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March 8th, 2006, 11:21 PM
As far as I can see, every site needs pirates. XD

So... here’s my idea. ^^ I’m hoping for enough people to make it work! You’ll notice a slightly brief plotline- that’s because my goal is for the plot to thicken based on the people who join. This works in some circles, keep your fingers crossed.

Adventures on the Crystal Corsola

Welcome aboard the Crystal Corsola- a small, fast ship with a bad reputation in the southern Kanto region. You are a pirate, spreading chaos and descruction across the seas under the tight-fisted reign of Feather, an experienced seaman and theif. Your mission- to intercept every ship of the seven seas, steal the loot, rob the pokémon from the sailors, and sell what you can to seedy traders on Cinnabar Island for everything you can get.

However, recently, the sea has been acting strangely, especially around the Seafoam Islands...


You are a bounty hunter/ police/ good-intentioned trainer whose main world-saving goal-of-the-week is to stop the sea-tyranny of the pirates aboard the infamous Crystal Corsola. And from there... meld with the plot at your own descretion. :D

Rules! :D

1. All rules in the main RP rules section apply. I’m not repeating them here.

2. Please, only experienced Rper’s. I obviously can’t make this by-invitation, as I don’t know any of you. XD But I’d prefer to keep it somewhat fluid. I hate doing this, but I am retaining my power to deny applications that I don’t think are acceptable.

3. If you are to spontaneously become inactive for longer than a week, I will control your character as needed (nothing more) until you return.

4. Please, read your posts once-over before posting them to make sure they’re long and significant enough, as well as applying appropriate grammar and spelling. It makes things so much more pleasant. ^^ If English isn’t your first language or you’re not sure how to spell something, just slip it through spell-check. It takes maybe fifteen seconds. ^^

5. In case enough people show interest, I’ll go ahead and limit the number of players: I only want about five for the crew of the Crystal Corsola. The number of players hunting the pirates has no limit.

Sign-up Sheet! :D
Appearance: (Detail is your friend!)
Personality: (This is the fun part, so please don’t just write a few words and call it a day. If you want to put in why your character is the way he/she is, that makes it all the better! Many kudos to everyone with oringial character personas. Oh! And here would be a good place to note whether you’re a pirate or a good guy. :3)
Pokémon: (What I’m looking for here is your pokémon, their nickname, their level (this is just to keep the power of joining characters down; I’m not awarding exp or anything), a brief personality/physical appearance blurb, and how your character came to get the pokémon. NO MORE THAN THREE pokémon per character. The total level sum of all three should not add up to greater than fifty, and no individual pokémon’s level should exceed 35. Yes, Feather’s is slightly higher, but Feather is the captain. No super-rare pokémon, obviously no legendaries (is there an RP on this site that welcomes legendaries?) No more than one rare pokémon per character. Really, I’d prefer you not have one at all. We’re also on a ship, so I suggest you have at least one that knows how to surf or fly- in case of emergency evacuation. XD You don’t have to, though.)
History: (I’m goin’ off faith here. Please keep it reasonable, legible, and somewhat original.)
Other (Optional):
RP Sample: (Have fun! But really, this is whether or not you’re accepted for the RP. So try and do a good job of it, alright?)

Name: Feather (no last name)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: At about 5'6" and around average weight and build, he doesn’t look at all like a pirate captain. His face is somewhat sharp, and his eyes set at an angle that makes him always look very bored. He has very light blue hair pulled back into a tail, light green eyes, and very pale skin with just a hint of sunburn and sparse scattering of freckles around the cheekbones and ears. With a white t-shirt and faded blue-jeans, he looks perpetually fairly washed-out. He carries a pokéball on a necklace around his neck, which holds Tails when the persian isn’t wandering around the ship. He has a feathered leather hat stuck on his head, the one aspect of his appearance that shouts out ‘pirate!’
Personality: While he is generally a kind of quiet, sardonic person, good-humored and kind to his crew, he also has a subtle sense of hatred towards mankind and ill will towards humanity in general. Because of this, the act of pirating, looting and stealing has become more recreation than occupation, and he’s often more wrapped up in lashing out than reeling in the catch. He’s more the kind to stick to a fight he knows he’s lost rather than retreat, just to cause as much damage as he can.
Cat o’Nine Tails (Tails)- Persian (lv. 28)
A lazy, arrogant cat prone to lashing out at any crew members that walk too close to her tail. Feather raised her from an egg the day he stole the Corsola, and she can be found, when she’s not sleeping in the sun, following him around the ship. For her flaws, she’s also a feircely loyal and protective pokémon. She’s a generic persian with a white splash on the right side of her face, and one black forepaw.
Leviathan- Gyarados (lv 21)
Because of his aggressive and easily-offended nature, Feather usually keeps him in his pokéball- but when he’s let out, he’ll trail behind the Corsola. Unlike Tails, he has no particular loyalty or affection for Feather- he has only basic respect for the human commanding him. He’s a little smaller than the average gyarados, with violet stripes through both eyes. Feather caught him as a magicarp that Tails fished onto the boat.
Munin- Swablu (lv 15)
A cheerful pokémon who, when not stuck in his pokéball to keep him from wandering off, is usually in the crows nest, watching the ship and avoiding Tails, who for some reason hates him. He likes to sing, and does so at every opportunity. He has no deviant features. He was the first pokémon Feather stole.
History: Feather had a somewhat happy childhood, raised by a single mother in Celadon city. When he was twelve, they moved down to Vermillion, where Feather learned how to sail and learned about pokémon and pokémon training from the Fan Club. When he was sixteen, one of the members of the Club gave him a pokémon egg, and Feather had high hopes of starting his journey as a trainer when it hatched. However, a week later, his mother fell ill, and Feather was left with no income, no saved money, no parents, and no one willing or able to help him. His mother died after a week, and, helpless, alone and bitter, Feather stole the first boat he came across in the dock and left the city.

At that point, he still didn’t know what he wanted to do. He made a few trips as a merchant, stealing a little of whatever he was transporting to suppliment his tiny income. All the while, he almost idly trained the newly-hatched Tails and, when he caught him, Leviathan, against wild pokémon. After a year at sea, Leviathan and Tails had both evolved, and he used them to take over and rob a small merchant-vessel, stealing Munin in the process. He dropped his last name to save his mother’s memory her dignity, then set about to make himself famous.
Other (Optional): He has mild synesthesia, but it rarely affects his day-to-day life. Props to everyone who knows that that is.
RP Sample: The dusty streets of Vermillion city were completely empty, the lonely streetlights barely casting enough illumination for Feather to see his own feet. The egg he was carrying was huge, now, almost ready to hatch, warm and shifting in his arms. It made it difficult to be subtle. Not that, really, anyone would suspect something, seeing a local like himself walking around even after dark, but he felt like he should be subtle, regardless.

Choosing a ship wasn’t the hard part- most of the vessels were chained to the dock, with the exceptions of three of them. One of the three was in bad shape, the second was too recognizable (even in the dim light he recognized the Tilted Tentacruel), so he put the egg down, pulled the third one closer (the side said ‘the Crystal Corsola’, which didn’t belong to anyone he knew) and then threw his pack over the side. The egg went over much more gently, and then he climbed in after it, feeling the boat rock under his weight. He pulled up the anchor, untied the ship from the dock, and unfurled the sails, a long and physical process that he did as fast as he could, in case someone should hear him.

There was a slight breeze that caught the sails right away. Feather steered the ship out of the harbor, fighting the urge to look back one last time at the vanishing city behind him. It had been the most complicated impulse-act he’d ever carried out- he stole a ship and left his life behind on the spur of the moment.

As soon as the Corsola had left the harbor, Feather left the helm and grabbed his pack to move it into the cabin. As soon as he bent over to pick it up, though, he dropped to his knees- there was a crack in the egg’s shell. He’d thought he’d been gentle when he moved it onto the ship, but he must have been too rough- there were two cracks, one much bigger than the other, and getting bigger as he watched it...

And then there were three cracks, and four. The horror that he’d felt when he first thought he’d killed it turned to a sort of choked disbelief, and then a relief so strong it almost hurt. He couldn’t bear to lose another important thing. He watched the cracks grow into stripes, then into a web, then finally vanish as the shell crumpled around the moving animal inside. The meowth bit at the filmy membrane inside the shell, wriggled out, then, lying on her stomach, pawed at her own wet fur. Then she looked up, blinked amber eyes at Feather, and trilled, as if she were happy to see him.

