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Psychic Thunder
April 11th, 2004, 4:00 AM
This is gonna be my fan fic turned manga ^^ this is just gonna be the summary now ^^


Mika Karibi is a young 15 year old witch in Japan, reeling from her mother's death and has run away because of her drunk father, she holds the legendary Red Jewel which can ward off evil spirits, but powers demons up. She must proctect her jewel at all costs, she meets up with the demon hunter Takashi, and the Dragon/Human hybrid Devin. Many fights are fought, and many death occur..... Ch. 1 soon ^^

EDIT: Ch. 1!!!!!!!!!

In a small village in Japan lived Mika Karibi and her family. Mika was an apprentice witch and control the powers of fire. She walked inside her mother's room, to find her mother getting worse from an illness that was taking her body over.

"Mother?", Mika whispered walking to her mother's body.

"M-Mika?", her mother's, Minoshi, voice weakly asked from under a mountian of blankets.

"How are you feeling mother?", Mika asked nervously playing with the charm around her neck, the symbol for fire.

"Honey, stop fiddling with that <dang> thing," Minoshi asked, her back to Mika. Minoshi was a psychic, and she could see all, even while she was so ill. "But I have been better."

Mika knew her mother would know if she was crying so she tried to fight the tears and sat in a chair by her mother's bedside. Minoshi turned weakly to face her daughter.

"Before I go I must give something to you, and tell you once last story," Minoshi said taking something of the table by her bed, it was a deep red jewel on a beaded necklace and handed it to Mika.

"Your necklace? Mother I do not understand," Mika said.

"Shush sweety, let me explain while I have this burst of strength," Minoshi said. "This jewel was given to me by my mother and her mother before her, and I give it to you, this jewel has the powers to ward off evil spirits, but at the same time increase the power of demons. My family has protected it for centuries with our elementel powers, you must protect it at all costs, if it fell into the wrong hands the results would be... be..." Minoshi started to breath heavily and Mika's father, Minkai walked in, holding a bottle of liquor.

"You <dang> child! Look what you are doing! Killing her? Couldn't wait for the sickness to kill her off?", he slurred and stumbled over to hit Mika.

"NO!", she cried and threw her arms up to shield herself and a shield of flames appered and proctected her as Minoshi looked to her.

"Be strong my child," she whispered and her eyes closed and Minoshi died.

"Mother....", Mika cried, the shield burned Minkai as he tried to strike her again and Mika ran off into the forest.

Mika walked through the forest and she walked to a small worn-out shrine. She sat on a small box and wiped the tears off her face.

"No, she cannot be dead... I will not go back to live with him," Mika sobbed under her breath. She pulled the necklace out from her pocket and placed it around her neck, and it glowed a soft deep red. Suddenly there was movement in the bushes and a large cat looking creature attacked Mika.

"AHHHHHH!", she screeched as the creature leapped at her.

In a flash of red the creature was on the ground with an arrow through it and a young boy around 17 walked over and held a hand out for Mika.

"Are you alright Miss?", he asked.

Mika took his hand and stood up, the necklace had stopped glowing.

"Yes, I'm alright, who are you?", she asked.
The boy was wearing a white t-shrit and beige pants, a hat on his head of blonde hair, he had blue eyes, and a quiver of arrows and a bow on his back.

"I am Takashi, demon hunter at your call miss," he said.

"Please don't call me miss, my name is Mika," Mika said. Her long black hair flew into her face and she moved it, she was wearing a pink shirt with a pair of jeans.

"Mika, that is a pretty name," Takashi said. He noticed the necklace on Mika's neck. "May I?", he asked reaching a hand to her neck. Mika nodded.

"Sure," Mika responded.

Takashi took the necklace in his hand. "The red jewel.....", he said.

"You know the legend?", Mika asked.

"Yes," he said noticing her other necklace. "An elemental necklace, so your a witch, what element do you command?"

"I command fire," she said.

"I command some fire and I command air," Takashi smiled. "Would you like me to protect you from demons?"

"I would like that very much Takashi," Mika smiled.

They started to walk through the forest and they were telling stories about their families.

"....And my older brother, Satoshi, died just recently in a demonic attack because his could not use his magic," Takashi said.

Mika was about to speak when a large creature appeared, like the one before except it was 10 times larger and meaner.

"Oh my goodness!", Mika gasped.