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The role of the Avatar has come to pass through history as the world’s sole spirit and saviour. The end of the One-hundred Year War saw the Avatar progress into his most powerful and dangerous form, the Avatar State. Sacrificing his rendition of immortality, the Avatar successfully ended the war and placed the fate of the world in the peoples’ hands. Losing his ability to reincarnate, the last Airbender ended the line of the Avatar and the fate of his race.

Another one-hundred years have passed since the Fire Nation’s defeat and the Avatar’s last stand. Harmony has reigned over the four countries since the conclusion of the war and many of the countries’ people have returned to peaceful and prosperous lives. The establishment of stable governments, international support between countries, and the introduction of two subsidiary Bending disciplines have brought the four countries into a new age.

However, a new threat has arisen. A rogue group of Benders have been recognised for various crimes against the four countries and are currently being pursued under the command of the nations’ leading military officials and tactical advisers. An international pursuit of the criminal organisation has disrupted the four countries’ one-hundred year armistice, in which the governments have worked to establish after the One-hundred Year War. The group’s true ambitions remain unknown and their crimes against the four countries appear nothing more than acts of terrorism. The group has been known to be called; Boshoku.

Your Role:

You derive from one of the five remaining Bending discipline families that exist in the world of the Avatar. You will start out from wherever your History permits and will eventually meet up with the other participants of the RP. Each of you will have an encounter with one or more members of the Boshoku, either as a group or alone, and this encounter will be the turning point of your journey. The focus of your journey will be to confront the organisation for whatever reason your character has employed, whether it be good or bad, and to discover what the group’s true ambitions are. This is your role from the beginning of the RP, but it may change during the course of the story depending on the situations you face.


1. There can be no relations to characters from the actual show or other related services. This RP is focused on original characters but uses Avatar concepts.

2. Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are important. Make sure that your posts are legible and understandable. Also, first-person perspective will not be allowed. All posts must be written in the third-person perspective.

3. The dominant rules that apply to this RP include; power-playing and god-mode. Both will not be tolerated without the consent of a participant’s approval. Otherwise, standard PC rules apply.

4. No character can become an Airbender or use Airbending techniques.

5. If you decide to involve yourself with another character in battle, make sure you discuss the outcome and details with whoever you are opposing. Power-playing will not be accepted without consent.

6. Based on the five Chinese elements, two new Bending disciplines have been incorporated into the RP. These include; Woodbending and Metalbending. Your character can only learn one Bending Discipline. This is also optional.

7. This RP is also rated PG-15 (http://pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78892).

Sign-up Sheet:

Name: Chiharu

Age: Fourteen (14)

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Chiharu has long brown hair that is often tied in circular braids that hang above her ears. Her hair is tied back across her head into each braid, leaving a loose fringe over her forehead. Each braid is tied by a small cylindrical clip which hold the braids in place across the sides of her head.
Chiharu wears an open short-sleeve red jacket that reaches just above her naval. It is embroiled with a golden trimming that lines the borders of the jacket’s body, sleeves and collar. Underneath the jacket, she wears a tight black top that also cuts across her abdomen, exposing her stomach. The Fire Nation’s emblem is also printed across the front of the top in a bright red scheme.
Chiharu also sports a ceremonial red cummerbund that she ties around her waist, covering the top of her pants. Her pants are a matching black to her top and end right above her shins. Two red bands line the side of each leg and tie to the ends of her trousers’ hemline. The hemline of each trouser leg is also tied across each calf.
Chiharu also adorns a pair of traditional Chinese martial art slip-on shoes. The shoes are black in colour, matching her top and pants, but are lined around the base above the sole, in a red and gold trimming. The height of the foot-hole reaches just below the ankle bone.
Chiharu’s favourite accessories are her golden bangles. She wears two bangles on each arm and has never removed them.

