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April 4th, 2007, 2:22 PM

Guardian Unit of Nations Maximum Security Facility, Undisclosed Location

“Sir, the Computers indicate a slight surge of electricity in Section E-12.”

The Captain turned from his office chair to glance at the computer operatives. The Security Facility Monitoring unit was widely considered by GUN operatives and commanders to be the most boring assignment possible, especially in the Security Facilities. They were so well fortified that the soldiers stationed there rarely saw action, the Tech guys usually did nothing more than watch meters that almost never fluctuated on their hologram computer monitors, and the commanding officers had to supervise all of this tediousness. The same rounds covered in the same metallic hallways, the same dull glow in a dim room reflecting off of the computer user’s faces.

Captain Vergil himself yearned for the days of old, like the stories has father had told him. 50 years ago, GUN had high stakes foes like the Black Arms, and the ever-present threats of Doctor Ivo Robotnik. The soldiers had seen constant action, the scientists tasked with building new weaponry, and computer operatives never faced a dull moment with monitoring threats and disasters all over the world. Since then however, major quandaries were few and far between. Robotnik had been deceased for 4 decades now, with all of his assets either destroyed or contained within GUN security facilities.

This facility happened to be one of them.

The Captain brushed a red lock of hair out of his face and responded, “What is contained there?”

The operative answered, “A few old robots, all deactivated. None of them are connected to the Main Power Supply.”

“Nothing to worry about then, just a bug in the electrical system.”

“Yes, sir.”

Section E-12

Behind a vaulted door sat a dark room containing various robots strewn about. The robots varied in size, shape, and purpose; but one thing was constant about them: they were all deactivated, stripped of power sources and programming. Not one light blinked or joint moved on these fallen metal soldiers. This room wasn’t for weapons of war or super-advanced technology in need of reverse engineering, the robots here were simply contained here for no reason other than that they were created by dangerous forces, yet had no use elsewhere.

Running across the corner of the wall, into the security door was a black wire being chewed on by a gray rat. The rat had been trapped in this vault two days ago when it had ran in when the door was opened for soldiers to deposit a recently acquired robot, and now it was getting hungry.

The wire sparked suddenly, a small flash briefly lit the room. The rat scurried away, squeaking as it ran. A robot with a crest erecting from the center of its head gave off a dull dumble. In the center of the crest was a dull ovular piece. The robot had a broad-chested body with three light-gray caps in the shape of a triangle on its chest, along with large, glossy eyes. Spherical shoulder pads along with beams as arms and acylindrical lower arm segments defined the body, plus a leg articulation scheme similar to the arms with the spherical pieces and the beams.

The wire sparked again, and this time a current of energy formed between the robot and the tear in the wire. A lifeless mechanical voice echoed from a dusty speaker.

“Operating System not found. System search for OS will now commence.”

“Search returned zero results. System will now search again.”

“Operating System found. System will now activate program ‘Eggphoenix.exe’.”

The robot sat idle for a few moments, then two pupil-like lights lit up on its glossy eyes. The pupils were circular, and almost resembled goggles.

It stood and brushed the dust off of its faded silver hull. The robot mumbled to itself, but its dull robotic voice had been replaced by a voice sounding like it belonged to a middle-aged man, “Xi delivered me to a new body, well, let’s have a look at what he chose to host my marvelous brain.”

The robot looked into the shiny hull of another nearby robot to see its reflection. Upon seeing itself, the goggle-like pupils became adorned with a scowl.

The robot grumbled, “Xi deposited my brain into his own body, that useless dolt! How am I, Doctor Ivo Robotnik, supposed to establish the Robotnik Empire with such a useless piece of hardware as my body?”

‘Robotnik’ looked around the room once again. All of these deactivated robots, looking like they still had all of their parts, just lacking power sources. An idea brewed in his new robotic mind.

“I’ll simply have to upgrade the E-114 Xi model into something better…”

Hours Later

Back in the Monitoring room, the dullness of watching the maps and meters was suddenly injected with a shot of emergency. The Map of the E ward suddenly pulsed with red as a diagram displayed something foreign running through the halls.

“Sir, there’s been a breach in Section E-12.”