March 10th, 2006, 7:17 AM
Okay uhh I would join but its hard to understand some things you said. Are you always going to use that? Example:

It wasn€™t that hard to find my friend Restren as he was sitting right there on the dock waiting for me...

wasn€™t is hard to make out. Also:
If you are to spontaneously become inactive for longer than a week, I will control your character as needed (nothing more) until you return.

Your saying your going to break a rule and start bunnying? Its in the rules and even though its only for a while I still beleive its wrong. Even if its only when needed. Suppose they leave PC and the character your bunnying is one that will never leave your side, or is with another character? You still dont know exactly how this character is like even though you may get a very detailed form from someone. Bunnying is wrong and you of all people should know it because this would be pretty awesomely active otherwise.

What I did was I made a list of the people in my rp. Then if they were gone for more than two to three pages or even more I deleted them from the list and PM`d them telling them they were out. Try that and maybe youll get more members ^_^

Im not ultimate leader of RP and neither is anyone else around here propably but I still think that if you change these few things you may get more members.

March 10th, 2006, 3:40 PM
Looks like fun ^^

Name: Haru Arian (Known as Sharpshooter among some of the officers)

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears your…slightly normal attire. Around his upper body, he has a regular, black shirt with a dark blue vest wrapped around It, which is also wrapped around with a dark blue cloak that falls down to his thighs. He wears khaki pants, and normal, black shoes on his feet. Around his head, he wears a dark blue(Noticing a pattern here? XD) handband that as the symbol of the Aurioku port town police, his native town. His light brown hair falls down to the ground in large spikes. In his family, he is the sole owner of bright green eyes, meaning he is the only one in his family that possessed them, which they find to be rather strange. He carries a bow and arrow that is strapped around his back, and that is why he is known as the Sharpshooter.

Personality: His entire family is known for their sense of justice, and most of his relatives were police officers, so naturally it was his destiny. Well, there was one who wasn’t, his Uncle Aron, but that’s a whole ‘nother story altogether.

Haru feels like anyone that doesn’t follow the rules should be dealt with swiftly so that the bad deed doesn’t spread like wildfire, so that others will not follow in their footsteps. This is why he makes quick work of his enemies, and his colleagues have known him to be passionate about his job. He is normally silent, wanting to just give someone an icy glare then start a conversation. Most people like to call him shy, but when that happens, let’s just say that don’t ever say it again.


Species - Tropius
Nickname – Glade
Gender - Male
Level - 18
Info – When Haru was a bit younger, when he had been a pretty low ranked cadet, his father had decided that one Pokemon was not enough for him, so he took his old Glade, who he hadn’t been using much, so this Pokemon was just given to him. Glade can be pretty stubborn sometimes, and will do what he wants instead of obeying Haru’s orders, which really irritates the officer. They have been trying to work on this, however.

Species – Snorunt
Nickname – Yuki
Gender - Male
Level - 13
Info – Only recently, Haru had captured Yuki while he was out on a routine check of the village. He had spotted the Snorunt running away from a small stand, a bunch of fruit in its frail hands. Haru had managed to catch up, stealing the fruit back and cornering it. Haru offered the Pokemon a comfortable home, where he would be fed and taken care of it. It agreed, and they have been happy since. Snorunt can be rowdy sometimes, but he is pretty much the closest Pokemon to Haru, other then Glade. He is very caring for his trainer and partners, and his great friends with the other Pokemon of the other officers.

Species – Vaporeon
Nickname – Vapor(Original, I know XD)
Gender - Female
Level – 19
Info – Vapor started as a frail, little Eevee that Haru’s mother had given to him on one of his birthdays. She wasn’t a very high level, so he spent hours each day training her and making sure that she could be strong. Soon after, she was beating any challenger that opposed her. Haru had just used part of his paycheck to buy a water stone, and, with Vapor’s permission, evolved her. Vapor is nice most of the time, she likes to joke around and play sometimes. When she is in battle, however, she turns almost the opposite. She becomes very determined, stopping at nothing to win. Although sometimes, with really weak opponents, she will play around and toy with them.

History: Haru had a pretty boring life as a child. His mother wouldn’t let him be a trainer or a police officer, so all he had to do was sit at home and watch TV, read, you know, the basic stuff. His father was a high-ranking police officer, and Haru highly admired him. He was constantly studying what it was like to be an officer, what it took to become one and what you did after you were accepted.

Finally, the day he turned fifteen, his mother, though with high protest by Haru’s grandmother, let him become a cadet at the police department, like he had always dreamed of. He started off with tiny missions in his own little group with two other cadets, and one of the group commanders. As the months passed by, Haru’s skill was recognized and he began to work his way up. Now, a bit after his sixteenth birthday, he has become a squad leader, whose job is to lead a group consisting of three or four cadets. He is very proud of how he has done, but is still trying to improve.

Other: (Optional): No thanks XD

RP Sample: (Taken from another role-play, sorry if that’s not okay.)

Toren sighed and continued to shake her, wishing that she would just wake up. She did have plenty of injuries strewn all over her body, and a heavy loss of blood, so the chances of her getting up just by the shaking of her body was pretty slim, or so Toren thought. He shrugged his head and sat down on the ground, watching as Cinna desperately tried to wake Jen up with her tongue. Toren merely shook his head and sighed.

"C'mon, wake up. You seemed stronger than this back at Viridian..."

He said, watching as Growlithe crawled cautiously at Jen's body, barking rather rapidly and loudly to see if he could get Jen to wake up. However, he was disappointed to find that his loud noises had absolutely no effect. He lied down on the ground and started to whine, thinking that Jen didn't like him because she wasn't responding.

March 10th, 2006, 4:44 PM
Name: Mike Anone

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mike wears light weighting boots and blue jeans. He wears a red shirt and a long green coat most of the time which he carries most of this stuff in. MIke wears red gloves to cover his hands. Mike is tall and skinny but is very fast. He has short brown hair and a red bandana tied aroudn his head.

Personality: Mike is just a simple bounty hunter. He believes in good and justice but really enjoys a challenge. Mike is a very determain person and will do anything to finish the job. He is very loyal to anything he does. Mike enjoys to travel a lot which is the main reason that he became a bounty hunter but hates the job. The only reason he does it is to fund his travels. He hates staying in one place to long.

Mike enjoys to battle and wishes only to be the greatest pokemon trainer which is another reason why he travels.


Species - Charmeleon
Nickname – Char
Gender - Female
Level - 35
Info – Char is Mike's first pokemon and most powerful out of his pokemon. Char was given to Mike by his uncle from main land Kanto. Char is very lay back but knows when to get serious in a battle. She fight hard to the end and always tries hards to impress Mike. SHe only likes to make him happy and Mike knows that to.

Species - Lapras
Nickname – Lapras
Gender - Male
Level - 15
Info – Mike gain this pokemon before he started his journey on the sea from a mysterous guy. Later he discovered that it was a pirate. MIke didn't care much about that fact because now he had a way to travel on the sea. MIke trained his Lapras to back up Char in a battle so the first thing he did was teaching it TUnderbolt. Lapras is a bit shy but can be open once you meet him.

History: MIke was rasied on CInnabar Island but has always dreamed of traveling. He would love to fight gyms but feels like he should train himself before taking on the challenge. Still he is a very experance trainer and knows a lot about pokemon. Once he turned 17 he decided to leave home and began his journey with Lapras and his first pokemon Charmeleon.

Mike is now questioning on what to do now. He is getting tired of traveling alone and trying to catch criminals.

Other (Optional):

RP Sample: Mike was sitting in a bar hoping to find a bounty that he was tracing. Char was leaning against the seat helping MIke searching for the bounty. MIke then said to his partner, "If only there were a few trainers to battle to get money. Still we got to do what we can to earn some money."

Char looked up at him and gave him a look. Mike smiled and said, "Get a job? No way. I have no time to look for a job and work it. What makes you think we can stay here before we get bored. No way."

He then looked out the window and said, "And miss that?" Pointing towards the sea.

Char just rolled her eyes and smiled.

MIke then said, "Yeah. YOu right. That sea isn't all that fun anyways. One day I promise we go to mainland Kanto to start figthing real trainers and not some guy we find in order to turn them in for dough."

Char shook her head. MIke then let out a laugh.

A guy then stood up and began to leave the bar. Mike took a look at the guy and he also got up. Char looked at him. MIke whisper to him, "That the guy. Looks like we have him now."

Mike followed the guy out of the bar and into the city. He tried to keep up with him by staying close to him. Mike was tailing him closely with Char by his side.