Personality: Chiharu is a very open person who will speak her mind regardless of the situation. Because of this, she often gets into arguments and can become very stubborn if opposed. She will fight for what she truly believes in and will not concede defeat on any level until she has been proven wrong.
Despite her upfront and brash nature at first, Chiharu is a very kind and fun-loving person, underneath all the fluff. She enjoys being with her friends and family and supports them whenever necessary, as they do for her. However, partly due to her comfortable upbringing and lifestyle, Chiharu has become slightly spoiled and unnecessarily sarcastic. This tends to annoy those associated with her, as it tends to provoke her initial stubborn attitude.

History: Chiharu had spent the majority of her life being brought up in a comfortable and privileged environment. Her family led a relatively peaceful and prosperous lifestyle in the Fire Nation’s capital, even though they were considered second-class citizens. She attended daily Firebending classes and learnt all she knew from her academics and peers. She was also home schooled by her parents and learnt much about the history of the Fire Nation, as well as the other three countries of; water, earth, and air. She also learnt about the Avatar, and took a great interest in the One-hundred Year War.
Soon after, she became infatuated with the concept of travelling across the world and meeting all kinds of people and seeing all kinds of places, much like the Avatar did during his time. She had become obsessed with the idea and soon made it her life’s goal to travel across the world.

Bending Discipline: Firebending


RP Sample:

Extra Information:

Avatar: The Avatar is the world’s sole spirit and saviour, born into the world as a human. He or she possesses the ability to harness and control all four elements, spanning across; water, earth, fire, and air. The Avatar is also capable of ascending into his or her most powerful and dangerous form, the Avatar State. In this form, the Avatar’s powers become almost limitless and can only be triggered by his or her deepest emotions or by unlocking all seven bodily Chakras. However, during this form, the Avatar is also at his or her most vulnerable. If the Avatar should be killed during the Avatar State, then he or she will lose the power to reincarnate as the next Avatar, following the alignment of the four elements.

Waterbending: Waterbending is a hydrokinetic ability to control water, steam and ice, and to heal physical wounds and spiritual wounds, which have to deal with energies and pressure points. Waterbenders are taught the slow and elegant art of Waterbending through the use of manipulating flowing water. Waterbending is a defensive martial art that focuses on control through turning an opponent’s strength against him/her, rather than directly harming the opponent. A body of water or steam must also be present in order to Waterbend. Evasive and defensive maneuvers are the primary aspects of Waterbending.

Earthbending: Earthbending is the geokinetic ability to control the earth, dirt, and dust. Earthbenders use the earth to create strong defences as well as to deal powerful strikes through indirect attacks. The martial art of Earthbending features heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches to employ the mass and power of the earth. Earthbenders are also subject to using the movements of animals to perform certain techniques. These include the tiger, which is utilised when initiating hard blows, and the crane, which is used to land gently back on the Earth. Unlike other Bending elements, Earthbending maintains a strong balance between offensive and defensive capabilities.

Firebending: Firebending is the pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. An exclusive number of Firebenders also express the ability to generate and manipulate lightning as a secondary outlet for heat. Firebending is a martial art that features quick, successive, and ferocious attacks that evoke the wild nature of fire. Unlike other Bending elements, Firebending has minimum defensive and evasive maneuvers but rather relies on swift and powerful strikes to overcome an opponent.

Airbending: Airbending is an aerokinetic ability to control and create currents of air. Airbenders have become adapted in the martial art of Airbending through using their bodily energy to harness and control the flow and nature of the wind. Airbending focuses primarily on swift and evasive techniques that promote constant circular movements to deflect direct and ranged attacks. Maneuvers employ the entire body with smooth coiling and uncoiling movements utilizing dynamic footwork, open-hand techniques, and throws. Unlike other Bending elements, Airbending lacks fatal finishing moves but harbors great defensive and evasive capabilities.