Captain Vergil looked up from his desk. He’d never heard the Tech guys say anything like that to him during his entire tenure at this facility, he almost smiled before grasping the gravity of the situation and preparing to act as his Officer training had taught him to.

The Captain stood up quickly and sternly asked, “What is the intruder’s current location?”

The computer operator, slightly shocked at the Captain’s never-before-seen strong side, stuttered, “Th-the F Ward Mainframe. Our operatives in that area have not responded since the intruder breached the room…”

“What do the security cameras have to show on this intruder?”

“I cannot access the security cameras, another system has overridden mine and is preventing access.”

The Captain pressed the speaker button on his desk’s phone. He grunted angrily and shouted into the speaker, “Attention soldiers patrolling Wards A through H, advance on the intruder in the F-Ward Mainframe. Advise extreme caution, intruder may have already killed several operatives.”

Looking back at the tech guys, the Captain, this time in a more calm tone, inquired, “Do you know where the intruder’s breach point was at?”

The computer operative, unsure, muttered, “According to this monitor, the intruder came from within the Section E-12 vault.”

“Within the vault?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That surge must have sparked and activated one of the contained robots…”

“Sir, we are receiving a communication from the F Ward Mainframe.”

“Enlarge your hologram, I want to see this.”

The computer operative slid his chair back from his desk as the spherical hologram screen expanded to a 5-foot diameter. The face of the robotic Robotnik appeared, with bodies of GUN personnel lying strewn behind it.

The robot was different from before. Beneath the goggle-like eyes were two new metallic appendages, looking like a bushy robotic moustache and the crest atop its head removed, resembling a bald head. The small torso from before had evolved to a bulky cylindrical shape, with four symmetrically exhaust vents across the front. The tiny arms had been replaced with giant, acylindrical arms with several points of articulation, covered at the top by unwieldy black shoulder-pad components with red handle-bar accents, leading to large metal-constructed hands with four very sharp, claw-like digits. Two large, claw-like gauntlets adorned each hand, and a slick tail ‘rudder’ had replaced the legs as the robot hovered above the ground.

Robotnik proudly motioned to the bodies lying behind him, then to his new body. He chuckled and bragged, “With what was discarded in that vault, I was able to turn that pathetic model E-114 Xi into a model worthy of being called Robotnik! Your ‘maximum security’ has been no match for my new body’s weaponry. Oh, hold on a moment, your soldiers are here. I’ll get back to you in a moment.”

While Robotnik turned to fire volleys of blaster shots at the oncoming soldiers onscreen, Captain Vergil gruffly whispered to the computer operative, “Send a distress signal to the Main Armory, we have a situation here.”

A computer operative behind him tapped a few keys on his keyboard, but nothing happened. The operative turned to the Captain and said, “No go, Robotnik jammed our communication lines.”

“Damn it…”

“And it looks like he also shut off our door communications as well, we’re trapped in this room.”

Captain Vergil slammed his fist on a desk as Robotnik came on the hologram’s screen again. He proudly reassumed his rant, “Now that those soldiers are out of the way, let me continue. Oh, wait a minute, let me switch this to the Global Communications frequency.”

Robotnik brushed a scrap of soldier’s uniform off of his shoulder and resumed his speaking, this time with a louder and more pompous tone, “People of Planet Earth, some of you may not remember me, allow me to reintroduce myself: I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik. At some point during the last forty years, I was killed, but fortunately for myself, a copy of my brainwaves was activated in a stray robot which I have used to concoct this new body you see here. I have recently taken over this GUN facility and as I speak, I am reactivating my old robots held in this facility plus others. They will soon be advancing on your cities to establish the Robotnik Empire. Do not attempt to resist them. My hardware is hijacking the Mainframes of the remaining GUN facilities as we speak, and soon their resources will be contributing to my cause. Thank you, and enjoy the Robotnik Empire."