The guy then began to run faster once he saw that Mike was following him. "Looks like we have a chaser."

The guy then sent out a wailmer into the water and was making an escape to the sea. MIke then did the same by releasing his Lapras. He hopped onto the water pokemon and Char did the same. MIke then said, "Go after that guy on the wailmer."

Mike, CHar, and Lapras were now after the guy on sea.

March 11th, 2006, 1:00 AM
{ooc| OMG! Pirates! I used to have an obsession with pirates...
Uh... for the next week or two my posting will be VERY slow becuase of my exams, but after that I'll be up to speed. I hope that's okay?
I'll finish this later... Gotta revise!}

Name: Penelope Ann Bryony Vulpes (Vix)
Age: 15
Gender: female

Appearance: Vix looks just like any sea-faring girl should; a bit roughed up around the edges, but full of the spunk and spark of youth. Vix is moderately tall, but never having measured herself, Vix has no idea how tall exactly. She's relatively slender, but she's got enough muscle on her bones to cling to the tiller in even the roughest of storms.
Vix has grey blue eyes (sea-faring eyes, her father always had said) and mousey brown hair, which is so threaded with beads, braids and plaits it looks almost dreadlocked. It falls to her shoulders, but several of the breads she's tied in reach far lower. There are also several feathers threaded in there somewhere, mainly jay feathers that match her eyes.
She wears short, frayed denim shorts and a very baggy, very crinkled white shirt. A thick leather belt hangs loosely around her waist - it has her balls, and a dagger, attached to it.
Around her neck, she wears a big, lilac-tinted piece of mother-of-pearl on a black string. A rough silhouette of a fox is engraved on the underside.

Fearow - Whistler - Male - lv 25
Whistler was Vix's first ever pokemon, who she found as a little egg bobbing in the surf on a beach. If it hadn't been for Vix, Skyler would have most likely been washed away and died, but due to her love and care he hatched into a gutsy, if not scrawny spearow, and grew into Vix's best friend.
Whistler's feathers a a strange shade of browny-grey, and he has a peculiar gunshot wound in his left wing. When he soars the wind rushes threw it in such a way it whistles - hence his name. He is rather proud of this paticular battlescar, which he recieved when harrassing the chief of police - something he still finds joy out of doing.
The fearow has a paticularly disposition, especially when it's cold or he's faced with a less grizzled pokemon than himself. His bad temper often gets th better of him, but he is rarely in his ball. Most of the time, his huge form is perched on Vix's shoulder, his long gangling neck swinging as she walks.

Folly - Roselia - Female - lv 20
Folly is an extremely meek pokemon, the sort that would never say a word against anyone nor allow herself to hear one. She loves to help out in anyway way possible, most most of the time she just gets in the way. Because of this is Folly is normally banished to Vix's quarters during the day.

History: Vix was born in Vermillion. Her father was a sailor, and her father's father was a sailor... They were the famous 'red foxes', a handle which derived not only from their nickname, but from their vulpine partners. They became extremely rich, with all their pillaging and whatnot on the high seas, but her father finally decided to settle in Vermillion after her grandad died. He soon married a local woman, the daughtor of a rich local merchant, and hence, 'Penelope Ann Bryony Vulpes' was born. For a while, The famous Red Fox played happy families - until he got bored and took off into the night.
For a while, Penelope's mother managed to keep her under control. At home. Safe. But then the little girl found an egg. The egg hatched. And little miss Penelope found herself with a partner.
Penelope and her spearow became incredibly close - the way young children and their pets do - and between them, they hatched a plan to find Penelope's Daddy.
The little girl ran away, and tried to board a ship, only to find that her father had been a famous Red Fox. Determined to live up to his name, Penelope renamed herself Vix and set out to become the 'Lilac Fox', a legend in her own right. Five years later, Vix is still a pirate - and now boarding the Crystal Corsola.

Other: None right now.

RP Sample:
The little house on the seafront was bathed in moonlight. It was a quaint little thing, with a wide bay window overlooking the sea. The oceon surged and ebbed, as it always had done, and the sea birds wheeled and called. From somewhere inside, a bird was cawing, a noise that was brusque and harsh against the silence of the seafront.
"Penelope!" a woman's voice snapped shrilly, and a light upstairs flickered on, "Shut that darned spearow up, y'here?"

There was no reply.

The front door was already clicking open, and a young girl emerged. She was a pretty little thing, with mousey brown hair, and blue eyes, and the sort of innocent, freckled face normally associated with those cheery victorian street urchins from the movies. She looked little older than ten, and dressed in baggy shorts and a pretty lilac blouse, there was no doubt she had a comfortable upbringing.
On her shoulder, a scraggly little spearow was perched. He was a scrawny looking thing, and his bright, intelligent eyes flicked rapidly down the streets. He whistled softly.
{All clear, Vix.} he chirruped, in his rough spearow voice. The girl seemed to understand; she nodded, and shut the door gently behind her.
"Right, Whistler!" she announced, being carefull not to raise her voice, "We're free!"
The bird ruffled his feathers in reply, and the pair set off along the dark winding allies of Vermillion city.

March 11th, 2006, 1:49 PM
Danyelle: I don't see the script errors in my post. :o I'm sorry, I don't think I can fix them...
Also, in regards to the bunnying... I don't like doing that, ever, but my hopes were that other characters, besides my own, would take up significant roles in the RP... in which case, their own very basic movements might be necessary to keep the RP moving. *sigh* I'll still prolly take your advice, though; I don't like breaking the rules...
Tyson: Approved! :3
Charizard Maa: Approved!
Charon Chan: Your character sounds neat, please get the RP sample soon. ^^

March 15th, 2006, 7:38 AM
I finally got around to adding a (bad) roleplay sample. I'm so busy right now it's stupid.
Curse you, mock exams! *shakes fist*

March 15th, 2006, 9:24 AM
Hey there! How's everyone doing!

Name: Rarule Romona (My name for any RP I join)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has long, stringy, jet black hair that sometimes tend to get into things. His eyes are of a light hazel that looks gold when shown in the light. His clothes are pretty basic. He wears a dark red, long sleeve shirt with sea blue bullseye in the middle (front and back). His pants match the color of the shirt and are long. Shoes aren't a necessity to him so he wears sandals. All together, his clothes make him look quite odd, but his battling skills are second to none.

Personality: What can I say about Rarule. Some would say he has multiple personailty. At first, he is secretive and quiet, never really consorting with anyone. Then of course when he gets to know you, he is more outgoing and energetic then anyone you'd ever see. He has moments when he jokes and other moments when he's extremely serious. Sometimes he could be cold and distant, seeming as if not a single soul in the world meant anything to him. Then at other times, he is compassionate and friendly. To put it short, he is a swell and okay kind of guy most of the time, but he has his days.

He is Rarules first pokemon. Gust looks like any other pidgey. He is extremely energetic and likes to trill alot (Which sometimes gets on peoples nerves, but Rarules used to it). Rarule met the bird once when he was walking the streets and spotted some kids, who were obviously its trainers, teasing it and throwing rocks. The poor bird was injured and helpless and Rarule couldn't let this go on. He chasd the kids off and brought it to the Pokemon Center and the two were friends ever since.

Rarule found Marine one day on a voyage in the sea. It was a mudkip at the time and it seemed that it lost its family. Being in a hurry, Rarule continued off and ignored the mudkip, but when he looked back, he noticed it following him. He did what he could to get the thing off his back. Throw things, curse, but nothing worked. He found this tiring and admired the mudkips will and how deadset it was. So, he became another "crew" on the ship.

History: Rarule was born into a rich society. Bunch of snobs and egotistic jerks. He never really fitted in since he never dressed rich or acted in such a manner. His parents would constantly punish him for embarrasing them in front of friends. He never really liked his lifestyle and felt it too boring. He wanted to get out there and do something, be something, but what? He had no idea. Then, his town was taken over by a band of pirates and they stole practically all that they can grab. Rarule watched from afar in amazement at the power they held. The thrill they must have felt from doing what they do. Before they left, he went after them and begged them to take him with them. They of course decided to give him a field test. One which meant that he had to defend himself from a group of them. Passing this test barely, he was accepted and began his life as a pirate.
Later on as he grew up, he left their ship and sought out a vessel of his own. He wanted to be his own captain, pilot his own ship and command his own crew.

