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March 12th, 2006, 8:55 AM
This is my very very first fanfic so be kind

I know the title is a little corny I’ll try and think of a better one.

Oh and I do not own Robotboy.

It was a warm day outside Tommy Turnball’s parents were putting birthday decorations around the backyard. Donnie was just reading a magazine nearby. What they don’t know is that in Tommy’s bedroom someone was watching them.

This someone had big blue antenna’s and was blue he had green friendly eyes. It was Tommy’s best friend in the whole world Robotboy. Lola had explained to him what was going on.


“What going on?” asked Robotboy watching Tommy’s parents getting his party ready looking confused.

“It’s Tommy’s birthday today so were giving him a surprise birthday party” said Lola

“What surprise mean?” asks Robotboy looking even more confused.

“It’s when you do something nice without telling someone and when they find out they’ll be really happy”.

This excited the little robot “want make Tommy happy!” he said hyperactively.

Lola smiled. Then don’t tell Tommy about this party until I tell you to ok?”

“Ok” said Robotboy giving Lola a thumbs up.

***End Flashback***

Robotboy continued to watch Tommy’s parents to get Tommy’s party ready with a huge smile on his face
(A/N Gus has taken Tommy to see a movie while they were getting ready.)

“Can’t wait see look on Tommy’s face” he said happily.

Then Robotboy heard someone coming upstairs he hid under the bed just in case it was one of Tommy’s parents but it turned out to be Tommy himself Gus followed close behind.
“That movie was banging” said Gus with a mouthful of candy.

“Yeah it was pretty cool” said Tommy.

Robotboy came out from his hiding place after hearing the voices of his friends

“Hello” he said cheerfully.

“Hi Ro Been staying outta trouble?” asked Tommy happy to see his friend

“Yep” said Robotboy with a cheeky smile.

Tommy giggled and went to put his stuff back in his closet. Robotboy went back to the window and peered out. Lola sent the signal that they were ready for Tommy. Robotboy rushed to Tommy.

“Want play tag?” asked Robotboy.

“Sure” said Tommy happily

“Can I play too?” asked Gus finally finished his candy.

“Ok” said Robotboy.
“Race ya” said Tommy
The trio ran downstairs to the backyard.

Robotboy deliberately slowed down so no one outside will see him.
Tommy made it outside first.

“SURPRISE” shouted everyone (except Donnie)

Tommy was so shocked he almost fell over.

“What’s going on?” he asked after he recovered from the shock

“It’s a birthday party silly” said Tommy’s mum. And his dad pointed to the banner that said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY” In big red letters.

“Wow” said Tommy quite surprised.

Lola gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek and Gus gave him a noogie.

While everyone was celebrating (and Gus stuffing himself at the buffet) Tommy felt something land on his head.

“Ow” he said

Tommy picked up a card he recognized the handwriting strait away he smiled and looked up towards his bedroom window where someone was staring down back at him. “What are you looking at sport?” asked Tommy’s dad

“Nothing said Tommy and went somewhere quiet he quickly ripped the envelope off the card and opened it. The massage said:
Dear Tommy
Happy birthday

From Robotboy

Tommy smiled and put the card in his pocket and rejoined the party.


what do you think?