Premise In A Nutshell: It has been 50 years since there has been a major threat to Earth. Robotnik is dead. His robots have been let to rust in the now unnecessary GUN's warehouses. But, as any of you might guess, Robotnik isn’t exactly easy to put down for good. Robotnik is back from the grave, again working his evil schemes. And, of course, when the world's military proves ineffective, it is up to a group of adventurous anthropomorphic animals to stop his rampage. That evil scheming fat man…

1) New characters here. The old gang is old and crotchety. They won’t be of much help. Please base your character sheet on this site: http://concept-mobius.technoguild.com/info/fancharactersindex.htm
2) RP Samples are required. Anyone who does not submit one will be denied participation in this RP.
3) I will only accept 2 Hedgehog characters in this RP. Less is preferred, but 2 is my max.
3) No godmodding, power-playing, etc...
4) For the love of God, please at least pay some heed to the Concept Mobius Fancharacter info page I linked to. I really don't want a bunch of elemental Mary-Sues with Japanese names here...

My character, you can basically see what I'm shooting for in characters based off of this.

Name: Apex the Orca


Age: 17

Species: Orca (Killer Whale)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 300 lbs

IQ: 113

Residence: Station Square Harbor

Occupation: Fisherman

Alignment: Indifferent

Top Speed: 25 mph (Slow Runner)

Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 40)
Agility - 2
Speed - 2
Strength - 10
Defense - 8
Evasiveness - 2
Dexterity - 5
Intelligence - 6
Skill -5

Special Attacks:
Spindash (Default Ability)
Spinball Jump (Default Ability)
Whale Song- As a Whale, Apex can conduct a Whale Song. Apex can use the Whale Song as a Sonic Scream of sorts; able to cause weaker machines to malfunction, drive animals with sensitive hearing mad, and shatter glass in some instances.
Whale Spout- Apex can release a strong burst of water from his Blow Hole.

Abilities & Aptitude:
Champion Swimmer
Above Average Strength
Average IQ, albeit good Photographic Memory
Sensitive Hearing
Adept at Echolocation
High Resistance to Cold

Hobbies & Talents:
Besting Others At Swimming

Weaknesses: Weak eyesight, Slow on Land, Tends to underestimate things foreign to him

Personality: Although Apex fits the Sailor/Fisherman stereotype of being gruff and rough, he is by no means Anti-Social (at least, not by his own attempts). He has a strong work ethic, along with a fair amount of patience for things like fishing. This patience does not fully extend into personal relations however, as he has little tolerance for flamboyancy and thickheadedness. His dislike of such could be thought of as anti-social, but in fact he enjoys the company of others (he has spent many a night with the other fisherman singing songs in the taverns after a long day of fishing). He has a deep respect for the sea and the life that dwells in it (despite his position as a fisherman).

Physical Appearance
Color: Black
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Gray
Hair/Quill Style: N/A
Nose: N/A
Ears: N/A
Tail: Whale Tail, Black and White
Other bodily features: Collapsed Dorsal Fin on back

Attire: Beige Cargo Shorts, Tan Leather Gloves, Black Leather Boots

Items & Weapons: Fishing Net, Harpoon, Harpoon Launcher, 50-foot Rope (To be used in conjunction with Harpoon and Harpoon Launcher)

Vehicles: Medium Sized Hovercraft (Used primarily for fishing, can travel on land and sea)


Back Story: Born and raised in the Station Square harbors, Apex was technically an Only-Child, but several of the other residents of the harbor that were his age he would consider his brothers and sisters. The Middle Class group of families that worked the harbors considered themselves a "Pod" of sorts, and acted like one large family. Like a legal Mafia, the Pod worked the fishing industry coming in and out of the Harbor through family and friendly ties. Apex by most means was an average member of the Pod, fishing during the day and spend the night singing various sea shanties with sailors, travelers, and other fisherman at the tavern. This daily job of pulling in large nets full of fish served as an excellent training for his strength, as well as his swimming capabilities. Apex had ventured a fair amount of the seas and islands around Station Square, but he rarely ventured into the city itself any farther than the Fisherman's Market. In fact, he even missed the reborn Robotnik's televised address to the world (he was enjoying a nice swim at the time). Instead of instantly taking up arms upon learning of this threat, he instead didn't think much of it. His attitude towards Robotnik would turn militant upon seeing a squadron of invading robots ransack the Harbor District.