View Full Version : The View From Her Head (poem)

March 3rd, 2006, 7:52 AM
This Pokepoem is dedicated to May...it's told from Beautifly's POV...

"The View From Her Head"

What all can I see by sitting atop my master's head?
I see the boys she is close to, and how they love her in return

There's the boy with the hat, I see him dreaming of being a Master
There's her younger sibling, who's smart as smart can be
And then there's the eldest, who as wise as he is
Does not know the proper way to behave around a female

What all do I know about my master from sitting on her head?
What thoughts are there swirling about in her brain?

I think she dreams of becoming a contest Master,
And I try my best to help her achieve that dream...
But her other thoughts I only can dream of, as I sit here atop her head.