View Full Version : Death Becomes Us

August 5th, 2007, 9:38 PM
I had a hard time coming up for the title of this. Many people would identfiy my songs as emo. Emo crap! Gah! By the way, both of these songs go to the tune of the song "Zombie"

This Blood

This blood spilt over me
Was it meant to be
I can't fight this feeling that it was
And I will not stop at all to prevent my great fall
Was this blood meant to be

Ripped and torn flesh
scatters me
Was this meant to be mine
In some time I will see
I will see
You will see

Can't fight
The overly dead
that are alive outside
Blood scatters me
was it meant to be

Killing the pain will not work
It will just increase hurt
to yourself
Killing me
is no easy feat
I will live on
But this blood
Was it meant to be mine

Over there
the dead persons lying there
was that meant to be me

Blood falls
scatters fast
over me, over me
Death screams ring through my ears
were they meant to be mine
torn flesh is everywhere
was it meant to be mine
Bits of gray skull just lying there
was it meant to be mine

Killing me
will be over soon

In a Way

You exaggerate on your fate
on your fate
Can't believe you said that
out loud
To me, to me

Won't die, when second chance comes
but you will
I know it
Just because you think like this
doesn't mean you can force it on me

No way, no way
will I die

Can't keep me down forever
Today at least

In a way you tell
the truth
but you lie under breath

Can't go that way
if you want to survive
which I see you do not

In away you are true

In a way, you will die, but stay alive

In a way
In a way, forever

Damned lies

I hope I didn't do anything wrong here...