hope to see each other again.

We see a close up of Mikileo waving bye to Ash and co. as they head back to Kanto with fond memories of their vacation here.

And finally, for the last scene for this fic, we see a group pic of Ash and friends waving bye to us as the hydro jet zooms off into the sunset.


Well, I hope you liked this fic. I managed to get it done just in time for when it's supposed to take place. If you've noticed, it got to be very long. I'd like to thank EmeraldSky for giving me some ideas on the luau. I'd also like to thank you the reader for reading this. I'm not sure if I'll start another fic yet, but I might do an RP or two later on.

April 16th, 2006, 10:55 AM
Bravo! nice ending!

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