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Before even giving a plot, if you are unfamiliar with the series, than you'll need to learn what is what. It seems sort of confusing, but it really isn't.

Magic Systems
There are two known types of magical systems known thus far: Mid-Childa and Belka. Both systems use devices.

A device denotes a staff, rod, or other implement employed by a mage. While most require a device to active their magical abilities, the more experienced mages can use some abilities without the use of a device. While dormant, a device takes the form of a watch, necklace, gem, etc. When activated, the device may transform its structure depending on the type of magic that the mage intends to cast. As magic "spells" are defined as "programs", the device can act similarly to electronic storage media, recording and recalling the spells that the mage has cast. Devices are primarily used as weapons, whether through the use of combat magic or through swinging the devices themselves. In the series, the mage is always shown to understand what his or her device is saying. It can also be noted that devices tend to refer to their mages with male titles even if the mage in question is female (Master, Sir, Meister). Devices have an auto-repair mode when inactive, and will automatically deactivate if the damage inflicted is significant. Particularly severe damage can warrant both the auto-repair mode and reactivation to replace components within the device.

Those who use Mid-Childa systems are referred to as mages, and magicians synonymously. These systems respond to their users in the english language. The Mid-Childa system relies more heavily on ranged magic than the Belka system, and the systems devices are classed into two categories:

Intelligent Devices: Intelligent devices incorporate an advanced artifical intelligent system that allows them a higher degree of autonomy than other devices. They often provide strategic advice and assistance in regards to fighting, and even have the ability to agree or disagree. Intelligent devices, for the most part, carry three seperate forms for different functions. For example, it may have a form for physical attacks, one for projectiles, and one for defense.

Storage Devices: Storage devices are much more commonly used amoung mages than Intelligent Devices. They lack the AI, so they are unable to provide strategic advice and such during battles. They also have but a single form aside from their dormant states. On the plus side, they supposedly process magic faster, and mages don't became dependent on an AI.

Those who use and can fully utilize the style and technique of the Belka systems are referred to as Knights. These systems respond to their users in the German language. Those who use the Belka system generally toss aside the use of most ranged attacks in return for the use of melee attacks. That being said, the devices of the Belka system are usually designed as such, in the forms of swords, hammers, etc. These systems are classified into two categories as well:

Armed Devices: Armed Devices are essentially the Belka counterpart to the Storage devices. The primary difference is that you can insert cartridges (that look like blank rifle rounds) into the device. These cartridges contain magical energy, which when inserted boosts the users magic temporarily. With the use of these cartridges, the Armed device can change its form temprarily to use special techniques.

Unison Devices: Unison devices are the rarest devices in the world of magic. The device has a body, free will, as well as the ability to "unite" with its user via Unison Mode. This gives the user extensive control and management of his or her abilities and power. Due to incompatibilty with most users, and incidents where the device took over its user, the Unison Device never became a viable product, although some do posess them in rare cases. Unison Devices have the ability to communicate with their user in whatever language the user speaks.

A trigger, as the name implies, is something that initiates or triggers a magic spell. Four types of triggers are recognized:

Aria: A long incantation, required for complex or powerful techniques. Arias often include a mage's personal incantation, such as Nanoha's "Lyrical! Magical!"

Command Phrase: A short command to the device. For example, Fate's command phrase for her shooting skills is "Fire!". In cases where a mage does not need an incantation to activate a skill, the device may bark the command in his or her stead.

Action Trigger: A motion, usually a distinctive swing of the device. Action triggers usually accompany command phrases.

Device Activation: The activation sequence for an Intelligent Device. Depending on the skill or talent of the user, this may require a complex passphrase.

A familiar in the Nanoha universe is a magical creature that is created by a mage, based on an animal form. The process of creation is not known in detail. A familiar may be granted a specific purpose upon creation, and will vanish or expire once this purpose is fulfilled. Familiars are, generally, fiercely loyal to their masters (to the point of breaking the law), but may have the liberty to question the motives of their masters. Familiars apparently retain some instincts of their "past lives". Familiars also have the ability to transform into their animal form, and in their humanoid state will have the ears and tail (of any) of the animal they are based on. The familiar can, however, hide these features if necessary. Familiars are also linked to their masters empathically and are dependent on the magical power of their masters. The more lifelike and complex the familiar, the greater the necessary power upkeep. It follows, then, that a familiar will perish should his or her master die. Knights refer to familiars as "guardian beasts".

Lost Logia
The term lost logia refers to artifacts or technologies from a highly-advanced civilization that collapsed in the Nanoha universe past. Many of the lost logia are unstable or dangerous, and the Time-Space Administration Bureau (TSAB) is charged with their recovery and supervision.

Time-Space Administration Bureau
The Time-Space Administration Bureau, elsewhere abbreviated as TSAB or Bureau, is an interdimensional security force formed by a joint union of several worlds, including Mid-Childa. They also monitor cultural growth and provide disaster relief to each world. Its members are ranked with the following ranks:

Admiral: Presumably the highest rank in the Bureau. Admirals are given administrative roles, including ship command.

Commissioned Officer: Commissioned officers in the TSAB are the lead investigators in incidents under Bureau jurisdiction, akin to detectives in modern police hierarchies.

Tactical Instructor: Similar to military and police special forces instructors, tactical instructors in the TSAB provide additional training to the Bureau's armed forces in combat strategy and techniques. They are considered among the best of all the mages in the Bureau.

Special Investigations Officer: SIOs work under Commissioned Officers, working on investigations under Bureau jurisdiction.

Contract Mage: Contract mages are "hired" by the TSAB, however the Bureau requires an intensive examination before contract mages are approved to work in Bureau matters.

TSAB Armed Forces: The armed forces are both the main line of defense for the Bureau, as well as its corps of peace officers, although they bear some similarity to American police SWAT teams.

Now that all of the explaining is done with, I can talk about the actual plot. It seems pretty low quality (since its 2AM), so I'll try and expand upon it and word it better when I wake up.

Our story takes place seven years after the events of A's (which is three years before the events of StrikerS.) The Time-Space Administration Bureau has gained a significant increase in operatives, and things have been relatively quiet in regards to Earth ever since the issue with "The Book of Darkness." However, recently entire ship crews have gone missing while investigating reports of a Lost Logia in the midst of a large city. After retrieving a TSAB operative from a standard scouting mission, the crew of the small ship known simply as the Recon made a pass over the reported city to check it out. Disaster struck when the Recons engines suddenly failed, and the ship plunged into a forest just on the city's outskirts.

The crew ventured into the city, making sure to disguise the Recon before venturing out. For some reason, they couldn't contact the Bureau using the devices on the Recon. In fact, nothing on the Recon was functioning. They had originally intended on fleeing the city in general, but upon making an attempt to escape, they found themselves pushed back by a barrier of some sort. While exploring the city, they accidentally found the missing TSAB members after they walked right into a trap set out by whoever it was that created the barrier. The TSAB members bailed them out, and explained that they had been trapped for several weeks without any form of contact to the Bureau at all. They assumed someone was planning something in the city, and decided to check it out.

As one of the TSAB members from the Recon, you need to help investigate this matter and find a way out of the city. You will probably face many battles in the near future, so you should be prepared both physically and mentally. And above all else, remember that you aren't alone.


Age: (Between 10 and 20 please)
TSAB Rank: (Anything other than Admiral and Tactical Instructor)
Mage Ranking (One of 11 "letter grades": in increasing order, F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, S, SS, SSS. Like similar grading systems, the grade may have a plus or minus. Typically, the TSAB armed forces are ranked A, and officers are ranked AA to S.)
General Appearance:
Transformed Appearance:

Magic Class: (Mid-Childa or Belka? If you use a Belka, don't be afraid of the whole "it only speaks german" thing. It only speaks simple phrases so just use an online translator)
Subclass: (Intelligent, Storage, Armed, or Unison?)
Dormant Appearance:
Activation Trigger:
Appearance: (If it has more than one form, list them all and describe them all)
Reference: (How does it refer to your character? EX: Sir, Boss)
Spells: (For each spell, give its name, trigger, class (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_Girl_Lyrical_Nanoha_terminology#Magic_classification), and describe how it works briefly)

Familiar (if any)
Appearance: (Both animal and half human forms)

RP Sample:

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I hope I'm doing this right... xD;


Name: Kijin Kou
Age: 17
Gender: Female
TSAB Rank: Special Investigation Officer

Mage Ranking: A

General Appearance: Kijin’s jet black hair is her pride, as she is often extremely heartfelt about any remarks made towards this part of herself. Though even with all this pride, she wears her light hair in a short style that barely brushes the base of her neck, her long bangs sweeping gracefully across her left eye, and two strands four inches longer then the body of her hair frame her striking features. Her eyes are true to the color of her family line, a bright amberish yellow which is calculating and sharp. She has a slightly tanned complexion, just enough so that she doesn’t glow with paleness. On her torso is a dark chocolate brown sleeveless hoodie, with the overly large zipper stretching diagonally across, the hood resting on her right shoulder. A pair of ripped, battered, and distressed navy denim jeans are worn on her legs, the flare of the left leg practically cut in half. On her feet, she wears a pair of gray converse with black laces, and a white mechanic's belt around her waist.

