View Full Version : Coolcat's Egg Adoption Center

February 26th, 2006, 1:01 PM
Since I am doing well in my Pokemon Mix Pet post I decided to make an egg adoption center. These eggs will hatch into various pokemon depending on it's type. Choose carefully and wisely. Only certain numbers of these eggs are going to be here. Eggs in stock are:


-Will hatch into a fire mix pokemon.- -40 posts to hatch- -10/10-


-Will hatch into water mix pokemon- -40 posts to hatch- -5/5-

When you get your egg please put this in your sig with it:

Name of Egg:
Post Count When it Hatches:

IMPORTANT!- Shortly I will be making a website so when you hatch your pokemon you can battle them. I will create movesets and all too. Anyone wishing to do this must PM me.