Woodbending: Woodbending is a subsidiary form of Waterbending, which focuses on the deconstruction and compression of organisms. Following similar traits to Waterbending, Woodbending is an evasive martial art that imposes self-defence over power. Woodbenders are capable of controlling the life and movement of plants and plant-life. Woodbending focuses on the manipulation and growth of plants, which allow Woodbenders to produce medicines, provisions, and even weapons when needed.

Metalbending: Metalbending is a subsidiary form of Earthbending, but at a much smaller scale. Metalbenders are trained to harness the strength and energy of minerals in the ground, rocks, and other materials that derive from the Earth. Metalbending is especially prominent in the construction of buildings, tools, and other man-made structures that often involve metal and steel. The martial art of Metalbending further develops the offensive and defensive abilities of Earthbending, through the refined compression of minerals and materials.

Boshoku: A small group of criminal Benders who have been committing crimes against the four countries. Their individual identities are unknown and their true ambitions have yet to be realised. Little is known about this powerful rogue group of Benders who have been terrorizing the countries’ people and land.

Reference Information:

The four elemental countries: Water Tribe (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_Tribe), Earth Kingdom (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Kingdom), Fire Nation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_Nation), Air Nomads (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Nomads); The Four Nations (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/39/Avatar_world_map.jpg).

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Could you possibly save me a spot? I need a bit of time to put my character together. ^^;

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Name: Jyukai Kokia

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Kokia (http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g316/KendoGurl3/Blue%20hair/element_water.jpg)’s hair is cut long and straight, her ash black hair shining a dark prussian blue in the sun, reaching the small of her waist. Her eyes are a bright azure, and when it’s cold, she can be found wearing black leggings and a traditional northern water tribe jacket. Kokia never wears mittens, instead, wears koalaotter skin gloves, which are much more flexible. She normally wears a medium sized skin that is attatched to the back of her belt and contains a fair amount of water.

Personality: Kokia is a calm person, who is very down-to-earth. Cheerful and agreeable, Kokia is easy to become accquainted with, and a rather uneventful history leads her to be a normal person who loses her temper when pushed over the limits. However, being the oldest of her family, she was constantly put on babysitting duty, therefore, she has a heavy sense of maturity, and hates it when things don’t get done on time. But she’s rather spineless, and to the good fortune of her younger brother and sister, is more like the one who gets bossed around, rather then the one who is commanding this and that from her comrades. She’s a fair bender, who doesn’t flaunt it, (mostly because she’s just fair, not master) but is very confident in her healing skills- perhaps the one thing that she can stand up for herself about.

History: Born and raised in the Northern Water Tribe, Kokia has rarely seen other countries, nor foreign people, except the ones that come directly to the North Pole. She learned the basics of waterbending at the age of four, but healing and only that. It would be another four years before Kokia took interest in waterbending attacks and the such. Both of her parents being teachers, they taught her a basic water whip, her father teaching her the basic movements for a regular whip, and her mother teaching her how to soften it- because she would use it to discipline the pesky brats known as her siblings. Indeed, she had very very good aim for the little children’s rear ends, and ended up having good aim in general. Her father taught her waterbending moves by night, her mother continuing her lessons on healing by day. By the time she was 14, Kokia was a master waterbender- that is, for a girl in the Northern Water Tribe. She insisted on going to the Earth Kingdom with the envoys that were going off to speak in the courts of the Earth Kingdom, and even though her family had very little influence in the tribe, the chief, amused by such a stubborn girl, allowed her to accompany the other waterbenders, who taught her a little more advanced movements on the ship as they sailed for the Earth Kingdom. She celebrated her 15th birthday on that ship, and landed in a coastside village without a name a week later.

Bending Discipline: Waterbender

Other: N/A

RP Sample: I sat silently, sipping a cup of foamy cappacino. So far, all the books in the library I'd read about vampire's were... well... lame. It was about some vampire chasing after some girl and turning her into a vampire. All of them. I sighed and snapped the stupid book shut. Dracula my butt. You wouldn't catch me dead in a batman cape like Dracula's- unless, some wise-ass decided to wrap one around my neck, but that'd be only AFTER I died. And it'd probably only be Grandfather who'd have a sick enough sense of humor. And it wasn't as if I had the ability to die anyway.