Transformed Appearance: Kijin wears a set of bandages around her torso as means of a shirt, in some ways, a binding, even though she does wear a white midriff baring tubetop underneath, which is possibly even more tightly bound then the bandages. She wears a pair of black tights on her legs, but half of it is mostly concealed by a pair of loose black buenos aires capri’s. Slung around her waist is an odd collection of belts, most of them colored in different shades of yellow, along with the white mechnic’s belt, which has a wrench and hammer hanging from the back. On her forearms are two black vambraces, which are sturdy enough to prevent swords from slicing through, and have three wakizashi attatched to the front, with yellow tribal-like markings Her shoes consist of a pair of boots that resemble black figure skating boots without the skating blade, and have the toe area and elevated heel removed.

Personality:: Kijin is a very outspoken person, her attitude resembling many different stereotypes. Her personality jumps from happy, ditzy, and bubbly to dark and serious all at once. Her odd personality which seems to never be anchored in place makes many people believe that she is weird, thus, most people avoid her. In the end, Kijin, though she certainly does not appear to be so at first sight, is a lonely person who had yet had the opportunity to call anyone a friend. And if not to add to the fire, Kijin’s temper is fiery and she is quite obviously a sexist, who dislikes the opposite sex in all aspects, seeing them as an unintelligent race that is inferior to female’s. However, what really coins the deal is that she also dislikes females other then herself, as she see’s them as naggy, annoying, and overly dramatic, even though Kijin herself spouts some of these very traits herself. She has one bottom line: Never yield to others’, and never admit you’re wrong. This usually makes her seem like a stubborn mule, and she’ll often get into heated debates over the most trivial things.

History: At the age of 6, Kijin was a young girl who was inoocent and freely expressed everything and anything she felt without even looking at other people's possible reactions. However, when she found that many people disliked her attitude and personality, she decided for her own pride that friends were uneeded, and as long as you could finish a job yourself, you should do it yourself. She continued with this basis, often avoiding any group activities and ignoring everyone around her. She spent most of her time in the hospital with her ailing mother, even though Kijin greatly disliked that delicate woman, while Kijin herself was sturdy and liked picking any kind of fight. Her mother had insisted that Kijin grow her hair out long, and fussed over Kijin's lack of feminism, her personality a mirror of her daughter’s. But on Kijin’s 10th birthday, the young girl hacked off all her hair, up to her neck. Whether it was for better or worse, Kijin’s mother never saw the haircut, as she had passed away in the morning. Kijin’s father, seeing clear eyes and not even the slightest hint of crying, told her bitterly that if she wouldn’t cry for her mother’s death, then she should never cry again. Kijin agreed with his statement, thus, reshaped herself, to become a thorny person who was hard to get to know or be around. At the age of 14, Kijin applied for TSAB school, and strangely enough, excelled at almost everything. She studied all of the TSAB general machinations on a side note, so she has an infinite knowledge of how to fix and break anything made by TSAB. However, she earned herself a reputation for being exactly the opposite of what she is, due to her quickly humiliated personality, which swiftly transforms her into a bumbling and clumsy person.


Name: Coatl (KWAH-tul)
Magic Class: Belka
Subclass: Armed
Dormant Appearance: Black Vambraces
Activation Trigger: "Splinter the binding chains- Lethal Execution!"
Appearance: Claw: The three wakizashi on each vambrace are extended, but not removed, and used as claws for quick attack and close combat. The 6 swords can be both removed from the vambraces, and retracted.

Chain: The vambrace become shackles on Kijin's wrists, and the chains can extend or retract, and can mold themselves into almost anything other then bladed objects.

Reference: Boss
Pfütze der Hölle [Attack Spell - Area-of-Effect type] ~ "Cursed Mirage, Hellspawn!" = Anything, usually the ground, that the user is touching melts into a black liquid like substance, which has an ominous red glow as it seemingly boils. If touched by anyone but the user, the liquid will cause a hallucination of the victim's worst fear. The liquid, however, does not stay on a persons body, and will usually slide off after about a minute or so, unless the victim is standing in the liquid, in which they will begin to sink into it. The process is slow, but if the victim is too frightened to move, or cannot somehow withdraw themselves from the puddle, then once engulfed, they will be trapped in their hallucination until the next time Puddle of Hell is used.

Schwarze Ketten [Capture Spell - Bind Type] ~ "Arrest the Flux, Schwarze Ketten!" = Any part of the victim's body which has even the slightest drop of blood on it will be restrained with black chains and anchored to the ground. Once all the blood is washed off or somehow removed, the chains will disappear.

Mitternacht [Support Spell - Decrease Type] ~ "Umgeben Sie Sünden, meine Mitternacht!" = When cast, a black circle surrounds the victim and drains them of their energy for as long as it takes for the victim to destory the circle, which is easily dispelled by most attack spells, and can also be destroyed with another decrease type spell.

RP Sample: .The Saga's Past is Crimson Smeared.

He was the only one who was weeping on such a horrid day. He was the only one who shed tears at the thought and sight of old friends slaughtering each other, just to become Chuunin.

It’s to eliminate the weak, they told him.

But the tears came ever faster.

The arena was empty, all audience too fearful to attend, save for the Mizukage. His calculating and unimpressed eyes showed no interest in the blood stained field that he was enveloped by, and there wasn’t even the faintest fleck of sympathy for the mourning young boy who stood in front of him, his breath heavy and his shoulders heaving. Stumbling forward only to fall to his knees, stained by blood that was not his own, he let out a blood curdling shriek of despair, the cry of agony being heard throughout the entire village. And the boy had left the last stage of the Chuunin Exams without a single scratch.

The Mizukage’s bright eyes, the only part of him visible underneath his Kage Robes, flashed once, before a calm yet sinister smile crossed his face, as he stared at the virtually destroyed generation of shinobi before him, possibly a tenth of the village’s population.

“Perfect. Tell me your name again, monster?”

“Saga!” Hikaei called breathlessly, her raven hair pulled up into a loose ponytail that flailed behind her. The boy in question looked up, his eyes piercing the thick fog, even through the thin layer of jet black fringe that hung over his eyes in a dejected way. The girl screeched to an ungraceful halt before the boy in question, and as she caught her balance, she spat out what she had to say in one breath, pointing behind her and looking at Saga in an urgent way, “It’s Tsuyoi. He’s gone and gotten himself in another fight with Yaiba.”

Saga blinked, sighing before standing up. The three of them were the only three in the village left that were presently resting comfortably at the age of 14, thus, they seemed to be stuck together like glue. Hikaei and Tsuyoi were both very important people to Saga, in fact, probably the most important two people in the entire village, but he knew that they weren’t the people he’d been searching for. He looked to Hikaei, and nodded, a silent way of saying that he’d deal with it, and the girl sank onto the stone fountain that Saga had originally been sitting on. The water did not flow in this fountain, much like the rest of the fountain’s that were scattered about Kirigakure. Saga sped off through the fog, looking for the one place that Yaiba could always be found fighting with Tsuyoi.

The only sake bar in the village.

“Say that again!!” Tsuyoi’s voice rang out, offended and hostile.

“You’ll never make ANBU.” Yaiba’s baritone roll replied in a snippy ring, the distinct sound of a spit following soon after his taunt.

Saga stopped, and let his last step drag a little, making a quiet sound that calmed the racket from the growing crowd.