The air was thin. If they were going to follow him, they wouldn't get too far by sea. The pirates he left definitely didn't let him go freely. Escaping was harder than he thought, but he finally was on his own. He was his own captain and not some deck mopping lackey.
All he needed to do was find a ship to steal in this low-life of a town then he was on his way. As if something told him to look, he turned his head down an alley path. There he saw three kids tormenting a little Pidgey.
"We'll teach you to lose a match! You weak little...!"
Rarule had grabbed his hand. The others all stared horrorstruck at Rarule for a long second. "You lay a hand on this bird and I'll make sure it gets to keep it! Now get lost! All of you!"
They didn't hesitate for a second. The boys tunred around and high-tailed it out of there. Rarule watched them go then looked down at the injured Pokemon.
"Come on now." He said while picking it up gently. "All will soon be better. Now where's the nearest Pokemon Center here?"

(Wow. I'm glad I finally finished that. If I missed anything, then please tell me.)

March 16th, 2006, 5:09 AM
OOC: I know that you sad that I have to be either a sailor, or a goody-two-shoes, but I can't bare to be either. Do you mind if I'm a trainer, who's original intention was to stop the Crystal Corsola, but ends up getting friendly with the shipmates, and joins the crew? If not, tell me, and I'll change. However, I hope you let me be this, because I really like playing good people who become bad.

My Form

Name: Samuel Martin

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Reaching 5'11", Sam is taller than your average fourteen-year-old, and completes the appearance by being extremely skinny, weighing barely more than forty kilograms. Sam's hair is a complete mess of black, sprinkled over his skull like a haystack. No matter how hard he tries, it neverlies flat. His eyes a a bright blue, and shine whenever he thinks of something. Sam loves wearing baggy clothes, and doesn't care what it is, as long as it is baggy and loose. His skin is slightly tanned, and he has a long scar running down his right arm.

Personality: Generally speaking, Sam enjoys spending his time, lost in his own thoughts, and away from others. He does not ind company of others, and will talk if someone speaks to him first, but it is very unlikely to see him begin a conversation. Sam's brain is like a machine, and very rarely gets things wrong. The only problem is, when he does get things wrong, they are often such drastic thngs, that he gets wounded for life. Sam enjoys talking to people about many theories of famous people which have yet to be proven, and likes to speculate whether or not the person is right or wrong. He is determined that Einstein was wrong when he explain what was on the other side of the blackhole.


Pokèmon Species: Raichu
Nickname: Voltron
Gender: Female
Level: 25
Information: Voltron was the very first Pokèmon Sam ever met. It had been a small and worthless Pichu when he first encountered it, lying across a road, injured, and badly hurt. He had tried to help the Pichu, but she just crackled with electricity whenever he came close. Not knowing what to do, Sam sat down, and soon it became a test for patience. Sam won, as the Pichu ended up crawling over to him in sheer desperation to get out of her pain. Sam tok her on, and soon, she evolved into Pikachu. later, Sam found a Thunder stone, and gave it to the Pikachu, who gladly evolved, happy to become a stromger individual. Voltron doesn't get along very well with Hydrina.

Species: Gyrados
Nickname: Hydrina
Gedner; Female
Level: 20
Information: Magikarp was always a Pokèmon that Sam wanted to capture the second he obtained Voltron. Though it is claimed to be the weakest Pokèmon, Sam believed that a Migikarp can be a powerful adversary, whether it evolved, or not. Proving himsef right, he captured a magikarp off the coast of Vermillion, and won in her first battle, against an Oddish. Since then, Sam trained extremely hard with Hydrina, but it was always hard for Hydrina to be happy, until she evolved. The evolution just happened a couple of days before the RPG began. Sam is having trouble taming Hydrina after her newly found power overtook her. He's having very little luck.

History: Sam grew up along the coasts of Vermillion Island, and enjoyed his childhood very much. He remembers the days spent runnin along the beaches, with his parents on either side of him, holding his hand. But one day, something bad had to happen. Good times can never last forever. His father was killed.

While coming home one night, he was ambushed by three men, asking if they could have the necklace. Refusing to give it to them, Sam's father fought back, only to be sho in the head by a bullet. When he heard about this loss, Sam was distraught with anger, and vowed to get back at the people who did this to him. Unfortunately, his mother met the same fate.

After this tradegy took place, and all of the affairs were sorted out, Sam left his home town of Vermillion, upon the back of Hydrina to seek out his destiny. without realising it, Sam had packed his mother's necklace with him, the very necklace that his parents were killed for.

RPG Sample:

((Note: This is an original RPG sample, and has nothing to do with the actual RPG. If I need to do one that has to do with the RPG in question, PM me and I'll give you a new one. Until then, this'll have to do.))

The wind from my wings caused the grass to fly ferociously.

As a Charizard, it was my duty to protect my territory, and that I shall do, no matter what the cost. From my cave up in the mountains, I had spotted a Persian entermy territory, and mark it as his own. He would soon regret ever making that desision. The second my claws ripped at his flesh, he would be gone like the wind.

I pumped my wings a couple more times, soaring higher and higher into the sky, riding on the thermals, as I soared over to the place the Persian was last spotted. I powered onward, looking around at the territory.

My land consisted mainly of woodlands, and forest, and one tall mountain, where I could obsereve all of the activity that took place. It was because of this that I managed to see the Persian.

He will be sorry...

March 17th, 2006, 4:36 PM
((If it's not too late to join I'd like to.))

Name: Kiki Komodo

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kiki is about 5'6" with straight chin length purple hair. Her eyes share the color of her hair and she's quite thin and fit. In town she's seen wearing her Purple Kimono to match her hair and eyes but while fighting Pirates on the sea she wears green Camo pants that are too large for her, an olive green T-shirt, and a denim camo jacket to match her pants.

Personality: Kiki's a sweet girl and quite friendly to everyone but pirates. She sails the same seas with her own crew on the search for the scallywags. Although she looks polite and cute she's actually really tough and can be rude if she needs to be and expierences mood swings every now and then.

Pokémon: Kiki's pokemon consist of her trusty Pikachu Peeky, her Lapras Diane and her pet Skitty Kat. Peeky has the fuz that sticks out from her head like Sparky from the TV series and is level 25. Being Kiki's strongest Pokemon she's been with Kiki scince she was a little girl. Peeky's loyal to her friend and can be sarcastic sometimes but for the most part is kind. In battle however she's tough.
Diane was named after a princess in a bok when Kiki got her at age 4 for her birthday. It was a rainy day and on his way home from a long day of fishing her father came across a baby lapras. He brought it home and presented it to his daughter. Kiki named her Diane and the two along with Peeky who at the time was a Pichu, had a lot of fun. Diane is level 15 and wears a crown made of Pink Coral that was given to her by Kiki one day when she found it on the beach. Other than that she's like every other Lapras. Diane can be described as kind and gental only aggressive in battle.
Finally we come to Kat the skitty. Being only level 10 Kat is more of a pet than a fighter but has the spunk of one non ethe less. Every where that's suppossed to be pink is purple and she wears a pink bandana to match her rough and tough attitude. Kiki bought Kat just recently from a Pokemon Pet store where she was listed as a 'Unique' Pokemon.

History: Kiki was born in raised to the smell of salty air in Vermillion City with a dream to ride the S.S. Anne. Her family however earned just enough money to get buy with her dad, a fisher, and her mom who was a helper on the S.S Anne itself. Growing up with a love for the sea she'd head out and wonder what really lied beyond those waves. As she got older her father took her out to sea on a fishing trip where they were ambushed by Pirates. From that day on she disliked Pirates but it didn't end there. When she was a little older and had recieved Diane she finally got to ride on the S.S. Anne with her mom only to discover when she returned that her Father had been lost at see due to another Pirate attack. From then on she would work on her training to defeat all pirates and Avenge her Father.

Other (Optional):

RP Sample: Kiki walked along the docks with Peeky by her side in her new Camo pants. They were two sizes too big but the drawstring kept them from falling. While walking by the ships sailors familiar with Kiki's family would wave and say hi and Kiki would greet them as she always did. With a smile or a friendly hello. Finally she approached a ship. It was large and purple, her favorite color, but was run down and needed a touch-up or two.
"Well Peeky," Kiki said to her companion, "She'll need some work but I think we can manage." she nodded a determined look in her eye.
"Pika pi pichu. Pikachu?" /Ya she will. Think we can do it?/ Peeky asked looking up at Kiki, a quizzical look in her eye.
"Of course Peeky. After all, I was raised on the sea." Kiki replied. The two walked up to the ship and got to work.