I wrote down 'Dracula' on the notepad that sat next to my cup and cross it out. The only book that moderately came close to divulging something that might've been true was that weird book on vampire's where it said that we lived for 1,000 years after being bitten. And even then, it wasn't always 1,000. Depended on when you got bitten. I, would live for about 792 more years. Looking back, I can barely remember what it was like when I felt mortal. Normal. Whatever you want to call it. Not like I miss it all that much.

I looked up. That there, the new kids the headmaster had taken in. I lost interest in them quickly, after the shock of pink hair had worn off. I wrote the next book I would try. "Red Summer". I sighed. Human authors were so unoriginal with their titles. Humans. Were so unoriginal.

I fiddled with the checkered wristband around my left arm and opened up Dracula again, skipping to the end.

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@Origin: Reserved.

@Bijou: I just have a query about your RP Sample. It is acceptable in terms of signing up but first-person perspective will not be allowed in the RP. So as long as you post in third-person during the RP, the sample is fine. Accepted.

EDIT: Starting post added and sign-up moved to topic post.

OOC: I decided to start the RP, even though there are only two people signed up and one still pending. I'll also be accepting late sign-ups.

IC: Two figures dressed in long ceremonial robes, stood high upon the embankment that lined the great Yuudai River. The first stood with arms crossed as he stared over the river and its path. The second had taken a seat upon the ground and appeared much more relaxed than her suiting partner. Both figures gazed into the river’s current in silence. The river itself, lined the outer wall of a small country village known as Yuudai, the village of the ‘Great Hero’. The village was also the two figures’ next target.

“I’m bored Hiroshi,” the second figure began, breaking the sullen silence. “She must be in there by now.”
The first figure known as Hiroshi remained silent. His eyes narrowed over his exuberant partner, causing her to retreat from the argument.
“I was just saying…” she continued, giving her sombre partner a playful wave. “It’s just so boring waiting, that’s all.”
Hiroshi returned his sights to the river as his partner fell back against the ground. Seeing her casual attitude preceding their mission irritated him. She had been assigned to him under their leader’s orders, but he had serious doubts that she would be able to assist him in any situation, let alone a mission of such a calibre.
“Oh, is that her, Hiroshi?” the second figure piped, quickly sitting up and pointing to a young girl entering the village. Much to his displeasure, Hiroshi looked up to see that his partner had indeed identified their next target. Heaving a sigh, he nodded and stretched out his arms, before creating a path through the river. “Yes, that’s her. Let’s go, Kaede.”
Smiling, the second figure known as Kaede, leapt to her feet and followed her partner through the Bent river.

Striding through the village’s gate, Chiharu entered Yuudai’s bustling marketplace, renowned across the Earth Kingdom for its valuable antiques and accessories. It was also rumoured that the Avatar had visited Yuudai’s market during the One-hundred Year War, to purchase an assortment of items and knickknacks. Chiharu however, had decided to travel to Yuudai for the experience and not for the rumours, despite how much she was involved with the story of the Avatar. And this was her next destination, the village of the ‘Great Hero’.

High across the outer wall, two figures stood side by side overlooking the village. Both dressed in long ceremonial robes that covered their individual uniforms, the two figures entered the marketplace through the traffic of the crowds.
“Find her and secure her,” Hiroshi breathed to his partner, as the two strode through the crowd. “She cannot be harmed.”
“I know, I know,” Kaede cheered, giving her partner another wave. “I know what to do.”
“Do not get distracted, Kaede.” The first figure finished his sentence before turning his back and disappearing into the crowd, leaving his partner in the centre of the marketplace.
Pouting, the second figure continued along her path until she saw her target, the teenage Firebender, Chiharu.