His voice rang clearly in the newfound deathly silence, and the deep threatening tone was enough to make any person think of the expression that boy from so long ago had worn as he slaughtered an entire generation in one sweep- his voice then had not been his own, and now, his voice was also foreign. It was the voice of someone who wouldn’t think twice about killing his home village. It was the voice of a beast that everyone but the Mizukage was convinced was the voice of the Sanbi. The entire crowd took a step back, though one could practically feel all the shinobi in the crowd glaring at their local monster, fingers stretched and ready to whip out a kunai to fling the instant that monster felt the need to move on his neighbor’s.

“I don’t need your help. Did Hikaei go get you or something??” Tsuyoi snapped bitterly, his pride sullied as he wiped off Yaiba’s saliva from his shoulder with his yellow hoodie.

“No, I was just passing by.” Saga’s voice returned to it’s usual ring, which was hanging between a boyish trill and a masculine tone.

“Dream when you’re asleep.” Yaiba’s last taunt was heard clearly as he scattered the crowd and returned to his drinking, leaving Tsuyoi and Saga standing in the slowly lifting mist.

It was quite the sight, how opposite the two of them were. Saga with his odd half blazer and nearly entirely black outfit, and concealing hair, while Tsuyoi stood wearing an electric yellow hoodie with one sleeve ripped off, courtesy of Yaiba, and otherwise mostly white attire. Not to mention his completely white hair which was pulled back from his eyes with an amiable amount of gel that was scattered with thick streaks of yellow that matched his ruined jacket.

Saga blinked, before turning around, planning on returning to where Hikaei was waiting. She had perhaps half the spine of Tsuyoi, thus, she couldn’t seem to use her greater intelligence and strength when Tsuyoi got his stupid head into pointless fights. The walk back to the empty fountain was a silent one, Tsuyoi, frustrated with Saga, as this was Saga’s fifth time saving the boy from Yaiba, was shaking with obvious dislike. But Saga didn’t blame him. After all, there had at least been 10 of his good friends participating in the Chuunin Exams that year, and that included Hayaii, his now deceased brother who had originally been on Saga’s old team.

“Tsuyoi, are you okay??” Hikaei asked worriedly as she stood up, not bothering to brush off her purple skirt that was riddled with gray dirt from the crumbling fountain, “Did Yaiba do anything to you??”

Tsuyoi shrugged, trying to look casual, but failing to do so as he put on a pompous face, “Nah, Saga didn’t even have to do anything. I beat him off on my own.”

Hikaei looked to the other boy with a doubtful look, and Saga nodded, supporting Tsuyoi’s flat lie.

.The Saga's Present is Painted Black.

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Okay, this is really crappy and I'm only posting this because people have been asking me questions. I only threw a few examples out there. In the end, my Device will probably be a lot different.

Name: Seph Zants
Age: 16
Gender: Male
TSAB Rank: "Gifted" Military Academy Student
Mage Ranking B
General Appearance: Seph, unless in disguise, has brown hair that he wears in an untamed fashion. His eyes are maroon in colour, and he is a very lanky boy, standing at 5'9". Generally, he wears a black muscle shirt that doesn't cover his stomach, yet crawls partially up his neck. This is accompanied by a pair of black pants supported by a brown belt, and pair of navy blue boots, although they seem like shoes since the pants overlap them. On his right ear, he had a long, silver earring that contains his device.
Transformed Appearance: After activating his device, an extra layer of clothing is placed on him consisting of his costume. The most obvious change is the dark blue "half coat" over his torso. I call it a half coat because the left side is consisted of buckles that wrap around to the back instead of a second half to the jacket. The jacket extends down his back and flows out into what appear to by two arrow like designs. On the upper back of the jacked are two grey symbols that are wing shaped. The cuffs of the jacket spill over a brown, spiked collar around his neck that has an arrow-like, silver charm on it. He gains a pair of dark blue, fingerless gloves, with black material running from his fingers tips almost all the way to his shoulder on the left arm. On the right arm, there are black bandages just before the glove, and right before his elbow. Here's a picture of both his transformed and regular forms: click (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/Image1.png)
Personality: Seph, having lived on the street for the majority of his life, is very independent young man with an undeniably annoying knack for hiding his thoughts and feelings when serious. The only exceptions are those close to him, such as Reelii. The rest of the time, however, Seph is very easygoing and lacks, not giving a piece of mind to much other than Reelii and his superiors. He loves to tease Reelii when it is opportune... so most of the time, and often gets in trouble because of it. Reelii refers to his "childlike naivety" often, since he is prone to being conned and tricked, which often leads to an argument between the duo. Seph also loves to show off, especially during battle. Being a child prodigy and all has left a mark on his ego, so he isn't afraid to act a little spiffy about it. Fearwise, he is afraid of thunder, lightning, as well as pie. The first two serve as an important weakness, since he often spends time worrying during combat in the middle of a storm, thus distracting him from his opponents moves.
History: Seph Zants was born and raised in Mid-Childa, and had never left his homeland until he turned sixteen. He lived with his parents on the street, as neither of his parents had money due to a debt they had worked up before he was born. Despite all this, Seph had a rich friend that was two years younger than him, Reelii Wearton. Reelii and Seph met when Seph was 8, and Reeli was 6. Seph had been caught stealing from Reelii's family business, and she found herself intrigued with the boy after spending five hours locked up with him, since her father didn't like her in the way of his business. From this point forwards, Reelii visited Seph regularly, bringing him food, toys, and such. When Seph turned 11, and Reelii was 9, she convinced Seph to apply for the TSAB military school, despite his social status. He was nearly declined entry, but was saved by a recommendation from an unfamiliar name to him. Fate Testarossa. Interestingly enough, Reelii applied and got in as well, despite being underaged, and the two spent the next five years training together. After obtaining their B ranks, they began working towards the A rank, which would ultimately bring them close to the goals that they've only exchanged with each other. The test for promotion from B rank to A rank was field work on Earth, which is why they ended up in this whole ordeal in the first place.

Name: Aislan
Magic Class: Mid-Childa
Subclass: Intelligent
Dormant Appearance: A silver earring with a navy blue gem embedded in it.
Activation Trigger: "Break your eternal seal. Come forth and bestow me with your power!"
Satellite Form: The satellite form is Aislan's primary form, although not used as frequently as the other two. While in satellite form, Aislan is separated into five pieces, each of which resembles a perfectly spherical, navy blue, metallic ball. The four smaller spheres, all approximately 3" in diameter, orbit around Seph while he is airborne, providing a defense. The fifth sphere, with a diameter of 6", hovers directly in front of him, with the other four orbiting around the two. The purpose of this fifth sphere is generally for attacking, but all five have many uses. The fifth sphere is treated as the core of this form as well, since it is where Aislan speaks from, and when it speaks the words are shown across the orb in an old fashioned form in white text. The spheres are capable of firing enegy shots as well. Seph tries to keep Aislan out of this form as much as possible, since he treats it as his trump card.
Sword Gauntlet Form: The sword gauntlet form consists of a single, black gauntlet with a silver blade extending out of the gauntlets front to a point approximately 10" away. Although, Seph has control over the length of the blade with the use of his magic. Embedded in the center of the gauntlet is the navy blue core gem (although a much smaller version in comparison to the satellite form version, it functions the same), with two white wings much like the design on the back of his jacket spanning away from it in both directions. Seph wears the sword gauntlet on his right hand, and uses it for melee combat.
Castor Form: As the name implies, this form is used primarily for the use with spells. Aislan takes the form of a black, metallic looking staff that stands at about 6'. Near the top, the staff bubbles out to accommodate for the navy blue core that is placed in it, the actual staff holding it in place with a transparent metal instead of black. Seph holds this staff in his right hand.
Reference: Prince
Flash Move: (Support Spell; Transport Type)
Trigger - Automatic (Aislan's AI activates the spell whenever he sees it fit)
Effect - Flash Move is a spell commonly used by mages. It provides the user with a very temporary boost of speed that makes them barely visible. Generally only useful during situations that require immediate attention. No trigger is required for Seph's Flash Step, as he has trained with it since the very beginning, and Aislan has become accustomed to its use.

Solar / Lunar Blaster: (Attack Spell; Bombardment Type)
Trigger - "Solar Shooter! Burn!"
Effect - This attack can only be used in Castor and Satellite forms, and the version depends on the time of day. In either case, energy is drawn in from either the sun or moon, and released from the core in the form of a burning red energy beam. The attack is incredibly dangerous if hit, but it is easy to dodge and intercept, since it takes time to gather the energy.