March 19th, 2006, 6:20 PM
Name: Roran "StrongHammer"
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Stands at a decent 5'9" and weighs 153 lbs. He has stubble all around his chin, and has somewhat of an unpleaseant disposition. He wears a worn villagers outfit, normally worn by commoners, and had a battle-scarred leather belt around his waist. His hair and beard are both black, yet extremely shiny.
Personality: Roran has no feelings left is his body. After the hardships he has endured, he realized that emotions hold him back. He feels no pain, fears no enemy. The truth is, though, that his strongest emotion fuels his will to continue on. After his love was snatched away from him, he baecame a lone pirate, soon gaining a crew, and sailed around Dewford Island.
Pokémon: Roran possesses a Sneasel named Aisu, an Absol named Shikyo, and a Meowth named Koneko, all level 20. The meowth is very pleasant, greeting evry human it meets with a rub on the leg. Sneasel, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. She only interacts with Roran, ignoring all other people. She is very prejudice toward other Pokemon. Absol is also friendly, during the day. At night, his instinct takes over, and he takes off to hunt as Roran waits for him to return the following morn. He obtained Koneko from an egg given to him by his gradfather, saved Shikyo from the bandits when it was wounded, and obtained Aisu when she saved him from an Ice-Slide in a small cavern off the Island's coast.
History: Roran lived on Dewford Island for the larger portion of his life. He lived a normal life, and had planned to wed the Butcher's daughter, and was working as a blacksmith to support her, until they took her, Katrina, his love. There was a bandit raid, and she was captured when she tried to save her Skitty. Roran lost his emotions, his very life. He rarely speaks, only barking out and order or two. His ultimate goal is to slay the Bandits and steal their goods, all of which will go to Katrina as a Dowry. Many a man has fallen beneath his hammer.
Other: Nothing, really. He has a hammer on his belt and a katana on his back.
RP Sample: (Note: Not Pokemon Related) Bright morning arrived all too soon. Jolted to awareness by the buzz of the vibrating timepiece, Raze grabbed his Katana and sprang out of bed, expecting another attack from his back injury. He gasped as his body shrieked with protest from the abuse of the past two days. Blinking away tears, Raze rewound the timepiece. Maro was gone; the Dwarf must have slipped away in the wee hours of the morn. With a groan, Raze hobbled to the wash closet for the daily abulations, like an old man afflicted be rheumatism. He and his sister waited by the tree for 10 minutes before they were met by a solemn, black haired elf. The elf bowed, touched two fingers to his lips--Which Raze mirrored--and then preempted Raze be saying "May good fortune rule over you."
"And may the stars watch over you," replied Raze. "Did my master send you?"
The elf ignored him and said to Arya, "Well met, maiden. I am Vanir of House Haldthin." Raze scowled with annoyance. Well met, Vanir.
Only the did the elf address Raze: "I will show you where you may practice with your blade." He strode away, not waiting for Raze to catch up.
The sparring yard was dotted with elves of both sexes fighting in pairs and groups. Their extraordianary physical gifts resulted in flurries of blows so quick and fast, they sounded like bursts of hail striking an iron bell. Under the trees that fringed the yard, individual Elves preformed the Rimgar, an extremely difficult Elven yoga, with more flexibility and grace than Raze thought he would ever achieve. After everyone on the field stopped and bowed to him and Arya, Vanir unsheathed his narrow blade. "If you will guard your sword, Silver Hand, we can begin." Raze eyed the inhuman swordsmanship of the other elves with trepadation. Why do I have to do this? he asked. I'll just be humiliated. You'll be fine, Arya reassured, yet he could sense he concern for him. Right. As he prepared his blade, Raze's hands trembled with dread. Instead of throwing himself into the fray, he fought Vanir from a distance, dodging, sidestepping, and doing everything possible to avoid another fit. Despite Raze's evasion, Vanir touched him four times in rapid succession--once each on his ribs, shin, and both shoulders. Vanir's initial expression of stoic impassivity soon developed into open contempt. Dancing forward, he slid his blade across Raze's while at the same time twirling it in a circle, wrenching Raze's wrist. He allowed his blade to fly out of his hands rather that resist the elf's superior power. Vanir dropped his sword onto Raze's neck, and said "Dead." Shrugging of the sword, Raze trudged over to retrieve his blade. Vanir stood and glared. "Dead." Raze glared over at him, rage slowly building in his chest. At that instant, Raze's back ruptured in an explosion of agony so intense, he experienced it with all five senses: as a deafening, crashing waterfall of sound; a metallic taste that coated his tounge; an acrid, eye-watering stench in his nostrils, redolent of vonegar; pulsing colors; and, above all, the feeling that Durza had just laid open his back. As he blacked out, he saw Vanir scoff and sneer. "Dead. You're blood is as thin as the rest of your race's." Raze had enough energy to reach for his mouth and wipe away the blood, saying "Thin enough?" And he passed out. Arya ran up to Vanir as he turned his back, put he knife to his throat, and calmly said, "Dead."

So, am I in? Sorry the RP Example wasn't Pokemon. Did you like it?

March 20th, 2006, 6:53 PM
Count me in! Looks cool.

Name: Julian Kensington

Age: 19

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Julian stands at 5'11", average height for his age group. He has average length flyaway red hair, with deep green eyes. He is in shape, not exactly muscular, but enough to hold his own in a fight, if need be. He has small ears and a small nose. His usual apparel consists of faded blue jeans with cuts in various places, a black longsleeved shirt, along with an unbuttoned brown plaid light shirt over it. Avec classic black & white hitops.

Personality: Julian is an interesting individual. Towards his friends, he is a comedian, and loves to joke around. Towards his enemies, however, he can be somewhat cruel. When he speaks, he means what he says, and he is not one to mince words. He's very open-minded, but isn't afraid to counter your argument to the fullest extent. He's very friendly, but it'd be best not to get on his bad side - his negotiatory skills are unrivaled.

Sneasel (Lash) - Lvl 25 http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr215.png
[Male.] As a Pokemon, Lash is useful, alright, but as a partner, Lash is indespensible. He is very humorous, and can always put a smile on people's faces. He ran into Julian and saved his life while he was on a cross country. He's an expert cartographer, sailor, and medic. In his many travels, he's learned to imitate human speech.

Psyduck (Splash) - Lvl 10 http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr054.png
[Male.] Splash is very young and impressional. He can't speak yet, so he imitates the personalities of his diverse teammates to display his emotions. Usually, he doesn't battle well, but when his friends are in danger, he displays an awesome force that blows his foe's away. However, he doesn't recall it afterwards. He isn't dim-witted like most Psyduck, he is rather intelligent.

Growlithe (Ash) Lvl 15 http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkfrlg058.png
[Male.] Ash sees himself as the alpha male of the party. It gives orders frequently, and cares greatly for the welfare of his team. He is much like a military officer, and gives the highest respect to it's CO, Julian. He may seem gruff at first, but the care for his team is undying.

History: As a child, Julian lived with his father and sister in Saffron City. When he was 14, he embarked on the famed S.S. Elixer with his family. They were all struck by a swarm of Tentacruel, which threw Julian into an adventure, which he barely escaped from. His family was never found, but the feeling that they're somehow alive won't leave his thoughts. After he managed to get himself back to Saffron, he was enlisted in the Rockets. After a year or 2 as a Grunt, he quit. The Team then put him on their blacklist, and he had to flee to the ocean, where he discovered the world of Piracy.

Other (Optional): Julian can understand (to an extent) the tongue of Pokemon. Since he is hunted by Team Rocket, they may show up periodically in an attempt to kill him.

The sample is from the adventure previously mentioned (An old RP of mine)

RP Sample: Julian slowly awoke, and yawned widely, stretching his arms and arching his back. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and looked around. His pokemon... they were gone! He stood up wildly, looking around frantically for any signs of his partners. After a second, he heard someone coming. This was it... these freaks on the island were coming now, and they were going to kill him. He blessed himself, and readied himself for a fight.

"One, two, one two!" A familiar voice barked. He relaxed, and burst out laughing. Out of the brush marched his pokemon, holding various berries and other types of food. Ash was in the lead, drilling them as usual, followed by Splash; The mute pokemon following suit with an intoxicated grin on his face. Behind him were Clash and Flash, patiently bringing food for their friends, with Slash and Lash tailing along at the back, grumbling to each other about the military loser commanding them.

Ash barked a command, and all of his partners dropped their food, and began to eat, making sure to save some for their human friend. He smiled at his loyal companions. No-one could ask for more.