March 11th, 2007, 10:52 AM
OOC: Toomi, please do not bump threads. < <;; (I was just going to post, too.)

IC: "Wooooah!" Kokia stared around at herself, looking at all the earth benders. It was so very... green in the Earth Kingdom. There were merchants and kids and everything- they all just ran free! It was like there weren't any rules in this village!

"Stay close to us Kokia- It'll be awful for everyone if you get lost in the Earth Kingdom." Fui patted the young girl's head as they proceeded to walk proudly through the village, stopping at no shops and not making eye contact with any of the earth benders. Kokia took note that the earth bender that had greeted them at the port was dressed much more ceremoniously then any other earth citizen she'd seen thus far; but then again, it was only common respect to dress nicely when greeting foreign diplomats. Not the [i]she[i] was dressed all that great, compared to the fifteen council members, including Fui.

"Kokia," Godou, a tall thick built water bender towered over me, looking down, "We're going to be in the town hall. You were permitted to come along- but you may not listen to the talks." He smiled a grin that practically stretched across his entire face, "You can wander around the village for about half an hour before one of us will come looking for you. So make sure you don't get into any trouble, okay?"

Kokia nodded and gave the waterbender's two thumb's up, "I'll be a-okay!"

"Here's some gold for your lunch." Fui dropped a handful of gold pieces into Kokia's hand, and she grinned, thanking him as she skipped off into the village's market place.

It was a wonder- she couldn't remember ever seeing a place this crowded, save for the walls that surrounded her home. The biggest crowd would always converge there whenever foreign people came. What an adventure!

March 11th, 2007, 5:31 PM
OOC: I had written up a lot of the post again and didn't want to double so I just deleted the old one and posted the new one. I apolgise for bumping and will edit it next time. Bijou, I was also unsure whether your character was in the same village as my character so I made no direct reference to her. However, there are a few openings for your character if you wish to take them, otherwise, we'll meet up later.

IC: Stalls that sold meat and rare antiquities were most common in the village’s centre, where a heavy rush of customers would travel through on a daily basis, and was where Chiharu now found herself standing. Bright-eyed and eager, the young Firebender whisked through the crowds, peering through all sorts of stores until she caught a glimpse of something that especially caught her attention. It was a set of scrolls, three altogether and tied in a bunch. Pulling each scroll out from its place, Chiharu began to unravel the first in order to read its contents.
“It’s about the Great Hero,” a voice suddenly spoke from behind the Firebender, causing her to drop the scroll in surprise as she turned around.
The person who had addressed her was an older woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. She wore a long ceremonial robe that covered a rather distinct uniform that covered her body. She had short golden hair and bright blue eyes.
Realising that she had been standing for several minutes looking at the stranger, Chiharu quickly recovered the fallen scroll before addressing the young woman. “I’m sorry! I was just looking through some of the stuff I found on the counter…” Chiharu began, much to the amusement of the older woman. “I didn’t mean to make a mess of everything!”
The woman laughed. “It’s not my store,” she began, placing a firm hand on the Firebender’s shoulder. “I just know the owner, so sometimes I come here and look around a bit. He doesn’t mind, so don’t worry. I’m Kaede by the way.”
Chiharu flushed as the woman introduced herself and shook her hand. “I’m Chiharu.”
“Nice to meet you,” Kaede replied smiling. “You’re from the Fire Nation right?”
Chiharu, who had begun to retie the three scrolls together, nodded in reply. “I’m from the capital, To-Chi City. How’d you know?”
“I can tell from the emblem on your shirt,” the woman replied, pointing to the girl’s chest. “So you’re a Firebender too right? I heard a lot of people from To-Chi City are Firebenders and are taught Firebending in school.”
“Yup, I’m a Firebender,” Chiharu continued, placing the three scrolls carefully back onto the counter in an effort not to attract the store owner. “I’ve been Firebending since I was a kid.”
The woman known as Kaede smiled as Chiharu secured her bag across her shoulder and prepared to leave. “You’re not going to read it?” she continued as Chiharu pulled herself together.
“Nah, there was too much writing,” the Firebender replied with a laugh, “too much for me anyway.”
“I see. Well, if you’re not doing anything right now, do want to have tea with me?” Kaede asked. “It’s getting late and I’m getting hungry.”
Chiharu clutched her bare stomach as she gave Kaede an embarrassing smile. “I’m actually a little hungry too, but I don’t really have that much money.”
“Oh, don’t worry about that!” Kaede piped, giving the girl another wave. “I’ll treat you. Besides, I know this great little place just outside of the village that’s really cheap and makes great scones!”
Chiharu laughed and accepted the invitation. “Thanks a lot, Kaede.”
The woman smiled as she led the girl through the marketplace and its bustling crowds and towards the village’s gate. I got lucky with the scrolls. She thought, smiling as Chiharu stumbled in front of her. She might have found out about Hiroshi, and that could’ve been a problem…
The two continued along through the village, the young Firebender explaining to Kaede about her journey across the world and her interest in the Avatar. The woman continued smiling and waving the girl off whenever she became excited, occasionally stopping in order to usher the girl forward and away from a particular store. The two soon reached the village outskirts and spotted a small building in the distance.
“Well, that’s the shop,” Kaede began. “Let’s go eat!”
Chiharu smiled before nodding as she led the woman by the hand towards the small run down building, unaware of the woman’s true intentions.