Piercing Impact: (Attack Spell; Melee Type)
Trigger - "Slice!"
Effect - This attack can only be used while in Sword Gauntlet form, and it is very close range. Seph is required to get right up to the opponent, and when the attack is triggered the blade on the gauntlet disappears while Seph swings it at the opponent. Upon making contact with the opponent, the blade shoots from the gauntlet once more, piercing through the enemy and their defence.

Crescent Assault: (Attack Spell; Melee/ Magic-enhanced attack Type)
Trigger - "Let the moon pass final judgment on my opponent!"
Effect - Seph begins this attack with a flurry of kicks from his feet that have become engulfed in a bright red light. After a few moment of this, he does a backwards kick while doing a backflip, sending his opponent high into the air. Flash Move is automatically activated, allowing Seph to get ahead of his opponent in time to smash the enemy with the sword gauntlet towards the ground. Obviously, this is Sword Gauntlet form only.

Hecate's Wings: (Support Spell; Transport Type)
Trigger - Auto
Effect - This spell allows Seph to fly be releasing his magic energy in the form of two navy blue wings, approximately 4' in length each, composed of his energy that shoot out from his upper back. While he can fly with them, he isn't required to flap them.

Archsage Shield: (Defensive Spell; Barrier Type)
Trigger - Auto
Effect - A temporary barrier is placed around Seph, that varies in size and strength depending on the amount of magic he has left. The barrier is just barely visible, taking on a very translucent grey.

Final Prayer: (Attack Spell; Shooting Type)
Trigger - "You better make your prayers quickly; you won't get another chance once you've hit the dark abyss! Shoot!"
Effect: Aislans ultimate attack, which is utilizable while in Satellite Form. This spell requires an immense amount of magical energy, but in return is devastating. All of the spheres freeze, and begin to flash red as the trigger begins. As the trigger is continued, the spheres start to product tiny balls of blood red energy that begin to float around Seph. When the primary trigger is completed, the balls of energy fly at the opponent and begin to orbit around him or her at an extraordinary rate, and impacting them constantly. While this is taking place, all four orbs begin to charge until they become white in colour. When the secondary trigger, "Shoot!", is announced, all five orbs fire a huge shot of white energy at the essentially immobilized enemy.

And now, Reelii.

Name: Reelii Wearton
Age: 14
Gender: Female
TSAB Rank: "Gifted" Military Academy Student
Mage Ranking B+
General Appearance: I'd describe it, but why bother when I have a picture (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/A_Girl_Named_Tsubasa_by_Goldsickle.jpg).
Transformed Appearance: Same thing. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v410/Legendary_Pokemaster/Miracle_Damsel_Seraphita_by_Goldsic.jpg) Credit goes to the DA user Goldsickle for the character designs and art.
Personality: Reelii is your run-of-the-mill, energetic teenaged girl. Being brought up in a rich family, she tries to hold a similar persona in the "I'm better than you because I have money" persona, but also has a bratty, mischievous side due to her adventures with Seph on the streets. She tends to rely on others too much, which leads to arguments in regards to working with Seph, since he tends to disregard others in most situations, although he sometimes does it just to annoy her. On that note, Reelii is very irritable, especially by Seph, she is like a ticking time bomb. If you try to disarm it, and you cut the wrong wire. BOOM. Other than her anger problem, she has no difficulty getting along with most people, and enjoys the company of others, even if she likes to hog the attention. During battle, she likes to toy with her opponents in an attempt to draw out their weaknesses. She is very easily manipulated, especially by the will of her father, since she is so naive and loyal. Since she relies on others, her greatest weakness and fear is being left alone.
History: As mentioned, Reelii was born and raised into the family of a well known Mid-Childa company. This company was known as Devo Industries, and was responsible for the creation of many devices and device parts. Her father, being the rich, ignorant man he was, often treated her more like a pet than a person, keeping her locked up and using her for various issues. Unknowing to him, however, was that the maids of his mansion began letting her out while he wasn't home so that she could experience the real world. Reelii met Seph the first time she was let out, and began developing a mischievous nature from that point on. They started practicing magic together, and became quite good. Her father soon found out about this, and began to violently punish her, often involving physical harm. Seph eventually realized what was going on, and tried to get her to stay away from him, but she refused. She finally found an escape from her father when she encountered Fate Testarossa from the TSAB, who gave the duo a recommendation into the training program. But, is it truly an escape?

Magic Class: Mid-Childa
Subclass: Intelligent Device
Dormant Appearance: A pink orb charm on a golden bracelet.
Activation Trigger:
Appearance: (If it has more than one form, list them all and describe them all)
Reference: Captain
Spells: (For each spell, give its name, trigger, class (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magical_Girl_Lyrical_Nanoha_terminology#Magic_classification), and describe how it works briefly)

Name: Neki
Animal: Cat
Appearance: Neki takes the animal form of a small, calico kitten, and often rides in a bag that Reelii carries around. In her human-like form, she takes the form of a child, no older than eight, with calico cat ears and a tail, as well as short white hair. She is dressed in a simple white sun dress and she has a light pink bandanna over her forehead.

Jack O'Neill
April 15th, 2007, 9:57 PM

Name: Amanda Leigh Hasegawa
Age: 19
Gender: Female
TSAB Rank: TSAB Armed Forces
Mage Ranking: S+
General Appearance: Amanda is a towering yet gaunt woman, 6'1" tall and weighing in at only 152 lbs, with shoulder-length reddish-blonde hair, piercing emerald-coloured eyes, a fair complexion, and a bust size of exactly 36"; in general, she bears a vague yet somewhat uncanny physical resemblance to Yui Ikari (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yui_Ikari). Her regular attire is an Army Combat Uniform (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_Combat_Uniform), worn with a Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MICH_TC-2000_Combat_Helmet) and an Improved Outer Tactical Vest (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interceptor_body_armor); her outfit is further accentuated with a pair of wire-rimmed, oval-framed eyeglasses in a style similar to that of Nanao Ise (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8e/Nanao.jpg). She keeps a pair of holstered Colt M1911A1s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1911_Colt_pistol) and a sheathed Gerber Mark II (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerber_Mark_II) combat knife on her at all times as secondary weapons.
Transformed Appearance: Upon activation and unison with her device, Amanda's physical appearance is altered significantly. She now has azure instead of auburn hair, her bust size increases slightly to 38", and her irises are now a bright ruby red instead of their usual emerald green; she has partial heterochromia in her left eye, which manifests itself in the form of extremely dark brown sections that bear a vague resemblance to the infamous Sharingan (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/36/Sharingan.jpg) of the Naruto-verse. Her Army Combat Uniform is replaced with a form-fitting white jumpsuit (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_glossary#Plug_suit) that provides her entire body with protection equivalent to a Type IV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulletproof_vest#Performance_standards) bulletproof vest; the A10 nerve clips (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_glossary#A10_nerve_clip) on her head are used as a focus for all her non-offensive spells. Her primary weapon is now a Colt M4A1 Carbine, which is the true form of her device; she still retains her M1911A1s and Gerber Mark II and gains two Browning Hi-Powers, though they are not visible anywhere on her person (the consensus is that they're stored in a sort of hammerspace, and Amanda is capable of summoning these weapons from that space whenever she sees fit). Save for her ersatz Sharingan, her eyeglasses (which she still retains during the course of her transformation), and her generously-sized rack, Amanda is the spitting image of Rei Ayanami (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rei_Ayanami), right down to the white plug suit.
Personality: At first glance, Amanda appears to be quite undisciplined for a career soldier. In general, she is an easily excitable extrovert, possessed of an extremely short attention span and an equally short temper; she is also extremely talkative and tends to be long-winded at times. Despite her sociable nature, she is remarkably ignorant of many social conventions; she has a habit of treating her superiors rather flippantly (not addressing them by their proper titles, for instance) and has a penchant for uttering non sequiturs and engaging in erratic behaviour. Despite her fondness for eccentricity, Amanda is in fact quite insightful and level-headed; above all else, she is extremely dedicated to her job and displays great enthusiasm in executing her duties.
History: Not much is known of Amanda Leigh Hasegawa's past history, save for the fact that she is a native of Earth and that she was once an esteemed special investigations officer in the TSAB, holding the military rank of Lieutenant Colonel (hence her device's habit of addressing her as Oberstleutnant). Her erratic behaviour and over-zealousness eventually caught up with her, for her superiors finally decided that her idiosyncracies were simply not worth putting up with ("Lots of fireworks but very short on discipline," a TSAB admiral noted regarding Amanda's record). She was first demoted to the rank of Captain, but after she refused to change her behaviour, she was demoted once more to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, stripped of her position as an SIO, and reassigned to lead the tiny TSAB Armed Forces garrison aboard the Recon; while she suffered these two reductions in military rank, she was still allowed to keep her mage ranking of S+. A deal that Amanda struck prior to her deployment on the Recon ensured that she would be promoted to Major and allowed to work her way back up the military rank hierarchy if she successfully completed her tour of duty aboard the ship without any major incidents.


