View Full Version : Pokemon School Elemntary

May 28th, 2004, 3:32 PM
This is Pokemon School Elementary.Role play as a pokemon just starting school.
we need Pre K-5
age/grade scale
pre k 4 months 5 months
K 5 months/6 months
1st 6months/7 months
2nd 7 months/8 months
3rd 8 months/9 months
4th 9 months/10 months
5th 10 months/11 months 2days=1/2 month 4 days=1 month
I'll put middle school later.
now 15 members can be kids in one grade played at a time
me and 6 others can teach them (role play as a just born pokemon)
which was born 4-11 months ago. 2 days equal 1/2 month,and 4 days equal 1 month,or a school month.