Hovering across the branches of the trees shadowing the building, a lone figure dressed in a long ceremonial robe stood with arms crossed as he watched two figures approach. Good Kaede. This time, our plan will not fail.

March 12th, 2007, 5:02 PM
OOC: I have one question before I post a sign-up. If you sign up as a metalbender would you also be an earthbender? Just a question, sorry for bugging you.

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"So ummm..." Kokia brushed her hair down, rather nervous now that she wasn't with the protection of the barrage of tall powerful water benders, "I'll just have a blueberry scone please."

"Water bender huh? Imagine you don't need anything to drink, what with that overgrown waterbottle behind you." The storekeeper chuckled handing Kokia a warm scone wrapped in- was this rice paper?? Most of the food at home was kept in a thermal blanket to keep it from freezing. It was nice to eat on the crinkly paper. It was different, and it was a lot of fun. Kokia knew that she was getting a little cheap by picking such a run-down shop to pick up a snack, but she wanted to make sure she had lot's of money in case she found something she really really wanted to buy.

Stopping in her tracks Kokia looked up, a chunk of the scone between her index and thumb, halfway to her mouth as she blinked. Firebender. Kokia had half a mind to turn around and go the opposite way- the last Firebender she'd met was a young noble boy who was awkward and arrogant. No less, his firey temper often set off his firebending, which usually sent him falling through holes in the ground he'd created himself. It was a horrible impression for the Fire Nation.

Kokia jumped nearly sky high, dropping the bit of food between her fingers and almost crushing the scone in her left hand after being jolted out of her thoughts by a flying ball that hit her square in the back of the head.

"Sorry!" Kokia turned and saw a group of young boys who had been playing soccer. They looked rather dirty... Kokia used her free hand and a string of water picked up the ball and brought it to her as she walked over to the boys and held out the ball, "That's alright!" She smiled as they took the ball and ran off. Kokia waved them off on their way. She'd been stuck babysitter too much. She was too used to getting hit by ice chunks rather then bouncy balls. And to be honest, she much preferred bouncy balls.

OOC: EWWW. Talk about a crappy post. >.<

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I'm afraid I'm having some issues with time, as I have only barely been able to keep up with my one RP with the stuff going on in my life. I apologize for promising to join and not being able to fufill my promise, but I'm afraid I need to revoke my reservation.

March 12th, 2007, 8:24 PM
@Origin: That's fine. Un-reserved.

