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Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
March 27th, 2007, 10:32 AM
Rules & Regulations


This is a big one. If you come to the Poetry section, people expect you to read their poems and give good or bad comments on the poem, depending on your feelings about it. Do not just say "It was really good." or "I liked that one." Posts like these in the Poetry section shall be considered as SPAM and therefore deleted, so please, either give adequate reviews or don't post at all.

Know how to take criticism!
We all know sometimes CC might be hard to accept, even when it comes in a soft manner; but this is a call for you to learn how to take it intelligently and honestly. Don't neglect facts! The whole objective of this section is to submit your work and recieve constructive feedback & reviews to finally improve. You're not coming here for sugary comments from your friends, are you? That can be easily arranged privately.
Members that don't follow this criterion or respond rudely to contsructive criticism consecutively will have their threads locked.

[s-highlight]Review & be reviewed!
With the object of promoting movement and colaboration between the poets that lurk within this section, let's make a call to activity. Each time you submit a poem, try to review & comment on at least two different works throughout the section. This will help to generate more activity and motivate people to post more of their poems.

Poems and song writes only

Well, this is obvious. XD But please, don't make the mistake of posting a fan fiction or role-play here in the poetry section. ^^

No threads purely on one type of poem

If someone were to create a thread all about "Rhyming Poems" or one only for "Limericks”, which everyone can post in, then things will just end up getting confused and messy. So, if you wish to create a poem, please just begin a new thread. You may, however, create a thread only for your works.

About plagiarism

This is of course not allowed. Despite them being just a few cases of plagiarism we’ve had in here, it’s required to advise it is prohibited.

Reviving process

If you had created a poem a long time ago, and wish for it to be revived once more for other viewers to give their opinions on, don't just bump the old topic. Please, just create a new thread for your poem. However, so everyone doesn't go nuts and make tons of threads for their poems that are only a few pages back, your poem has to have been not posted in for at least one month for you to revive it.

Any Questions?
Also, if you need any help or just a bit of information to jumpstart your poetry career, check these threads out:

Poetry FAQ ( This thread contains the basics of being a good poet. I urge every aspiring poet to read through this FAQ for little tid-bits on writing poems. ^^
Types of Poetry ( This thread has some very good information on many different kinds of poems. Feel free to use this thread to your advantage as well as add your own info!

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These rules are subject to change depending upon the actions of members withing the forum.

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