Ash presented himself in a military salute (or as best as a Growlithe could do) and gave a report. "Well, general, we didn't find any hostile humans, but we did encounter several villages along the path, including one large one looking more like a city. My reccomendatiion is that after we eat, we move out at once." The fire pokemon barked, and dismissed itself. Julian could barely stifle a giggle listening to the pokemon's report. Ash had been born and raised in the army, but was honorably discharged for having a weak frame. He referred to Jules as the general, and accepted no disrespect to his CO from the other members of the troupe.

At this point, Slash stood up and flashed a mock salute.

"I agree with Lieutenant Lame." He joked. Ash shot him a venomous glare, which the sand mouse brushed off.
"If anyone who survived the boat crash has any brains, they'd probably head there first. Maybe we'll meet up with someone who actually knows what the hell is going on, here." He sat down, and all the others muttered in agreement.

"You're right, bro. So, as soon as we're done eating, we'll head for this city, yeah?" All his team yelled in agreement, except for Splash, who raised his fists in the air, quacked, and ran around in circles, finally falling down, dizzy.

After they had finished eating, they set off. After a short time, Clash approached him, pessimistic as usual.

"Hey, Julian..."
She queried, looking at the ground as they walked.

"Can I go back in the Pokeball please? Lash is making fun of me again. "

Julian looked up to see the sneasel and the sandslash roaring with laughter, the former making an odd face, and whining in mock sadness,
"My brain or my fists, my brain or my fists?!" To which they would both hold their sides laughing.

Clash got sad, and whispered something to herself, and looked up at Julian, tears forming in her tender eyes. The boy nodded in empathy, and returned the pathetic pokemon to her pokeball. He then walked sternly to the two boys hooting with immature laughter.

"Listen, you guys. You need to ease off of Clash, alright? She's doing the best she can, and you two laughing at her doesn't help at all. "
Lash looked up with an air of fake concern.
"Oh, the poor gal, she just can't decide! 'My brain or my fists!? My brain or my fisssssts?!'" At which Slash burst into uncontrollable laughter once more. Julian looked at them sternly.
"I can lock you two clowns up if you want. It's a long time to wait in that little cramped up ball."
At this, the two jokesters shut up.

Without warning, several men and women armed with primative swords stepped into the clearing. One of the men stepped forward, and barked.
"Attention, criminals! You have been charged of sleeping on the sacred king's clearing, and stealing his food. Relinquish your monsters, and come with us.
Slash stepped back, whispering into Julian's ear.
"We can take these chumps, just give the word, and they're breakfast for my babies." He said, hungrily sharpening his claws. Julian shook his head in disagreement.
"We can, but we won't. We don't want any trouble. Nobody try anything funny. Let's just focus on staying alive." He whispered gravely to his team. He stepped forward, his arms in the air. His team quickly followed suit.
"Come with us, rapscallions!" cried one of the women in the back, who was quickly reprimanded by her husband.

They walked out of the forest, and into the large city. He paid no attention to his surroundings, trying to concentrate on how to get out of the situation. He was eventually separated from his monsters, and thrown into a dingy cell. Shackles lined the wall, and it was extremely moist, making it feel like a wet blanket. He sat down, wondering what he could do without his pokemon. Then, he recalled..

He quickly moved to the back of the imprisonment, trying his hardest not to be noticed. He released Clash (who was still in the pokeball when they were captured) who immediately began bawling at the top of her lungs, reminiscing of her previous torment. Louder, and louder she screamed, until a large man, who was obviously dim-witted, lumbered into the room.
"Uh.. what's-a goin' on?" He mumbled. After repeated attempts to silence his sobbing companion, Julian gave up, and cracked the guard right between the eyes.


He hit the floor, and the ground shook a little bit. He took the keys from the man's waist, and rushed out of the cell, dragging his still weeping Medicham with him. He rushed down the prison hallway, unlocking all his friends, and ran towards the wall.

"Uh-oh.." He said.
"Dead end." He turned to see several more guards running after him.
"I'll take this one," Clash said quietly, stepping forward. Using her psychic abilities, she weakened the wall's structure, she blew it down with a crushing Mega Kick, and they all ran out into the bright sunlight, all his Pokemon cheering loudly for the girl, especially Lash and Slash, who were yelling the loudest. He returned his pokemon to their Pokeballs, and slowly blended into the crowd of the bustling city.

March 27th, 2006, 1:02 PM
So when is this RP going to start?

March 27th, 2006, 2:28 PM
Aack! I'm so sorry I took so long with this! ^^() Busy IRL, y'know. >_>


Charon: Good, you did come back! :D Approved~
Citron: Approved
DeathSpector: Go ahead. I don't want everyone to be the same... Also approved.
YoshiRiru, Raze Finiarel, and Kokobean are also approved. :D I didn't have to reject anyone! Hooray!

I am now closing applications. I should start off with RP posting by tomorrow. Thanks so much for your patience, everyone!

March 27th, 2006, 3:47 PM
Man! I've been busy and was getting ready to post my sign-up.

March 27th, 2006, 7:21 PM
((Yay! Now I can occupy my time! ^.^))

March 28th, 2006, 5:34 AM
Yay ((Posting words here so that I do not type less than the required amount...XP))

March 28th, 2006, 8:31 PM
((Alright! Here goes nothing. ^^))

The weather was perfect. There was a light, rather cheerful breeze coming in from the West, nothing overwhelming or destructive. The sun was shining, but it wasn't the same sweltering, ugly heat that had beaten down on the ocean for the past four days or so, and every once in a while, a cloud would slip over the sun and give the sea below a moment's reprieve from the warmth. The decks of the Crystal Corsola were actually clean, for once; she was just now leaving port, and Feather'd had a couple extra dollars, which he'd spent on a good cleaning for her body and board. Doubtless, the hull would be covered in brine and infant shelldar again in a couple of days, but hopefully they'd get a good haul in before that, and be able to take her back into dock.

Feather leaned against the wheel, Tails curled around his feet, staring out at the endless ocean and humming some random tune under his breath. Leviathan was circling under the ship, and Feather could hear a faint, whale-like hum that sounded like a far-off herd of lapras. The day was absolutely perfect; it seemed like nothing could go wrong.

March 29th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Kiki enjoyed the warmth of the sun as she kneeled scrubbing the deck of the worn out ship she had bought. Peeky and Kat helped scrub and Diane would rinse from her spot in the water by using a light water gun being sure as not to harm the ship.
Kiki's Camo pants were rolled up into shorts to keep her from the heat. She looked into the sky with a smile knowing her plan exactly. She'd fix up the ship, get a small crew either at the dock or at sea and then be on her way. Her eyes shifter to the S.S. Anne where her mom boarded wearing her uniform. Kiki waved her mother waving back before getting on.
/What a lovely day./ Kiki thought.

March 29th, 2006, 6:16 PM
A lone Lapras was swimming in the vast ocean. It could be seen that two figueres were on the water pokemon. A guy and a charmeleon. Both seem very tired and just lay there on the Lapras. The guy then said, "Lapras. Maybe we shouldn't have swam into that fog for the guy."

The charmeleon then grond and MIke said, "Yeah. Char. Maybe he wasn't worth chasing into the fog. Still he did have a nice bounty on him."

Char then morn. Mike then said, "Yeah. Well our luck may change." He pointed to a ship with a gyrados swimming around it. He had no idea who it belong to but it better to see if they could board it since Lapras looked a bit tired and he and Char needed to rest up a bit. Mike then waved his hadns at the ship.

March 30th, 2006, 6:10 AM
Rarule went out onto the dock and peered over the side, and took a deep breath. The sea was exceptionally great today, "But like they say. When something is this good, it must be the calm before a storm." He heard a his pidgey in the back and turned to see what was the matter. Gust was looking out into the water ahead, flapping his wings hysterically. Rarule rushed around the side and towards the cockpit. He was shocked then scared. There was a pirate ship, bigger than his at that. Alongside the ship swam a Gyrados, looking as mean and vicious as any Gyrados would. ot only were the pirates his problem, but a lapras carrying a man who obviously was a pirate hunter aboard was swimming towards the other ship.

"Pirates and a pirate hunter?" He laughed aloud, almost enough where anyone would hear him. "This day is starting to get interesting!" He called for his marshtomp Marine. "Gust! Marine! This is the moment we've been waiting for! To test our might against real pirates! Now, time to do a little seek and destroy!" Marine jumped into the water and Rarule jumped in o top of him. Maine wasn't exactly a big pokemon to swim on, but as fast as it was, it looked as if rarule was surfing atop a Marshtomp surfing board. Gust folowed ot far behind, keeping low to the ground so as not to be seen. "We'll attack on the other side, so the pirate hunter can lure them to him while we catch them off gaurd."