@SilverTail: I've sent you a PM describing the attributes of Metalbending and Earthbending earlier today, so hopefully that'll answer your question. More details are in the topic post.

IC: Hiroshi’s eyes widened as an unexpected but interesting scene unfolded before him. He had been waiting for his partner to return, when the incident occurred. A group of children had been playing a game outside of the shop he had been standing upon, when one of them launched the ball into one of the shop’s departing customers. She was a young girl, much like their target, but what caught Hiroshi’s attention the most, was what she did with the off course ball.
Retrieving the ball using the water from her rear skin, the girl returned the ball to the group of boys. Narrowing his eyes, Hiroshi analysed the situation. Kaede was now approaching the scene with their intended target, the teenage Firebender. But a second objective had made itself present.
A Waterbender… he thought, seeing the girl waving off the group of children. This will become complicated.

Huh? Hiroshi? Kaede had spotted her partner standing above the shop, peering down over a young girl that had appeared from inside. What’s he doing out in the open? He’s messing up the plan! And after he gave me all that talk too!
Kaede clenched her first, furrowing as she and Chiharu, who looked on dumbfounded, approached the shop.
“Kaede? What’s wrong?” the Firebender asked, as she spotted the tall figure standing on top of the shop. “And who are they?” Chiharu had also just noticed that there was another girl standing outside of the shop’s door, who appeared to be waving off a group of children in the distance.
Kaede leapt back at the question, tripping over her robe and land flat-faced on the ground, catching both her partner’s and the girl’s attention.
“Kaede! There has been a change of plans,” Hiroshi began, as he leapt from the building’s roof, startling the dark-haired girl who was now looking towards Chiharu’s direction.
Chiharu crossed her arms, giving the approaching man a discerning look. “Who are you?”
The woman known as Kaede, had returned to her feet and joined her partner’s side, further confusing the young Firebender. The dark-haired girl who stood by the shop’s entrance, also looked on in uncertainty as the two robed figures introduced themselves.
“Chiharu,” Kaede began in a casual sweet tone, as she held her hand motioning towards the man beside her. “This is my partner, Hiroshi.”
Hearing this, Chiharu smiled and clapped her hands together. “Oh wow, he’s your husband?”
The figure known as Hiroshi narrowed his eyes over his partner, as a snarl escaped his lips. Kaede scratched the back of her head, giving an embarrassing smile as she waved off the enthusiastic Firebender with her other hand. “Hehe, not exactly,” she continued. “But, right now, we need you to come with us.”
Chiharu remained where she was with her arms crossed, a look of utter confusion on her face. “Uh, wasn’t I going with you for tea anyway?”
Holding out his hand before his partner, Hiroshi interrupted the directionless conversation. “Kaede, capture the Firebender now. I’ve found another host that may be of use to us.”
“Another host? Why would we need two Firebenders?” Kaede asked.
“Host? Hey, what do you mean by ‘capture’ me?” Chiharu suddenly piped.
“The girl by shop...” Hiroshi continued, ignoring the Firebender’s questions. “She is a Waterbender. I will secure her…”
Catching on, Kaede clapped her hands together, a smile crossing her face. “I got it! So, the Firebender’s all mine then…”
The first figure gave a small nod, before rushing towards the dark-haired girl standing by the shop’s entrance. Chiharu had only taken a step forward when the second figure, Kaede, intercepted her path. Pulling back, Chiharu clenched her fists as she stared down the robed stranger.
“Who are you?” she asked, pointing to the woman she had known to be Kaede. “And what do you want from me?”
Holding her hands in front of her, Kaede gave the Firebender a warm smile before finalising her introduction. “I am Kaede, of the Boshoku. You are the first step in our plan, and I will succeed in my mission, Chiharu.”