Name: Vierhundert Sechzehn/416 (alias: Gunnery Sergeant Natalya Zefiris)
Magic Class: Belka
Subclass: Unison
Dormant Appearance: When dormant, 416 assumes a human guise, due to her nature as a Unison Device; namely, she has adopted the identity of a TSAB Armed Forces noncommissioned officer named Natalya Zefiris. As Gunnery Sergeant Zefiris, 416 has the physical appearance of a slim, large-breasted, purple-haired, brown-eyed woman in her late twenties (read: Misato Katsuragi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misato_Katsuragi)), clad in a late 1800s-early 1900s Imperial Japanese Army uniform (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/33/JapaneseArmy1900.JPG/716px-JapaneseArmy1900.JPG) [NOTE: the uniform is coloured completely dark blue, instead of the grey-green featured in the pic]. Her sidearms are a pair of Browning Hi-Powers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browning_Hi-Power) chambered in 9 mm Luger Parabellum.
Activation Trigger: "Fill the air with bullets! Consume everything in a rain of steel!" [NOTE: This baseline activation trigger is usually combined with the activation trigger for one of 416's different combat modes, which are detailed below.]
Appearance: In Unison Mode, 416's baseline configuration is that of a Colt M4A1 Carbine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M4_carbine), which can be modified into the following configurations with the proper command phrase. The Browning Hi-Powers 416 carries in her dormant configuration are made available to Amanda as tertiary weapons. The A10 nerve clips worn on Amanda's head act as a focus for the non-offensive spells in 416's repertoire.

Close-Quarters Mode: An OKC-3S bayonet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OKC-3S_Bayonet) is attached to the end of the barrel, and a foregrip is attached to the bottom rail of the handguard; the foregrip and bayonet can be substituted for an XM26 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM26_Lightweight_Shotgun_System) shotgun. The trigger for the bayonet/foregrip combo is "Impale all interlopers on the stiletto's summit," while the trigger for the XM26 shotgun is "Crush all competitors with a blast of buckshot."

Precision Mode: A silencer is attached to the end of the barrel, and the carrying handle is replaced with an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Combat_Optical_Gunsight) with 5x magnification. The trigger for Precision Mode is "Annihilate all adversaries from afar."

Demolitions Mode: An XM320 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM320) grenade launcher is attached to the bottom rail of the handguard, and the carrying handle is replaced with an M68 Close Combat Optic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aimpoint_CompM2) reflex sight. The trigger for Demolitions Mode is "Engulf all enemies in a storm of shrapnel."

Reference: Oberstleutnant [English: Lieutenant Colonel]

Auffallender Todesflug [Attack spell, shooting type; available in Close-Quarters (Bayonet) Mode only] ~ "Run through the heart of the enemy!" = The OKC-3S bayonet is turned into a ballistic knife (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballistic_knife), which is then fired at the target; a new blade sprouts from the hilt after launch, ready for another firing.

Festnageln des Stacheltodes [Attack spell, melee type; available in Close-Quarters (Bayonet) Mode only] ~ "Pierce all opposition with a single thrust!" = The barrel of the M4A1 Carbine and the OKC-3S bayonet fuse and elongate into a slender spear, extending the weapon's total length to approximately 48". While the M4A1 cannot be used as a firearm while under the effect of this spell, it can still be "fired" to enhance the force of its strikes; firing the M4A1 in such a manner requires perfect timing on the user's part, making this attack extremely difficult to master properly.

Dracheflammebombe [Attack spell, bombardment type; available in Close-Quarters (Shotgun) Mode only] ~ "Unleash Hell's flames on the opposition!" or "Consume everything in a cloud of ash!" = When fired, a gout of black fire erupts from the barrel of the XM26 shotgun in a similar fasion to a dragon's breath shotgun shell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon%27s_Breath), consuming all opponents in the area of effect in what amounts to a localized firestorm; though the flames dissipate relatively quickly, the temperature at which they burn is sufficiently hot enough to immolate most foes. Alternatively, the XM26 releases a cloud of super-heated ash when fired; the increased duration of the ash cloud is counter-balanced by its reduced damage in relation to the firestorm version of this spell.

Tausend Kirschblüten [Attack spell, magic-enhanced attack type; available in Close-Quarters (Shotgun) Mode only] ~ "Eviscerate the enemy in a rain of darts!" = The shells fired from the XM26 release super-high-velocity flechettes instead of low-velocity buckshot when fired, akin to miniaturized beehive (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beehive_%28ammunition%29) artillery shells; due to their nature, these flechettes are capable of piercing even Type IV bulletproof vests with minimal effort and can penetrate several unarmoured opponents before finally stopping.

Stich der Hornisse [Attack spell, shooting type; available in Precision Mode only] ~ "Sting all enemies to death!" = The M4A1 fires a super-high-velocity projectile capable of piercing Type IV body armour. What makes this projectile particularly insidious is that it is coated with what amounts to highly concentrated VX nerve agent; if the victim isn't killed outright by the bullet, death by asphyxiation isn't far off.

Schatten-Pfeil [Attack spell, magic-enhanced attack type; available in Precision Mode only] ~ "Overwhelm all opposition with force of numbers!" = Multiple bullets are fired in such a way that it appears as if only one round was fired (and indeed, only one round in the M4A1's clip is spent).

Drachehagelblume [Attack spell, area of effect type; available in Demolitions Mode only] ~ "Engulf all enemies in a torrent of ice!" = A grenade launched from the XM320 freezes all enemies caught in the blast radius, encasing them in ice. A single melee attack, M4A1 bullet, or regular XM320 grenade is sufficient enough to shatter a frozen opponent (provided that he/she wasn't killed outright by the force of the blast in the first place); the ice thaws out quickly, however. This attack spell is unusual in that it combines aspects of cage-type capture spells in its composition.

Stern der Zerstörung/Kaiserbombe [Attack spell, magic-enhanced attack type; available in Demolitions Mode only] ~ "Splinter the heavens and the Earth!" = An XM320 grenade is converted into a fuel-air weapon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermobaric_weapon), increasing its explosive yield many times over.

Stahlkopf [Defensive spell, barrier type] ~ Automatic (triggered by 416 when in combat) = A spherical, intangible force field envelops Amanda's head, protecting her from headshots; this barrier can withstand five 7.62x51 NATO (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.62%C3%9751_NATO) bullets or a single .50 BMG (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.50_BMG) bullet before breaking, though it is surprisingly resistant to many attack spells. No trigger is required for this spell; this was one of the first spells that Amanda trained with, and 416 has grown accustomed to its constant use to the point that she will automatically trigger it upon entering Unison Mode.

Stahlkörper [Defensive spell, barrier type] ~ "Protect that which matters most!" = An improved version of Stahlkopf that provides full-body protection, supplanting Amanda's own bulletproof plug suit. It is sufficiently strong enough to withstand one hundred 7.62x51 NATO bullets or ten .50 BMG bullets before breaking; the barrier's magic resistance is sacrificed somewhat to provide increased physical protection, however.

RP Sample

Katherine Madigan sat in a metal folding chair in her cell at the Nova Prospekt facility. The cell itself was a drab, dark place, adorned only with a simple cot, a chair, a table, and a toilet. The only light that illuminated this dreary abode came in from a small window, and that was only when the sun was shining and it was shining at just the right angle; otherwise, it was pitch black. Katherine could hear the sound of the cell door creak open; to her, this meant that Todesengel and his three minions were here to give her her "happy shots," or the meds that were needed to keep her from going into a blind, murderous rampage. Her stay here at Nova Prospekt had torn her mind and her body asunder as she was subjected to torture upon torture; she recorded everything in a battered diary she kept on her table, though it was a bit hard to write in the dark with a pencil that had a tendency to break at the worst times. Katherine was used to it, however; after 10 years, she had to be. The door finally opened. A flash of bright light nearly blinded Katherine; all she could see were the blurred silhouettes of "Todesengel" (one Doctor Gendou Lorenz) and his three assistants, the Kigetsuki sisters.