March 30th, 2006, 12:16 PM
"Ah, what a boring day."

Haru said out loud, mostly to himself as he strolled through the market, where tons of people seemed to be setting up shop to show off their goods of the day. This part of the city thrived, filled with tons of people looking to make a quick buck, so naturally crime was to be abound.

However, today wasn't the case.

As Officer Haru kept walking and looking around, he noticed nothing in particular at all. No thefts, no getaways, no nothing. Everyone was acting fine, going about their daily business. On a routine day, Haru would have expected to see two or three minor thefts, mostly just a piece of fruit or something by some random kid, nothing much. But, like it was mentioned earlier, no such luck.

"Hey, Yuki, go check that guy out."

Haru commanded softly to his Snorunt, who had ween waltzing along quietly beside of him. The small Pokemon nodded, running before and darting in between people's feet, trying to keep its small eyes on a man cloaked entirely in black, who, in Haru's eyes, looked suspicious.

March 30th, 2006, 1:30 PM
Kiki looked up to see what was going on. The noise had disrupted her work that she was desperate to finish which included repainting the ship after cleaning and naming her. Diane and Kat looked over as well but Peeky kept working as she knew what was most important.
Standing up Kiki put a hand above her eyes to shade the sun and immidiatly noticed the Garados and Ship.
"That's no ordinary fishing ship." Kiki said suspiceously. However she disregarded it getting back to work.
"Diane, Kat C'mon. It's none of our concern for now." Kiki comanded as kindly as she could. Kat nodded and Diane bowed.

March 30th, 2006, 10:20 PM
The market of the huge port town bustled with activity. But, within the dark, narrow passageways of the back alley system, there was dirty work afoot. A man, large in stature, was repeatedly striking a young boy, of about 19 in the stomach. He grinned, and threw him to the ground, chuckling evilly.

"Hmph. Stupid kid. You think you're tough? Think you've got what it takes to quit Team Rocket? Think again, runt."

The man gave another chuckle, looking away towards the sun. The boy clutched his ribs, feeling them tenderly. He was certain one was broken, but his senses were fading fast - he wasn't sure if it was accurate. The boy coughed involuntarily, which brought the large man's attention back to him.

"The great Giovanni has no tolerence for deserters.."

He murmured, skulking back towards the crippled young man laying on the decrepit streets, murky and damp. With the last remainder of his strength, the boy lashed out with his leg, bringing the large man crumbling to the floor. In a flash, the boy was up and running, as fast as he could manage. He could hear the rhinocerous of a man rumble behind him.

"Argh! That's the last mistake you'll ever make, you little brat!"

Adrenaline rushed through the boy as he shot through the alleyways, darting in and out of the narrow winding passages, paying no attention to his serious injuries. He ducked underneath a stack of crates, and waited, breath held until he heard the thundering footsteps of the lackey wander away. He stood up, and the adrenaline drained from his blood. He staggered through the rest of the alley, and into the street, where he collapsed against a building, unconscious.

April 2nd, 2006, 12:52 PM
Feather didn't really notice what was going on in port- it was never a good idea to pay more attention to what was going on, on shore, than on your own boat. He did, however, see the kid on the lapras coming for the Corsola, and, not entirely sure whether he was recognized and being chased down for something, or just needed to give directions, he waved, lazily, in the other boy's direction. As he lowered his hand, he made a certain signal with the fingers, and Leviathan started to circle slowly towards the surface, ready to defend the ship, if need be.

April 2nd, 2006, 2:15 PM
Mike stopped waving and then whispered to his lapars's ear, "Get close to the ship and if attacked prepare to to fight back with a Tunderblot attack. Hopefully we won't have to attack and just get a few things like food."

Lapras nodded and started to swim slowly towards the ship. Mike and Char stare at the ship and MIke just nodded. He hope that he could at least get some directions and some food. He got close to the ship and yelled, "Ahoy. We come in peace. All I ask for is some directions and some food for a few days. I willing to pay if wanted."

April 2nd, 2006, 3:25 PM
gust lifted Rarule onto the ship by his arm. This ship definitely belonged to a pirate. "Now, why isn't there any chaos happening?" He edged across a wall and peered through the side. the pirates were looking down the side, probably at the pirate hunter. He could just hear what the hunter was saying. "Food! That's all he wants! Oops." He turned around to hide from the pirates. his outburst had revealed his presence and he had to react. "Gust, Marine get ready!"

April 2nd, 2006, 4:28 PM
Kiki and her pokemon had finished cleaning in good time. She now decided to work on the paint.
"Peeky you and Kat get to work on painting the shipitself. I'll paint the name and Diane you can take a break." She commanded with a smile. Peeky and Kat nodded grabbign the purple paint and going to paint the sides while Kiki got onto the dock and began to paint the name. She had had one in mind and had the light blue paint ready as well as sails to match that her and her mother had been working on at home. So she began to paint.

Meanwhile Diane swam over a bit to check on the commotion the sun gleaming on her crown as she watched. She was curious by nature as well and so got as close as she could without anyone really noticing and payed close attention.

April 2nd, 2006, 9:51 PM
Slowly but surely, consciousness arose throughout Julian. One by one, his senses returned to him. Everything struck him at once - the glaring sun, blinding him, the salty sea, overpowering his nose and his taste buds, but most of all, the pain. Oh, the pain. Stabs of uncomprehensible pain shot through him like slowly twirling hot knives. He looked into a murky puddle to get a better look at himself..

A black eye, with several cuts around his right cheek. A busted lip, and a nasty cut along his forehead. Suddenly, he clutched at his ribcage. A mindblowing agony rocketed around his abdomen, taunting him and mocking him with pain each time he drew breath. He leaned back against the brick building upon which he found himself, his eyes closed, his face contorted with discomfort. It was quite unlike anything he had ever experienced before. His arms dropped to his sides, which weakly grasped one of his pokeballs. The small sphere grew suddenly, and a glaring light erupted from it... and Julian was unconscious once more.

When he awoke, he found himself not in the dingy alley of before, but what seemed to be a sort of park. He had no shirt, but he had a brace of bandages wrapped around his midriff. It was about that time that he noticed the girl. The first thing that came to his mind was how beautiful she was. She had blue eyes, but not of the intensity that most modern women had. It was a gentle, calming sort of color, like a quiet sea after a raging storm. Her glossy strawberry hair was done back in a neat pony-tail, and the expression she wore was one of complete concentration. As he pried his eyes away from the beautiful girl, he noticed something. The pain was gone. Who was this woman, who of her own free will, decided to help him in his time of need? As he pondered these things, he feigned sleep, so as not to alarm the girl. However, fatigue took over, and Julian found he was no longer struggling to remain "asleep." Soon, he was awake no longer.

April 6th, 2006, 5:43 PM
Feather smiled at the kid on the lapras; a genial smile that didn't have much real heart behind it. "Sure, come up, he said, glancing over his shoulder and catching sight of the other trainer, behind him. He stopped half-way in his signal to Leviathan to stop his advance, and then motioned for the gyrados to continue spiralling up. "Oops, one second. Gotta clean up the decks real quick." He turned around the face the offending trainer, turning his back on lapras-and-charmander boatman but leaving Tails keeping a wide amber eye on him. "What exactly are you doing?"

April 6th, 2006, 6:03 PM
Rarule couldn't calm his heart from pounding out of his chest. He didn't see how he could ge out of here. "I..." ****it! What did he get himself into. "I'm here to join your crew." Gust and Marine both jumped in shock. "Yeah, that's right. I'm here to join the legendary Feather's crew mates. I tracked you down personally just to ollow under your command." He said with a bow. 'Yeah Right.'

April 6th, 2006, 6:37 PM
Mike just nodded and smile. He guess he might as well wait since he can't just get up there. Char just shugged and looked Persian that was keeping an eye on them. MIke didn't mind the cat pokemon too much but he knew that if they were going to start anything then they wait till after they get fed.

Mike then thought he heard the name Feather. He knew the name suppost to mean something to him. THen it dawn on him. Feather is a pirate with a bounty on his head. If Mike catches this pirate thne he be able to take care of himself for more then a long while. Still, Mike can't just go and raid the ship for his bounty without food or rest. Char is hungry while Lapras is tired. They may not be up for a battle right now. Also, Mike has to know for sure if this was the legendary pirate called Feather before he just rush in.