March 13th, 2007, 7:20 AM
Name: Haru Takami

Age: Fourteen

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Haru has long black-red hair that hangs down to his waist with silver bangs that hang down to his chin, along with silver-white eyes. He stands about 5'7" tall and wears a black tunic with silver trim along the ends of the sleeves, and the neck/waist. Haru also wears a pair of baggy black pants that hang over his heels. The pants also have silver trim to the cuffs and waist, althrough the cuffs are almost completely hidden. He wears no shoes, as he likes the feel of the earth against his feet. He has a chain he got from his father around his waist like a belt, along with several bangles on his right wrist.

Personality: Haru is a very layed back and 'mellow' person, often settling arguments back in his small 'village' where he lived. He dosnt like to fight that much but will if it means protecting someone he cares about, and during that time he gets VERY serious, planning to risk his life if it meant saving that person. Overall he is a very protective person who will risk his own life for others if needed, while being layed back and relaxed the rest of the time. Oh, and one more thing. He's a bit of a prankster, usualy settling arguments by dropping water 'balloons' on the arguee's heads from above and getting them to come after looking for him instaid.

History: Haru is an only child and his father died when he was only 7, his mother dying just a few years ago when he was 9. He has had to raise himself since then, providing for himself and living on the streets in little 'homes' he made himself.(much like toph's earth tent that she slammed the door in katara's face, not the birth tent.) Before that happened they were a typical family, the father was a metalbender, previously an earthbender before fine tuning his skills to work on metal, and his mother was just a beginning earthbender, only able to make simple things like utensils and tables from the earth. His father worked in a mine near town that produced gold and jewels, often being allowed to bring some of the smaller ones home. He gave haru his chain for his 7th birthday, unfortunately, he died in a cave-in that he couldnt react fast enough to help stop or get away from. His mother on the other hand, simply died in her sleep of natural causes, haru thought it was that she couldn't live another day without her husband.

Bending Discipline: Earthbending


RP Sample:

(dont worry, i'll RP in third person)
I sighed and got out of bed, getting on an exact copy of my previous outfit. My trenchcoat was the only thing from the previous day that was teh same, as I only had one weighted coat, all the others being too light to train with. I sighed and walked out into the training grounds inside the takamine clan's small 'villlage' of sorts inside konoha. (much like the uchiha household or the hyuuga household) I stood facing a set of straw practice dummies and sighed, it was time to perfect another jutsu I had been working on for weeks now, and I just hadn't been able to get it right yet. "here we go...dance of the cherry-blossoms!" I said, unclipping the pockets in my sleeves and spinning uickly, bone fragments shaped alot like cherry blossom petals flew out as i spun, flitting around in the air as I stopped "now..focus the chakra into all the fragments...and form them into a ring...." I muttered to myself, closing my eyes and catching all the fragments I could with chakra strings, forming a rough, saw-like ring around me. "now...aim...and throw! shattering bone ring!" I said, throwing the ring and slicing one of the dummies in half, just as my father walked out. "you missed two of them" He said dully, looking at me and shaking his head. "just watch.." i said slowly as the ring neared the wall behind it. Today would be the day I perfected this jutsu, I would show him I was strong. The ring hit the wall, but rather than sticking into it, it shattered into all the bone shards, sending shrapnel everywhere and slicing the fallen dummy even further, cutting up the other two and stabbing into them. "one more thing" I said slowly, focusing on the shrapnel "rain of bones!" I said quickly, crossing my arms and sending the bones littered on the ground spinning like shuriken across the two remaining dummies, cuttign them or sticking into them further. I looked over to see the look on my fathers face, but he had gone, sighing I gathered up the bones and returned them to my sleeves, heading off to find gai-sensei and my teammates.

March 14th, 2007, 2:57 AM
@SilverTail: Some of your punctuation is off in your sign-up, so if you could fix some of the errors, I could look it over. Also, I know you said you'd roleplay in third-person, but could you write up a quick third-person sample so I can see how you roleplay in that perspective? If you could do that then I'm pretty sure we can get this RP going. PENDING.