"Hello again, Miss Madigan," Dr. Lorenz sneered. Gendou was an extremely disagreeable character, despised by the other test subjects for his bellicose, arrogant personality.

"**** you," Katherine whispered.

"Excuse me. What did you say again?" Dr. Lorenz said condescendingly to his patient.

"I said, **** you. What part of '**** you' do you not understand, Herr Doktor?" Katherine sneered back.

"My, aren't we testy today," one of the Kigetsuki sisters, Shoka, said.

"I'm always testy, *****. Why do you think you've got me on sedatives?"

"Right then," another one of the three sisters, Chuka, said, producing a hypodermic syringe and a vial of ketamine. "Banka, if you'd do the honours this time?"

"Sure, sis," the third sister, Banka, said as she took the syringe and vial from Chuka. She inserted the needle into the vial and measured out a really high dose of ketamine; while this seemed to calm Katherine, it would have been more than enough to trigger a really bad hallucinogenic trip in a regular human. "Okay, Kathy, you know the drill. Hold out your left arm."

"Don't call me that, *****," Katherine snorted. She didn't like being called Kathy.

"Whatever," Banka sighed. Holding the syringe in her left hand, she took out an alcohol wipe with her right hand and began prepping the injection site. Just then, Katherine brought up her cybernetic right hand and punched Banka hard in the jaw, shattering it; she fell to the ground, dropping the syringe. Katherine then produced a shiv from under the right sleeve of her uniform shirt and stabbed Dr. Lorenz right through the skull; Todesengel ("death angel" in German) was now dead himself. "Oh, the irony," Katherine giggled.

Shoka and Chuka Kigetsuki were understandably alarmed when they saw Katherine smash Banka's jaw and drive a shiv right through Dr. Lorenz's brain. "Oh my ****ing God, she's rampant now," Shoka said, her voice trembling.

"Gee, ya think?" Chuka replied. Even though she was most likely going to die, Chuka could still crack a joke or two. The joke was on her, however, as Katherine picked up her chair and bashed Chuka with it WWE-style. In short order, Shoka was the only one left, and she was now cowering in fear. "Please, spare me!" she cried out.

"I'm not gonna kill you. I'm gonna send you to a happy place," Katherine said in an oddly perky manner as she picked up the dropped syringe and jammed it straight into Shoka's neck. Almost immediately, Shoka started tripping as all sorts of fantastical images began flashing before her eyes. "Now you know what it's like to be me when you do those mind-control experiments on me," Katherine continued. Shoka didn't catch a word of that, however; she was too caught up in her hallucination to even notice that Katherine was stripping her of her clothes and putting them on. "We're the same size. Cool. Now to break free of this joint."

Katherine went up to the table and took her diary before leaving the cell. She closed the door behind her, leaving Shoka Kigetsuki alone with her unconscious sisters, the dead Dr. Lorenz, and her own hallucinations.

April 16th, 2007, 3:43 PM
Okay, so I'm finally finished Seph's profile. I have to do Reelii's still, and I might or might not get it done tonight depending on how long my homework takes.

Okay, now, just to clarify a few things:

- Your character may be a part of the military school, while working on Earth to gain the experience required to boost your rank
- Not all spells need a trigger. If it's a spell you use a lot, it may be programmed into your device. Although, this is more likely the case with an Intelligent Device than anything else.
- A higher rank does not necessarily mean one is stronger than the other. A rank is usually issued based on battle experience, overall technique, as well as usefulness.
- Jack, you aren't going to be using swearing in your posts here, right? And I'm assuming that you aren't expecting me to understand all that gun information. Overall, good job though. I wasn't really expecting anyone to actually pull off a Unison. While you really shouldn't have named your character the leader of the garrison without asking me first, I'll let it slide since I don't really feel like doing it myself, not to mention my characters are only students. XD

April 18th, 2007, 5:52 PM
Name: Ran Reishin
Age: 19
Gender: Male
TSAB Rank: Contract Mage
Mage Ranking: C+
General Appearance: The most striking feature Reishin has is his electric blonde hair, and if not his blonde hair, then maybe his smoothly brushed out bangs which sweep in an upside down arch across his left eye will catch your eye. The fringe is, after all, a snow white, which contrasts greatly to his onyx eyes. He has pale skin that shows that he’s almost never had to do an honest day’s work, but his manner of dress may suggest that he’s not quite the person he really is. Reishin prefers to spike his electric blonde hair in a very angular way, so that the lofty strands stand in almost every direction. He wears a white hoodie with one sleeve completely ripped off, and the rest of the hoodie in tatters, with holes large enough for one to clearly see through. The shirt he wear’s underneath is a yellow T-shirt that has black paint-styled spatters around the bottom. Around his neck is a pair of DJ headphones, which are constantly blaring music, even though they’re never actually on his ears, while a pair of washed out slim-fit jeans cover his legs, a pair of plain black low-top converse on his feet.

Transformed Appearance: When transformed, Reishin’s hair becomes completely white, and his hoodie and T-shirt are replaced with a black sleeveless turtleneck, his thin and lanky torso quite visible. Instead of his slim-fit jeans, Reishin wears a pair of white cargo shorts, long enough to just barely pass his knobby kneecaps, and show off his entirely black pair of motorcyle boots, that rise up only to his ankles and carry an assortment of buckles and chains on them. On his left leg is a black synthetic sock that goes halfway up his thigh, leaving only his right leg exposed on the lower portion of his body. He wears a black sweatband on his right wrist, and a black/white checkered arm shank on his upper left arm.

Personality: Reishin is an enigma; his thoughts can never be clearly discerned, as his misleading smiles are an ever-present part of his daily life. A calculating person, Reishin may seem like a sunny, kind, calm, and all-around nice-guy on the outside, but if you really look at who the lanky boy is, it’s plain to see that he is a calculating person who won’t do anything if it doesn’t benefit himself. Reishin’s first impressions need not be by meeting the person- he particularly enjoys asking other people for their opinions of that person, to find little tidbits about them so that he can piece together his own insight of that particular person. This insight is usually based on a small handful of things: Status in Society, Money, and Usefulness. Reishin is an accomplished actor, and enjoys making bad situations even worse, unless it directly affects him. Though Reishin enjoys sticking his neck into other people’s business, he’s a very cautious and suspicious character, and he trusts practically no one, mostly treating everything around him as a tool.


Name: Anima Manas (Referred to simply as Anima, but in human form, referred to as Manas.)
Magic Class: Belka
Subclass: Unison
Dormant Appearance: A pair of large DJ headphones
Activation Trigger: “Sing the Melody of Death, Anima!”
Appearance: Human: Anima, though able to stay in his body form, prefer’s to rest as a pair of headphones around Reishin’s neck. His human appearance is that of an old man with a rigid posture, his white hair cut neat and elegant, with his bright glinting red eyes partially obscured by a silver rimmed monocle. He wears a crisp black suit and carries a cane, the sleek black metal topped with a silver upside-down eighth note. When in this form, he is essentially useless in battle, other then the fact that he can cast powerful spells and use his cane as a rapier. Anima may appear old in this form, but it is obvious that Anima’s agility is simply magnified at the expense of his physical strength.

Whiplash: Anima elongates into a whip which is mentally controlled by both Anima himself, and Reishin. The whip burns on contact, and can lengthen out, and shorten, thus, usually causing Reishin to find no need to move from whatever spot he stands at for offensive purposes.

Guitar of Demona: Anima becomes a guitar sleek black guitar, the strings are red, and there is a design of a red mutant bird-like monster across the bottom, wearing a black masquerade mask. It is assumed, that this is Anima’s true form. Reishin uses this form as a back-up, as certain tunes, given time to be played out, can dish out different effects similar to things like paralysis, sleep, berserk, and confusion. However, these tunes need to be played without interupption for a period of time, and will not take effect is the victim has not heard the full extent of the tune.

Reference: Sir

Corrusion – [Attack Spell – Melee Type][“Mask of the Scene, Corrosion!”] – The whip or strings of the guitar will elongate enough so that it can reach the opponent and 5 feet further, and once Reishin calls out, ‘corrosion’, the strings or whip will suddenly begin to snap back and forth, randomly whipping whatever it comes in contact with. The whip or strings will move at a very fast pace, and are all controlled by Anima.

