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April 25th, 2004, 10:51 AM
Dear Pokmon Fans,

As you may recall a while back there was a certain game named PIO: Rising Sun. PIO was basically a Pokmon online game (MMORPG) project. Keep in mind I am speaking of an actual game you can download and not another RPGMaker game. We have gone by many URL's ( most of you may remember http://pio.dalegend.com and http://pio.thelegendnet.com ). These URL's no longer exist. This is what I have come here to address.

I am sure several of you have anticipated such a game where one can play with others in a Pokmon online world. Sadly, I must announce this game has come to an end. After the main site had gone down (without a warning given to me by my host) the project was on the verge of collapse.

"What happened?" you might ask. Well many factors come to mind. Firstly, I constantly requested assistance in funding the server. You probably think I was trying to profit from this, but in truth no, any funds donated were intended for the server. Those lucky enough to have participated in the testing phase (the public test had lasted several months) or even in the private tests may have noticed there were obvious problems with the server. A crash was inevitable. Major steps were taken to improve upon this and you may have noticed that the crashes began to tone down. The server persisted to crash nonetheless. With over 200 registered game accounts, 300+ forum members, and thousands of hits per day to the main site, one would expect at least small donations. Alas, no donations were ever made.

Second, the lack of planning caused the downfall in the long run. Everyday I would add to the project without any "blueprint." When it comes to programming projects, planning is a must. With adequate planning a project is more likely to be completed faster, contain less bugs, and succeed. Throughout its lifetime PIO had a handful of bugs. The server and online programming indirectly caused most of the bugs. To re-program the entire game with proper planning and a new online engine would be too much of a hassle. It wasn't just the online engine alone, there were many other engines that had many flaws due to poor planning (i.e. the battle engine). However, it was the online engine that stood out and nearly every bug had an association to the flaws of the core online engine. Therefore, this played another key role in the project's downfall.

Lastly, my waning interest in Pokmon never quite bounced back up. It wasn't that I hated Pokmon, that I didn't. I believe it was due largely in part that I don't really watch anim in general anymore and my renewed interest in other genres (such as fantasy and first person shooters). As hard as I may have tried to push myself to love Pokmon and my game, it just didn't quite work out.

If any of you happen to remember me I hope you appreciate what I have done and that it pleases you. I am sure I have kept at least a portion of the Pokmon community entertained while the alpha tests were publicized. The screenshots and friendly community are a plus as well. While many of you may be disheartened over the fact that such a community no longer exists, do realize I have not yet given up. I am currently working on a new game. Many of you know that I am the kind of person that doesn't just make another game and release it. No, I am the kind that comes up with innovative ideas, enjoyable features, and the like. In general, I'm the kind of person that attempts to make games fun and unique. I will not disclose too much information (site URL, game title, etc.) as of now for fear that it is either considered advertising or perhaps many of you do not like the idea and philosophy behind the new game. However, if I am allowed to post the URL I will place it at the bottom of this post.

Well, this new game is based in a fantasy/medieval setting. We have done a lot of planning and research. I have learned from PIO and I am taking action to make this game look [more] professional than even PIO. A summary of the new game's features are as follows (not all features will be listed, but rather only a few since the game is still in the works):

1. Storyline Engine: Rather than spending time questing and whatnot players will actually be able to participate in the storyline. An example would be if the dwarves hold an iron mine that the orcs need to craft a special sword. The orcs will raid the dwarves and this will affect the story and the world itself. Basically, I want to create a feeling that the world is "alive" in a sense.
2. Dynamic World: When you goto the shop to purchase a potion, there are only so many potions. Once the stock of potions is out, you'll have to go to another shop or wait. This is only an example, further information will be released later on the official site.
3. SpellFX Engine 1.0: The SpellFX engine is basically a set of commands that can be executed in real-time. By combining several instructions one can create spell animations with ease. For example "spin; wait 50;shoot" will spin, say...a fireball, around the player for 50 milliseconds and then shoot out.
4. Depth: I can guarantee you that you will not know everything about the game in a single day. A moderator here at PokCommunity (Shadow) is the game's current spell designer. We have literally 100+ spells planned for each element (six elements total) and are planning for more if possible for the initial public release. Once again, this is only an example and there is so much more to find out!

I don't know how many of you are actually interested in the fantasy/medieval genre, but if you are please PM Shadow or me for the URL. If PPNSteve (my ex-affiliate) permits, I will post the URL for the site. If you in fact aren't interested but you have developed an interest in my work then please do request further information.

As for PIO, I repeat that I am sorry that things have to turn out this way but I did not decide upon this immediately. Rather, we had a staff conference (one that lasted two days) and even took several months to decide upon. However, I thank you for any past support you have given me and for helping the PIO community become memorable. PIO will forever be remembered by its fans and as its fans.


ShadowDragon, Ex-Head Programmer of PIO

P.S. If you are interested in checking the AIM chat where PIO was officially announced to be dead you can do so by clicking the link below (the beginning of the chat is a bunch of useless talking and greeting, the chat begins to become interesting around the middle section. Keep in mind that this chat is rather old and the whole "core engine, map editor" deal at the end really isn't in effect anymore):


Edit: OK PPNSteve has just allowed me to post the URL of the new game's site. The game is named Sanctuary and is being developed by Sacredcrown Studios. The website for Sacredcrown can be located below:


April 25th, 2004, 11:07 AM
I forgot to mention that another issue was the legal problems although such a problem did not arise while PIO was in play due to the fact that I hid my contact information.

Another reason is the security issue. Someone had impersonated Latios Master during the private alpha testing. The neglection by the community members to admit who had gone about doing such an action disappointed me.

Any of you having visited the thread linked below, please do consider this post an answer:


April 25th, 2004, 11:33 AM
Thats too bad. It sounded rather interesting, tho I wasnt a member

April 25th, 2004, 11:39 AM
PPNSteve has allowed me to post the URL of my new game. The new game is named Sanctuary and it is being made by Sacredcrown Studios. The Sacredcrown website can be located below (I'll edit my first post to include this as well):