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Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
February 19th, 2006, 7:28 PM
Hey again, just posting another of my silly poems here. This time this poem is dedicated to a very crazy person that I miss very much. I tried to make it sound a little psychedelic to express the nature of this awesome friend. Enjoy!


Oh girl, will you remember the song?
Oh child, when the blues were so wrong
And the sky looked like it was just going to fall
And we failed to believe there was no hope at all
When we saw as the moon was eating the sun
When we swam into wonders and tales that you spun
When worries were idle, and troubles were hollow
When we had stars to reach and wishes to follow

To shine in the darkness, to drift through the rain
Smiling at fears, and teasing the pain
I do remember when we wanted to fly
When all of our sorrows were pigs in the sky.

And my tears, I turned them into laughter
That's the way you wanted it to be
So the dreams that we were coming after
I'm still watching, out there beyond the sea.

So walk on you stranger, you fighter, you rover
Tell the world when we could sleep in the clouds.
Shine on you traveler, you seeker, you maniac
Remember the times when we dazzled the crowds.


In loving memory of Mandy Cornier. (1991-2005)
We keep smiling. ;D