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May 20th, 2004, 1:54 AM
Just thought I'd try a new Rp.
It is the future and a war is raging in the region of Ewan. It is just one huge island. At the moment the island is divided into three major areas. To the west is Team Spalt (Fissure) controlled, east is Team Flug (Flight) controlled in between the two teams is no mans land where most of the fighting takes place. Go here (http://www.angelfire.com/un/erif/) and then click the Ewan map link to see a map (sort of) of Ewan. On the map each team has two bases. The small one at the back of Spalt is called Masse Base and the bigger one at the front is named Boden Base. The small one at the back of Flug is called Himmel Base and the bigger one at the front is named Luft Base. The towns names can be made up by you guys as we go but there are only 9 Spalt towns and 10 Flug towns so don't make any more than that. The two teams are fighting to have control over the whole Region. No limit to people in this Role-play and you can have more than one character. There are scattered pokemon centers along the edges of no mans land which serve all sides, although some centers are guarded by one Team, allowing only that Team access. If you didnt guess before Team Spalt favor ground type pokemon and Team Flug like flying types so whatever side you are on you must have at least one of that type. Set your form out like this:

Alignment: (Spalt, Flug or Rouge)
Position: (The first people for either side are the Leaders and if a your Rouge what your involvement in the war is)
Description: (how you look)

Name: Fox
Age: 26
Alignment: Rouge
Position: Pokemon Dealer (Is hired to capture certain pokemon for a buyer), Free Lancer (Is hired to do stealth missions for anyone, anything from theft to assassinations)
Description: Wears a thick black trench coat, white/blonde spiked hair (looks like Spike in Angel/Buffy if youve watched it)
Pokemon: Blaziken, Metagross, Pidgeot, Sandslash, Blastoise, Manectric
History: Was an orphan his whole childhood and lived in Hoenn and survived by theft and fighting his way through life. He named himself Fox because of his stealthy abilities and crafty mind. He disappeared for 5 years and then came back when no one had any memory of him. To the outside world he is non-existent. To the underground world he is a God and no one has ever laid eyes on him. All his dealings are over a secure phone line or by his operatives. Although his identity is a mystery it is known to everyone that if you want something he can get it, for a price.

Note: You know Foxs history and looks and pokemon and stuff but your characters will not know any of this. To them he will be a mystery. Anyone can use his services, just hint it in a post and Ill contact your character (My guy has contacts everywhere so he knows a fair bit of everything that is happening in Ewan.)

May 21st, 2004, 2:07 PM
I'll join with...

Name: Falcon
Age: 23
Alignment: Flug
Position: I guess I'm a leader...
Description: Straight brown hair, cropped close, although NOT a flat-top, grey eyes (with excellent vision), tall, muscularly lean, wears a tan flight suit and a green flight jacket over it. Mirrored sunglasses to prevent sun glare.
Pokemon: Pidgeot, Absol
History: Not much to say. As a young boy, he saw his family massacred by the war. As they were in Spalt territory at the time, he blamed them. As soon as he could, he joined Team Flug and rapidly ascended to the top. His training since age five has left him an accomplished trainer, fighter, and sharpshooter.