View Full Version : Gold Gym Leader Sprites Needed

January 13th, 2007, 8:49 AM
I am working on a Pokemom hack calleed TRR. I need some sprites to be made, in Gold graphics, someone reply and make some for me, the criteria is below.

1.) Rock type gym leader, male, blue or brown hair.
2.) Psychic type gym leader, female, brown, blue, red or yellow hair.
3.) Rock type gym leader, male and a female one needed, any colour hair that looks good.
4.) Fire type gym leader, male, red, orange or dark brown hair, as long as it looks good.

Thanks to people that post in some decent gold sprites and allow me to use them. =)

January 13th, 2007, 8:56 AM
Sorry, read the rules. Requests are not allowed here. :/