Toile d'araignée – [Capture Spell – Cage Type][“The Spider’s Prey, Brûler!!”] – This can only be used with the Guitar of Demona, as the strings of the guitar detatch and form a web of string in which the red strings cannot be touched, for they burn. It is possible to cut through these strings with a sword device, granted that you were not caught in a position that does not allow you to move at all without being burned.

April 27th, 2007, 7:49 PM
OOC: Sorry about the long wait. Pearl and homework took up a lot of my week. XD Anyways, I'm going to make the starting point for the RP shortly after we encounter the group of mages and knights in the city.

IC: "What do you mean you think Lieutenant Hasegawa intentionally crashed the Recon here? Honestly, your theories are so naive and have no facts to back them up whatsoever, Sephy." Reelii chirped at her partner as she skipped alongside him, taking a quick mental note at the eye twitch she received in response to his new nickname. Although she was aware of the reality of the situation, she couldn't help but poke fun at Seph to keep herself occupied. They had been in this abandoned warehouse for a few hours now, ever since they met up with the missing TSAB members. It was at this point, early evening, and the suns rays were turning the city outside a bright orange colour. Of course, they couldn't see any of that from inside a warehouse with no windows. People were scattered in groups all over the building. Some were socializing, some were eating, some were sleeping on the cold, metal floor. "Honestly, she may have been demoted, but she's no villain~ Besides, what would you do if she overheard this conversation? She's in this building too you know~"

"Like I care. Since when have you known me to have any genuine respect for someone of a higher rank than me? And no, just because you're an A+ and I'm an A does not make you higher than me..." Seph responded as he took a seat on a long metal bench. Reelii did the same, but was sure to wipe the dust off prior to sitting down, and crossed her legs when she did sit. "The way I look at it, anyone with a unison device must have something to hide, since they're extremely rare. Whatever, though, I'm most concerned about what we're going to do now. Something is odd about this city, and not just the fact that we can't leave... Aislan? Can you detect anything abnormal yet?"

"No, my prince." The intelligent device replied from Seph's right earring in an almost robotic voice. "Perhaps the source of the barrier is hidden?"

"I was afraid of that." Seph sighed in response as he stood once more. "Guess I better find that good for nothing Lieutenant and discuss the possibility of a Lost Logia being involved..."

"I swear, she's going to hear that at some point and you're going to be in trouble~"



"Be quiet?"


Jack O'Neill
April 28th, 2007, 12:29 AM
[OOC: We're starting already? Sweet.]

Second Lieutenant Amanda Leigh Hasegawa and her ever-present companion, Gunnery Sergeant Natalya Zefiris, just happened to be sitting on the very same bench that Seph Zants and Reelii Wearton were sitting on; the two of them had overheard every single word of their conversation. "You don't have to worry about finding me when I'm sitting right here next to you," she said in a lilting, sing-song voice. "So, Mister Zants, you think I intentionally crashed the Recon, huh? Miss Wearton's right in that you've no facts to back up that ludicrous claim. I was off duty and busy taking a nap in my quarters at the time of the crash, isn't that right, Sergeant Zefiris?"

"Jawohl, Fraulein Oberstleutnant," Sergeant Zefiris replied in a subdued manner.

"Didn't I tell you to stop speaking alemán, Sargento Zefiris?" Amanda chided Natalya, unconsciously code-switching from English to Spanish in the process. "So, yeah. There's absolutely no way that I could've crashed the Recon when I was nowhere near the ship's controls." Amanda drew one of her Colt M1911A1s and started compulsively clicking the safety switch on and off. "By the way, Mister Zants, I've nothing to hide just 'cause I've a Unison Device in my possession. What you see is what you get. Now tell me about the possibility of a Lost Logia being involved while I try to think of ten different ways to reprimand you for your insolence."

April 28th, 2007, 5:28 PM
Kijin had one foot on the heap of metal that was once a TSAB-built ship, a wrench in her hand which was placed lightly on her hip as she listened with her keen ear. Now, at this point in time, Kijin, having been the one who was actually trying to fix a corroding wire in the engine, was on her last stand, embarassed as Seph theorized that Lieutenant Hasegawa had purposely crashed the ship. As Lieutenant Hasegawa pointed out the she was nowhere near the control panel at the point of the engine failure, Kijin's glare intensified ten fold as she peered over the edge of the now useless junk pile.

"Are you implying something?!!?" Kijin screeched, jumping up onto the destroyed ship, and also jumping to conclusions, "I had NOTHING to do with the engine failure, I didn't touch anything near the main motor!!"

She stomped off of her perch, pulled on a pair of mechanic's gloves, wrenched off a sheet of burnt metal, and waving a waft of trapped smoke away from her face, she peered at the remains of the engine, trying to discern the cause of the dead machine. As her hand got closer, she stopped and retreated back into the world of fresh air and light. There was no way she was touching an engine that hot. Kijin could always figure it out later.

Looking around, she shrugged and replaced her wrench on her belt and sat herself down on the floor, uncaring about what was once there, or was there at the present moment.

- - - -

"I've brought you your tea, sir."

"Put it over there." Came a nonchalant reply, the flat voice laced with an uninterested tone that harshly excused the maid simply by not stating specifically where, 'over there' was. Turning a page in the miniscule book, it was a wonder how Reishin was reading the microscopic print, without any sort of light source save for a glow from the white curtains, drawn together to block out most of the light. The book had no title, a simple leather cover and back, and looked painfully old.

"It's not good for your eyes to read in the dark, Sir."

"Can it." Reishin replied, turning his head ever so slightly so he could read the next page with more ease. His lanky legs were crossed one over the other, his left hand lightly holding the book while his right hand supported his head, sitting on the arm rest of the black rolling chair.

"Will you be taking your tea this afternoon, Sir?"


"Very well."

The room fell silent, and when Reishin took a moment to glance over at Manas, he was leaning silently against the wall, a black guitar where he once stood. Reishin turned his gaze back to the book. There was nothing more to say. But Anima had different idea's.

"Has that girl-"

"People don't like to be disturbed when they're reading, Anima." Reishin said blandly, and Anima quieted.

Jack O'Neill
May 6th, 2007, 8:03 PM
A slightly indignant Amanda stood up from the bench and pointed her M1911A1 at Kijin's former position. "Hey, I'm not the one making ignorant accusations here!" she cried out as she impulsively fired off a .45 ACP round. "D'oh, now you just made me waste a bullet, Kijin!" She sat back down on the bench, clicked the safety of her pistol back on, holstered it, and heaved a massive sigh.

"What's wrong, Oberstleutnant?" Natalya asked.

"Ever consider the possibility that the Recon was sabotaged?" Amanda replied with a question of her own. "Go find the crew roster, grab some surveillance camera footage of the engineering department, and interrogate everyone who's passed through that department since departure. If you need my help, I'm right here."

May 6th, 2007, 8:25 PM
"We're a sorry lot, aren't we?" Reelii sighed at all of the chaos taking place. "How'd you even get the Recon to this warehouse without being noticed, anyways, Kijin? Magic isn't common knowledge on Earth, remember, and I can't imagine that thing was easy to drag from the outskirts of the city actually INTO the city."

"Actually, Captain, one could move and cloak an object using enough magic." A metallic, womanly voice chimed in with occasional pauses between words from a pink orb on a bracelet on Reelii's right wrist. Reelii's face lost it's colour, as she had apparently been unaware of common knowledge.

"Well~ Moving along! Seph! Give her your report, ya idiot~!"

"Hey, shut up!" Seph growled in return, quite embarrassed himself by his whole ordeal. Now that the focus was back on him, he had little choice to do what he had been procrastinating on. He wasn't exactly looking forward to his punishment either. He straightened his posture, put his left arm to his side, and brought his left arm up to his forehead in a salute as he faced the Lieutenant. "Well, I was browsing through some of the Bureau's case files a couple of months ago, and came across one involving a Lost Logia that, if supplied a power source, could be capable of destroying an entire planet. It traps mages in its barrier so that they can't escape, and convinces agents to retrieve these mages to be sacrificed for a power source. This is purely speculatory, and may not be the case. However, it is a possibility since the team in charge of its recovery reported that it had mysteriously disappeared." Following this, he brought his hand back down to his side.

"Browsing? Didn't you tell me you hack-"


May 7th, 2007, 1:45 PM
"And I'm not the one shootin' bullets left and right." Kijin hissed quietly, making a face at the Lieutenant from behind the wrecked ship by pulling at her cheeks.