Mike then called up, "Mind if I can board your ship too for rest? Me and my pokemon have been on sea for a long while and I believe we are lost."

April 6th, 2006, 7:24 PM
Diane had been listening. She knew the name Feather. Kiki had a poster of wanted pirates in her room and he was one of them. She swam there frozen as Kiki finished painting the name on the boat and Peeky and Kat had finished half of one side.
The boat now read, "Jirachi's Wish" on the side and Kiki walked along the dock towards home to get the sails. She stopped however at the commotion and wathed her Lapras stunned there focused on it as well.
"'Eh! What's goin' on here?" she asked a light breeze blowing her Camo pants. She had left her Kimono at home as well and thought she'd retrieve that also.
"Can't you see your distracting my Pokemon? We've got work to do and gosh darnit I want it finished by the days end!" SHe didn't know what had come over her. She was yelling at complete strangers but something concerned her. Something she couldn't put her finger on.

April 8th, 2006, 5:04 AM
Rarule looked around, hoping to find a way out. 'No way I'm going to take orders from another pirate.' he thought. "Marine launch a Mudshot into the air! Now Gust hit it with your quick attack!" his pokemon did just that, and the collision caused the Mudshot to explode in a smokescreen haze. Using this moment, Rarule lited his arm as Gust grabbed it with its feet and lifted him off of the boat. For a Pidgey it is pretty strong... but not strong enough because struggling as it did, Rarule's arm slipped free and he was plummeting straight towards the water. Pidgey chirped loudly and glew bright white. It wsa like everything slowed down for Rarule, not only did he not yet hit the water, but he was watching his pidgey evolve in front of his eyes. Gust was no longer a Pidgey and became a full strong Pidgeoto, who swooped down and scooped Rarule onto his back and headed straight for their ship. "Let's go Gust!"

April 8th, 2006, 8:37 AM
Kiki fell to her knees coughing the muddy haze irritating her throat. What was going on?
"Jerk! Get back here and *cough cough* fight like a man of the seas you landy!" she called to Rarule her eyes closed. Diane heard her and looked around unable to see. Peeky and Kat were having the same problem.
"Pi pika pi chu." /Today's not going well./ Peeky said turning to Kat the only thing she could see.
"Ski. Skiity ski." /Ya. This sucks./ Kat replied.

April 10th, 2006, 7:10 PM
(OOC: Ack! Sorrysorrysorry. I've had no time to write in forever. GO, RP POST!)

IC:Julian woke up once more. His head wasn't as sore, but his chest was still sore. He was no longer in the quaint park in which he had found himself in before, and everything was getting very strange. Instead, he was on a bench, along the sandy white Vermillion beached. Instinctively, he reached for his belt. Expecting to feel six cold, small spheres, he panicked. His Pokemon were gone!!

He gasped, and stood, looking frantically around his feet. How long had he been unconscious!? Peeking under the bench, he spied 3 of the red and white capsules. He cried out in anguish, and fell to his feet, scrambling to pick them up. He frantically released the monsters contained within. Lash, Ash, and Splash. He fell to his knees, and groaned. 3 of his beloved Pokemon, of which he had done so much with, were gone. He looked up at the sky in despair. Suddenly, Splash the Psyduck squawked loudly. He still couldn't speak coherantly, so Julian looked at him with a puzzled expression. In the tiny pokemon's hand was a letter.

Julian tore it from the pokemon's hands and ripped it open, scanning it over. It was hastily written, but retained the elegance of a girl's writing. It was written in deep red ink; However, it was scribbled, and the ink ran and splotched, and it was hard to make out. After several failed translation attempts, Julian folded it neatly, and tucked it in his pocket. He returned his three pokemon, placed them upon his belt, and began to stroll down the beach, tears streaming down his usually bright and energetic face.

April 12th, 2006, 3:58 AM
Mike then heard some noise. It sounded as if a pokemon were figthing or something like that. Mike then morned and so did Char. Mike hated to battle on top of Lapras because the why she swims and he can't use Char was well like they were on solid ground. "Great. If we get dragged into a battle right now then we in trouble." said Mike.

Mike then look at his Lapras and said, "Stay away from any battling. We don't want to leave this ship no matter what. It better to stay safe then to get lost again." The Laprasw nodded.

Mike knew that this was a pirate's ship for sure and this one is worth some money. If he can capture this one then he be loaded for a long while. Mike knows that after thios capture that he be able to leave on a pokemon journey on the main land.

"Char. Prepare a Smokescreen incase we are seen." said MIke.

April 12th, 2006, 5:29 AM
Rarule, Gust and Marine made it on their ship safe. He noticed the girl screaming at him to return. "She's really agressive. But hat's not important. Time to get out of here." He let down the sails and on the ship went.

April 12th, 2006, 10:25 AM
Julian walked up the steps towards the docks. The cruise ship S.S. Anne resided in the harbor. He had once pulled a plot with the Rockets to crash a trainer party.. but some kids messed everything up.. he shook his head, trying to get rid of the Rockets. He had more important issues on his mind at the current moment. Like getting his friends back.

Suddenly, Julian began to cough uncontrollably. "*cough cough* What the..." he exclaimed, (or the best he could.) He was surrounded by thick smoke, or mud.. or something like that. Either way, he couldn't see, nor breathe. Without even thinking, he dove off the docks, into the water. Coming up for air, he took in a deep breath of salty water. He took refuge on a ladder, and rested for a minute until the smoke/mud/whatever cleared itself. After a few minutes, it did so, and Julian climbed up towards the docks. However, he did not reach the top, instead, he leaped onto the service rafters underneath the docks. He walked across carefully, and headed towards where he thought the choking substance had originated. The source soon became apparant.

A ship, a little bit out to sea, was seemingly under attack. "Hmm." he said to himself. He released all his pokemon. They lined up, and faced him. He addressed them. "Alright, Splash, take Lash over to that ship. Lash, you sneak onboard, and see what's happening. Ash... you stay here with me. Help me decipher this letter... and dry me off." He listed his last order last moment - as he noticed he was still soaking from diving headfirst into the sea.

The 2 covert operators agreed, and dove into the water. Julian took the letter out of his pocket, and groaned. It was ruined; soaked, and the ink ran all around the paper. Without thinking, he had single-handedly ruined any chance of finding his former companions. He laid it down, and sighed. "Hey... wait!" Ash barked. Looking down at the letter, the running ink was forming words. It read.. "RoCKets toOK yoUr POkEmoN." It was crude, but extremely effective. He looked on in awe as the cryptic message lay next to him on the wood of the docks.

Meanwhile, Splash and Lash snuck up to the boat. Lash easily began to scale the side of the ship, but Splash was having more difficulty. "Oy, kid. Maybe you should just stick back here." The sneasel motioned with one claw. "I'm going to need you here if we need to make a quick getaway." The psyduck quacked loudly in approval, and Lash continued to scale the boat. When he reached the top, he saw what the commotion was. It was a boy, surrounded by Pokemon. He was the one being attacked. "Hmm.. that's that guy.. Feather." The sneasel recalled the boy's face from various posters around town. "I hear he's quite the pirate" The pokemon continued to itself. Trying to sneak closer, the sneasel watched and waited.

April 12th, 2006, 11:34 AM
OOC: Sorry my post took so long, been busy with stuff at school <<;

Haru chased after his Snorunt, who had decided to leap into the air and tackle into the man that the officer(Haru) had pointed out earlier, without even a command. Now, the man who was lying on the ground had shouted out, alerting other officers in the area of the commotion.

"Clear out, clear out! That's an order!"

Haru shouted out to all of the people who had formed a largre ring around them. Many others dressed in uniform had come forward to stop it, but Haru had ordered them to leave...considering he had a higher rank than all of them.

"Now, I'm sorry about this. My Snorunt was not ordered to "attack" you. Please forgive me, and enjoy the rest of your day."

Without letting the man get a word in edge wise, Haru scooped up Yuki in his arms and ran off, not looking back as he disappeared into a corwd.

April 14th, 2006, 5:15 PM
As the muddy shroud cleared off Kiki got up scowling.
"SOME WAY TO TREAT A LADY!" she screamed to noone in particular. She then marched off in a huff to her house to gather up her things. She came back shartly carrying the sails and her kimono back to the ship whish was now half painted. Diane had retured to the ship as well not wanting to disturb the other ship.