View Full Version : Is there a working Emulator?????? Looks like it

December 11th, 2006, 5:06 AM
I was reading some updates when i saw that there was a D/P video this website didn't have much on D/P just a very long video from jeux france but when i saw it it had a hypercam 2 unregistered logo in the corner

for those who don't know what hypercam is it is a screen video camera program in which you can record anythign on your computer screen

more here http://www.hyperionics.com/hc/

and the video is here http://ds.qj.net/Pokemon-Diamond-Pearl-gameplay-video/pg/49/aid/75730

December 11th, 2006, 5:10 AM
First of all, this belongs in the Emulation forums.

Secondly, this video was recorded with a camera, hence the shakyness.

There are currently no emulators that can play Diamond or Pearl.