Glaring at the Lieutenant from behind the pile of junk, and ignoring Reelii's question after being assaulted, Kijin continued to mumble to herself, "I made you waste a bullet? I wasn't the one who pulled the damn trigger." She muttered resentfully, disliking the idea that someone she was supposed to listen to had just tried to blow her head off for a remark that would cause perhaps a hundreth of the damage that bullet could cause. Why the heck did that crazy woman fire at her in the first place? Mumbling curse words and retorts, Kijin decided that even if the engine was burning up, it was probably safer in there then in view of the Lieutenant, and pulling her gloves back on, she proceeded to crawl inside.

"Crazy witch!" Kijin said in a shrill witch-like voice, just loud enough for it to echo a little through the empty metal. Even if the Lieutenant decided to shoot her to smithereens, the satisfaction Kijin felt was well worth it. But to at least make herself look a little more innocent, Kijin quickly pulled out a wrench and tapped it against one of the bolts. Well that was a dent if Kijin knew her eyes, and at this moment, she was pretty sure she wasn't under some kind of crazy spell.

The heat proved her right anyway. Squatting in the tight space where the engine had once been before, she blew on the bolts and engine futiley, trying to cool them off, but the main motive was to pass time and ignore the two kiddies with the Lieutenant.

"Brauchen Sie eine Periode?" Coatl's flat baritone roll came.

"No." Kijin replied, and the Belka device shut up.

Jack O'Neill
May 12th, 2007, 10:07 PM
"So, you believe we might be dealing with a planet-killer, Mister Zants? Judging by your description, it makes sense. The missing recovery team, the impenetrable barrier..." Amanda remarked, trailing off slightly. Suddenly, a revelation dawned upon her.

"You said that this Lost Logia has the ability to compel people to bring forward the captured mages for use as sacrifices to fuel its power source, right? Am I the only one here who's considered the possibility that there might be a ringer in the Recon's crew? Somebody might have fallen under the influence of the Lost Logia and forced the ship to crash here. While the recovery team and the crew of the ship may not be enough to power the Lost Logia by themselves, our disappearances can provide just cause for further TSAB incursions, thus providing additional mages to fuel it; unless the leadership catches on, they'll just keep on pouring in more and more manpower until the Lost Logia's fully energized and this whole planet goes kablooey."

Amanda heaved a massive sigh at the end of her little lecture. "By the way, Mister Zants, I'll have to think of an additional ten ways to reprimand you now that Miss Wearton's told me that you've hacked into the case file database. I can let you off if you and Miss Wearton assist Gunnery Sergeant Zefiris in her investigation of my hunch." She punctuated the end of that sentence by drawing her other M1911A1, removing the safety, and firing it into the side of the Recon's hull.

"By the way, Kijin, it would be much appreciated if you'd discard the euphemisms and just say what you really mean!"

May 13th, 2007, 9:11 AM
Kijin stared at the visible dent in the metal next to her before throwing her wrench at engine with a loud 'clang' and promptly exiting the collapsed metal shelter. She didn't give Amanda even a second glance as she stormed out of the door, ignoring anything and everything around her. Kijin could care less about following her orders now. She could go jump off a cliff before Kijin did anything that witch told her to do. But, Kijin wasn't about to go off too far. She wasn't about to get lost on this sad-excuse-of-a-planet, but she wasn't about to stand anywhere 100 feet around Amanda. 1000 feet would've been preferred, but Kijin was sure that by then, she'd get lost and somehow lose sight of the warehouse.

Sitting down on a medium-sized rock that was the only one smooth enough to sit on without getting your butt poked off, Kijin tapped her cheekbone with her middle finger, her palm supporting her cheek as she cooled off. This was a grudge she wouldn't let go of. Anybody with even the slightest bit of common sense knew that SHOOTING at your subordinates didn't make a happy subordinate. Guns. Pfft. Who used those these days? What kind of retarded dormant appearance was a gun? A downright stupid one, that's for sure.

"Jetzt was?"

"Nothing." Kijin replied snippily, staring at the sky which was about as boring as the ground. She should've kept the Recon out of the warehouse. She could be working on it right now. Could be. If SOMEBODY wasn't trying to blow her head off, she could be.

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Jack O'Neill
May 16th, 2007, 4:19 PM
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Amanda clicked the safety of her pistol back on, holstered it, and paid witness to Kijin storming out of the warehouse, quite obviously pissed off beyond all measuring. "...I probably guess I overdid it back there," the Lieutenant muttered to herself. "This is exactly the kind of thing that got me demoted in the first place, and here I am repeating my past mistakes. The admirals will definitely have my head for this if they find out. One of them might finally have a reason to get me discharged from the TSAB at last."

After pausing for a moment, Amanda removed one of her M1911A1s and handed it over to Seph; she then handed over her other sidearm to Reelii and gave her knife to Gunnery Sergeant Zefiris. "Well, you two have your orders. Go help Sergeant Zefiris with the investigation," she said. "If you don't want my sidearms, just give them to the Gunny." With that, Amanda stood up from the bench and started walking out of the warehouse to look for Kijin; Lieutenant Hasegawa's career in the TSAB was now dependent on whether or not she could patch up the situation with her.

May 20th, 2007, 2:25 PM
Seph and Reelii stood there, blinking, as the episode between Kijin and Amanda escalated farther, until Kijin's breaking point had been hit and she stormed out of the warehouse. While barely audible, the duo overheard the Lieutenant's little speech about her demotion, and about what would happen if the higher ups caught wind of this. A glint was originally present in Seph's eye at the thought of blackmailing her, but soon had the idea knocked out of him by a heavy blow to the back of the head from Reelii, who gave him a "don't you even think about it" glare.

After that whole issue had passed, the Lieutenant turned to the duo once more, and their backs almost instantly straightened. She handed them each a firearm, and they gave each other a skeptical look. They didn't really understand why, since they had their intelligent devices, but they pocketed them anyways, just in case. "So... shall we get going?" Seph asked as he took the earring from his right ear and held it up in the air. "Break your eternal seal. Come forth and bestow me with your power!" He was enveloped by a blue light for a short moment, and when it cleared he was left in his transformed appearance, blue cape and all. On his right arm was a sword gauntlet, with a blue sphere attached.

"My turn, right?" Reelii chimed in as she raised her arm with the charm bracelet into the air. "Open the door to the heavens! Rain down unto me the strength of an angel!" She too was now ready, with a long pink quarterstaff with white ends, that she held behind her shoulders. As Amanda wandered off, the two glanced at the Sergeant for a moment, before the pink orb in the middle of Reelii's staff, Niila, chimed in with her mechanical, little girl-ish voice. "Captain, I'm detecting a heavy consumption of magic in section F-4."

"Aislan, is that true?" Seph glanced down at his device, obviously into it now.
"Yes, my Prince."

"Sergeant Zefiris. Permission to investigate section F-4?" Reelii requested, before adding to what she was asking. "And shall we ask Lieutenant Hasegawa and Kijin to accompany us?"

May 20th, 2007, 2:39 PM
"Well damn, this sucks." Kijin stretched, and Coatl remained silent, having been hushed twice now. The third time would most likely be the charm, but he wasn't about to try it out. There wasn't much to say at this point anyway, other then, 'Even if she'd aimed right it's not like a bullet could penetrate me.' And, that wasn't exactly the most... comforting thing to say. Puckering her lips, Kijin tapped the tip of her nose. This, oddly enough, was her latest, 'thinking pose'. And indeed, the thoughts that ran through her mind consisted of her options: 1. Get lost. 2. Go back to the warehouse. 3. Get lost. 4. Sit here and be bored.

Dandy options.

"Well. No point in sitting around. You think the engines cooled down by now?" Kijin asked seemingly nobody, putting her hands on her hips.

"Nein." Coatl said, flatly, honestly, and bluntly.

"Psh." Was Kijin's only reply, and Coatl deemed that 'no' was the wrong answer. Patching his little mistake up was certainly not worth his time, and the more words that came out of him, the more mistakes he'd probably commit.

"Lehzz GO!" Kijin took one giant step towards the warehouse, caught sight of Amanda, turned around, and took one giant step back to the rock. In other words, 'Retreat!' There was no way she wanted to get shot at again, perhaps the last thing she wanted was to see a gun, icy blue hair, and a weird space outfit.

"Oder nicht." Chimed Coatl sarcastically.

"Shut up." Kijin snapped, sitting back down, in a stormy mood once again.

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